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The Lost City of Atlantis - Hidden in Plain Sight - Advanced Ancient Human Civilization

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Not only did the lost city of Atlantis actually exist, but its true location has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years, completely unnoticed, as we’ve been looking in all the wrong places...Since everyone assumes that it must be under the ocean somewhere, such as in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea, which have long been considered to be the most likely places for its existence. And no, I am not about to suggest that Antarctica is the hidden location of Atlantis, either. Because in this video, I am going to connect the dots on the exact words that Plato used to describe Atlantis, its location, and the geographical land features that surround it, which were recorded in Plato’s dialogues, the Critias and Timaeus. And the details that Plato shared of Atlantis, which I’m about to share with you in side by side comparison, will show you that the Richat Structure located in Mauritania Africa, also commonly referred to as the Eye of the Sahara, or the Eye of Africa…is the most likely location for the lost city of Atlantis. Help support me in my effort to expose truth, on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BrightInsight Link to the Visiting Atlantis documentary website: https://visitingatlantis.com/ My channel discusses many different topics including Lost Ancient Human Civilizations, Intuition & Spirituality, Nikola Tesla, Corruption, Aliens, UFO's and various current events. Thank you for your support!
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Bright Insight (5 months ago)
EDIT: I have received many comments stating something to the effect of "This site (the Richat) is natural, so it's not Atlantis" Here is my response, and I will be discussing this in detail in part 2: Why would the Richat being a natural formation exclude it from being Atlantis? Civilizations have settled on natural geological land features throughout history, including today. And with the massive dimensions of Atlantis, do to the math on the circumferences of those 3 circles of water. Just how much digging/dredging would that require? So obviously it would make sense for Atlantis to have been built on a natural formation. Thanks for watching! There are MANY details about Plato’s description of Atlantis and its location that were not discussed in this video. I’ll be posting Part 2 (probably a week from now), which will include many fascinating aspects about the capital of Atlantis, and its 10-city empire. Help support me on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BrightInsight Cheers, - Jimmy EDIT: At around the 16:06 mark, I meant to say "lower", not "higher", in reference to the earths sea levels 12K years ago. Point is still the same, in that there is a gap between sea levels and the Richat's elevation about sea level.
Geo Max (15 hours ago)
Because Plato explicitly meant Atlantis as analogy. If there was a civilization there Plato didn't know about it.
billy osullivan (21 hours ago)
15:30 can i see them tools
aerialpunk (11 days ago)
Agreed; people can make use of whatever natural formations they find :P It's not a point against it at all.
Abde straight (1 month ago)
Hanno the navigator has circumvented Africa with berbers from modern day essaouira Morocco in 500 bc. The Portuguese did the same thing in the 16th century with the berbers from Essaouira
billy osullivan (21 hours ago)
17:59 what a fucking stretch
billy osullivan (21 hours ago)
Historians say its fake history: you debunk this by saying "Witch completely contradicts plato and solon" yes because they made it up or it was based on mia.
Bill Cook (1 day ago)
I went over to Google Earth. when you pan out, does it look to anyone else like that whole section of Africa right there where the Sahara is at, does it look to anyone else like a lot of sand and debris has washed away from the land and toward the ocean right through that whole area?
Markus Grimm (1 day ago)
I enjoy your videos. My science teacher from long ago stated this: science is the organized body of knowledge which explains known facts and leads to the discovery of new facts. You fit into this definition!
An uplift of the surrounding earth of just 1 inch per year over 12,000 years would be 1,200 feet above sea level at present time. Also , the city had an opening to the sea. That doesn't mean the sea was right there at the city. It means there was access to the sea from the city. Minneapolis has access to the sea although it is 1,750 miles from the sea.
Tyson Gilbert (2 days ago)
#DudeTaiIForgotWeWereATagTeamCauseIFeltLikeBadGrandpaOfWhichIDontWantToReccomendAsAMovieIDoStillWantToArchitectHereThough #PeopleCouodStopFloodingMyBrainWithElectricity
Tyson Gilbert (2 days ago)
Stopping by that day still is going :_/ they have a kid Borutoo whooa
Mr Me (2 days ago)
Atlantis was nuked.
