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Everlane First Impressions & Try On | Ethical Fashion Brand

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***ALL ITEMS LINKED BELOW WITH SIZES*** Remember guys, this is my job at the end of the day, I see myself as a bit of a product tester and I'll try different things and let you guys know my honest opinion. Do I own more clothes than most people? Yes but please don't feel under pressure to keep up with the bubble of social media or with me, it's not fair on yourself. The message I'd like to spread is to be wise with what you buy; ethically, sustainably and financially and these are things I can also improve on going forward. #Haul #Everlane #ethicalfashion #fallfashion BLOG: http://ejstyle.co.uk INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/emmahill/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Ems_EJSTYLE ______________________________________________________ Some of below may be affiliate links and by clicking on them and making a purchase you might earn us a small amount of money, which does enable us to keep creating videos for you guys to watch. So we'd like to thank anyone that uses our affiliate links in advance for the support. EVERLANE ITEMS Black Boxy T-Shirt (Size M) http://bit.ly/2zoBi5j Navy Cotton Mockneck Crop Jumper (Size M) http://bit.ly/2OOhn5j Stripe Cotton Mockneck Crop Jumper (Size M) http://bit.ly/2OKFOjK Black Skinny Jeans (Size 28 Tall) http://bit.ly/2znV6G7 Herringbone Oversized Blazer (US Size 6) http://bit.ly/2OMjo1G Black Cashmere Roll Neck (Size M) http://bit.ly/2OMh1fc Black Ankle Boots (Referenced at the start) http://bit.ly/2NRQrQA ————————— WHAT I WAS WEARING AT THE START & OTHER CLOTHING ITEMS Brown Chunky Jumper (Size M) http://bit.ly/2P1t9Jr Washed Black/Grey Jeans (Size 36) http://bit.ly/2wUEO58 Watch http://bit.ly/2CGJOvj Black Low Heel Leather Court Shoes http://bit.ly/2NRFdwb ————————— Editing by Simon
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Text Comments (630)
Anna Spray (21 days ago)
Love all the detailed notes you give here and the drive to want to shop more ethically! Very helpful review all 'round! You are the only Youtuber I've found who is tall like me, so your clothing reviews are extremely helpful!!
Cassandra Consciously (1 month ago)
Thank you for this honest review, I was considering trying something out from Everlane as I felt all the great reviews made it worth paying the taxes and the waiting time. But your review is very thorough and I feel like it gives me a more balanced picture of Everlane and what my alternative options in UK are.
Tanya Roberts (1 month ago)
I think the reason the crew sweater was more expensive is because of the extra work they have to do, dying to fibers and such. It does take a bit more time to do. Just my opinion as a fashion marketing student
Alexandra Guimaraes (2 months ago)
Hi Emma, I'm in Europe and considering buying Everlane's jeans. You mentionned in your video that you were concerned about how they would change over time. Three months later, what do you think about your purchase?
Emma Hill (2 months ago)
Check out my video this coming Sunday (or possibly Tuesday) as I revisit the Everlane items which may be of help to you 👍🏼
Gabriela Morgado (2 months ago)
I do have two everlane jeans and so far, for me, they are the best jeans; true to size, comfortable, soft on skin, flattering. Worth the price.
Emma Hill (2 months ago)
it's funny you say that because I think I was a bit hasty with my negativity, although it was my first impressions and I can't change those. But all these months on, I've worn these Everlane jeans to death 🙌🏼 Still not a lover of those customs fees mind 🙊
Danielle Dupuis (2 months ago)
You start too many sentences with the phrase, "to be honest" to actually come off as honest to me. You seemed biased from the outset.
pandajackie (3 months ago)
Stripes would cost more then a plain as there’s more to the production of the fabrics; I’d say if you truly care about ethical practices to gain more knowledge about what goes on during production, most prints would cost more to produce especially if it’s yarn dyed
Libbi Williams (4 months ago)
I wear their box teeshirts and ankle length jeans regularly as a petite. They look like a regular length on me since I’m so short. They have a pop up shop in Soho so I was able to try on a bunch of cuts before buying to see what works for me. Other cuts of teeshirts are longer.
