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Building a Million Dollar Clothing Empire w/ CEO of Live Fit, Randall Pich

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Peter Voogd travels to the headquarters of Live Fit to meet with the CEO Randall Pich.  Live fit is a fitness clothing company birthed and based in Long Beach and is one of the fastest growing companies in the world.  Success did not come easy for Randall as all odds were stacked against him, and never had a real plan or mentor. In this documentary style interview Peter and Randall talk about everything from branding to building a team, as well as how to rise above the noise is this tough new economy
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Text Comments (287)
raif iftikhar (13 hours ago)
sound is badddd.
Manuel Santos (2 days ago)
Funny that these clothes are organic af no sense of customization at all smh these so called designers are slapping labels 🏷 on sheat calling it fire 🔥 cmon
Franklin Tabifor (6 days ago)
Just do it
Ritchzha Morgan (8 days ago)
I'm really admired you Randall Pich.
Denise Thompson (10 days ago)
Amazing !
thenumberonevideos (12 days ago)
Hey guys, anyone know where I can find the measurments to contruct a pull over hoodie from a known company like nike, reebok or underarmour?? I need these to give to my manufacturer from XS-XXL. I have been looking all over the internet and I cannot find this king of info. would help me so much! If you have a link or anything can you please email me to [email protected]@t . thanks
Hexxagon (12 days ago)
You heard it right! Just Do It. NOW!
Elisabeth Sonuga (14 days ago)
Das Wasser anschreien, mich ignorieren.Mich nicht hören.Mit Absicht Distance
Imani Dumas (14 days ago)
this guy is asking and answering a lot of his own questions... hmmm
John Malloy (16 days ago)
Great Job/Joy. Respect ...
ALLOFME (18 days ago)
My Guy Randall!!! All The Way Up. 2019
Beyond Food Market (19 days ago)
Just start doing and stop overthinking. Bam!
Jonathan Balagumyetime (19 days ago)
love you guys lot of inspiration here
Legacy Speaks (19 days ago)
I felt it whole-heartedly when he was talking about the growing pains and that, as a startup, you're always learning as you go. I'm in the stage where I'm literally doing everything myself and I'm looking to build a team to make sure things flow smoothly. I really appreciated this interview.
Tiff Bluestocking (20 days ago)
The interviewer was talking too much... Let the interviewee talk. Kept cutting him off
De Kunstcafe (22 days ago)
I dont understand when people use the term: "Clothing" or "Clothing Design".... To me Clothing Design is when you design Clothing from scratch... the actual Cloth!!!. But when you Skip that process and buy prefab Clothing and do Printing on it.... To me its more like a Graphic Design- or Cloth-Printing Shop.... Its like if a Carpenter build a House and say that he Design it.... when the Design came from a Architect!. He is not a Architect he is a Builder/ Constructor!!
De Kunstcafe (1 day ago)
+Basic Stinkin Again: "Assumptions, Interpretations & Conclusions" -1st.: Why do you still want to believe that I'm "Arguing" and that I'm "Triggered"? ( where do you get all this?... do you have Paranormal Abilities?!? ).... I'm just responding to your Comments. Check this out: I could also say that you want to Argue because you are Triggered.... but guess what, I wont say that :) :) ;) . -I stated my Opinion on my first comment and its nothing more nor nothing less than that....I suggest for you to go and reread .... and if you still can find something that clearly shows that I am trying to "Argue"... come back and show me the Receipt!!. -I feel sorry for you that you constantly feel the way you feel because of my comments. Maybe if you were not so Prejudice-like on basis of your Assumptions, Conclusions & Misinterpretations, ... "Maybe!!!".... you would have a more Relaxed, Beautiful, Colorful, Fun & Serene Experience....( Remember: "If You Don't Attack Your Heart, Your Heart Wont Attack You!! ... so please Relax you Silly Rabbit!!! :) )... but again, "Its Just My Humble Opinion"!!!. I wish you all the Best and have a Wonderful Everything... Peace, Love & especially Wisdom to you..... Arrivederci
Basic Stinkin (1 day ago)
De Kunstcafe why are you trying to argue about something off topic? You clearly got triggered or you wouldn’t have made your comment full of complaint. Hence the word frustrated. I said you’re putting energy in pointing out grammatical flaws whilst the purpose of the video is to give you more insight in the life of a brand manager. Clearly you missed that point and wanted to say something negative about the video. I sense alot of hate in you. I didn’t state anywhere that I’m an exception, but however I use my energy is far different from you it seems.