Mr Me (2 days ago)
I would suggest all of you to check out the channel "newearth" by Sylvia Ivanova. It's paradigm shifting. You won't be dissapointed. The history is oh so clearly altered and still being destroyed. Some nations are not just poor, they are _kept_ poor.
Torsten Persson (2 days ago)
Brilliant! I am impressed. You have really given me an insight.
Craig C (3 days ago)
Good theory, but Plato (I believe first recorded mention) studied in Egypt for some years and was told a fable about an elite race of humans who lived in Atlantis. This race are believed to have imparted knowledge to the ancient Egyptians with regards to technology and construction techniques using sound and magnetism to move heavy objects. He researched this information and discovered Atlantis was destroyed by a devestating cataclysm - probably a flood or ice age. None of these cataclysms have happened to the west coast of Africa for millions of years. Atlantis, if real could only have existed in the oceanic areas of the planet, middle east or Antarctica. The Piri Reis map has some strange anomalies which may point to Cuba or mid Atlantic. But, personally, I think Antarctica purely because it fits the description.
mark621000 (3 days ago)
What about the sin CURSE on you MR Gnostic man?Rejecting the Holy Scriptures?and the Man of the middle stake? YOU will be destroyed.
Eugenio Ralbadisole (3 days ago)
Well, fine search ralbadisole {dot}org thank you.
Eugenio Ralbadisole (3 days ago)
You will find the Relation on the findings of ATLANTIS here: Https://@t
Eugenio Ralbadisole (3 days ago)
You will find the Relation on the findings of ATLANTIS on this site: Https://@t
Mark Logsdon (4 days ago)
We can see the effects of the 2 global climate changing events from the melt-water pulse 1a and 1b during the younger Dryas. Civilization was probably tooling along well and good, then the first meteor/asteroid/comet hits Northwestern Greenland. Seawater rises almost 400 feet. Coastal civilizations are swept away or flooded out of existence. Humankind has to start again, with only partial knowledge and ability to do the things that were easy before the catastrophe. Still, humankind forges ahead, and begins the long process of creating civilization all over again with only partial knowledge. Then, just a short 1000 years later, it all happens again. This time it's the North American ice sheet that gets hit, sending water vapor into the atmosphere, huge ice boulders crashing down across North America. Almost all the mega-fauna get killed off in the Northern hemisphere. The sea level again raises higher than before, and now swamps the Bering Straight, forever changing the ocean currents and the global weather system because of that. And again, almost all the knowledge we possessed gets wiped out, with only the remnants of those who could pass on what happened. It's no surprise the hunter-gatherers were once again how civilization started, when they finally began practicing agriculture. If the same events happened today, how much of civilization would crumble without electricity? How many people would starve to death because of the sudden ice age and crop failures? And then have the same exact thing happen a short 1000 years later? I think only a few tribes of African natives and Amazonian Indians wouldn't bat an eye. They'd probably wonder what happened to all those strange people who used to come around.
susan sanders (4 days ago)
Can we hurry up and defeat isis so we can dig here!? Jimmy, are you alive? Your viewers are starting to believe that you were abducted by the illiminati or something.
Bandit 250 Limited (5 days ago)
津波の威力はあらゆる物をなぎ倒すし、どんな大都市も跡形もなくなる。ましてや12000年以上前の出来事なら尚更証拠は… でも、いろいろ発掘されてるし、アトランティスであってほしい。
Kate Schneider (5 days ago)
Dark Journalist does awesome research on Atlantis - lots of videos on his channel.