Jennifer Moon (4 months ago)
I really appreciate the honesty! I live in the US and have heard a lot of great things about them, and have been thinking of placing an order. But I wouldn’t blame you if you returned everything... the fit and quality needs to match the price. Would love you to a video on your favorite ethical, quality brands. ❤️
Marjolaine Daudrumez (4 months ago)
Yeah that’s the amount you would pay for taxes in Canada too. Thats’s to much it about 30% tax or more and if I would by dirctly from a canadian retailer, I would pay 15%...I don’t get the difference...
Alexa Likes (4 months ago)
Thanks for making this video. I was considering Everlane for silk blouses, but I think I'm just going to see what I can find locally. I know there are going to be duty fees for me to pay and the US dollar is higher than the Canadian. I'll probably try something local like Simons or Frank & Oak.
Irina Galutva (4 months ago)
Emma, thank you for the honest review - it really does feel honest, also,you just read my mind in many aspects of Everlane products - the quality is not the best and prices are overpriced marketing. BUT! I do love the majority of their styles - SO stylish, clean lines, very modern and timeless! Looove it!!! I buy A LOT of Everlane, not for the quality, but clean, modern styles!
gabby101 (4 months ago)
i don’t think the quality of their clothes are bad, but the shipping KILLED ME. i live fairly close to one of their US distribution centers (only a state away), but shipping still took about two weeks. when my jeans finally arrived, i was so excited and tried it on immediately, only to find they oddly unflattering on my petite body. i double checked that the jeans were petite, then checked the reviews for petite jeans, and nobody else had the sane problem! i ordered skinny jeans, but below the knees they seemed straight cut and bunched up in a way that could not be fixed. it was a shame, because the jeans were SO NICE and on sale. however, i returned them the next day (november 17) and they finally reached their destination on monday (december 3). it is saturday the 8th and my refund has not processed yet. sorry, just had to rant. anyway if you’re thinking about ordering something, please be aware of the long shipping time ;)
1patrina (4 months ago)
I myself bought 2 v-neck t-shirts from them, and I am not impressed. Just so-so.
NYC reader (5 months ago)
ok - what else could a person think "box tee" meant? does "boxy" mean something different in the UK? A box is a square...it's something that's roughly as wide as it is tall. Most women's tees are longer than they are wide. But this one is not. Because it's a "box tee."
Ashley Lawrence (5 months ago)
I actually feel like if you bought the boots instead of the clothes you would be obsessed. I feel like a lot of people discovered everlane through their day heel being so popular. They seem to be more popular for their shoes. I have 4 pair and LOVE their shoes. But also wasn’t wildly obsessed with the clothing pieces I tried. Maybe return the clothing items and get those boots you’re lusting over!
Agnes Sugino (5 months ago)
Thank you Emma for this review of your Everlane haul. I’am more conscientious about where I purchase and decided to avoid purchasing from companies that sell clothing considered fast fashion. I don’t want to mention the brands but I’m more interested now in having a wardrobe with basic good quality pieces and add a few fashion trends. I enjoy watching your videos because you’ve helped me steer away from POLYESTER and you give detailed descriptions of the fit, fabric, quality so thank you for that. I know it’s probably a lot of research but what brands in Europe (I’m from Cali) sell ethical products (clothing, bags, shoes etc) and are not made in China. Can you please spend sometime talking about which brands sell good quality fabrics, ethical products, give proper wages to their employees etc. where we can purchase in the US and in Europe that are reasonably priced. BTW: I now frequently shop at Nordstrom, JCrew and Madewell. Have you shopped at these companies? Thank you so much.
Luisa (5 months ago)
Is it just me or buying from an american company as an european just counters the brand being sustainable? There's nothing sustainable about having something shipped across the ocean.
