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11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others

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We learn things throughout our entire lives, but we still don’t know everything because we forget a lot of information. Bright Side will tell you about 11 simple memorizing tips that will help you remember everything and improve your memory. TIMESTAMPS Why we forget things 1:04 How to remember everything 2:00 How to memorize something quickly 2:30 How to memorize something for a long time 3:20 Try to understand what you learn 4:17 Learn the most necessary information 5:11 Serial position effect 5:45 Interference theory 6:06 Learn opposite things 7:22 Build your own «mind palace» 7:22 Use «nail words» 8:19 Make up stories 8:40 Use a tape recorder 9:10 Visualize 9:51 Choose only the best materials 9:59 SUMMARY - Your brain is like a hard drive — the space is limited. Remember Sherlock Holmes? He couldn’t name all the planets of the Solar system — this was not because he missed school or something like that, but because he was too smart to have such irrelevant information in his memory. He deliberately erased facts he would never need. This is what your brain does: it protects you from overloading with information. That’s why all new data is stored in the short-term memory, not the long-term one. So, if you don’t repeat it or use it, you forget it very quickly. A German psychologist, Hermann Ebbinghaus researched the memory and its mechanisms. He described the Forgetting Curve which shows that just one hour after learning something new we forget more than half of the learned information. One day later we remember only about 30% percent. Well, you see where this is going. - There is a memorization technique called «Spaced repetition». To keep some information in your head for a longer time, you need to try to put it into your long-term memory. Forced memorization is not very effective in this case because your brain can’t make sense of the information quickly and form strong associations. Here it all depends on the reason why you are learning something. - To memorize something quickly, repeat the information right after learning it. The second repetition should be after 15-20 minutes. You don’t need to return to the information between repetitions — just rest and do something different. Let your brain relax. Repeat the learned material the third time after 6-8 hours. And you should have the final repetition 24 hours after the first contact with the information. Do you know any other memorizing tips? If yes, share them in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (5 months ago)
How good is your memory? If you don't know, take this test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtGYIGimhzA
angelica julia (10 days ago)
i remembered your tips and forgot all of my test
AL Muqtadir (11 days ago)
video removed !!!!
Vikoto Lcho (13 days ago)
A request to my brain 'stop protecting me'.
Lubaba Aziz (1 month ago)
yes i am waiting of other tips
promila devi (4 hours ago)
That sucks i have a exam tomorrow
Murimi Mbae (6 hours ago)
Who else is watching and forgetting
Kayla Anderson (8 hours ago)
Night before my exam
FormerNewt67603 (15 hours ago)
Good Job YouTube! I just finished my tests today 🤦‍♂️
berke yaver (15 hours ago)
knzxyy (23 hours ago)
1:05 after watching end game
Simita Barman (1 day ago)
I am seeing this after the exam
A h (1 day ago)
I know who the first human alive was it was god
Edelito Alfonso (1 day ago)
After hearing a rumor, 100% information. 1 hour after, 200% information.
Eltz Limba (1 day ago)
Tommorow I'm writing my math exam☺😏(Thanxs bright side for helping with the memory lesson)
Sakir Shaikh (1 day ago)
If u hv understood the topic you should teach or explain it to someone. Because of it the information of the topic will be stay in your memory for long term.
Pragati Lohia (2 days ago)
Anyone watching this for CA exams???
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (2 days ago)
Thanks for this..now I can memorize some ciphers/detective codes
Fatima (2 days ago)
Ooooo... I have to take notes...
Zaxx Factor (2 days ago)
For a long time memorization,for how long can we actually remember it??
Mark Timothy Kigi-e (2 days ago)
What if im going to review a short bondpaper full of text size 7-8 and 40pages? Is it possible for me to remember this for my tomorrow exam?🤐
Sreya Arya (2 days ago)
If u HaVe no time to record....just use a READ ALOUD APP😉😍
LAZZYDAWG 17 (2 days ago)
My usual study habits: •Listen to Gamma, Beta, or Alpha wave Binaural beats while studying for 30 minutes. Once 30 minutes have passed, take 20-30 minutes to rest, play a video game (ex: kancolle kai on PS Vita), read some manga/webcomics, etc. •Study with one of those Daylight anti-depression Lamps or around something with a vibrant yellow (the color yellow affects the performance of your attention). •Download, Write down [verbatim], and Color-code notes the second the professor makes them available and marvel at your literary artistic note-taking $KiŁŁZ🕶
Sreya Arya (2 days ago)
Job 42:2 “I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted."
Nelson (3 days ago)
If you are competing with others, you will always be behind!
imanuel suroto (3 days ago)
Make a study group with your friends. Review the lessons by teaching your friends, and take turns.