De Kunstcafe (1 day ago)
​+Basic Stinkin ... Lets deal with Assumptions, Interpretations & Conclusions: -You said that "I'm getting Frustrated"... 1.Why do you want to say that? & 2. How do you know that?. -If you think that I'm putting energy in whatever you think its not needed, whats the difference between the Energy you put in your comment and mine? ( aren't you doing the same thing "Everyone" is doing or are you a Exception!? :) ) -I think that what you read, you understood in the convenient-way that you wanted to understand ... that'why its your Interpretation... and therefore a Misunderstanding. -If your Conclusion: "A Glass Is Always Half Empty" is based only on your Assumptions, Interpretations, Conclusions & Misunderstanding.... than you are right... :)
Basic Stinkin (2 days ago)
De Kunstcafe why are you getting frustrated by the little things? Try to see the bigger picture. Take with you the things you came for.. Instead of putting your energy in pointing out the small grammatical flaws. From what I’ve read in your comment I see someone who’s glass is always half empty instead of halffull.
Fearless VTE (27 days ago)
Listening to all the doubters and haters 2:50-2-55 was like music to his ears.
Paliza mar jonas (28 days ago)
Thank you !
Cody C (30 days ago)
Cee zee (1 month ago)
Is this selling Skinny's? if so, i ain't fkn with this video... jk I hate skinny pants, don't know why. but I can never put any skinny pants on, it just isn't for me. it looks stupid, and must surely feel stupid.
Byron Johnson (1 month ago)
You think as I do and it's a wonderful thing to see a player work the magic. Thank you very much for the powerful inspiration. I'm proud of you for overcoming the odds. You've sparked the desire for me to continue my pursuit. Stay up.
zabdy jimenez (1 month ago)
why are they orange?
Filipe Inoc (1 month ago)
Now, where do I get a hat like that? Fire
Calvin calvin S (1 month ago)
My biggest take away: Take action don't wait for the perfect moment
Chronic Thrifters (1 month ago)
speak professional and well make a good first impression. Stay true to yourself and don't let others drag you down if they are haters.
Oshaanri (1 month ago)
Randall is a great guy! Keep elevating
Tim Perez (1 month ago)
Work out, put back the weights, eat a meal, wash, dry and put back the dishes, wake up, make your bed. Do it as consistently as possible and to the best of your ability. When you train yourself to focus on those basic tasks, to start and finish all the little things you do, it will flow through into every aspect of your life. Happiness is a byproduct of starting and finishing small mundane tasks. You're happy because it becomes easier to start working out when you know where all the weights are, making a meal and enjoying it is much easier with a plate and utensils, and going to sleep is much easier when your pillows and sheets are in the right place. It's literally that simple.
BeYounique BeBold (1 month ago)
Hello, can your channel please provide close captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing? Thank you!
Tsetsi (1 month ago)
This documentary style is dope!
Spunj Square (1 month ago)
standard drug dealer Asian
yeadrian (1 month ago)
Who actually put in work after they finished watching this great video❓
Ajay Rabagao (1 month ago)
im only 26 and ive had this vision since i first started doing my career. best believe G only the strong survive. stay up Homie!
Vidas Gruodis (1 month ago)
Biggest take away.... just don’t stop keep on moving.
edward david (23 days ago)
Never give a name to what you are it will retard your growth ....this too
AP_Trades (1 month ago)
great video and great questions, but the audio wasn't great.
Tenzin Kunga (1 month ago)
Can u let him talk please thank you. Your're answering your own questions...
Trap Monkie (1 month ago)
Who learned something?