Marie Rollin (5 months ago)
Hi Emma, I really love your channel and your videos. I actually own a shop in Paris where everything is made in France, and I've been giving a lot of thought on sustainable shopping (and I do have an eye on the back side of things and how they're made). I was really struck by one thing you said in that video about the true cost of things, and the M&S cashmere jumper being more valuable at 75£. This is something I think about a lot. Everlane is actually right, retailers such as M&S (or anyone on the high street) do multiply their costs by 4-6 for the final sale price (even 10 if you consider Zara or H&M), which means, if the M&S cashmere is thicker and better quality, that the labor they use is approximately 10 times cheaper. Ethically, this is a real issue for me. Also, M&S are a lot bigger than Everlane, so they probably get better deals on the materials such as cashmere weaves. I do not agree on your criticism of the "marketing point" Everlane makes, because they do have a smaller margin than everyone else on the high street - and I think it's only fair that they highlight that. The issue is to find a brand who's both sustainable and gives you quality - and I do not think you can find a cashmere jumper answer those two requirements at that price point. I would go secondhand and buy a Bompard one. You can rely on M&S and Uniqlo for good ones but the money you save is on people who made your jumper. I'm sorry if I'm my ideas do not get through clearly - my English is not the best when it comes to structured thoughts :) I'd love to hear what you think! Best, Marie
Matea Jozić (5 months ago)
Why does this just feel like youre complaining??? :((((
Alice T (5 months ago)
The striped jumper was pattern matched in the sleeves (the lines go all the way around) that's where the extra money is going, it uses more fabric and more time to pattern match properly
Coley (5 months ago)
Just to clarify for you why they say "traditional retailers" is because the standard pricing structure for fashion is to times your cost of production by 2.2x to get your wholesale price, and then another 2.2x to get your retail price. So for instance, if a sweater costs 42$ to make, the company would then sell it at wholesale to retailers at roughly 95$, who would then mark it up again to sell to consumers at roughly 210$. I say roughly because most companies will round up to the best sounding dollar (210$ sounds way better than 203.28$). Whilst it is most definitely a marketing tool telling what the traditional retail price is, what they say isn't technically wrong and is actually what the traditional retail price should be. The irony though of this whole thing is that they have a "not good enough" score for ethics/sustainability on the ethical fashion app "Good For You". So whilst they're entire marketing scheme is "radical transparency" and "Ethical Fashion", they're actually not that transparent at all with their environmental policies, nor does it disclose details on the working conditions of where they manufacture and don't show any proof that they actually provide living wages. They also use leather, wool, and cashmere without stating sources and whether or not they are ethically and sustainably produced. Honestly shocked to see all the Everlane fangirls in the comments defending them to you, because if you do even a little digging you'd realize that their ethics/sustainability is mostly just marketing and they aren't transparent really at all. H+M and Zara have better scores than they do even.
Nadine Gehrke (5 months ago)
Thanks for the honest video on everlane. I worked recently in a shop and studied the fabrics, so i just really understand you so well. First the too short t shirt not good and it looked really ordinary, same the jumper too short and boxy. I think when it is boxy it must be longer well it doesn't fall good. The blazer I'm also not impressed. I mean the price is quite high. Send it back and try something else, other shop. I would also say to write an email that the delivery went totally wrong and that you are disappointed.
Rachel Lee (5 months ago)
Is that sweater you have on soft>>?? The website says wool and cotton blend and TBH I'm nervous about wool, thanks!
Yo Samdy Sam (5 months ago)
I actually think that blazer looks great on you!
J. J. (5 months ago)
I’m petite so that T-shirt would be perfect for my short frame. 🙂
Jenny Olivos (5 months ago)
Lol just came from the NYC Everlane flagship store; it was the WORST. You gotta wait in line to try on and they have limited items in the store :( Nonetheless I got three pairs of jeans because of their $50 sale today ! Either way I think that’s a winner !!
Susan Dietz (5 months ago)
I love Everlane but their black is a bad black, very washed out
Reneiya Green (5 months ago)
It is more expensive because it's made ethically. It is "worth it" for employees to receive better pay and to have safe working conditions.
Alexandra Reilly (5 months ago)
I have several pieces from Everlane and I love them! The t-shirts fit me how I want them too, which is rare since I'm tall with a short torso. I also have a beautiful wrap dress from them that fits wonderfully and is very high quality! Overall, I've been pleased with them but it's nice to hear an honest criticism since no brand is perfect.
