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How to Setup Shoppable Products on Instagram for your Shopify Store

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Learn how to tag your products on Instagram so your potential customers can actually shop your products from your Instagram photos! In this video tutorial we go through setting up the Instagram Sales Channel for our Shopify store. We then hop into our phone and upload a photo and tag our product so that people can start shopping from us on Instagram. Need to set up some of the other Shopify sales channels? We have tutorials listed for those below: - Facebook Sales Channel- https://youtu.be/LCOC01l3ggc - Pinterest Sales Channel- https://youtu.be/ueLckTZ7o60 - Buy Button Sales Channel- https://youtu.be/oT-nJeiFtM4
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The Instagram Sales Channel for Shopify is only able for certain Shopify stores. View the eligibility requirements below to see if your store qualifies: - Only available for the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil - Must have the Facebook Sales Channel connected with an approved Facebook shop - Use the online store sales channel so people can shop from your website - Have a Business profile account on Instagram - Be on a Shopify Basic plan or higher
Thanks so much! I hope all my other videos are just as easy for you to follow!
Millies Cattailes (2 months ago)
thank you for this I'm so greatful for this....it's easy and fast thats what i like
Sabina Mirzoeva (2 months ago)
Hi, thank you for the tutorial, I followed them and at the end got this message: our store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging Instagram reviewed your store and decided that it’s not currently eligible for Instagram product tagging. View Instagram’s commerce policy or contact Instagram to learn more. What should I do?
LucKie (5 months ago)
Is it also for the Dropshippers?
lulubellstallings (6 days ago)
This was a great video. Thank you!
Thanks for the support and glad you liked the video!
Moulds.info (24 days ago)
My products dont show under the collection. how do i fix this?
Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I would check first and make sure your products and collections all have their availability turned on to show on Instagram.
My Hero iin (1 month ago)
Hi guys, I have a question. Does shopify charge you money for using this selling tools on instagram ? That would help me a lot , thank you. Great video by the way!!!
gabriel ortiz (1 month ago)
Kamal Invest (2 months ago)
thx for share this vide
anoosh akhavan (2 months ago)
It says no products found, 0 products! My shop has been approved tho
Maxime Vanwynsberghe (2 months ago)
I'm having issues with my products not syncing - i disconnected my accounts multiple times, yet my app keeps seeing the old products in my store
Canisha Jones (1 month ago)
Maxime Vanwynsberghe me too
Maxime Vanwynsberghe (2 months ago)
I was in contact with support, it turned out to be a maintenance issue at FB/Instagram side since 2 weeks that kept from syncing with Shopify. They've said they would be able to resolve it today. Others may have had the same issue as me.
I would contact Shopify customer support if you already tried disconnecting and reconnecting and see if they can figure out what the issue is because it sounds like it is a glitch.
Elle Raquel (2 months ago)
Thank you ❤️
Thank YOU!
Nellie Gleaton (2 months ago)
Hi thanks for sharing. Do you offer your services for a fee to help set up shoppable posts from my online store? I would love to get some help with this. Email [email protected] Thanks so much.
Cumhur Dursun (2 months ago)
Thanks for the amazing video. I appreciate. One question though: Is this an app that you're integrating with Shopify or you can do what you show over IG connection in Shopify? What do I know; I'm just a rookie. Thanks for your reply in advance. Best.
Sus (2 months ago)
Really nice and clear. Thanks
Thanks for the comment and glad it was easy to understand for you!
Como Crear (2 months ago)
I did run into one problem you have to ensure you disable 3rd party cookies. I had to change it under Settings/Privacy in my browser. Cheers!
nbaking2 (3 months ago)
how do you get multiple pages seeing the same catalog of products? or is it just the one account
noa sasson (3 months ago)
Do you have any advice for people outside of eligible countries ? I see some of the people in my country doing this so it's possible
Michelle Csiernyik (3 months ago)
I did run into one problem you have to ensure you disable 3rd party cookies. I had to change it under Settings/Privacy in my browser. Cheers!
Glad you got it fixed and thanks for sharing!
Linda Avramides (4 months ago)
Thanks so much!!!!
Glad you found the video helpful!
Derek (4 months ago)
Dear, There is no "Shopping" in the options.
Sus (2 months ago)
Update Instagram?
kdo720h (3 months ago)
I have the same problem!
kerrie y. (4 months ago)
I am also approved but no button. Have an Instagram and also am somehow advertising on it without my instagram tags connected
kerrie y. (4 months ago)
Derek I know I can’t see shopping either.
Sheena Antonelli (4 months ago)
For someone who has never used Instagram, "just going in and doing it as you normally would" is ZERO percent useful. Where are you in at 3:49? Why does it look like you're making a new post? HOW do you make a new post?? Where is the photo from?? Or are you just tagging products that are already there?? And where the hell are they?! This video was useless to me. So frustrating! -And my instagram looks NOTHING like that!! It didn't have the 3 dots! I had to go into settings to find the shoppify part!! NOT HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle Csiernyik (3 months ago)
Sheenaa needs a course on Insta101.... @curiousthemes great job on the video, very thorough and I was able to add Insta and facebook to my shopify on my first try just following your easy steps.....now to add Amazon :)
Asha Brielle (4 months ago)
Nice comment on a FREE video. How about you go and do some research like everyone else on the planet and quit being so hostile. This page doesn't owe you anything,!
