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No Country for Old Men (2007) Here comes the Pit Bull

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lohit raj (18 days ago)
That moment when dog lovers feel like the world coming to an end
XxC3R0 M13D0xX (1 month ago)
Why you fucking return? El mexicano en the truck most be die any way..stupid fuck
Happy Schizophrenic (1 month ago)
That pitbull was badass, right up until the part where his heart exploded
steve britt (1 month ago)
This is why I carry a 1911 .45. The greatest combat handgun ever made. It is perfect.
Tony Conner (1 month ago)
I did not like that pit he was a mean little fuk**!...😙
Shlomo Greenberg (1 month ago)
Why did he remove the magazine and already-chambered round from his gun? Did he think the ammo was spoiled from the water? Ammo takes a long time for water to get into it and wet the powder. Also surely the magazine in his pocket would be soaked too...
Drown the dog
bander bautista (2 months ago)
Josh Brolin is a bastard , fucker son of a bitch
The Roo (2 months ago)
One of the greatest shot chase scenes ever in a way
Jorge Callico (2 months ago)
Once I broke a pitbull's grip on another dog. Simply by holding his head under water. A pitbull does not like water poured on his head. Usually this will result in him breaking his locked grip. In a stream like this one? Another way to defeat this powerful animal would be to hold his head down under water. He hates having his head wet and when fully immersed? Is helpless. The advantage goes to the man because in shallow water he can drown the animal while still able to breathe himself. It is only on land when the advantage moves to the dog. This is something to keep in mind during a pitbull attack. Or any dog attack. Just drown the fucker. He's helpless in water.
A Thought Crime (18 days ago)
Not as badass as shooting it with a .45 point blank. Still, your advice could save someone from a real pitbull attack.
XxC3R0 M13D0xX (1 month ago)
Ok ok smart ass What happend if the fucking dog attack you in the middle of no Agua mi amigo..uhhh
The Roo (2 months ago)
Well i've been attacked by one in the street with my dog, unfortubately water isn't always immediatly close by
Jogo Lock (2 months ago)
Got to be the stupidest guy in the intere history of stupidity.
Brian Smith (2 months ago)
this teaches good gun operation, gotta have a clear chamber
B Dogg (2 months ago)
That 1911 didn't need cleaned. It would've fired
Richie B (2 months ago)
This scene is perfect!!
richard21solava (3 months ago)
Notice how this scenes power comes from no music being played in the background to help you determine the outcome of the event
EskoMörkö (3 months ago)
Such a dedicated dog.
WhyMe Lord (3 months ago)
Who puts the Transponders in the narcotics loads?
Keith Garland (5 months ago)
Moss made some very basic mistakes . His abilities as a combat vet allowed him to make some good decisions. Not all though.
digitalimigrant (5 months ago)
why would you even touch that money when you know who it belongs to ... wtf
Bradley Brown (5 months ago)
I would have let the dog swim past. let him try swimming upstream...😆
grgl140 (5 months ago)
Fuck that, it was either the pitbull or him, I would have killed the dog too
jbot91 (5 months ago)
What kind of editing is this? You cut too soon
Iowarail (5 months ago)
Just about every Pit should end that way.
shadowdance4666 (5 months ago)
I’d wrap my arm in the shallow water, let him latch on and drown him. He’d be dead in a minute if he had the time
Matt Lugg (6 months ago)
all you cunts are idiots, who live online.
Matt Lugg (6 months ago)
Man why didn't he just wait until the dog was out of it's depth and hold it under until it died.
NA International (1 month ago)
Matt Lugg his arm been shoot he can’t swim I guess and can hold the dog at one , so he decided to shoot , directions thought,
KB1523 (6 months ago)
He seems to be running quite fast in his crocodile shoes and on uneven ground...
KB1523 (6 months ago)
Shoot the dog...what happened...
ted s (6 months ago)
Good job cutting the scene right at the good part again.
Will Key (6 months ago)
Turn around hold that dog under water
Will Key (6 months ago)
I'd take that bronco
Will Key (6 months ago)
There's gotta be keys for those trucks somewere around there
John Lee (6 months ago)
Will Pit Bulls actually kill you mid-river?
Augustine Coronado (6 months ago)
His death should have been from this dog. The end.
Be Real (5 months ago)
That's your fetish,doesnt matter since Anton got him anyway.
Augustine Coronado (5 months ago)
Lauris Medus I feel you buddy, but I think that harsh sad ending would've pulled some tears out of us. Seeing him go through all that just for a ferocious dog to take him out.
