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25 WORST Product Flops You Might Remember

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If you had to name the worst product flops ever, what would they be? Would they be beauty products? Maybe something for the home, your car, your person? There have been many products out in the market, but not all of them were successful. Check out the 25 worst products flops you might remember. Have you ever seen these late-night infomercials and thought to yourself “who would buy that?”. Well, you’re not the only one. Companies and inventors have come up with some bizarre products that for whatever reason consumers didn’t quite appreciate. And it’s not just in infomercials, major companies like soft drink and fast food companies have come up with products that may sound good on paper, but in practice tanked miserably. Check out the worst product flops ever (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you would buy these products: http://list25.com/25-worst-product-flops-you-might-remember/ SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/2uwq6BJ Follow us on: List25 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/list25 List25 Instagram: https://instagram.com/list25/ List25 Twitter - https://twitter.com/list25 List25 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/list25/ See more lists on our website: http://list25.com Have you heard of Orbitz soda? Don’t be surprised if you haven’t because it was a major flop and was quickly taken off the market. The same goes for “Pepsi A.M.”, McDonald’s Arch Deluxe, and the Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water. But it’s not just food items that flopped, there’s also things like the Sony Betamax (remember that?), HD-DVD, The Nook, and more! Check out the 25 worst product flops you might remember. If you enjoyed our video, you’ll enjoy these videos as well: 25 UNBELIEVABLY Lazy Products For Lazy People - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqakmD7uZ_8 25 Overpriced Things That Are A Waste Of Your Money - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDDxb6PIHjA Music: Dead Drop by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100264 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (3708)
list25 (1 year ago)
I'm actually kind of sad the Fuel band didn't do well. - Juan
M K (1 month ago)
+Ray Chang just a heads up and i am not hating... i could also be wrong... it may not be such a good idea to have a device uses radio signals directly on skin with blood running underneath. It's bad enough we keep cell phones in our pocket inches away from our reproductive organs. Some women keep their phones in their bras rt next 2 their hearts. Wait till 5g and the new wifi comes out fully... the freq destroys h2o and o2 molecules. We r made of water and we inhale o2. Plz excuse any spelling or grammar errors. I loved my watch also till someone told me this and when i looked into it 4 myself i was shocked then looking into 5g and the new wifi i was horrified.
Susan Nunes (1 month ago)
That was an odd inclusion.
Jermaine Key (1 month ago)
list25 hi
anthony crechiolo (2 months ago)
list25 actually there’s Nike Apple watches now, it’s the same watch just with a Nike band.
Deadbäss (19 minutes ago)
Another huge flop? The Pontiac Aztek
maggie guthrie (5 hours ago)
I love the Ford Edsel.
Robin Smith (1 day ago)
Hey Mike, I was born the year before your mom. :-)
Rick Tata (1 day ago)
Today you can still buy an Atari with all games built in it, for around 40.000
David Carrington (2 days ago)
I had a Nokia N gage. It wasn't that's bad in its time.
C H S Morrisseau (3 days ago)
Why do you feel the need to age yourself with every other item?? We get it, you were born in 1986. don't have to keep shoving it down our throats!!
Derek Madge (4 days ago)
The demise of the Sony Betamax tape format was more complicated. Sony developed what became the VHS format later, but wanted to - and did do better, the Beta being smaller and having better quality image and tape handling. It was essentially s scaled down version of their professional Beta which was still used by news organisations for, I think, up to ten years after Betamax disappeared. JVC bought the early Sony developed patents, improved the VHS and then took advantage of what seemed to be Sony's snobbish attitude about its own superiority (and they usually were better quality products). JVC decided to license its VHS technology to other manufacturers, which increased competition in the VHS market which drove down prices of VHS decks and tapes. Meanwhile Sony refused to allow anyone else to make Beta so while they got 100% of the Beta market, consumers who were paying over 1000.00 (Cnd) for a home recording deck, bled off to the cheaper and "good enough" image produced by VHS. Eventually Sony got wise , licensing (I think it was two or three) other competitors but it was too late by then. As an aside, I had a Betamax deck that lasted 12 years. The first few were of nearly daily use. A friend's lasted 14 years! I also remember a conversation with my in-laws who asked my advice on which format to go with. "You can't go wrong with Sony", I replied. They never asked my advice again.