Thato Ramatebele (1 month ago)
Shaban choudhary (1 month ago)
I can see on his face how much struggle he did it 🙏🏻
Jemell Casper Hill (1 month ago)
Great interview even though the information was basic. To anyone out there wants to be an entrepreneur, You have to know what you want, envision yourself achieving it and hustle your ass off despite whatever obstacles you encounter along the way.
Jalisa Wilhite (2 months ago)
Got damn!!! Both of them r so fkn handsome 😍😍😍🤷🏽‍♀️
KingByDefault (2 months ago)
What I got from this is get off your a** and make sh*t happen
KingByDefault (2 months ago)
Leshole Malahlela (2 months ago)
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Leshole Malahlela (2 months ago)
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aasou (2 months ago)
Spend 20 minutes learing how to edit/mix audio would be my advice.
carnage6ar (2 months ago)
Too much yammering
BM CLOTHING (2 months ago)
Amazing documentary , such a role model material which gives you a great guideline towards the market. Thank you so much for sharing which reminds us of our journey as we are manufacturers for clothing within the fashion industry
JANET AND GEORGE (2 months ago)
Fear is really the enemy here. I'm still employed in a job I hate, no other job will do, but I'm working to save up to have enough that I can pump into my startup and start in a new continent with high risk and high rewards, with no safety net. I've smashed every goal I set out for myself this year, yet I still think, I don't have enough money to leave my safety net. I need a push to say f%& and just do it.
Chiawa Bime (2 months ago)
word of mouth is still stronger than social media. That's very powerful.
lifeofericdo (2 months ago)
Holy shit my ears hurt. Fix your audio levels.
Telon Samuel (2 months ago)
U have a dream go for it hell wat ppl thinks.
Rolls royce (2 months ago)
awesome story😊👍👍
Yung ManzanaBlanco (2 months ago)
To sum up this whole interview the dude went to college to be a personal fitness trainer ended up opening his own business and started making T-shirts in selling to his clientele boom he got rich
Star Blue (2 months ago)
U are so handsome baby 😌😚😁
Julio Reguero (18 days ago)
Can anyone tell me where I can buy the black hat or baseball cap he's wearing? What brand is that?
John Doe (2 months ago)
Keep up the hard work man keep on Hustlin stay on your grind!👍
lou cabiltes (2 months ago)
I hustle but still on the bottom level😢
mo brown (2 months ago)
Why do Americans always lie about, how much there worth and how much they make it gets boring after a while
Ramiro Vargas (2 months ago)
LBC! I see you bro. Inspiring. Wish I could have someone like you as a mentor
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Gerard Seymour (2 months ago)
Haters, sit yo ass down.
Cali4nia Life (2 months ago)
to be (2 months ago)
just catch the message and stop criticizing this video lazy busters!
Chee Moeun (2 months ago)
Bro this guys inspires me shit make me wanna do this to
Ed Diaz (2 months ago)
Biggest takeaways: 1. Hustle always wins 2. Drown out other people's negativity 3. Surround yourself with people who are genuine and a model match to your core values
qfina (2 months ago)
Pratik Shirude (2 months ago)
Starting Background music name please
Beto 23 (2 months ago)
Come on this is no rags to riches how am I suppose to get motivated hes Asian his parents gave him money and a roof over his head ... lol that’s why this channel is garbage ... and the interviewer doesn’t know about coming from no where privileged bastard ...
J M (2 months ago)
Yall would have to work on your sound track system, it's fucked up at so many level
Nicholas Stowbridge (2 months ago)
i800thizz (2 months ago)
Smart young brother man ! he said things are never perfect .. he know his stuff .. he'll go far for sure !!
Rod Steel (2 months ago)
It doesn't take a whole lot of talent to get something going when you already have a good start.
