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25 WORST Product Flops You Might Remember

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If you had to name the worst product flops ever, what would they be? Would they be beauty products? Maybe something for the home, your car, your person? There have been many products out in the market, but not all of them were successful. Check out the 25 worst products flops you might remember. Have you ever seen these late-night infomercials and thought to yourself “who would buy that?”. Well, you’re not the only one. Companies and inventors have come up with some bizarre products that for whatever reason consumers didn’t quite appreciate. And it’s not just in infomercials, major companies like soft drink and fast food companies have come up with products that may sound good on paper, but in practice tanked miserably. Check out the worst product flops ever (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you would buy these products: http://list25.com/25-worst-product-flops-you-might-remember/ SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/2uwq6BJ Follow us on: List25 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/list25 List25 Instagram: https://instagram.com/list25/ List25 Twitter - https://twitter.com/list25 List25 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/list25/ See more lists on our website: http://list25.com Have you heard of Orbitz soda? Don’t be surprised if you haven’t because it was a major flop and was quickly taken off the market. The same goes for “Pepsi A.M.”, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe, and the Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water. But it’s not just food items that flopped, there’s also things like the Sony Betamax (remember that?), HD-DVD, The Nook, and more! Check out the 25 worst product flops you might remember. If you enjoyed our video, you’ll enjoy these videos as well: 25 UNBELIEVABLY Lazy Products For Lazy People - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqakmD7uZ_8 25 Overpriced Things That Are A Waste Of Your Money - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDDxb6PIHjA Music: Dead Drop by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100264 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (3395)
list25 (11 months ago)
I'm actually kind of sad the Fuel band didn't do well. - Juan
Susan Nunes (1 day ago)
That was an odd inclusion.
Jermaine Key (7 days ago)
list25 hi
anthony crechiolo (14 days ago)
list25 actually there’s Nike Apple watches now, it’s the same watch just with a Nike band.
anthony crechiolo (14 days ago)
list25 I’d really like to taste new Coke but it’s definitely the worst/best thing Coke has ever done and drummed up love for anything Coca-Cola. But Pepsi is better in my humble opinion unless it’s fountain Coke from McDonald’s.
Bully Violator (21 days ago)
+T/A Plus Hemi at the time that had been out for a while I was getting adopted. Here systems as follows I've played or had. Atari 2600. Nintendo Entertainment System. Sega Genisis. Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Game Boy. Virtual Boy. Game Gear. Sega CD X Sega 32 X Game Boy Advance SP. Game Boy Advanced Micro. Sega Saturn. Nintendo DS. Nintendo 3ds. Sony Playstation, 2, 3, 4. PSP. VITA. Xbox 360. Xbox One. Xbox One X. Nintendo 64. P.C. windows 95, XP, 2000, 7, 10.
Sea Rae (1 hour ago)
Are you kidding me? We're supposed to watch this Guy for 14:12? Really?
Travis Simons (11 hours ago)
Beta may have flopped as a consumer format, but Beta (or more specifically, Betacam SP/SX) was the main format used by the entire television industry until roughly 2006.. so I’d say it was a pretty successful format in general
Paula David (13 hours ago)
My sister had an Atari when I was younger and I loved it. I used to sneak into her room after she had gone to school and play it. It was sooo much fun!!! Man, I miss that thing.
Thomas DeVaughan (13 hours ago)
I played Virtual Boy at Incredible Universe. A store that lasted less time than the Virtual Boy.
jbrisby (15 hours ago)
I loved my Zune, and I used it right up to the point where iPhone finally could hold more songs. It had a lot of nice touches that iPhone STILL doesn't have, like AM/FM radio (sweet), and the ability to send a song to another Zune wirelessly. And the interface is still my default music player. I can't stand iTunes.
Bruce Mastiff (15 hours ago)
PlayStation VS Panasonic 3DO????
Is that donught??
Michael Magby (1 day ago)
Anal leakage may occur - was the actual warning on the wow chips.
Aussie Pom (1 day ago)
Orbitz soda looks like one of those lava lamps which reminds of the contents of someones bowels. Ford Edsel. A rival manufacturer said it looked like a Mercury pushing a toilet seat (the horse collar grill) Perhaps there is some truth in that. The car was shit. Perhaps the grill was a subliminal message from Ford.
Prfctdrk (1 day ago)
starts at around 0:33
icomdotcom (1 day ago)
I can feel the clogged arteries of the guy while he talks... It's upsetting the longer-than-they-should-pauses because the guy can barely breath
Nick Tucker (1 day ago)
the Atari ET thing isnt accurate... most atari games were terrible by then because of the rush to get in the space by so many companies ET was a bad game as was the pac man port.
bret dorton (2 days ago)
Yeah e T was horrible. Atari console was great
Sarita Levinthal (2 days ago)
I actually had an Apple Newton that my dad gave me. It was a pain to use. 😂😂
patrick lee (2 days ago)
I actually love Ngage Monkey Balls.