Genevieve B (5 months ago)
Everlane is so-so. I find their products don't hold up very well. The quality is meh. I went to their store in NYC when I was there they don't carry all of their products there so don't expect it to ge true "flagship" store. Living in Canada I have to pay the high duty prices as well and it doesn't make sense. Thank you for a good unboxing and explanation it's a breath of fresh air really. I am now off to purchase a cashmere sweater from M&S ;)
Faye (5 months ago)
I love (most) of their products but like your black t-shirt situation..I ordered a red blouse and when it arrived, it looked orange. I returned it with the feed back and suggested they update their site as it was totally misleading. Love your vids like always. xoxo
Jaci A (5 months ago)
What I learned is Ethical shopping is over priced just like fruits and veggies... I don’t understand why a healthier way of life has to so expensive. Really frustrating
Julia Lundmark (5 months ago)
Regarding the pricing: Now I’m not an expert on how exactly Everlane do their business but I do work as a buyer in the fashion industry so I do have some insight on pricing. A garment it usually quoted from the factory in either FOB (the price of the garment excluding taxes) or LTD (the price including taxes). The FOB consists of the material cost, labor, trims and printing, documentations and certificates and profit for the supplier. For “traditional” business that may have their own shops, sell wholesale to other boutiques, online platforms and have their own e-com the recommended retail price is usually approximately 6 times the FOB. That doesn’t mean the profit for the company is 6 times the FOB. The brand will have to pay rents, salaries, electricity etc for head office and shops. A chunk goes to marketing. Some to shipping to and from warehouse to customers and consumers. Free shipping and returns from e-com. Also wholesale and resellers will want say 40% profit on the garment. And of course the company needs to make money to survive as well. M&S, H&M and the likes have HUGE buying power and the bigger the volumes the lower the price and they all produce in low wage and tax free zones to push prices even lower. Now I don’t know where Everlane produce their garments and in which quantities but if the transparency of the pricing is real and the LDP is 42$ and the price is 100$ that’s a remarkably good price for the customer. If their selling point is their transparency and fair pricing proportional to the making of the garment that explains why the striped sweater cost more, it’s in the knitting. “Normal” brands to usually absorb the cost on melanges/ printed options etc, whoever the price of the solid garments are marked up to cover the cost for that, or maybe other garments in the range are marked up even more to cover the slight loss of profit. However, that’s not transparent business which is what Everlane claims.
Emily H (5 months ago)
Emma, you are so right about the Everlane products. I bought one sweater, gray, 100 percent cotton in medium with high hopes due to their ethical standards. The fabric felt just okay. It wore badly around the neck and hem (frayed) after numerous washings. It is the only item I ever bought from the brand due to my disappointment in the overall quality. Keep up the great work! Love your vlog!!!
Ellie Jenny (5 months ago)
FYI The reason why the stripped sweater is more expensive is because it cost more money to make strips. Most brands cut corners in other places to keep the price the same.
K Brandt (5 months ago)
Really enjoyed this review and appreciate your thoroughness! I'm in Chicago and while I like the brand, in many ways I too think they are not at a price point I'm always comfortable buying. By the way, in Chicago the sales tax is 10%.
peacef77 (5 months ago)
thanks for the review, I thought i was the only one who was disappointed with Everlane...Their shoes are okay.
Randy Hernandez (5 months ago)
Hi Emma - thank you for your thorough and honest review. Unbiased reviews, such as yours, provide greater insight on whether a customer wants to purchase items from companies such as Everlane. For commenters that were displeased about you not talking up Everlane's ethical and transparent philosophies, then I suggest they read this eye-opening article on the link I provided: https://goodonyou.eco/how-ethical-everlane/ They might be surprised how Everlane isn't so transparent with a lot of things they talk about! Also at the end of the day, as much as we want companies that provide ethically and sustainably produced garments, if the QUALITY and FIT are POOR this matters a great deal since you're spending your hard earned cash!
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
Thank you Randy. I have seen this article and was truly surprised and agree with you that it may be shocking to some of the commenters in this video. That being said, I still think it is great that companies like Everlane are raising awareness and making improvements/progress in both sustainability and ethical practice, even if there is still a way to go. 👍
Mary Duksaite (5 months ago)
Thanks for this video and your honest opinion on the brand :) Each of us has a right to choose and the review does not have be only positive. I do understand people, who became upset as you were not as happy as usual, but that's totally ok, I would not be happy either. I would agree to pay the price if the quality would be ok, but those clothes did not seem to be a good quality or fit. I do not feed bad just because I do not choose this Ethical Brand and nobody should feel bad about it. I felt that you've gone deep enough into details for us to understand why you were not that happy. (Sorry for my English as it's my third language :)
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
Thank you for the lovely comment ❤️
Kerstin Schaffner (5 months ago)
Emma, you are meant to fold the cuff back right at that little band, which is there for support so the fold stays.