Thanks for the feedback Sheena and yes this tutorial is based on you having used Instagram somewhat before so that you are a little familiar at least with the platform. Yes you are correct that at 3:49 in the video I am creating a new Instagram post and tagging the product from there. The workflow with setting up shoppable products with Instagram is: 1) Add in the Instagram Sales Channel app to your Shopify store backend so that you can be verified and approved by Instagram 2) Once you are approved you then have to follow the steps that I have starting at the 3:34 mark to create your Instagram post and tag your product to it. This step will have to be repeated every time you want to tag a product on your Instagram post. We don't have any other videos about setting up your Instagram account if you are just starting out however I recommend you check out this tutorial here if you need extra help: https://business.instagram.com/getting-started
LucKie (5 months ago)
Thanks you, you're always helpful as usual. 👍♥️
May Anusiem (5 months ago)
Hi, I have a business facebook account linked to my business instagram page but i cant find the 'Shop' option anywhere in my settings and a few other missing options i saw in your video. Can you please advice.
WesleySnipzzz (3 months ago)
How do I tag products in my posts on Instagram? 1 Tap to go to your profile. 2 Tap the Get Started alert at the top of your profile. 3 If you don't see the alert in the image above, tap. 4 Tap Shopping. 5 Tap Continue. 6 Select a product catalog to connect to your business profile. 7 Tap Done.
Omar Alomari (4 months ago)
hey my FB sales channel been accepted and everything is okay but i have problem with instagram sales channel , it says that your page is not eligible , like if my fb sales channel is accepted and published then why instagram is not eligible since they have the same term of accept ????????
Omar Alomari (4 months ago)
After your facebook channel been accepted and u still cant find the shop tab on ur fb , then go to edit page , then add tab , add shop and then it will appear this happened with me before i hope it will work for u
Hi May! Are the Facebook and Instagram sales channels both approved in your Shopify backend?
Scarlett Hrlec (5 months ago)
My store has also been deemed as not eligible - however I cannot see a reason as to why. We are located in Australia, and have our facebook account linked with a shop catalogue? Any suggestions?
Hi Scarlett, I'm not sure about why it could be denied but I would reach out to Facebook support to see if you can find out why or get it approved if it was an error on their part.
_mystyleboxx_ (5 months ago)
Thank you for the wonderful viedoes... I am writing from South Africa.
Thanks so much for the feedback and we are glad to hear you like the videos!
Creator Lifestyle (6 months ago)
Awesome video! Do I have to have a shopify store to tag products on my instagram biz page? -or do I just have to upload items to my facebook biz page's shop products section?
Ames Sutton (6 months ago)
Hi, Are you able to add a shoppable link that does not link back to your own website. Are you able to add a shoppable link that would link to another webiste selling your merchandise? IE, TJ-Maxx, or Walmart? Thank You!
Pedro Maia (6 months ago)
do i have to pay to use facebook and instagram to sell my products?
Hi Pedro! No there is no charge and those sales channels are free to use
Brady Bell (6 months ago)
Do you know how to tag products in posts that you have already done? I am trying to go back to posts that I have done prior to setting it up and tag my products but I can't find the button anywhere!
M Casnel (6 months ago)
I've completed all the steps but the "Shopping" category under business settings isn't there. I've logged out and logged back in. Double checked everything, but it's still not there.
Mikash Skincare (6 months ago)
M Casnel I’m so glad you’ve worked yours out 🙌🏼 I’ve just logged out I’ll take your advice. Thank you 😊
M Casnel (6 months ago)
yasemin Giammona You have to log out and log back in. I would keep trying until it works, that's what I did.
Mikash Skincare (6 months ago)
M Casnel same here I’ve been trying for over a month now. It’s so frustrating
Supa Badd (7 months ago)
It says my store isn’t eligible. View Instagram’s commerce policy to learn why my store isn’t eligible. But i don’t see anything that can possibly pertain to my store.
Sea The Moonlight (27 days ago)
+Curious Themes - Shopify Experts i fit these rules and i was disapproved? now it wont let me even add the app to my spotify
Sea The Moonlight (27 days ago)
+Shufflization im trying to follow these steps but i keep getting so lost! why is this so complicated!?
PaintingsByAnthony (1 month ago)
IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I followed all your steps and got approved in less than 24 hours. Also (question), My instagram category now says "Shopping & Retail." Do you think if i switch it back to "Artist" it will remove my ability to use the tag products option?
Shane (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video. It says the following on Instagram's official help page: "You can tag products in both new and existing posts from your Instagram business profile". Well I cant see how I go about tagging existing posts :(
Hi Shane! I haven't seen the options in Instagram to tag existing posts so I'm not sure on that. In my own personal Instagram account I only currently have the option to tag new posts. This may be something they are currently in the process of rolling out.
Bryan Ham (7 months ago)
This video is truly Beast Mode, so helpful. Thank you very much. :-)
Alicen Wonderland (7 months ago)
dude you're like a Godsend.. Thank you for the information you share. It is so helpful Thank you so very much:)
Aaron Vick (7 months ago)
Working on a Shopify plus account and we have had our Facebook store approved for a while now and the IG sales channel has been pending review for nearly 2 weeks now. I even removed the channel and resubmitted per Shopify support recommendation. Any ideas on why it would be taking so long?
Alexia Manuela Kogni (7 months ago)
Thanks for this video

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