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[Techno-Shiva] Divinorum - Kubla Khan

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This track is a part of "Techno-Shiva's MP3" collection, which appeared more than several years ago (may 2001 to be correct) in WWW Magazine. Sadly, currently I'm unable to find out where the "Techno-Shiva MP3" CD could be. Thankfully a part of cd's content survived on my hard-disk. I hope you will enjoy it. Comment from mp3 tag: "Bjorn Lynne has been writing and producing rock and symphonic music for about 10 years. But only 3 years as "Divinorum". The very first Divinorum track "Antigravity" went straight to the top on mp3.com back in 1998. Divinorum was featured on several compilation discs from various trance record labels all over the world. The first full-length Divinorum album "Isms" was released in 1999. The music? Think big. Think epic. Think ethnic. Think cosmic. Take the journey... A new Divinorum album is in the works and will be released some time in 2000. Stay tuned!"
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Text Comments (3)
Checkbasteln (4 years ago)
gut :-) 
alexouin3 (4 years ago)
This music should be famous world-wide, it's so good... I love it for the first time I heard it and have looked 5 years for it, only remembering it was from ex-dr. awesome!
piotrmuzyczny (8 years ago)
dawno, dawno temu... :) ile ja tej płyty słuchałem... :)

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