Pablo Torres (2 months ago)
That Asian cat humble as fuck
DallasTechie (2 months ago)
Randall Pich is mad genius
Brad Campbell (2 months ago)
I'm a rags to riches story, too. Come interview me any time =D
REYMARTZ (2 months ago)
Ghetto looking ass clothes
Bryan Mariani (2 months ago)
Absolutely loved this! So awesome how Randall started super young aswell. Created my first clothing line when I was 15. Amassed over 16k followers on instagram and had almost everyone in my city who rode BMX know who / what the brand was, but I recently had to close things down due to legality issues. Now I'm 17 and ready to apply everything I've learned and absolutely kill it. I love the process, I love the grit, and I can't wait to see the success.
Bryan Mariani (2 months ago)
+R Video on my page bro! https://youtu.be/dx5nLG2HWQ8
R (2 months ago)
What legal issues?
Quân Lâm (2 months ago)
Engsub please,some people can't hear clearly like me.
Erwin Delabra (2 months ago)
Thanks for this documentary Peter, appreciate the value provided with Randal P. who I’ve met last year. Biggest take away and a question I asked him on social media myself with regard to my Cheesecake business is, is having structured employee titles a necessity or how he made that transition if so, since I’m in the same position now. His response was in this video too and I found it extremely helpful to just keep my flow going than get stuck on assigning titles and filling roles. Thank you Randal for your response back and thanks again Peter for this video! To more successes. Erwin Founder of Steezcakes
Stacy Thor (2 months ago)
I need help
Customer Service (2 months ago)
Interviewer needs to be quiet.
AbassiMusic (25 days ago)
yes...It would be better if he let Randall drive this. It would be much more authentic.
Joseph Nura (27 days ago)
True he comes off as pretentious. The fake spray tan doesn't help either.
Edward Chu周友丰 (1 month ago)
ask more listen more
secret8password (2 months ago)
he's hype af for no reason.
Psalm 51 (2 months ago)
I thought the same thing, came here to listen to the other guy but didn't work out the way it titled.
Dave Chappelle (3 months ago)
It takes money to make money, period. You could have the next great invention, fashion, I-Phone app, doesn't make a fuck, without capital, you might as well have a box of rocks. Until you find that ONE person willing to take that risk, you will never make it big.
Dffrntwrld BG (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this story and perspective man, this was a good look.
Angelo Ruiz (3 months ago)
I love the message, but what a fucking boring interview! It was hard not to move on.
Ashley Tisley (3 months ago)
He is so pretty I thought it was a dkye at first
MATGO (3 months ago)
Great interview guys..and continued success!!! Like always JUST FRIGGIN DO IT!!
WASSABiii (3 months ago)
the video edit on this is awful.. i mean 1:37 really? and the audio was so bad. This type of error is so unprofessional in our era today.
NEWYORK BOSS (3 months ago)
Who the fuck is he lost 🙃
MOE C137 (3 months ago)
Tim Kang (3 months ago)
this interviewer could use a personal training session
Briton Darius (3 months ago)
Great team = super business but takes time & luck
GraFikki! (3 months ago)
good video, bad audio.. the mic arre making a sound there sound make that i cant see more then 5 min then it to laud..
Johnathan Sanford (3 months ago)
One of THE best interviews on entrepreneurship I've ever seen.
Naman Makhija (3 months ago)
just do it
Gregory Hendricks (3 months ago)
Very motivational, but allow Randall to speak for himself instead of speaking for him.
P272 (3 months ago)
In all these type videos, the car never has s real registered tag on it. Always from some dealer or rental company. Pathetic.
Audio66 M (3 months ago)
Just go do it 👍👍👍 go with the flow what ever happens fucking happens real talk every person I no have a business say that same same thing ...
Ran5om_Rude_ Bwoi (3 months ago)
Really inspired by this dude. Motivation to a dude I'm my situation to keep pursuing my vision... Not even prison coulda stopped my ambition. Ig: @ransom_money_gear
2K 19 (3 months ago)
Right on 🤙🏼🤙🏼👍👍💯💯💪🏻💪🏻✅
Vlad Mkrtumyan (3 months ago)
"Do you need a control or accountant" bro come one if you don't have your accounting down it can kick your ass and that's what's happening to me. You gotta have the facets of your business covered or they'll bleed over imho. Great interview overall though
filoflin (3 months ago)
a million dollar is an empire?!

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