Reafsa AIOjoia (4 days ago)
hey, betamax was amazing :(
Robert Folkner (4 days ago)
I remember the Arch Deluxe, especially the negative ads that were supposed to be cutesy. It’s okay to joke slyly about your product, but if you continually mock it and say it’s lousy, eventually the public will assume you’re right and it is. It’s a case of talking the customers out of wanting the product.
dgirl2021 (4 days ago)
I had the purple ketchup and the neon butter 👍
Hugh Curliss (4 days ago)
Had a virtual boy loved it but i was the kid who got the ps2 when the ps3 came out
Dustin Richards (5 days ago)
My sister had a zune it was pretty sweet actually. Had they got in the market before iPod we might have zunes instead lol
Jay DeSimone (5 days ago)
I liked the Atari ET game. It was hard and fairly boring, but we played it anyway.
thewaitingape (5 days ago)
AYDS (pronounced aids) appetite suppressant in the early 80's. You want to lose some weight? Get some AYDS!!
Kris Shaw (5 days ago)
The virtual boy sucked
Kris Shaw (5 days ago)
Hey i liked the arch deluxe it wasnt bad
Juan Motie (5 days ago)
What makes you think we care how old you were when these items came out?
Bailey Bednar (6 days ago)
I still use the amazon fire phone. I like it, but I am also a micro-user who pays per minute. I spend about $3 on service a month.. sooo.... great for me. It's a cheap smartphone through ebay and I am already heavily invested in the amazon eco-system, but not so great for 'normal' people who like googleplay. Amazon really did kill it themselves by locking to at&t and also by not allowing the google play store in hopes of driving traffic to their amazonapps store. Huge mistake. But it still works for me!
Gary Gregorio (6 days ago)
What's the deal with you and age?
Timothy Lee (6 days ago)
E.T. was the worst video game in video game history. The Atari 2600 was awesome. E.T. just plain sucked. The company sent all the product to a landfill and hid it.
DrinkingStar (7 days ago)
I owned the Atari 800XL, Atari 130, and the Atari Mega 4 computers. They outperformed the Apple/Mac line of computers as well as all the other personal computers at the time. I wrote my Master's thesis on it. As a teacher, I use them to create test generators, write homework, labs, and other teaching materials. In addition, I used Atari computers to calculate grades, as well as analyze and evaluate lab data. I did this by using Atari's word processor, spreadsheet and database programs or by writing computer code to create programs(aka apps) to this work. Unfortunately, the public thought they were strictly for games. Due to superior graphics and sound compared to other personal computer systems, Atari had some of the best games for computers if you exclude E.T. and a few other games poorly storied games.
K. S. (7 days ago)
I remember playing ET at my friends house when I was little and yes..the game truly sucked and was extremely frustrating!
Maegan Hill (7 days ago)
I forgot about orbitz! I thought it was pretty cool, but Im pretty sure I only tried one. Little jelly balls dont belong in drinks lol
TrueHero123 (8 days ago)
I played with the Virtual Boy on several occasions at Toys 'R' Us. The former failed because it provided an extreme underwhelming experience, and the latter failed because greedy capitalists needed to suck up dry the small pensions of the company's frontline employees.
Bob Simoneau (8 days ago)
Hey. The Nook is still kicking. I'm on my second one, and really enjoy it. It comes in a variety of versions, some from very basic to fairly advanced. Also, with Nook apps, I can read my books on my phone, computer, and chromebook. I originally because I coulld not afford the Kindle, and have be using one ever since.
avi nash (8 days ago)
Why this fatass keep on pushing on his age
Jeremy Hanson (8 days ago)
I don't understand the ArchDeluxe failure. It was the best burger McDonalds ever made!