Be Real (5 months ago)
THAT WOULD be sad for me to watch,since i was rooting for Moss from the very beginning. I feel kinda sad that we didn't see final scene as Moss fighting for life, but It's movie and unique, it wasn't much of a story about Moss but about real life and how much laws get crossed,and also how powerful cartels are, that we didn't even get to see how they killed Moss, it just happened. That's harsh life for you. But your idea was fun, but I don't really support such cruel ending for guy who wasn't that much of a bad character.
Augustine Coronado (5 months ago)
Lauris Medus no I agree with you. Those moments were some of the best in cinema in the past 20 years. But I think it would be a cheeky way for him to go out. After all the shit he went through a dog chases him down and tears his throat out. End of movie haha!
Be Real (5 months ago)
really mate? you consider dog more shocking than Anton chasing him? All chase moments were made amazing
AmetReloads (6 months ago)
he had better chances facing the dog in the water
Ronnie Bishop (7 months ago)
Going back was the dumbest move in history for him.
Davidson (7 months ago)
18 dislikes came from pit bull nutters
Albert the Fish (7 months ago)
It's amazing how dark it is in the desert, but after the chase it's just about daylight.
KB1523 (6 months ago)
Albert the Fish yeah, lol...
polishtheturd mickelson (8 months ago)
Favorite clip. Pit bulls are scary dogs. Rid the planet of them.
Platini Athens (5 months ago)
polishtheturd mickelson I used to believe that and fear of them....since already had a male homeless dog I found a female pitbull 2 years ago, so good character with humans and other dogs male and female...pitbulls are one of a kind in dog planet and yes might hurt as playing or fight other dogs very bad. Very strong mouth system and dont get tired easy. The owners are assholes most of the times and thats the only reason a dog is aggressive. However the only dog I still fear is the Rottweiler. I like them only when are puppies. :)
Richard Pierce (8 months ago)
2:33............this is so nerve wracking.  I am thinking "Hurry!  Load the gun!  He's coming to bite your face off!!"
ukm37 (9 months ago)
HAHAHA I'm so glad he shot that pit bull. I'll kill those fucking things with any chance I get.
Adl Bng (9 months ago)
Which movie is like ncfoldman?
Rob Reahar (9 months ago)
shit bull
AgentQQ8 (9 months ago)
Well done, that’s the way to go with pitbulls.
John Edwards (2 months ago)
+Diogène Pit bulls, like all animals, can be trained to be dangerous, but they are also calm, friendly, loyal, and mine thinks she's a teacup poodle and wants to cuddle all the thing. Which, okay, that's like cuddling with a bmock of concrete but still. On the other hand if she thinks somebody is actually endangering or hurting someone else her warning growl will make that stop. Protective.
Diogène (2 months ago)
a good pit is a dead pit , nothing else .....
Trevor Taylor (3 months ago)
+millercork & as a result, legions of them are abused by lame ass wannabe gangsters you reference, & abandoned. Then people like you, with the rescuer complex, adopt one & let it get in the vicinity of a kid's face. After the child is permanently disfigured, everyone moans how they never saw it comin'! This video illustrates proper scheduled pit bull maintenance.
Happee Birthdae (6 months ago)
polishtheturd mickelson the true unstable and unpredictable breed is the Chihuahua. Fuckers are visious
Yuri Orloff (9 months ago)
I hate stupid fucking dogs like that.
jokerman1964 (10 months ago)
stay in the water and drown the phuckin' dog
AZCobraman (1 month ago)
2 seconds...LOL. Meanwhile you've got ripped skin, arterial bleeding and crushed bones....Good plan.
yoyo762 (2 months ago)
Movies are rarely logical and intelligent. The dog would drown in 2 seconds under water. It doesn't know to hold its breath.
Alfred Collins (3 months ago)
+Nack Jicholson I'd rather wrestle with a pitbull in water. Let's see how long he could bit while I hold his head under water and he has no solid ground to leverage his strength.
Nack Jicholson (4 months ago)
Wrestle a pit bull after having been shot in the shoulder in a streaming cold river at night. lol
Prophet Khost (10 months ago)
That Pitbull is moving dawg.
Adl Bng (9 months ago)
Follow in instagram @dawgfight
daetj (10 months ago)
heroic pitbull journeys 2,000 miles to attack owner
David Snow (10 months ago)
I have a bunch of rescued pitties, but that comment is funny as fuck daetj!
Tuan Jim (11 months ago)
All this because he went to give that dying guy some water. No good deed goes unpunished, right? lol
morradi10000 (2 days ago)
Morgan Brown ain’t got no agua
Morgan Brown (3 months ago)
R D (7 months ago)
Didn’t matter. He still had the homing beacon in the suitcase, so Chigurgh would have tracked him down eventually.
