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THIS WAS SO HARD!! LISTEN TO OUR NEW SINGLE 'I'm Me'!! iTunes: http://bit.ly/CyrusChristinaImMe SUBSCRIBE FOR A NEW VIDEO EVERY MONDAY ❤️ http://bit.ly/Sub2Cyrina Cyrus' Social Media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyrusdobre Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyrusdobre Christina's Social Media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stinakayy Twitter: https://twitter.com/stinakayy Business Inquiries: [email protected] About us: We are Cyrus and Christina Dobre, a married couple who love having fun and going on adventures! We post new videos every Monday so stay tuned to learn more about our life together! 24 HOURS HANDCUFFED TO MY WIFE! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUGsSyqXDvGTGOcbnOGz3BQ
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Text Comments (7841)
Cyrus and Christina (7 months ago)
Juan Alvear (2 days ago)
Rain Page (1 month ago)
Cyrus and Christina I love y’all Christmas has beautiful singing better then me all the way like get it girl and Cyrus is so cool and funny and mucus funny love y’all all BIGGEST FAN
Jennifer Jones (4 months ago)
I ❤ you forever
Mrs. Rhoda (4 months ago)
Cyrus good luck
Keke ratliff (4 months ago)
Hey Luis and Marcus brother your wife is so pretty and Christina happy birthday this is precious and i'm 11 year's old and my birthday is on may10 2007
Karishia Ravellette (11 hours ago)
Yes you should
Vikki Mountain (18 hours ago)
I like rusty those boobies
Jasmine Bezanson (1 day ago)
Shelby Willaims (1 day ago)
I love cyrina I ship it
Mohammad Zarif (1 day ago)
Shanae world Xoxo (1 day ago)
I love so much Christina your so beautiful and I hope you love it 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🥺🥺
beruk1 gabera (1 day ago)
stop saying baby girl and stop being mushy wushy and stuff think about the kids watching this man it was romantic but just a little more dignity man
Martin Fourie (2 days ago)
I think you should have a tik Tok channel
Adrian Orrantia (2 days ago)
Love you guys ❤️♥️
Juan Alvear (2 days ago)
Octo14147 (2 days ago)
2:26 what are they watching in the background like if you saw that too!
Geraldine Flores (3 days ago)
How do they not feel bad for there dog did anyone else see him looking out the window???
Veer Singh (4 days ago)
Veto Vinca (5 days ago)
Jamelia Robin (6 days ago)
Cyrus and Christina are so cute like if you agrre
Jamelia Robin (6 days ago)
We love you 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Max Thunderman (6 days ago)
Cyrus and christina are the best couple like if you agree 😍😀😁🤩🤗🙂
isabel burgos (6 days ago)
8:17 YASS Christina sing girl! Your voice is BEATIFUL!!!!!!!!
Georgia Gleason (6 days ago)
hey lol
Ahmed Marouf (7 days ago)
The Clown
Ahmed Marouf (7 days ago)
Yes Or No
Ahmed Marouf (7 days ago)
You Have Xbox One
harmony Franco (7 days ago)
Whenua Manukau (8 days ago)
You both are so amazing
Sun Sun (8 days ago)
Carolyn Young (8 days ago)
Cyrus done
Chelsie Livingston (9 days ago)
U and him sing good and u r beautiful
Heather Rule (9 days ago)
Happy late birthday Christina
janice pittman (9 days ago)
subscibed bells on and notafacion are on
Tyree Droze (9 days ago)
Miroslav Voitkevic (9 days ago)
Ava Henry (10 days ago)
Christina is an angle she is really serious and Cyrus is nice has good ideas you two are a wonderful couple your the best I really want to meet you one day!!!! Your dogs are so cute you have a cool car my dad has a
Samantha Madery (10 days ago)
Your welcome
les petite licorne (12 days ago)
I love the movie hunger games is super cool
JJ McCullough (12 days ago)
Who is in the back
Jose Garza (12 days ago)
I love your videos I'm the biggest fan and my name is Joselynn 😋🤑
Lisha Maria (13 days ago)
# cyrina
Jay Ann Jacinto (14 days ago)
We love you cyrus
Anniepoo vlogs (14 days ago)
i love christina's voice is sooooooo Amazing
Aa Ron (15 days ago)
I love your videos 😍🌹🌸😘😘😍🥰🌸🌸
Alexander Wichlas (15 days ago)
Cayden Coco Pan (16 days ago)
she is good at singing
Kristy Podein (16 days ago)
You guys are good singers Christina you are so pretty
Kristina Sharkozy (17 days ago)
aj lav Cyrus and Christina 😂😎❤❤😊💕🥈
Hanas Abdullah (17 days ago)
WOW Christina,
Ellie-jo Gears (17 days ago)
cristina you have a voice like a godess i love your fashon taste its EXTRA HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i was that pretty x pls like this and jive me a love eart its mt bday thats all i want
Kemoy Mitchell (17 days ago)
Shuffle songs like this video the one for me I love you like a treat you can meet my day like you make my stuff came I never never never doubted you I love you you're the one I love you you're the one I never thought that I can give up I never know I made like a man and you know I love you you love me back if you can drop that off and see if you can talk about this Robin you boy yo-yo I love you bad you made my style by you. I'm so glad you're the prettiest girl I ever saw I don't need a girl cuz I know that's you baby boy baby one baby but I got the prettiest girl I Don't Need No by do you light up my stuff cuz I got one right here but thank you tell me if it's good
Kemoy Mitchell (17 days ago)