Andrew Sullivan (6 days ago)
I took a trip there two years ago I found ceramic objects and several tools and what looks to be structures in the south west end of the eye of the Sahara
This was the most fascinating video I have seen in a long time.
dizkoteck (6 days ago)
I searched Mauritania on Instagram and it’s beginning to be a tourist spot. Soon soon
Steven Salter (7 days ago)
I made this little video with my thoughts.... I am not saying my theory is correct, but it may help shed light of this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-alTC1H0yA
A Human Being (7 days ago)
god bless you man!
henri joel (7 days ago)
Hello Sir, your videos are much appreciated, but there’s one thing lacking or maybe I’ve missed it, you still have yet to say that the native people of that region must have been blacks not to claim our superiority( which is a concept created by your kind) but just to restore the truth. I will appreciate it if you could do that.
Jasmine Osborne (8 days ago)
They're just hiding the fact that Atlantis is in Africa, that's just Another way to try to control us.. people are smart, we will always find out. Lol
Jasmine Osborne (8 days ago)
Makes perfect sense
Talisman Skulls (8 days ago)
Got to make one correction for you, it was called the Timaeus not Tin-ay-us. Anyways, I wanted to point out something i think you missed. Its size is 23.496727 Kilometers. Or rounded 23.5 K. Did you not notice that number value is almost identical to the relative tilt of the Earth's axis to its orbital plane of 23.5 degrees; which is the plane of Earth's orbit around the Sun? Considering its associations, how geologists cannot "explain it away" and that there isn't anything else on this planet like it, coincidence I think not.
Terry Cumbie (8 days ago)
we have the ability to see under water and layers of earth via satellite so why are we not using this to see under all that mud? Some thing must be there, a wrecked ship, a partial building?
ChubbyCake Jr. (8 days ago)
“According to mainstream academics and historians.” Goes one to cite Wikipedia.
sam herrera (8 days ago)
I think Atlantis is Antartica, it used to be in a tropical climate from vegetation they found,many boat docks etc are being seen thru the ice melts
Miss c (9 days ago)
Someone please explain to me why the need for Atlantis to be kept secret? I see alot of people saying "they don't want us to find it", " they don't want us knowing the truth" etc etc who's they and why hide an ancient city? I really can't find any answers.
It does exist spongebob found it
Gorn The Insultor (10 days ago)
I believe that your argument and evidence might be of some true, and that being said, you have to be very careful in the sense that there are efforts being made to cover up such truth/knowledge. Current mainstream scholar are so narrow minded and they are not up for a challenge.
Michael Hoversten (10 days ago)
Jimmy! You, sir....are a gentleman and a scholar.
ricky ticky (10 days ago)
I’ve always believed that Atlantis existed. I don’t believe Plato would have fabricated the whole story.
Scott (10 days ago)
My intuition, which is very strong, says you are correct about the location :) Keep up the awesome videos!!! The world needs to know!!!
The Man (11 days ago)
Go on google maps on your iPhone! Put it in satellite mode. Zoom in close. You can actually see what looks like ruins in the middle! Not many but at least 4 buildings that I can count! There are also some modern looking structures in the area.. some faint dirt roads as well... check for yourself it will take you 30 seconds! Take pics cause I have a feeling it won’t be visible much longer!!!
Crystal Wilson (11 days ago)
The fact that ANYONE would suggest this was created naturally just blows my mind. It's becoming VERY clear to some of us that a small number of people have made it their eternal mission to keep our history a secret.
Headband Harvest (11 days ago)
my jury is still out on Richat, it is a geological feature called a maar, which is a low-relief volcanic crater caused by a phreatomagmatic eruption (an explosion which occurs when groundwater comes into contact with hot lava or magma). We know the Sahara was wet 13,000 ya, so these maars that were created at Richat approx 100 million ya would have been filled with water at that time and may have had giant rivers that flowed out to the Atlantic. A civilisation may have built upon it and taken advantage of the multiple mote security and become very powerful, but i think there are two stories to Atlantis, the start of the Younger Dryas and the end of the Younger Dryas... I think Atlantis was in the Azores region at the beginning of the Younger Dryas and the civilisation ended up rebuilding at Richat, then spreading to Egypt, Turkey, Easter Island, South America, etc... before the end of the Younger Dryas turned the Sahara region into a desert...