Bruce Richards (9 days ago)
I had a virtual boy. It was actually fun to play. I wish they had released more games.
Mark Boekraad (9 days ago)
eeey this search is deep and funny too :) no, never played a virtual boy but seen the video's from a ninja in the US showing his room content collectives sooo yh 3d is not as new as one might suppose right , thnx
Ronald Brown (10 days ago)
My zune lasted 2 tours in Afghanistan then I ran over it 😢 son I bought a iPad didn't last 3 weeks after 3 later I just thru the towel in. Over priced scrap. It was horrible user friendly had to pay for everything. Wouldn't stay charged , kept getting dirt behind the screen. 😲
Brandon Stroud (10 days ago)
Had and played ET. The game was like playing grab machine, but instead of grabbing neat toys, or stuffed animals it grabbed stinky turds. Went back to my trusty Pit Fall and Defender. Great video.
philaw123 (10 days ago)
Americans love to point out Betamax as a flop but it only flopped in the US. It was quite successful in Japan and other parts of Asia and the world, where it was preferred over VHS tapes due to size considerations and video output quality. I would think Laser Disc would have been a more worthy inclusion here. An even bigger flop would be the entire 3D industry. When will they ever learn?
Chaseordieofficial (10 days ago)
I loved my n gage but my teacher didn’t at all !!
pretty money (10 days ago)
Wow chips were good though hahaha I remember the anal leakage warnings 😂😂 i still ate em 😂
pretty money (10 days ago)
Omg we loved orbits in high school 😂😂😂 we used to buy em from the CD store 😂
Top Comment (11 days ago)
How short is he lol
Ed Finley (11 days ago)
I have and still use my 32GB Zune!!!
Christopher Bedford (12 days ago)
OK *ONE* reference to how old you were in year "x" is more than enough. Two is w-a-a-a-a-y too much. At three, I am getting *ANNOYED* because NOBODY CARES, DOOD.
Stand In Stan (12 days ago)
I actually liked the Zune
Luis Cortez (12 days ago)
I owned a Virtual boy back in 1996 (I think). I loved it and remember playing starfox on it.
Aric Snyder (12 days ago)
"NEW COKE " was way better wish they would bring back, oh the rumor was that Pepsi learned CCC formula so new coke was born. I was 15 then so WTF do I know
FORCE 80/20 (12 days ago)
I bought a girlfriend a zune. I remember seeing ET and wanted to play the game so bad.... never did... I was 8.
Alfredo Martinez (12 days ago)
why does he look like Al from Home Improvement
Chronic Overwatch (12 days ago)
Lame jokes
russell schaeffler (12 days ago)
I think New Coke is still sold in some counties. While living in Japan I was giving a coke and it tasted like I remember New Coke tasted like, not as strong and watered down.
Josh S (12 days ago)
its 2018 and i have a 16gb hp touchpad running webOS there are no apps for it unless i look for this website but i love webOS after playing around with it for a few months
NaughtyPuppet Show (13 days ago)
I had "ET: T. E. T." Atari 2600 game (for the Atari2600 Expansion Pack that plugged into the front of my Colecovision system when I was a little boy. I still have that system and lots of the games for Colecovision and At2600. They still worked as of a few years ago.... Old Tech was way fun in the classic video game era of the 80s. In my opinion, worse than the ET game , which I let a friend borrow back then and forgot to ask for it back) is "Porky's" . Themed after the early 80s film. There is a #PermaGlitch that does not allow completion of a Climbing Scaffolding type screen, the character has to climb it but cant proceed past a certain place.... Arghh. Another rather boring popular game of that era is "Pitfall" Endlessly repetitive looping of a small variation in screen styles as the little safari dude (Pitfall Harry, I think, ...from memory) mindlessly runs and runs thru screen loops ... some have snakes he needs to jump over... the retro graphics are forever seared into my memory. I Loved "LadyBug" , "Miner 2049er" , "Venture" , "Dig-Dug" and similar games... before friggen annoying military/fighting games took over the genre.