Rasheed Oladex (3 days ago)
Thanks cos be been able to answer my examination perfectly
Alisha Mulla (3 days ago)
Get tips ...thanks
The Meira (3 days ago)
0:29 the way he chuckled. LOL
Vazir Shafi (4 days ago)
if any body cannot study too much just study as much as u can or as much as u like.
MrPartyGamer (4 days ago)
So your telling us that we can’t remember everything because we will forget?... and then right after your telling us how to remember everything...???
Sharat Lenka (4 days ago)
Sajan Koshy (4 days ago)
Ganesh Saragada (4 days ago)
I will memorise things with a short trick 1. I will start thinking everything in night when I sleep.this actually find difficult in starting 1 week after a week you will find simple and you can remember even small thing too like your brushing time etc and your brain will start remembering every thing in order . Press one like if it is goog
Geeta Yadav (4 days ago)
I am here just because I am preparing for examination conducting by UPSC..... I mean for Indian foreign service officer 😁😁 That is why I am here The current affairs of international importance just ruined my mind
quarms UwU (5 days ago)
FUN FACT:Pineapples can make your memory longer.
Lingamen Daniel (5 days ago)
PINTU KUMAR (5 days ago)
This is by hormone melatonin .....we call it rhythm fuctioning of brain
PINTU KUMAR (5 days ago)
A perfect time table should be follow ...and in the same manner ...this help ur brain to learn things easily..
Chesstar roy Khynriam (6 days ago)
Thanks, this is benefit me a lot
MichaelDubzz (6 days ago)
Who else stopped the vid and started watching the movie limitless?😂
Faith Garden (6 days ago)
Just tell us how to remember everything already!
Themanhasnoname (6 days ago)
TIMESTAMPS 1]Why we forget things 1:04 2]How to remember everything 2:00 3]How to memorize something quickly 2:30 3]How to memorize something for a long time 3:20 5]Try to understand what you learn 4:17 6]Learn the most necessary information 5:11 7]Serial position effect 5:45 8]Interference theory 6:06 9]Learn opposite things 7:22 10] Build your own «mind palace» 7:22 11] Use «nail words» 8:19 12]Make up stories 8:40 13]Use a tape recorder 9:10 14]Visualize 9:51 15]Choose only the best materials 9:59
Why Try? (6 days ago)
everyone here studying for a test while im here with no sleep for two days memorizing lines and choreography
1 CrimeDrama_Girl (6 days ago)
How I remember the solar system: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas M-ercury V-enus E-arth M-ars J-upiter S-aturn U-ranus N-eptune P-luto
anitsuga carreon (6 days ago)
woow amazing..
A twelfth way to learn and memorize something is by using the method used by Physics Nobel Prize winner Richard Fyenman: 1) Approach the subject as if you already know it, 2) Explain it to yourself as if you are teaching it to somebody else and make it simple, speak out loud, 3) Simplify the subject as if you are teaching it to somebody who doesn't have a clue. Feynman used to say, "If you have simplified the subject so that you can teach it to your grandmother, then you will have learnt the subject and it will stay in your memory for a long time".
S&M B&K (4 days ago)
I do this, because ultimately, the bored part of my brain is forced to listen in and learn, so I am actually teaching myself
Parth Patel (5 days ago)
Logical idea👍 Now, I'll definitely try this.
Zeeshan Parvez (7 days ago)
Spaced repetition is the only way to learn.
Ajinkya Pawar (7 days ago)
Who is watching this video before exam night..??😁leave a like👌👍
promila devi (4 hours ago)
Its me iam watching it
James gracia (8 days ago)
Bad memories never delete why??
duh boi (6 days ago)
Your brain forces bad memories into your long term memory because it lets you know what is bad for and not repeat what caused that bad memory to happen. Bad memory is just to let you know what to protect yourself from. I hope this helps
How am i supposed to remember how to remember if i dont know how to remember
anil augustine (8 days ago)
Have u sean the move Lucy ?
Madhavi Rani (8 days ago)
very nice bro
Karan Chavan (8 days ago)
Make videos about stock Market trends I'm waiting for you. ?????? 📈📈📈📉📉 $$ okay Boss
Asma Khalif (9 days ago)
who got exam tmr and searching for ways to remember all these things I didn't revise for
Anuradha Sharma (9 days ago)
After reading , always write it down this may increase your hard eork
Emanuele Montini (9 days ago)
Tamara 2018 (9 days ago)
My exam is tomorrow 😭😐😑
mariah mayers (9 days ago)
My exams are starting tomorrow.
LakaySigab Vlog (10 days ago)
Nice tips brigtside..