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
Ah thank you 👍
Ladya A (5 months ago)
Please if you have two minutes, fill this questionnaire about ethical fashion : https://goo.gl/forms/IIphV5EXQpVs9BS82 Love <3
Thomas Hong (5 months ago)
Hi, thanks for your Honest review which I am loving it! I bought my 100% cashmere sweater from uniqlo (“tradition retailers”) which only cost me less than $130 Singapore dollar! During end of season it can go down to S$70.
xcessa (5 months ago)
I own every single piece that you reviewed (and tons more!) from Everlane... the Boss Boots are and absolute MUST HAVE. The new stretch skinnies are absolutely amazing as well. Get a silk blouse and you're sorted :)
Francine Harris (5 months ago)
Never understood the passion people have for Everlane. I find their items to be really boring. Your review is spot on.
amy (5 months ago)
Emma....I love their Japanese "Go Weave" dresses. I have a couple of colors in them!
Katie (5 months ago)
Great detailed review Emma. Thanks. M&S is fantastic. I miss them here in Canada.
Alice Ward (5 months ago)
An ethical brand indeed, but when will we realise that it is totally unsustainable to be shipping items internationally. If this brand were UK based then brilliant but it would be so helpful to have pointers to where we can find an ethical UK based brands, in order to make fashion sustainable as well as ethical. Surely it goes hand in hand? We have all got to take more responsibility with regard to the impact of fashion on the environment.
Kimm o (5 months ago)
I liked how honest you were! I wanted to mention a few things. Everlane prices patterns just a bit more than plain and solids because of production costs. When fabrics are weaved a plain white shirt will take less time and less effort to make than a stripped version.
S Dfne (5 months ago)
Hi Emma and Simon ! Great video as usual :-) Can you do also a andotherstories jeans review ? I saw them on you a lot of time but don't know which one is ! Thank you
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
Hi 🙋‍♀️ If I am wearing them they will be linked in the description box. 👍
Mona L (5 months ago)
I bought some Everlane stuff back in summer 2017 in their SF store (so I actually tried the stuff on before buying) : a pair of pants, a white tee, a cotton turtleneck and two cashmere sweaters. The pants are good, no complaints there. The white tee was very long and quite thin and didn't age suuuuper well. I feel like it is a bit cheap compared to some tees I get from &otherstories to be honest. The cotton feels "plastic-y" if that makes sense. The cotton turtleneck does not have a perfect shape, it's so light it gets easily wrinkly and wavy at the bottom. I always wanna wear it and then I put it back to the clothing cave because I am just not that crazy about it. The cashmere... My oh my. I have a beige turtleneck that is alright but I had to shave it a couple times because of the pilling (but I still wear it cause I bought it and I am in a capsule wardrobe so I use my stuff until I donate them or throw them away). The second one is a midnight blue sweater... and it is aging TERRIBLY. Losing all its shape and pilling like craaaazy. I have my other cashmeres from Uniqlo and they look beautiful, wash after wash. What bugs me is that I keep going to the Everlane website and thinking "Oh maybe they've changed a little bit ? I should give them another try" ; but now that I've seen your video, it partly answers the question. Anyway all of this to say I agree with you and I truly enjoyed your honest review. Thank you for sharing ! xx
Charli Russon (5 months ago)
There is another thing to consider - how environmentally ethical is it to have items shipped from the US? If ethical is your main consideration, stick to UK based, sustainable fashion brands.
Mia Li (5 months ago)
Just FYI, the "plastic" wrap is actually made of paper. Pretty easy to rip apart. Give it a try, you'll know it's not plastic.
T (5 months ago)
Omg, this haul looks like a fail. I would not buy from them
Bridgette DeCoste (5 months ago)
Oh and Emma, the stripes are more expensive because it is more expensive to make stripes. Any time you see patterns and solids at the same price point you know the quality was sacrificed or else the workers weren't paid more for the extra work of a stripe. Check out Justine Leconte for more info on sustainable fashion!!
Bridgette DeCoste (5 months ago)
I have the boss boots. They are awesome and Everlane really shines in their leather goods so it's too bad you didn't pick up some footwear. Also their cashmere softens up a lot so don't worry. Finally, I emailed them about their cashmere sourcing. For anyone who is curious, they buy from Mongolian shepherds who collect the cashmere from their goats by gently combing them during shedding season and collecting the hairs that fall out. Otherwise the goats roam free in the mountains and lead happy lives.