Angel Symmetrika (2 days ago)
2600 Pac Man. I owned it and it was a disaster. I briefly subscribed to Zune but canned it after getting a smart phone. I did think Zune was a decent product. When I worked in the cell phone industry, I never was able to sell even one Taco Phone. Fun fact: the memory card containing the game was under the battery so you had to restart the phone every time you swapped games.
Pusheen_Cat22 (2 days ago)
.... I own a Microsoft Zune. Those are cool, better than an iPod in my opinion.
Spencer Young (2 days ago)
Is this Al Borland's son?
Eric Blaich (2 days ago)
I liked zunes
james gedling (2 days ago)
Will wheatons filled out
Kuldeep Yadav (2 days ago)
Didn't like it. A detailed research on every product is there but couldn't relate to it if there isn't a video/pic of it.
hunteralh (3 days ago)
I still have nightmares about et and pacman on 2600
Lakhvinder Ubhi (3 days ago)
I want an Arch Deluxe
imeifong (3 days ago)
"In 19xx year, (insert random personal fact), but more importantly..." It was cute the first time but just looks awkwardly scripted and kind of sad with repeated use :( This concept is wonderful, but he doesn't give nearly enough factual insight (and the photos of the products are tiny and even incomplete at times), and it's obvious by the visual layout (him taking up roughly 4/5 of the screen, with those low-quality visuals relegated to a tiny corner) that HE is the real subject, not the concept or items he's "presenting." Better feature photos to narrator ratio onscreen would do wonders, as would more thorough research, multiple shots/images of the referent subject items... but still sweet and kinda interesting. More concise and thorough presentation would do wonders for this though--wishing you the very best of luck!!!
GoGo Ramendra (3 days ago)
looking at this video (especially the narator) makes me tired and gasping for air
tomtom vicky (3 days ago)
I loved Pac-Man on Atari
Jem Vin (3 days ago)
Nokia Ngage looks rare
Eexpers (3 days ago)
2 things on hd-dvd and blu-ray - hd dvd as a name makes sense to the mass market. what is it? a dvd in hd! -blu ray is the dumbest name ever.... it uses a blue laser soooo... blue ray! not only does it not describe what it is it's named after a very specific component with previous iterations NOT being named after (red ray?)
Voltmeter 2 (3 days ago)
Betamax failed because Sony would not sell licenses for other companies to make it. JVC on the other hand sold the licenses for VHS to many companies. So over time VHS just simply out sold Betamax. The result was fewer Betamax machines on the market. With fewer Betamax on the market there were less movie on the market for it. Finally movie were just sold for VHS. Betamax dies a slow but quick death. But yes Betamax was the best machine unless you has to work on it.
TechME (4 days ago)
why he has to say the birthdate of every his family member
Cortney Sweitzer (4 days ago)
Orbitz was my absolute favorite drink as a kid and I was really bummed when I could find it in stores anymore
doyoulikebeetroot (4 days ago)
Took me to 14 to see any products i knew about Not brands, the actual product, After betamax I only know of a few others, hd-dvd, N-gage, Atari 2600 and Nintendo vertical boy (console geek) I'm not American so it's not surprising, Had no idea about any of the foods, I only drink tea and eat fish and chips.
Chris Boom (4 days ago)
Is Mike related to Rutledge Wood?
Matt Jensen (4 days ago)
I still own a virtual boy idk if it still works though Haha and I loved the watermelon oreos but I know I'm gross for it lol
jocsonv (4 days ago)
Half of the products here I think they didn't even got out or farther out from where he was growing up. How come he never mentioned where he's from but instead he kept mentioning his age over and over and over.
Robbie Frame II (4 days ago)
Show the actual pictures of the products, not just screenshots and logos. Then I'll be more interested.
Kip Crockett (4 days ago)
why do you keep saying how old you are...
Jeanie Shank (4 days ago)
Y’all are being so harsh! I loved the video and your one of my favorite yoitubers to watch.
Zara Ell (4 days ago)
Tried Orbitz, too sweet for my likes. The little balls were weird but, they dissolved in your body. New Coke had a funky after taste. Original is better. Tried the chips, once. Luckily I never ate a lot at once. I almost bought Nintendo Virtual Reality, bought it cost too much.
jasonsbrain2 (4 days ago)
I liked Orbit sodas. I thought they tasted really good(except for the Orange-Vanilla). I was always buying them for friends, who also liked the way they tasted, but apparently I was the only person actually buying them...
PhiLLie Stuntz (4 days ago)
It’s a good thing chicks didn’t use Cheetos lip balm. It would have probably slowed the birth rate
Andy Crowley Sr. (4 days ago)
Pineapple, banana, cherry, coconut makes pina colada flavor
Jonathan Farley (4 days ago)
The Apple Newton was my very first thought after reading the video title, so I’m glad it made the list!