Eric B (10 days ago)
Here I am, the night before my IGCSEs Biology theory
Fin ey (11 days ago)
Anyone here for social science
James Mendez (11 days ago)
I think for those who have a job interview like me. no. 11 and 10 is the best to answer the Q from the interviewer.
amit soni (11 days ago)
I forgot to subscribe
Martha Segooa (11 days ago)
I have an exam on monday I hope this works
MUHAMMAD VALEED A (11 days ago)
Yep.. I have few. Everyone have diffent comfort zone in catch up facts. Somebody remember more of those they write. Somebody remember more of those read loudly or whisper themselves. Somebody learn by hearing while others reading may be they make others read so that they could learn from that..... Somebody learn through visualisation.... so find your comfort zone so that you can learn easily.....
username. (11 days ago)
I don't agree about the "not using books" part. If the information is in a book, it has been approved and published, and using books look great in a bibliography. Also, reading a physical book is healthier than reading information on a screen and uses a slightly different type of intelligence, so don't stop using books.
TROLOLOL _dust (11 days ago)
If my brain adapts to this it'll never be tricked again -,-
CEYHAN (11 days ago)
awesome video. I love this channel so much, Ive also started my own youtube channel one day I'll also hopefully produce this kinda content once I ve enough subscribers
Uttam Mog (13 days ago)
I luv u bright side 😍😍
Keith Whitlock (13 days ago)
Does techno background music help memorisation?
John Youtube (13 days ago)
3:18 wow
Taha Qassouh (13 days ago)
If u need to memorize something for a long time. Break up with ur gf Thank me later xd
Vikoto Lcho (13 days ago)
A request to my brain 'stop protecting me dude.'
rebekah solomon (13 days ago)
Anyone had to re watch this video
Thunder God18 (13 days ago)
I have my exam tomorrow
Vaibhav Londhe (13 days ago)
My repeatation of information after 8 hours will be in the exam itself
Shahbaz Boss786 (13 days ago)
Watching BS
Hacked Community (13 days ago)
Fact is there is no secret in memorizing
Magical wolf (13 days ago)
Speak out loud what u learned. It also effect on me..
Ivez Delrosario (14 days ago)
I have one well if you’re trying to memorize a poem we’ll finish the 1st stanza then go back again then proceed to the 2nd one and so on you can memorise it easier😀
Ponsomi Millikpi 007 (14 days ago)
Good tips I got full marks on every test but not at Hindi.
Cavyann Lewis (14 days ago)
I have exam tomorrow 😒 and when I study I can't remember anything!!
Harmy Best (14 days ago)
omg me too am just here trying to start the reading but let me find out how i can memorise them
Rojin Marc Dasalla (14 days ago)
El Diablo (15 days ago)
What is the movie he says?
f a y e (15 days ago)
Repetition enhances retention indeed .
Freefire TIGER (15 days ago)
Memory the things relating the good or may be bad incidents happened to you .This will actually help you. If it works like 👍
George ONeal (15 days ago)
The ads aren't helping
King George (15 days ago)
I think i will stick to the pills
soundra pandian (16 days ago)
I used to record
Khiuc Gonmei (16 days ago)
Watched 2019 of May 7...... Same here coz I've exam haha
Jay Vora (16 days ago)
Act of ramdomness - a memory tip. Whenever you learning something and in this process suddenly if you see some other thing RANDOMLY then you will remember it for long time. So place cards or piece of paper written with information you need to learn in different books RANDOMLY so whenever you are using any particular book you will find a RANDOM information in it and you will remember it.
From the window. (16 days ago)
Thank you
Paul Hetherton (17 days ago)
Thank you Brightside I have an upcoming Microsoft Excel Exam next Thursday please god and I think the recording idea will help me remember my formulas.
Roshi Roy (17 days ago)
Connect the information you wish to remember, with an unpleasant event... We don't forget unpleasant events..so it help us to retrieve the learned information associated with it.
Tashfain Haider (18 days ago)
Just forgot the tips and had to watch the video again 😑
Shashanka Sorav (18 days ago)
1 Hour before Neet...
Majed Hanbali (18 days ago)
The man should always refer to the information into the NO.,s & hide the information inside the NO,s
Katem Taduk (18 days ago)
Because we all are fully concentrate on movie seriously but not on study .
Wait a minute! How am I supposed to know What I was try to memorize 2-3 weeks ago 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔let alone months ago 😑😑
ITZNova Fruit (19 days ago)
Dude it looks like you need a brain look at your thumbnail it has someone losing his brain
Vijay PM (19 days ago)
We can memorise things by connecting to a funny story 🙂 We can also memorise list of things by making meaningful words out of first letters of point. We can understand things better with cross questioning....
NeetuVerma NeetuVerma (19 days ago)
Like if I trick you Read more
Farhan Aziz (20 days ago)
This very helpful for me

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