Joseph Lovell (13 days ago)
I refuse to watch a video with any advert that you can’t skip after 5 seconds. Sorry but a 15 second unskippable advert is a disgrace and is just Capitalist bullshit.
kary ann Fontaine (13 days ago)
I became hooked on Pac-Man in 1982 and I bought the Atari- at age 32!
Frank N (13 days ago)
I played Nintendo virtual boy. My friend's dad got it from Japan before it was even out here. The Tron type airplane game was cool!
Kenny Gh (14 days ago)
Shave your beard, shed ur weight and make a video on it. It will be waaayyy better video.. On dis video you look like ur high on drugs, sweaty, smelly and slow. ANNND ur not FUNNY even when ur trying hard for it. Best of luck.
Robert Scheid (14 days ago)
I actually had an orbits soda orbits soda when I first moved to Miami in the fall of 1996. I liked it. I thought the little balls of 'whatever' were cool. Was not happy when I couldn't find it any more. Now I know why..
robisral1 (14 days ago)
I think someone is insecure about their age 😂 good video tho 👍👍
arcadeMcfly (15 days ago)
The arch deluxe!!!!! YES!!! I would tooo!!!
Jessy B. (16 days ago)
cool video! more pics tho!
maxmatt (16 days ago)
( exits cave of shame) I bought an N-gage when they first came out (returns to cave of shame)
Jeff Collins (16 days ago)
I'm with you man, the arch deluxe was awesome.
Wonder Boy (16 days ago)
The thing that I found amazing was how this guy hasn’t had a heart attack yet
Adam Mcgrath (17 days ago)
I loved the arch delux too
Adam Mcgrath (17 days ago)
Jeez...im a year older than you and look 20 years younger....rough life mate?
Keep in mind that I graduated high school and 83 . So I feel I was the first ones really grow up with it and mess with it and watch it Evolve . I believe it was 77 and the Christmas is 77 my grandpa bought us that the Atari 2600 or something like that and it had pong some tank battle some kind of shooting game and I just can't remember remember the tank battle upon mostly . Then a it was set up in the back room with the TV you know put in the back room because it was kind of a big deal to have two TVs in the house at the same time so I want to say I was nine or 10 and my brother was seven and even at that age is always better than me and videogames for whatever reason . And then all the adults took it over and they play with it all day and night I got drunk playing that damn game . Me and my brother Harley played it all until the next day and we were hooked the best I can remember arcade games and stuff I mean I remember the Atari start have centipede in it has been Galaga , then my friend Jimmy got the Coleco vision and I'm saying maybe 19 8079 8081 I'm not quite sure.( I'm not typing this I'm using my voice AutoCorrect and if it comes out wacky I am tired of messing with it so I just can't do it like I do)!!!! They gave us a whole bunch of different types of games games it actually took more Inoh skill we had remember what button did what was it was a lot better I mean you could tell Coleco vision was the shit you know was good . I mean that baseball and soccer I believe there's one of those we can pass the ball around you know where you kick it and then if you held the button your little character would catch it , and you could hold the ball they pass it to another person ball and it was pretty cool. So the way I remember it I don't know if it's true or not that the NINTENDO took it over or maybe already involved with Coleco.. involved with them I don't know but I remember Coleco vision turning straight in that Nintendo and Atari was dying and we @Sega I think Sega turned into Sony I'm not sure PlayStation this is my memory. So then you had your diehard Atari guys then you had which I was a part of the Nintendo Coleco vision champions and then in income Sega I don't know why but I keep thinking it turned into Sony the PlayStation like PlayStation one and once we got the Sony PlayStation I was older man I got hooked on video games for years with that damn consul.. If my memory serves me correct I think maybe Coleco vision was tied to the Commodore 64 maybe because I remember INtelevision but nobody like