Farawell C (11 days ago)
Im just that teenager that is attracted to science, theories, and ancient history.
kaybrera (11 days ago)
There's this video on YouTube called "Remnants of long walls or channels found near richat structure "and this person basically found these straight lines that could be for walls or gates. Pretty interesting
JT Lister (12 days ago)
Love your video I just found another interesting fact. In this video by One of many of one, called "The Alignment of Ancient sites that will blow your mind" actually shows the line passes directly through the eye of the Sahara aligning perfectly with the pyramid of Giza the Easter island heads as well as many more. Quite fascinating hope you find that as interesting as I did.
Bryan Escalante (12 days ago)
The sahara holds many secrets .... What are the odds that cities could be buried in there to be never found again... Also didn't Plato said that it was somewhere off the coast of Morocco???.... Then again the eye of the Sahara is always going to be a suspect of being the burial place of Atlantis ... I remember hearing Those rumors back when I was in middle school in 2008 ... So this NOT new to me.... Your theory is nice and all and quite refreshing actually it made read all of my books about the myth of Atlantis... But remember sometimes legends are meant to stay a mystery even if they were real or not .... Like the legend of king Arthur... Was he real or not? ... At the end his legend will forever be told...
Sumanth Marco (12 days ago)
Thank you for your time and effort in sharing.. Great content and excellent research.
Andrés Rojas Antón (12 days ago)
Some red and black rocks? 21.065480, -11.318639 (Type in google) Zoom in
bocean07 (13 days ago)
The Earth frequency is rising so things are coming out. When we were vibrating on a low frequency none of these things were coming to the light
Hiper Game Boy (13 days ago)
There was mining activity in the region because it is described that Atlantis was rich in ores. Could not have happened instead of a Tsunami an accident common to what happened in the cities of Mariana and Brumadinho in Brazil recently, having been caused by the man himself?
Zoi Vahanelidoy (13 days ago)
2:25 Greek mythology?😂😂😂like WTF (I am Greek)
HE360 (13 days ago)
When there are too many coincidences they are NOT there by accident!
Natalie Cooper (13 days ago)
Applied logic says it is Atlantis
PsychoLes153 (13 days ago)
Did y'all see Anonymous just posted about Atlantis on Facebook and linked this video?
Bill Hope (13 days ago)
Man stop lying you know Atlantis is here y'all got Atlantis and it got to go back to the Atlanteans the Black People who y'all enslaved this is Atlantis America is Atlantis also America's Babylon. Atlantis the Black People been here for billions of billions of billions of years y'all got to get off of our planet.I don't know where y'all going to go but y'all got to get off our planet.
Bill Hope (13 days ago)
America is Atlantis Atlantis never went nowherethat's all a lie the Europeans are here in Atlantis where Black People live now they are the true Atlanteans the Black People the Black Atlanteans are very Powerful people the Kundalini energy is arising For Black People their chakras are starting to activate and when does Kundalini and their chakras activate is going to be hell in America call Babylon the Black Atlanteans are getting their land back.
John Caps (13 days ago)
So how did they know what Atlantis looked like thousands of years ago when there were no flying objects back then ?
John Smith (13 days ago)
anyone wanna go with me?
Dirt Devils (14 days ago)
Hey Jimmy, have you looked at Anonymous Official channel? Last video (I watched today 2/8/19)poked around in the neighborhood you're referring to around Sumerian time. A lot going on there in the past for sure. It also brought up in the first part the sunken city off the coast of Cuba which I hadn't heard much on in recent years. Keep up the great videos. I enjoy the passion you exude for what you are doing.
leee kebin (14 days ago)
Very well said bro, This is the most believable explanation I have ever heard of Atlantis, Keep it up!
Erica Sunly (14 days ago)
Omg you're the real life Milo from Disney Atlantis film!!
Ceci p.c (15 days ago)
I really enjoyed your video.