Songs but what are you doing today, dumb little what are you doing today is today I don't know what to do but please please please I'll give you a shout out when I see your next videos I'm going to tell you to make a very special I'm going to tell you how to make a very special song tell you right now so make a very special song about you and him but she have to make up the dance with you if you have to make you have to make up the song the girl and he have to make up the dance with me and see if I can pass that
Angie Molina (18 days ago)
U guys awesome
Angie Molina (18 days ago)
They r so awesome like if it is true
kayleigh freemantle (18 days ago)
I love you 😘
Elizabeth Utu (18 days ago)
Who decided this it's ewewewewewew! But it is cool staying whith her!😅😀😁😂😇😤😵
J Adelman (19 days ago)
No one ate the key cyrus his it
Hsar Eh (19 days ago)
subscribe is do
Spirt Of life (20 days ago)
Her voice is Angel like
oof_ Sassy_xo (20 days ago)
Christina is an angel 💕💕 LY
Niki Rose (21 days ago)
6:35 romeos face tho
layla area (21 days ago)
Christina is a very good singr
lisa Walter (21 days ago)
Play some night time my sister wish we she sneezed out what year
Kailena Sales (21 days ago)
Bhoomi Thaker (21 days ago)
Wow 😧😧😧
Georgia Stewart (22 days ago)
Christina is such a good singer
Hadassah Posner (22 days ago)
Jesiree Castardo (23 days ago)
Hi cyrus i love your car and can you give me a dobre shirt
Macie Hill (23 days ago)
Cyrus why would you have to do that but I know it's so funny and but wait I mean but did Romeo actually Eden you might be just kidding but it's okay you guys are so loving
Macie Hill (23 days ago)
I love you guys you guys are so awesome even Lucas and Marcus and Darius Angie and Chris Cyrus and Christina and Olivia guys's girlfriends Alvin is so cool I'm sorry if I said Lucas's girlfriend's name wrong I just can't say some words right I just love all of you guys are so great at making videos Romeo SOS sound all the pranks Restless mm I love you guys Romeo so awesome you guys are so nice to everybody Silas Daniel and Cyrus's girlfriend your guys's music video is so awesome so why do they even call the cops on you guys you guys are nice people you make a awesome awesome videos the family friendly this is so awesome I just love you guys you guys you guys are the greatest I mean greatest greatest greatest people I love you guys you guys are so awesome I just can't stop saying you guys are so awesome cuz you guys are so awesome I don't care if you guys think you're not awesome and Cyrus when you lost your dog that was pretty sad I saw that you lost your dog but you found them Romeo was just in the Full House and you know how I know how you guys have a pool house because when you lost your dog they found Romeo in the pool houses and I was just in the pool house but you guys are just so just so awesome I can't stop saying that cuz you guys are so awesome I love you guys love you guys and I'm sure you guys love us so you guys love all of us everybody that watches your videos everybody in the whole entire world you still be probably respect somebody when they don't be rude but I mean when they do be rude but everybody says treat people how you want to be treated I love you guys so you guys are so awesome
When they were trying to get Romeo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Antonio Davis (23 days ago)
Your wife is a good singer
Adrieanna Roberson (23 days ago)
Adrieanna Roberson (23 days ago)
You guys are so cute together i love you guys
Jalanie Colon (23 days ago)
Her voice is so amazing
Love you
velvet collins (24 days ago)
I love all of your video's
Aafiya Ansari (24 days ago)
Romeo is SMARTER than me😑
janella serrano (24 days ago)
Cyrille Joy Pecpec (24 days ago)
Huia Anderson (24 days ago)
Hi you guys are so cool i will keep likeing yours videos cryus Christian
Yvonne Carl (24 days ago)
Abby Gilbert (24 days ago)
Christina you have a very beautiful singing voice
Anissiah Nauta (24 days ago)
I like how they sing
Olivia Coats (24 days ago)
Allie Fanelli (25 days ago)
Ur guys dog is soo cute Romeo!!
2:21 on the tv 😂
Riyah Armenta (25 days ago)
Vvvsjvdsdgn God you'll bsjejeebeenebebebeeheebeevbeebejebejeejeebebeehe
Cookie Melly (25 days ago)
Didnt you see christanas best friend in the car
Luandie Marx (25 days ago)
Cara McQueen (25 days ago)
Maja Dudek Dudek (25 days ago)
dillpickle Johnston (25 days ago)
that girl can sing
HUSKYSARELIFE :3 22 (25 days ago)
I love how they throw treat at him so he won’t run 😂😂
Georgia Williams (25 days ago)
Christina has a beautiful voice! LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!!!!
G Ramos (25 days ago)
Tasheena scarth (25 days ago)
Wait do they have a house my Lucas and marcus??
emoji girl (25 days ago)
At 9:38 the friend of christina was going to go in but she back a little
emoji girl (25 days ago)
What does it mean when cyrus said ''corn"
Killer0710 TheBoSs (25 days ago)
Chloe Stevenson (25 days ago)
I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plz be safe and all ways hope and bealive
Bianka Vasquez (25 days ago)
You guys are the best Youtubers
Max Cossio (25 days ago)
Sassy Sarah (25 days ago)
At 11:30 when Cyrus was kissing Christina’s cheek her face looked funny 😁

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