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Worksmart FL660 Series

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Featuring the FL660 series by Office Star Products. Available in black or chocolate faux leather finish, this line of leather chairs are comfortable and affordable. Featuring an oversized seat and back cushion, fixed padded arms and built in lumbar support for additional comfort, the FL660 series impresses every budget. Faux Leather Seating by Office Star Products, furniture for your world.
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Jas E (4 years ago)
Thinking about buying this chair but I'm a little iffy. Buying cheap chairs keeps backfiring on me.
Bazoing (2 years ago)
Have you purchased it? I've been looking at it but I'm kinda scared of it considering of how cheap it is.
Jon Fernic (2 years ago)
I'm about to purchase go purchase it for myself
Jon Fernic (2 years ago)
From what I've seen its gotten nice reviews from people, it's recommended sitting time is 10hours per day if that information helps you that means that it can be used most likely casually and non-casually for work too.
WATTson (2 years ago)
Did you purchase it ? How was it ?

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