Jonathan Farley (4 days ago)
Like the. Video and content,but hearing you say you were three when Pepsi AM was introduced in ‘“89, no clue how you can be a good deal younger than me... you look like you’re pushing 50.... damn dude. You a smoker??
Anna Coderre (5 days ago)
I loved orbitz!
Alief Faisal (5 days ago)
Who said the n-gage is the worst product... Its totally not true....
Brad Richardson (5 days ago)
arch deluxe was good!
Rhynoculous Fortnite (5 days ago)
my friend uses a nook
Joe Max Fpv (5 days ago)
ET was a terrible game. Pitfall was my jam back in the Atari days.
occamssword (5 days ago)
I liked Orbitz soda...
Annie Cooper (5 days ago)
Hey! What about the Commodore 64? Sorry for the double post. :(
Jesus Zamora (3 days ago)
The C64 is the hottest-selling home computer in history. It was the opposite of a failure.
Annie Cooper (5 days ago)
I still have my zune :D but rarely use it o.O
Duane Appleget (5 days ago)
Worst thing about the Zune was it's weight...to heavy for it's form factor. When I was very young and before the Nintendo, I had an Atari that was hooked up to an old B&W TV...only games I remember was baseball (where pulling back on the joystick guaranteed a home run), Knight Rider, and a combat tank game.
Chris Ralphs (5 days ago)
The porn industry decided the fate of the Betamax.
Kevin B (6 days ago)
Easier to watch at 1.5 speed
Lucien Bouchard (6 days ago)
Pepsimax is same as Pepsi am. It's successful and I drink a ton.
Stuart Wright (6 days ago)
13 is also funny. I'm watching American Horror Story on a HD DVD
Stuart Wright (6 days ago)
23 is funny. I'm sat watching this with a "smokeless cigarette"
Nachuak (6 days ago)
I got the ET game for Christmas when I was 11 and I was never so disappointed with any other toy in my life.
Nachuak (6 days ago)
Those weird gelatinous balls are popular in many drinks here in Thailand. They're terrible for westerners who live here. Half the time I almost choke on the chucks. .
Jason Peck (6 days ago)
The slip and slide
wjochims (6 days ago)
I actually owned a virtual boy. I enjoyed it but it was a bit eye straining
Rik Bohrn (7 days ago)
It's 2018. So you're 32.
AtomicPickle1 (7 days ago)
The Arch Deluxe was DELICIOUS
morning1500 (5 days ago)
My Wife and I loved that burger! McD's **BIGGEST MISTAKE** with it, was their HORRENDOUS advertising campaign! I mean, seriously... advertising *FOOD* with bunches of kids acting totally disgusted and grossed out?! Their stupid ad campaign actually caused me to NOT want to try the burger! Eventually, SOMETHING encouraged me to try it, and we loved it! Only to see it disappear in less than a year. :(
Joe Lahr (7 days ago)
How old were you?
the cat Nat (7 days ago)
Talk about memories, I had a 2600, loved it! Also had E.T. hated it.
C Dragon (7 days ago)
My cousin actually had a copy of that ET game. Neither of us could figure it out. We would try all sorts of things but never got anywhere.
morning1500 (5 days ago)
I remember being completely disappointed as well! You would CONSTANTLY fall into pits, and the stupid time always ran out much too quickly. I read a story about how they RUSHED the developers of it to such a point, they couldn't get all of the bugs out, they just made it "playable". Barely. It's an interesting story with a Geek twist.
Rvc546 (8 days ago)
N-gage was an awesome phone though...
Elaine Evans (8 days ago)
I live in Australia and some of these food products I've never heard of!
Frank SanFelippo (8 days ago)
This guys way too infatuated with how old he is.
Peter Somers (9 days ago)
Talking Head - View at your peril, sorry, fail.
Angel Singer (9 days ago)
I love how Coke still insists New Coke tasted better than Classic. That was *not* the experience I had. A truck set up outside of the local pool, and offered free samples in little paper cups. My friends and I were actually pretty excited. We stood in line and grabbed our sample. We even made a toast. Then we tasted it. It was like flat Pepsi at best. We thought maybe we got a cup from a 2-liter that had been opened for awhile, so we bought a can. Nope! Still the same sticky mess. It re-affirmed my love for Dr. Pepper.