SIJIE XIONG (6 months ago)
But M&S crewneck cashmere sweater is $120 (everlane one is $100), why did you say it's around 75 pounds? Also, M&S rollneck is $143 (everlane is $120).
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
It is £75 in the UK. Must price up for the US? 👍
I must be seeing something different than you because I loved the grey blazer on you!! ❤️☺️👍🏻
Klein Geld (6 months ago)
I'd be interested in seeing a Jan n June review. Personally, my black everlane denim is the best I ever owned i think. Too bad they're not all as ethical and sustainable as they make themselves out to be :/
theoretically09 (6 months ago)
I dont get why paying 5 dollars more for stripes are a bad thing? I would be a bit bummed if I had to pay the same for a plain shirt than one with something more than just one solid colour. Stripes cost more. When you pay more for it, it shows (in my mind) that I am not paying for other shirts with more details on them
Thao, T. P, Nguyen (6 months ago)
What I learn from your video: 1. Do not order from oversea - the tax and duty stink!, 2. Always try on the item in person before buying any clothes. On that note, I was slightly hyped about Everlane just shyly before watching your review. I'm glad to let it go now haha...
Annika Lachhammer (6 months ago)
Regarding „new“ brands: I think you would like Intimissimi. It‘s an italian brand - mainly for underwear but they also sell outerwear like tops of silk, wool and silk, cashmeere etc. For me, you don‘t have to review them since I‘ve loved them for a long time now. (And I work for them :D ) If they don‘t sell in the UK yet, you should definitely check them out when you visit your relatives in Munich next time. There is a big flag ship store in Kaufinger Straße :)
Annika Lachhammer (5 months ago)
No need for a video, I just always feel like you would like it 😊 especially take a look at the cashmere ultralight and the wool-silk collection 👍🏼
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
We do have intimissi in the UK, but as it is mainly underwear it probably wouldn't make a great video. But I will pop in and take a look. 👍
tommy rower (6 months ago)
I don’t get it, if it’s sustainable then ship it around the world, what’s the point. It’s so expensive with the tax and if it doesn’t fit then omg the hassle.
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
They don't claim to be sustainable, they claim to be ethical by paying a fair wage. 👍
Ella Actually (6 months ago)
Thank you for making this video and putting so much time and effort into it (also, great editing!). As someone who has seen this brand and considered saving up to purchase an item from it, I was actually grateful to see this (most of the items wouldn't fit me well, I'm about 6'). I do hope they consider extending their "tall" lengths (I appreciate when brands offer at least a 36" option for tall bottoms and longer sleeve/wider shoulder, etc.). Anyway, I look forward to more of these "testing ethical brands" kind of videos.
Emily S (6 months ago)
Review Girlfriend Collective!! They're a workout apparel company that uses recycled water bottles as their fabric.
Yo Gee (6 months ago)
I have made quite a few purchase from Everlane and I live in the US. Even with their 2-day shipping, which is a free occasional option, I’ve received the parcels after 5 to 7+ days later. Their shipping would not receive any great recommendations from me...
Allison Beacham (6 months ago)
I love this review. I think it was extremely honest and from my experience with Everlane, it's spot on. What shocked me most was the cashmere, which is disappointing because I was considering a cashmere purchase from them.
Lina Bossa (6 months ago)
I would like to know on what criteria you choose the items you buy, present and judge ? From this specific brand (Everlane) you do not seem to have chosen clothes that fit or suit you. Why did you not try one of the silk blouses (in the right size) ? Why did you order a blazer which is too big and does not look good on you ? Everlane has great other options of more tailored blazers. Why did you not try one of the trousers ? Can you sincerely make a statement on a brand with such a restricted choice of very similar pieces like the jumpers - which all do not really look best on you ?
Lina Bossa (5 months ago)
Thanks for your reply. I see better what fashion style you propose, kind of posh high street, which is perfect for those who like that. Still I think that special brands outside mainstream are not that suitable for you, and also I still think you ordered the wrong size for some of the items and therefore I find it a bit unfair to judge them in comparison to M&S or other high street brands. Best to you.
