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LP - Muddy Waters [Live Session]

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New album 'Heart To Mouth" is out now: https://lp.lnk.to/HeartToMouthID Lost On You: http://smarturl.it/LostOnYouAlbum ---------------------------------- Website: http://iamlp.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/iamLP Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamlp Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iamlpmusic
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Text Comments (7623)
Formative Assessments (1 hour ago)
save me
Barbara Rozumek (10 hours ago)
Lp super
Georgie George (11 hours ago)
I love this set omg 😍😍 can't believe I just found her.
Trondheimshjertet TMJ (13 hours ago)
After reading the comments I’m just glad I’m not the only one how is straight and now suddenly find them selves very confused... I just love her! How can one person be so freaking talented?!?!
Bobby Russell (17 hours ago)
Katherine Carrasco Rojas (19 hours ago)
Visionery1 (20 hours ago)
I thought the singer was a typical rock star guy, then heard the voice, then read the comments to get clarity. I'm still not sure. I actually searched for the black 'Muddy Waters' from the 70s. :)
Candy Delorme (1 day ago)
ld love to meet her ... talk normal every day shit
Llegó el otoño 🍁💕💜🍃🌻😎🤘🎶🎧🇨🇱
Кто рускийй ставь 👍
JAVA DICTOS (1 day ago)
Que hermosa voz
Momento Dolce (1 day ago)
Te estamos esperando em Argentina.
Wow... amo su voz! no canso de escucharla, una gira por Latinoamerica por favor XD
Erica Rivero (2 days ago)
Como se llama el genero musical de LP?
Jasper Los-tit (2 days ago)
Cashing in off the blues hideous
Adrián André Ponce (2 days ago)
Dicen que su cabellera fue la que tenía el Diego en el mundial del 86 por eso tanta magia! Genial
mmmcr r (2 days ago)
Necesito ir a un concierto de esta tia 😍
alex gomez (3 days ago)
jim morrison y janis joplin tuvieron una hija
maryella zamudio (3 days ago)
SONG LYRICS (3 days ago)
Hello stranger scrolling through the comments while listening to the track. Hope you have a nice day.
So bored Alone (7 seconds ago)
Susie Bird (3 days ago)
I'm 64.and I love her and her style. Suzie Bird
Susie Bird (3 days ago)
LP. You are fabulous indeed. And in everyway
MY NAME IS BFF. (3 days ago)
Hippy birthday LP
Mary GD (4 days ago)
Cuando creias que lost on you era grande llega esto 😘
Erick Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Looking for a English comment here you go :)
Wayneross Mason (4 days ago)
I'm sorry I thought u was a guy
Wayneross Mason (4 days ago)
Hi and I like your singing and can't get out of my head
Park Jimin (4 days ago)
la amoooo
LOB STROCITY (4 days ago)
I just discovered LP and....all I'm gonna say is she gives me hope. The same way Michael Jackson gave me hope. She's truly an example of what an artist can be....after years and years of bullshit ...turns out she's a master.
Trace Orr (4 days ago)
WOW I so love this one too
Jose Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Hi lp im only 8 and im testing from my dads 📱 and i love all your songs
Jess Emslie (5 days ago)
Oh my stars this is beautiful.
Simon T James (5 days ago)
Saw her Saturday at the Wiltern....AMAZING,seldom does someone exceed your expectations and she did,dropped hte Mike and all...but a great cover...txs Loved the show
Nina Ja (6 days ago)
Arek GJM (6 days ago)
Me gusta mucho LP pero en si esta canción no se me hace especial para mi no tiene esa chispa que caracteriza sus canciones
tiredmsbff (6 days ago)
She is amazing!
Anders Limpus Maximus (6 days ago)
Her? ... who knows. Very awesome 👍👍👍
Karen Olmos (6 days ago)
Diooos, por qué no te descubrí mucho antes. 💜
la mejor canción el pro
Elaine Christina (6 days ago)
Jhony Soriano Cruz (6 days ago)
Es muy buena.... Fascinado ❤️
Dayana Orrego (7 days ago)
I love 💝
ナヅカウ (7 days ago)
sounds like Black rebel motorcycle club
Cem’su K’um (7 days ago)
HATA MG (7 days ago)
♥ 1.2.3 viva l algerie 3:) ♥
Candy Delorme (7 days ago)
doses anyone read these
Candy Delorme (7 days ago)
the best In years
Brianne Mackie (8 days ago)
Captivating. Absolutely.
Sandy Pineda (8 days ago)
Words fail me when it comes to LP. Her voice and unique style are mesmerizing, wow, just wow.
Lucia Gonzalez (8 days ago)
es una diosa, su música es arte para los oídos
BRENDA Ferrell (8 days ago)
So much soul.
Tainara Calassa (8 days ago)
Tem 3 dias que só escuto suas músicas!!
Jmelissa flores (8 days ago)
incredible that a person can touch your soul and make it calm down, the best thing that exists in this musical time
Judah Phillup (8 days ago)
Are you a man
Jmelissa flores (8 days ago)
no, is a wonderful women
damaris plaza (8 days ago)
esta mujer me en loquese
Jared Fernandez (8 days ago)
Anyone here came after they watched " valley of the gods " trailer ?
Jannin KosKlim (9 days ago)
She is unbelievable❗️♥️
miburita (9 days ago)
dalida Dash (9 days ago)
Complètement bouleversée par cette artiste de talent!!!