JimboBillyBob Justice (9 days ago)
I played Virtual Boy...for about 15 minutes...then I had to ask my girl dad for some Tylenol..Her dad introduced me to Vectrex...DAAAMMNN
JimboBillyBob Justice (9 days ago)
Daggerfall on Nokia N-Gage was the $hizzn!t when I was 21...It kept me interested in The Elder Scrolls Series..I could give 2 $h!ts less the actual phone sucked more than a vacuum
FreeFromWar (10 days ago)
The original N•Gage was not a flop. The N•Gage QD Was a flop. Click-bait thumbnail
Elizabeth T'Les (10 days ago)
Ironically one of my dad's greatest regrets is owning not one, but *two* zunes before they were phased out.
gmualum08 (10 days ago)
This guy must be an only child; he mentions himself and even his mom, A LOT. Please stick to the fun product facts and not bringing it back on yourself.
reculture (11 days ago)
Poorly produced video, not sure where would i even start from
Frank SanFelippo (8 days ago)
+list25 I agree with the main comment. To help you out, when talking about the product, get rid of the view of you talking and focus only on the thing you're talking about and give us viewers multiple pictures of the products. It's fine to talk about yourself, but not every couple of seconds, it makes you look conceded which I'm sure you're not. Other than these 2 things, I think you do a great job and the segment was well written. I wish you success my brother.
list25 (11 days ago)
In your opinion what could we have done better? We always like hearing constructive criticism.
Eloh Araphel (11 days ago)
Could you do a video without a shirt on?
list25 (11 days ago)
No, probably not. LoL
Rick Jasper (11 days ago)
One of the big killers for HD DVD was Disney being one of the first to choose the Blue Ray format.
Rick Jasper (11 days ago)
Maybe Orbitz Soda was ahead of its time? Kids today love Boba. The balls are back
Rick Jasper (11 days ago)
list25, my daughter is hooked on Taro Milk Tea (with boba) too. I like their Pina Coladas (but no squishy bobas for me 😜)
list25 (11 days ago)
I do love my Taro Milk Tea with honey boba from TeaStori.
Jonathan Baya (12 days ago)
Video so cheap
ericsson gibson (13 days ago)
Newton apple SUCKS
Jennifer Aguirre (13 days ago)
Yuck I remember the Cheeto lip stuff and I thought the nook was still a thing lol
Rusty Beatty (13 days ago)
Blu-ray won because of storage size. 25 gigabytes on HD-DVD 50 gigabytes on Blu-ray the porn industry didn’t help or hurt HD-DVD loss to Blu-ray the movie industry was the main reason why. VOD will kill off Blu-ray within the next decade.
homie789 (13 days ago)
You didn't mention the Palm Pre phone and the fight with Apple. Palm is now owned by HP and they never did anything with it after buying it and it wasn't a "worst" product but it went away fast. It was actually voted "best new tech product" at the 2009 tech expo and was far better than any phone on the market back then but just didn't sell cause people are stupid and they see a celebrity with a piece of shit Iphone and the sheep have to follow. I had this phone and it did things that even today's phones still can't do.
K. Cooper (14 days ago)
Orbitz was so weird, I tried the red one once b/c I wanted to know what texture those floating balls were. I def regretted it, very strange like a tiny gummy in soda.
orig6redwings - (14 days ago)
The Microsoft Zune was awesome. It's user interface was intuitive and was so much better than having to use iTunes. Plus, you could upload/download your music to any computer, without any issues. Although, now that the storage on phones has increased, it is much easier to have everything on one device.
Scott Rothwell (14 days ago)
The carbonated milk thing totally happened! Used to get it from my high school vending machine, even though it was kinda weird.
Scott Rothwell (6 days ago)
+Jennifer Aguirre For sure! I'm pretty sure there were a variety of flavors, too. I enjoyed it (kinda), but it didn't last too long. I don't think I ever saw anyone else drinking it.
Jennifer Aguirre (13 days ago)
Scott Rothwell gross really lol ?
LaxHead14 (14 days ago)
I own a zune, a couple actually. A first gen and a touch one.
mindfuk (14 days ago)
I owned E.T. it wasn't the worst game on the system there where far more worst game.
Artimus (15 days ago)
you look like a young Al Borland
list25 (14 days ago)
So I've been told lol
Tyhler Novac (15 days ago)
You should do one LaserDisc or if is DVDs...
Tyhler Novac (15 days ago)
I remember Coke one one of the reasons why it was designed was one letter to the CEO of Coca-Cola decided to change the formula and to this day it is the change the formula
Tyhler Novac (15 days ago)
In 1989 I was 11
sexy korean girl (15 days ago)
ngage is vita 0.5
tittsntattoos4u Muah! (15 days ago)
I remember the colored ketchup and the butter. 😍. I didn't want regular ketchup until it was discontinued
G Corcino (16 days ago)
I disagree with Betamax as a flop. Perhaps here in the US it was, but Betamax was a huge success in Asia. Obivously, Sony pushed the product more in their part of the world.
Rob Irvine (16 days ago)
You're 32? I'm 10 years older than you and you look 20 older than me. Shave the beard and lose some fucking weight.

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