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Best Soviet (Russian) Cars 9 may.wmv

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ЗиЛ 111, 114, 117, 4104, Зис 101, 110, машина сталина, автомобиль сталина, советский лимузин, автолегенды ссср, машина брежнева, ZiL 114, ZiS, Stalin's car, USSR, general secretar cpsu, best car of the world, russian auto, premium auto, limousine, soviet russian Limousines, Gorbachev car, 9 may, Victory day
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Text Comments (59)
jimmy haze (11 days ago)
ZIL- Zavode Imeni Lihcheva
HesseJamez (1 year ago)
All copied from US cars.
Wunix (1 year ago)
HesseJamez or otherway
brennan crossman (2 years ago)
Classy aerodynamic and sexy lines! Hehe.
3DPeter (2 years ago)
this video has the wrong music, because it should have bin "hip to be square" from huey lewis and the news.
lanslater (2 years ago)
They do have a batman kind of theme/ look about them
taykon arkan (3 years ago)
seems russia need go back in time ...
danielnowotny (3 years ago)
Nice mortuary cars
I like the ones that are copycat Packards
отыскали чего демонстрировать дурочки-тогда уж 117
Ronald de Rooij (5 years ago)
But the best quality cars come from Japan...
Allan Birmantas (5 years ago)
They look remarkably like old American cars, especially Packards.
robertrobin10 (5 years ago)
its hard to believe that a country that landed on the moon first had the first nuclear power plant and the first supersonic plane coundnt do any better than copy a bunch of old 50's american cars.
1998artek (5 months ago)
They can not make any goods for their population including shoes, pants ,underwear for mens and womens , no electronica as cassetes player, toothpaste and toothbrushes
kristofers lapins (8 months ago)
Sovetskiy Ded sorry buddy but the soviet car industry is not gorgeus with a phew specific exceptions that evean i cant argue about (some of witch are not really the full work of the soviets)
Cameron Baynes (5 years ago)
the united states will ALWAYS be ahead of russia when it comes to creating cars
4yBaK100 (5 years ago)
А ты долбоеб скопирован с собаки. Обоснуешь что скопировали либо дудки? Или ты трепло ебаное, которое лишь и может все российское обсирать, твоя край и то скопировать авто не может, этак молчи и не неси всякую вздор
4yBaK100 (5 years ago)
Zil 114 is not copy Chrysler imperial
4yBaK100 (5 years ago)
No! Russian cars is not copy:Zil 114.Gaz 21,Gaz 20. Copy of packard:Zis 110,Zis 101
Paul Curtis (5 years ago)
all the cars are copy of american cars!
Ženka (6 years ago)
Late Night Alumni - Seemingly Sleepy
Raphael stronso (6 years ago)
putin wait new ZIL in 2013
GetToHellOut (6 years ago)
Under Stalin and Khruschev rule all those limos were awalibale as common taxis in Moscow. But then...
GetToHellOut (6 years ago)
Staling loved Packards, not Elcin.
James Varela (6 years ago)
Packard knock offs
cadrolls (6 years ago)
The former Russian President LOVED Packards and had his own versions built. None of the parts are interchangeable with our Packards.
jgranger3532 (6 years ago)
These body designs, are beautiful, they are much more pleasing to American eyes than many cars from Western Europe, I was born in the early 1960s, these body lines are more a style I grew up with in Michigan. These cars are great looking. Thanks for the video. Great photos too.
R Moreno (6 years ago)
i love both Russian and Detroit IRON!!, to bad stupid politics get in the way of men's brotherhood, i bet the guys in the production lines in either countries loved cars!!
BGKO1992 (7 years ago)
how come they look like American cars ?
OSTARAEB4 (7 years ago)
They are Russian versions of American Packards and Stalin's looks like a 1941 Packard. The Chaikas also resemble mid 1950's Pakards. Some of the newer ZIL'S resemble Chrysler Imperials.
Вы чё американцы гоните,ваши тачьки гавно.Зацепи их и мятина. У наших хоть метал кушать. А не такое гавно будто ваш корвет пластмасовый гавно,Зад сука трисёт как будто отваливается. У наших грузоподьёмность 1500 кг. возят по 3000кг. Вашаб хуйня ужеб разволилась бы. Алени.
Дмитрий Волков все верно
OlegKostoglatov (7 years ago)
Other then the ZIS 110 and 115, the later ZILs were not copies of U.S cars even though the front ends look similar to 1955-56 Packards and 1960s Lincolns. As was typical Soviet fashion they borrowed what they thought were the best features from American (or other foreign) cars and threw the different elements together into a uniquely Soviet design.
Phil B (7 years ago)
Undeniable American influence from Packard, Cadillac, Chrysler, and Lincoln. If I wasn`t a car nut, I could swear these were US built cars.
navaro20 (7 years ago)
Copy from american cars from that time
vadim001 (7 years ago)
@stromb2704 читал на эту тему линия статей ПЕЧАТНЫХ, скидывать нечего...
stromb2704 (7 years ago)
@vadim001 а может напротив,они у советов спиздили дизайн?либо ты можешь обосновать свою теорию?сбрось видео и закрой всем уста а этак не болтай чего не знаешь!
AngryVGFur (7 years ago)
2:42 that is one bangin' interior
good but why russia chnage now making cars such as germany and leave making armes !!!!
IstvanN1961 (7 years ago)
When the the USSR needs a better idea, ZIL puts it on wheels.
zipacna1980 (7 years ago)
@polarpol What about lada Niva to start with? World's first car based frameless crossover SUV. It was pretty ahead of it's time back to mid70s.
OttovonEarth (7 years ago)
@OttovonEarth The productions time was 1946-1959, first ones were ready in 1945 or a late -44..
OttovonEarth (7 years ago)
For instance the first one, Zil -110. A Soviet trade mission visited at Packard's plant to buy aero engines in 1943. At the same time they bought outdated production machines of the Packard's assembly line. ZIS-110 based on the 1939 Packard 180. The serial productions lasted from 1949 to -59. BTW, Stalin's 1949 ZIS-110 is in Finland nowadays.
tpvalley (7 years ago)
what I never understood is how come, if everyone is equal, the officials get flash cars when normal ones will do? Typica; in societies where everyone is equal, some are more equal than others! lol.
4yBaK100 (7 years ago)
@MCSimRUS Наша край именуется не совок, а СССР.
ff8123 (7 years ago)
I can name hundreds. Lada, for starts. If they were American copies they wouldn't be the worst cars ever made. Top gear did a whole episode on horrible communist cars.
polarpol (7 years ago)
@ff8123 hahaha!made my day!name a soviet car designed by russians from scratch.
polarpol (7 years ago)
@hifijohn good one!
Andrey Riviera (7 years ago)
Really nice autos
kpadmirer (8 years ago)
:26 I've never seen this one before.
ff8123 (8 years ago)
These are absolutely not copies of any American designs. Russian / Societ cars were 100% original. Not that they were good, by any benchmark.
vadim001 (8 years ago)
дизайн у америкосов пиздил - это факт!
Private (8 years ago)
The music is by Late Night Alumni- ''Seemingly Sleepy''.
hifijohn (8 years ago)
if this is the best whats the worst???
g1980p (8 years ago)
Each to their own.
Philflash (8 years ago)
I enjoy the Soviet era autos.
Graham Gallamore (8 years ago)
Great show. It is so hard to find info and pics of these cars.
Dobre emil (8 years ago)
We don't need to go to USA to buy cool cars , there are some realy nice here in russia (in the east ), I like wat I seen , I am from romania , thanks !

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