Abdul Rahim Kaji (15 days ago)
Within the interior structure of the Richat are a variety of rocks. These include some volcanic rocks and also GABBROS. Gabbro is a coarse grained, dark colored intrusive ingenuous rock. AND it is the MOST abundant rock in the DEEP OCEANIC CRUST.
Patrick Kearney (15 days ago)
Have you offered any of this evidence to the scientific community and if so what response did you receive? I find it hard to believe that anything not considered canon would be taken seriously despite your evidence and research
Angelique Watson (15 days ago)
My son wants to get the jewel of alantis
ryan olson (15 days ago)
It's def Atlantis, but now what? Modern society is still fucked.
ZacCoxTV (15 days ago)
Man this was awesome... There's no greater feeling in the world than the feeling of finding one thing after another to back up your argument.
Tani (11 days ago)
ZacCoxTV hey zac, i enjoy your vids bro , keep it up ✌🏻
Shockney Lane (15 days ago)
This is the most convincing argument I’ve seen yet
Nick (16 days ago)
That's the most compelling argument I've ever seen in regards to the location of the city of Atlantis (assuming it was a real place). Great job, man. Hopefully someone or some organization will fund an archeological dig (or several) on different parts of the area... especially in the parts that would've coincided to where Plato described the land rings to have been.
Sihara Sathsarani (16 days ago)
who came here after watching aquaman??
Matthew Campbell (16 days ago)
Hi again... Further to my previous comment. I noticed (at 6.45 minutes) you said there are no similar structures anywhere in the world, I think, the reason scientist believe the Richat may be natural is that it looks similar to another formation which can be seen in the area were the borders of Egypt, Libya and the Sudan meet (on the Libian side). There are two formations, one of which does look similar (albeit smaller) to the Richat... But again I reiterate, I hold to your ideas and think they do deserve further investigation...
Zakary DeLaura (17 days ago)
Hey bro, before I saw your videos Ive been on a research quest about Atlantis too. We have a lot of similar ideas but I feel like you are missing a few key details. Hit me up so we can compare notes bro.
FATE_ STORMZY (17 days ago)
This prolly why Africa is a really poor country they forgot about everything they had
squid face (17 days ago)
Shiro (18 days ago)
If it is labeled Pseudo-History >KANGZ NARRATIVE WREKT >If it was KANGZ It would not be called Pseudo History >MTFW Cleopatra was Biologically Greek >ALSO Egypt had no ethnic race, it was a bunch of Civic nationalists
philippe illinger (19 days ago)
Asteroid impact !!!
squid face (17 days ago)
+philippe illinger ?
philippe illinger (17 days ago)
+squid face oui, cette forme, ressemble infiniement a un impact d'astéroide...mais quelle est la question ?....pourquoi chercher midi a 14h....L'Altantide est plus a l'ouest...elle resurgira dans pas lontemps...apres les 3 jours de nuits...qui suivront les aurores boreales planetaire...
squid face (17 days ago)
+philippe illinger ?
philippe illinger (17 days ago)
+squid face oui, ca y ressemble beaucoup...
squid face (17 days ago)
Sean Brian (19 days ago)
My new favorite channel. <3
Matthew Campbell (20 days ago)
I gotta say that, although I hold to your theory that this may be Atlantis.... I don't think it is heavily eroded... The silt bed that covered Atlantis may have been eroded and I think if this is Atlantis, then it is there waiting to be dug up and exposed... If you look at the erosion patterns, this has the pattern of something that was covered by water, sand and silt (during flood) and then drained.... those are sure to be drain channels all pointing in the same direction!!!!
Steve Brattengeier (20 days ago)
There is an series of images which can be found online showing what the world would look like if all the ice melted. Africa took me some searching but as far as i can tell by putting the two maps side by side it would put the coast very close to the Eye of Africa. This was a very well thought out theory. Even the asteroid seems plausable when you look at the ocean next to africa on google maps. Theres even an area which is raised in the centre of a large circular area right off the coast. Im no geologist but it could be an impact site. Ive images of similar features in craters on earth. Indeed for the water levels to be that high the surrounding the earth would be warmer and much more lush. Keep at it man.