INtelevision it was all about Coleco vision. So you had the guys that were kinda cool smoking PotPlayer football getting all the chicks . Going off one direction let it let us to PlayStation and then you had all the band fags with the drama dudes and all that you know the questionable type guys they all gravitate toward Nintendo , again it's just my memory and then I didn't play Nintendo for a while and then I I've played at some dudes house and it was good you know donkey Kong I can't remember what donkey Kong that was the one game that donkey Kong man he played all day man we're blessed man we can plaY our arcade game without having to pay quarter. By time I got freshman high school junior sophomore there was a tarry meteors or meteorite or an old meteor Atari game and you had Pac-Man you had centipede you had this some Tron you had Galaga dig dug and then you could play this one game forever and ever spent money on it it was just animated it was like choose which path you're gonna take in those that Disney thing is like really expensiv A dollar to play at the time. You will earn money only rseeg old arcade place man it was cool made friends there play video games competition smoke a joint get Tujagues Eatza Pizza washer and repeat.AHHHHH THE 80s and I'm telling you right here right now I was in this bystander I participated . That's what SoCal was the shit Swiss white boy still ruled that fucking place . Started doing a bunch of blow got into the wall of voodoo and the violet fems . Just to get laid I cut my little rock 'n' roll hair damn I was a hit and it was a blue after that and I don't remember playing very much video games and tell I went in the army and it was all about fucking Sony,,,,,. I kept all my old videogames still have them. I know this is funny is my brother got into DND Dungeons & Dragons and that did it it leaned him over to the Nintendo or if it was Colico vision still in Zelda that must've been the Nintendo . I get out of the army and meet my brother almost got in a fight in the front yard over Mortal Kombat minute hate I had for him when he beat me kill me . So that's what I know about these games anyway take care buddy PS I subscribed
David Epling (18 days ago)
The product I miss is Frito's cheddar ranch flavor twists
Kieran Mileham (18 days ago)
Still get watermelon oreos in china
Jorge Cruz (18 days ago)
I was born in 1959
Chris Delacruz (19 days ago)
Virtual Boy was an absolute abomination. I couldn't even stand it for 30 seconds. So glad I never got one.
Axos 001 (19 days ago)
I played my friends Nintendo VR boy, it was weird, incredibly fun but the sense of time going by was non existand and I was playing on a sunny day for 10 mins, I couldnt see a damn thing after, I think the game was Mario tennis
fen ree (19 days ago)
Ngage not that bad
Ragnemalm (20 days ago)
Newton (#20) was not the failure that you describe. It had a slow start, the initial models (multiple ones) were too slow for dong a good job. However, with the Newton 2000 and 2100, the performance was good and the product useful. However, by then it was too late, Apple was in crisis and Newton was still not pulling its weight and was canceled. "The Apple Newton was scapped almost as quickly as it hit the market". This is just plain wrong. It was on the market from 1993 to 1998. Five years! If you want to talk about a failed Apple product, consider Pippin.
Jane Smitherson (20 days ago)
Sony got lucky with the Walkman but they constantly developed proprietary products and failed. Yup... 2 of my childhood scars were Atari Pacman and ET.
Speed Razer (20 days ago)
Still have my Nintendo virtual boy !!! 🐣
A Johnson (20 days ago)
People are being so rude. Nice video. Ignore people who are insulting you.
Freedom Ring (21 days ago)
I owned the Atari and ET .. but that wasn't the reason for Atari's downfall ... the 2600 was limited in the graphics and storylines of games and with the newer systems coming out, the 2600 became a relic. Yes ET was a bad game, and yes Pac Man on the 2600 was horrific, those weren't the downfalls. In fact Ms. Pac Man was fantastic on the 2600 and helped people forget about pac man.