Emma Hill (5 months ago)
As I said in the video, I chose items that I would buy from any other store in the style and fit I would normally go for. 👍
Nele Berger (6 months ago)
Just a quick tip: Sometimes cashmere gets softer after you first wash it! I always handwash mine and lay it flat to dry, and if it felt stiff/cotton-y before it then gets fluffy and soft like all my other cashmere sweaters.
Mette Gyhrs (6 months ago)
I am A Danish citizen and I was soo looking forward to receive my parcel from everlane ( quite hyped mark on " useless" blog by Signe Hansen - all about sustainable Living :-) ) I received my parcel after some waiting - one of the items order was out of Stock - so it did NOT come and I was NOT informed. Some of the items did NOT fit and I sent it back. Everlane WHO charge tax writes that you ypur selv have to claime the paid tax back from your country! And returens Are only accepted with ups ( costed me half the Price of White i could expect in return for the returned item) on top of that everlane charge 6 dollars for A refund! Quality was not very outstanding. To expensive and very difficult to use. I WILL NOT purchase from everlane again - too expensive in costs....
Lori Olson (6 months ago)
The blazer looks too big. Even for an oversized blazer. Just looks too big on you. Every thing else looks good.
Cindy Han (6 months ago)
Hi @Emma! Really enjoy watching your videos. A brand that I have to recommend is GRANA. Their pieces are super comfortable to wear, especially their Pima cotton tees. Their merino wool, silk, Tencel and french linen apparel are all amazing too. Their philosophy is similar to Everlane's, just marketed differently. I am not affiliated with Grana, just a huge fan. Keep in mind the sizing might be a bit weird, for the most part it's been fine, but keep an eye on the sizing charts for any of the items you like as they are an online only company. Check them out! There's a 25% off promotion going on right now for their 4th anniversary. This is my referral link for 10% off in case you miss it: https://www.grana.com/r/2109/. Keep up the great work!
Tiziana Braun (6 months ago)
I am commenting just as you finished talking about the Blazer not really being worth the money ... I like your honest review, but I think if you could you mention earlier in the video, that Everlane is producing under ETHICAL, TRANSPARENT and FAIR WORKING CONDITIONS it would put prizes in better perspective. The Prizes they offer are absolutely amazing if you think about what other brands (on high street) charge for products that they produce under horrendous and unethical conditions. I think Everlane is one of the most afforable ethical brands and I think to compare their prizes to non-fair trade brands does not do them justice ! :) Thank you for your video and for showing the pieces on camera!
Mareena Mallory (6 months ago)
What was the cashmere sweater you recommended over the Everlane one? I’m looking for something in Canada ❤️
Zuzana Fajta (6 months ago)
marks and spencer?
E Miller (6 months ago)
Everlane is notorious for crop, boxy tops. It's really annoying for those of us on the taller scale. When I lived in the States i ordered from them a few times and often had trouble with their tops.
Magaly Gutierrez (6 months ago)
I actually agree with every observation you made. I guess I'm very demanding and judgemental about clothing quality before I pay for them and that's ok. IT'S OK. Lol. Disclaimer: to each his own. 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for your honest reviews!
Amber Medico (6 months ago)
I appreciate your honest review! I've made two orders from them (in the US) and have had some hits and misses. I also ordered that boxy pocket t-shirt and was surprised by it being more of a cropped length, I also got a long sleeve shirt that's stitching was just sort of off like the sleeve hem came unraveled quickly and the collar was stitched wrong so it had a weird roll in it. Ordered those items for work and needed them so didn't return. Recently gave them another chance though and bought a fleece sweater with a half zip which I love! Seems to me that their quality can be a bit of a gamble so I don't blame you for not wanting to order again especially with the wait and extra costs.
Enjera Black (6 months ago)
This video made me feel uncomfortable. Lol odd/ negative attitude idk. first time watching your video.
Elli Arnouts (6 months ago)
Emma I love how thorough you are in your hauls! So honest and genuine.
NI CHANG (6 months ago)
Subscribed you for ethical hauls, excited
Maroulio (6 months ago)
Are any of the cotton items made w. organic cotton? If not, I think they are expensive.
Emma Hill (6 months ago)
I don't believe so.
Excellent review!
K ash (6 months ago)
As usual an awesome video. I love all your details. You are my most trusted Youtuber. Thanks again!
Zuzana Fajta (6 months ago)
And what about Arket Emma? Have you tried them?