Speed BoltJr (21 days ago)
So many evidence can not be coincidence.
Alessio Ghirardo (21 days ago)
also the kingdom of sheba fits the description
King Panther (22 days ago)
So this mean they was African and not Greek
white policy (22 days ago)
Jimmy pushing the wakanda narrative? They be Kangz Jimmy! Kangz I tell you..
Harrison Mandac (22 days ago)
Maybe when the ice melts in the arctic the sea level will rise just enough to make it look like Atlantis 1000s of years ago
Bill Harpster (22 days ago)
Well spoken. Well researched. Definitely a step above the normal.
OTR Snap_T (23 days ago)
Most things spectacular in this world come from Africa 💕 no wonder my people hated
RahulTheTechGuy (23 days ago)
Atlantis foreva 🙅
Dimitris Moumoglou (23 days ago)
can anyone help with the english subtitles?
Astra (23 days ago)
Can't you just run for a canditate in presidental elections, then win and make a city that's called atlantis? easy.
Katrina K (23 days ago)
Omg this is so not how science works.
Epiphanny Taylor (23 days ago)
Wakanda forever. Even the cartoon characters in the Atlantis movie were black. Truth in plain site
Josh Aaron (17 days ago)
LOL no they weren't. They were closer to South Americans, who coincidentally are the only people who use "Atl" meaning water, in their root language. If you had read Atlantis the Antedeluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly you'd know how off you are.
Replayability (23 days ago)
I tried to embed your three Atlantis videos at a forum and they won't show up. Other videos work, so it must not be the forum software. Update: They are loading now. Must have been a temporary YouTube problem.
TheClassyJester (24 days ago)
Why isn’t there any archaeological evidence of an advanced city being there?
Milsy420 (24 days ago)
Good for you! Get the word out, don't let negative people bring you down. This topic is very sensitive to some people and most people are so consumed by the world we live in today that thinking like this isn't even possible. I'd like to hear more from you, I'm on the same journey as you and just starting to figure out how little we really know. There isn't even any real evidence that its in Antarctica like people have been assuming.
Yasin Jimlani (24 days ago)
atlantis is authentic it was mentioned in holy quran delivered by angel jibra'il (gabriel) to prophet Muhammad reciting how they disobey god and claim themselves as gods themselves and it was mentioned how are big they are as giants and it is also being narrated as they've been warned by prophet Hud. Atlanteans are mentioned in the quran as the people of Ad and Ubar as mentioned they're most progressive and innovative than our people of today until to the point they claimed themselves as gods. with the fair warning of prophet hud he flee the city leaving a last word from the one true god a catastrophic event will occur to the people of ad and wipe everything out as if they've never existed in this world. it will turned them into dusts like the sahara as a punishment proving that they're not god of themselves. and so a terrible sound wipe everything including people and everything with them in just one day and one night.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (24 days ago)
Nailed it big time. Convincingly TRUE ... otherwise why are they hiding it?
justin d (24 days ago)
I wonder if the "eye of africa" is somehow related to the "tear drop of africa" diamond that the british Royals have in their possession ... Somehow i made the connection in a train of thought
Please make more videos and if you need help call me I live in aroua Colorado. My name is jacob and would love to help you.and I give no f's about this next 10 digits iam about to give u.
ArwingFighter (25 days ago)
here come the bantu slaves from government housing in flint michigan saying we wuz kangz
Elijah Bracey (26 days ago)
That makes since coming from the fact Africa and Greece didn't have problems
P.D. S (26 days ago)
How did DISNEY know to feature this location in AQUAMAN considering the timing of this discovery? And how did you get on that trail?
MrRandomMan777 (26 days ago)
This reminds me of spongebob when they try to make man ray good and he’s like is this your wallet and Patrick is like it looks like my wallet and man ray is like I found your id in this wallet so it must be your wallet and Patrick says sounds right to me and he’s like them here’s your wallet and he’s like that’s not my wallet like it’s looks and matches everything buts it’s natural it’s not Atlantis

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