Tim Harrison (21 days ago)
Hulk Smash (21 days ago)
When I was a kid in the 70s we had shit like pop rocks candy it actually exploded in your mouth people start choking went over like a fart in a spacesuit but now New Coke that was the most genius marketing Ploy ever Coca-Cola made more money than they ever had the best way to sell something is to tell people they can't have it anymore
sf10231016 (22 days ago)
When I was young, I went from Pong to Atari 2600.
Clifford Browning (22 days ago)
Firefox OS for smartphones. The flop most people never knew existed.
Clifford Browning (22 days ago)
when I was a kid I actually had the e.t. game. I was only 4 when I played it but I know I never knew what I was supposes to do.
Clifford Browning (22 days ago)
zune was a good player. Ipods are a joke. Really people were just too dumb to realize it was a glorified mp3 player. Literally had people talk to me and not know my sansa clip did the same thing. You couldn't expand the memory, the price was outrageous, and you had to have itunes to load music.
Clifford Browning (22 days ago)
Good ol' wow chips. Complete with the warning of anal leakage.
doordieace5high (22 days ago)
One of my regrets is owning a Zune. Lol.
Vijayalayan R.V. (25 days ago)
U suck
Howard Oneil (26 days ago)
still have a Nook...
Franchesca (26 days ago)
I still my Et game its rely rely bad
Tazz Hardwick (27 days ago)
I had a zune it was the living shits..
Miguel Balde (28 days ago)
Honorable mention for the blackberry playbook? That thing was sad.
Sachin Ki (29 days ago)
Many people in India had Nokia engage
leon dillon (29 days ago)
The Ford Edsel was a good car!! Some are still around. It was built on the same assembly line as was another model. The wrong parts were deliberately installed!!
Michael Trunzo (29 days ago)
Dude Dude Dude! I'm looking at the page for buying a brand new Nook right now!
Michael Trunzo (29 days ago)
Dude! Research! BlueRay won because of the disk capacity. Studios felt that the capacity/capability of BlueRay would allow for better, more future proof encryption/anti-piratinc tech.
Michael Trunzo (29 days ago)
Newton? Failure yes, but do your research. The handwriting recognition was phenomenally accurate, but the device was to slow and waiting for recognition to happen was painful. It was not pulled as soon as it was released, it survived to the 2000 series which was fast and if you can find and try one, you leave the experience utter bewildered as to why today's phones still can't recognize handwriting so accurately and quickly. Why that tech isn't in the iPhone is a true mystery.
Rahul (1 month ago)
n gage was a good phone and yeah i used that phone a lot
bax323 (1 month ago)
Worst invention for me personally was Diet Coke. Before it came out TaB(which tastes 10 times better than Diet Coke) was the only diet soda then Diet Coke took over market share. Now they only sell TaB in certain parts of the US and now I have to buy it online and pay $20 to $40 for a 12 pack or either drive to Illinois from Indiana to get it.
Stephen Phillip (1 month ago)
The one that I thought would be in the list but wasn't is MiniDisc ( calm yourself). No, I'm not criticising it, it was a good product but launched at about the same time when mp3 became available and never had the chance to realise its potential. MiniDisc2 could handle mp3 files, but it was too late. Shame really...
Brian Corvello (1 month ago)
I remember New Coke. That was when I started drinking Pepsi.
Glenn Lego (1 month ago)
What about Yugo automobile?
stelle202 (1 month ago)
Sorry, but the only taste tests that said people preferred "New Coke" to the original, are the ones done by Coke themselves (can you say "phony"). "New Coke" was a complete joke, and nowhere near as good as the original.
Kole131313 (1 month ago)
Google Glass
ash thomas (1 month ago)
This video would be better if he stopped relating every year to how old he was in said yewr
john lysle (1 month ago)
I had a Zune up to just a couple of months ago when it finally died on me. It was my constant companion for years. I have yet to find anything that even comes close to it

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