Risha2511 (6 months ago)
Not the best clothes for you.
Ariane Gatien (6 months ago)
Hi Emma! I had been waiting for this video for so long and I'm really happy it was super long and informative! :) My personal experience with Everlane is that it's a bit of a hit or miss. Some of my favourite clothes are from them, but then when I went to their NYC store last month (did a roadtrip from Canada almost just to visit them as I didn't want to pay 200$ on duties and shipping fees) I was so so disappointed. First, they have like 15 items in store, and it's not even their bestsellers. Second, I also touched one of their cashmere sweaters and couldn't have guessed it was cashmere. I feel like the t-shirts looked cheap also. But then as I said, I have a shirt, a pair of their wide leg pants and a LBD from them and maybe I was lucky but OMG they're AMAZING! I could wear them every day, the fit and materials are perfect. Maybe you weren't lucky with the items you chose. I would still suggest giving them another try in the future for that reason :) Also, it's SO difficult to know if a brand is really ethical or not and that's why I still love Everlane so much, I feel so lost when I want to buy clothes now as I want to make an effort for the environment and for people working in factories (cried so much while watching The True Cost), but even when I do my researches about a brand, no one says the same thing, it's so confusing :(
Chelsie Coles (6 months ago)
stripes cost more to produce than solids. they require more effort to knit, cut, and match when sewing. do the stripes match? charging differently for stripes than solids is actually more accurate than paying the same for them.
Patricia Ferri (6 months ago)
I really liked this review. Super helpful! Have you heard of AYR? Not sure if they ship internationally but I would love to see this style review for them as well. They are similar to Everlane.
Emma Hill (6 months ago)
Thank you for the suggestions. The next one will hopefully be a brand more local to me which I can visit the store, but will see how it goes. 👍 But I will bare AYR in mind for future.
Patricia Ferri (6 months ago)
Just realized they do not ship internationally but Nordstrom and Shopbop carry them and do... so maybe some brand review videos? :)
alouella (6 months ago)
Love your honesty. Sincerely appreciate it!
Emma Hill (6 months ago)
Thank you ❤️
Dominique (6 months ago)
Very informative and eye opening. Thank you, Emma!
Alexandra Y. (6 months ago)
The shipping/tax situation is unfortunate but I think the items look good. I really like the look of the denim, cotton sweaters and the blazer.
panggacarmz (6 months ago)
I dont think Everlane is an 'ethical' brand. They received a 'Not Good Enough' rating from Good On You. https://goodonyou.eco/how-ethical-everlane/
Emma Hill (6 months ago)
I have read this and found it very interesting 👍 Although I am not familiar with the website and so I don't know how reputable they are in such reviews, but it seemed fair to me and raised some of the questions that I had made but in more detail. Nevertheless, I think it is great that brands are recognising that changes need to be made, even if they are small to start with. 👍
Adell Baker (6 months ago)
I would love to see an ethical series ☺️
Melissa Stephan (6 months ago)
Those taxes and customs costs are bananas! That's one good thing about being in the US - almost every retailer I like ships here with no problem.
Deb InPEI (6 months ago)
I love Everlane, but was disappointed in a pair of leather sandals this summer, too stiff and uncomfortable. We pay high tax and duties for all things not available in Canada and I need to find more local shops for 2019. Geeat video, thx for sharing
ivanete roark (6 months ago)
I placed an order and had a tough time printing the shipping label, I ordered 5 pieces and only one worked for me, I emailed them and never got an answer so I donated 4 of the pieces so obviously I am not happy!
emmy lindsey (6 months ago)
Does anyone know how tall she is?
Emma Hill (6 months ago)
I am 5 9. 👍
Emma, thanks for this honest opinion🙋🏻💕
Filippa P (6 months ago)
Beautiful video, not a single detail you didn't cover about the clothes! I am disappointed too, to be honest. By the way, I also have long arms so, I feel you girl. Keep up the great work guys, I really appreciate the fantastic videos you make for us all 🙌❤
Sophie Haynes (6 months ago)
Just seems a waste of money. Especially for the quality. All of it looks cheap to be honest. Love your vids and your honesty. Also ethical wise, isn't it slightly counter productive when shipping from overseas? 🤔 I'd be super pissed if I paid all that money for the quality you pulled out the bag. Look forward to your next video 👍💗

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