Sylvia LuzE (10 days ago)
Qué reto el de esta gran artista siendo mujer pero al cantar verse como un hombre romanticamente seductor. Por momentos me siento atraida hacia su personalidad descomplicada pero de canto impecable. Me encanta 😄.
michael cuneo (10 days ago)
So heavy...she puts her heart and soul into every note. Incredible!!!
hottramp (10 days ago)
This is sooooooo good!
etonesonetoSonya (10 days ago)
This singing sounds like a drunken man vomits.
Foto Magic (10 days ago)
me encantan!!
angie henao (10 days ago)
Aww es muy buena, me encanta!
Лучшая ! Великолепная ! Загадочная !
Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh We are kneeling at the river's edge and tempting All the steps to follow closer right behind Is it only when you feel a part is empty That it’s gnawing at the corners of your mind I will ask you for mercy I will come to you blind What you’ll see is the worst me Not the last of my kind Ooh In the muddy water we’re falling Ooh In the muddy water we’re crawling Holds me down Hold me now Sold me out In the muddy waters we’re falling It is not clear why we choose the fire pathway Where we end is not the way that we had planned All the spirits gather 'round like it's our last day To get across you know we’ll have to raise the sand Ooh, I will ask you for mercy I will come to you blind What you’ll see is the worst me I'm not the last of my kind Ooh In the muddy water we’re falling Ooh In the muddy water we’re crawling Holds me down Hold me now Sold me out In the muddy waters we’re falling Ooh Don’t fail me now Put your arms around me and pull me out Ooh I know I’m found With your arms around me, oh save me now Ooh Oh, oh Ooh, in the muddy water we’re falling Ooh In the muddy water we’re crawling Holds me down Hold me now Sold me out In the muddy water we’re falling
Amo tu voz, es hermosa
Thank you very much for what you are doing, it is amazing to hear such a talented and beautiful person. Each time I listen to your voice it touches each part of my soul. Thank you.
Ayesha Zubiri Alvarez (11 days ago)
Maverick Fox (11 days ago)
Dr. Murphy 👀
Bree Lucas (12 days ago)
Janis Joplin vibes. Love it
Maricela Diaz Briones (12 days ago)
felix fdf (12 days ago)
this woman makes me wish i was a woman so i had a slight chance with her xx
FretMaster (12 days ago)
As a metal head, got to say this is what we call real new modern-era rock music.
D0_11e N756 (13 days ago)
Esta canción toca mi corazón, es tan hermosa
Iván Ramírez (13 days ago)
Vagando por vídeos sin nada nuevo que me hiciera seguirlos viendo, encontré su video "Lost on you" y la verdad pensé que era hombre, pero empece a buscar mas vídeos y me di cuenta de que era mujer y que su voz fue lo que me motivo a seguir disfrutándola, por fin algo para escuchar en las noches de insomnio y callar mis demonios.
Julia Bonato (13 days ago)
primera vez que los veo y escucho!! me encantoooo!! me pone la piel de gallina.. todo mi cuerpo lo siente!! admirable!!
Sony Vega (13 days ago)
Does anyone have a link to this full LIVE SESSION? I can't find it on YouTube 🤷🏻‍♂️
Osmar Velsan (14 days ago)
Años sin oir una voz así. volverá la esperanza?
Naomi Pérez (14 days ago)
hace mucho tiempo que no veía a una artista que tuviera esa voz y ese estilo de vestuario, siento que tiene el estilo como de Enrique Bunbury
Rubén Leon Fuentes (12 days ago)
tienes toda la ra
Urban Explorers (14 days ago)
Orange is the new black???
Ginna Varon Henao (14 days ago)
Jamás había conocido el sentimiento del "amor platónico" hasta que conocí tu talento con ésta canción 💘 Te amo Laura P. Le pido al Universo que en una de mis otras vidas me permita ser tu mujer 💞 ... Gracias por deleitarnos con tu talento hermosa mujer... ¿Para cuando una gira por Latinoamerica?
Andrea MaAl (15 days ago)
Laura soy tu fans ❤️❤️❤️
IntoTheWildSea (15 days ago)
I want these LIVE SESSION SONGS. Where can i get them...!!!!!! Or To LP.....PUT THEM OUT PLZ☺️
Lizard Arts (15 days ago)
If you dislike her or any of her songs.. I’m sorry I can’t help you, might just be an idiot
Jesse Bonincontro (16 days ago)
You just get lost while watching this, amazing.
Joshua Singh (16 days ago)
Swampert used muddy water, it's super effective
menelgond (16 days ago)
Diaz and her gun brought me here, Oh Oh ooOhh
Hacia mucho que no veia un artista de calidad, ella interpreta, proyecta, transmite, tiene una gran voz y estilo, que bueno que existe Wow ¡me encanta!
Mari Illes (16 days ago)
Me encanta todas sus canciones
merilyn palmer (16 days ago)
Thank You to " The  Good Doctor "  for this !!!  BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
Buen día....😎🌷💕🍁🎶
Adriana Chaparro (17 days ago)
2019??????any one???
me encanta tu música para cuando la gira por latinoamerica <3
Tabitha Ingram (17 days ago)
I love all these fucking songs , whet am I talking about. 💗+🧠= LP
iLoveChopin (17 days ago)
like i don't know but this is the best song i've heard in a long time.

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