Mr SS (7 months ago)
Tuan Jim gott be a person of your word
Mr SS (7 months ago)
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter no the water
TheSeeker008 (11 months ago)
Kill it with a knife
Omelette du Fromage (5 months ago)
Blocklegendzzz • what's wrong? The dog DID die.
Blocklegendzzz • (6 months ago)
TheSeeker008 what are you a sick Fucking maniac
JackVoodoo (10 months ago)
yeah sure pal.....
frostnip (1 year ago)
my god that was close
John i (1 year ago)
Not a Pit Bull It's a Cane Corso!
Adl Bng (9 months ago)
This is a Pitbull
Greg Falco (1 year ago)
Can confirm, an enraged pitbull will swim after you looking for blood.
Ted Crilly (6 months ago)
Some bees will hover over water if you escape by diving, and wait for you to come back up for breath, and try to sting you when you do. Nature is metal.
CTS powerlifting (1 year ago)
This pitbull?
Blocklegendzzz • (6 months ago)
chirag somaraj somaraj Cane Corso
The Last Greaser (1 year ago)
He knows his guns
A Thought Crime (18 days ago)
He's a Nam vet, the army used that same gun but he didn't need to dry it, it would still shoot wet.
John Seabrook (6 months ago)
It’s America. Everyone knows their guns. A little too well.
Straight Mobbin (8 months ago)
The Last Greaser it’s a fukin 1911 bruh 😂 lil kids can fix it 😂
Ahmed Mughal (10 months ago)
The Last Greaser thay was not his gun though
sejo tosant (1 year ago)
he should not go back to the desert..
Cao Ang (1 year ago)
The ending was anticlimactic.
Tuan Jim (11 months ago)
In fairness, it's really not the type of movie that hinges on stale, predictable, formulaic plot concerns like "climax." It's much more unconventional and interesting than that. It's like a very philosophical "art-house" type film, in many ways.
Machine Gun Nest (1 year ago)
uh oh im not ready for a dog chasing me boy life is throwning me curves all day and this dog is really a terrible thing coming
Machine Gun Nest (1 year ago)
thats the last area any one would want to go back to
mothertree (1 year ago)
lolol you said it buddy
Jeff Anderson (1 year ago)
This is the 2nd dead dog in the film and another gets shot (by him). If the Coen brothers wanted ZERO SYMPATHY for this character, it worked.
Be Real (5 months ago)
Tuan Jim don't worry, he is probably very young.
Website guy (9 months ago)
Jeff Anderson Strangel it with your good hand.
Tuan Jim (11 months ago)
Have you not actually seen the film? Do you not know the situation this character was in? In this particular moment, there was absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with how Llewelyn dealt with it. That thing was going to catch him and rip him to shreds, and then probably wait obediently for its masters to catch up and finish off Llewelyn. How the hell can you cry "animal abuse" in a situation like that? lol seriously
sid viciouss (1 year ago)
I can't just shoot this poor dog (proceeds to allow ravenous, baying and blood thirsty animal to tear himself to shreds slowly) -______-
krypto nite (1 year ago)
Jeff Anderson To be fair, the thing was gonna maul his ass. So I kinda was waiting in tension for him to kill that thing before it rips his face off.
Marcus J (1 year ago)
AMAZING SCENE! When I saw this film in the cinema I thought 'Wow! I have never seen anything like it!'
jimmy goody (8 months ago)
Marcus J Deakins working his magic again
kirk toufor (1 year ago)
He was shot in the shoulder and could only swim with one arm, BUT when he had to dry out that .45 and rechamber a round in it his shoulder was healed. 2:33
vachief (5 months ago)
Fantasy sells, the Jews know that.
Be Real (5 months ago)
movie made more cash than your whole family in life time.
vachief (5 months ago)
Laughing at stupid movie stuff is a good time at parties.
Seeker of Truth (5 months ago)
Thanks Einstien. You must not get invited to too many parties I can see why
vachief (5 months ago)
Have you ever tried to ratchet a round on a 1911 with a bullet in your shoulder? lol Or how about one arm swimming?
jimmy singh (1 year ago)
ENRIQUE TREVIÑO (1 year ago)
Humanity is a shit
releasethebinky (1 year ago)
His humanity would become the death of him.
krypto nite, The man was alive when he first found the money. He felt bad and went back with water since that was the only thing the suffering mexican man requested when he was sitting in the truck.
krypto nite (1 year ago)
Dumb to bring water to a dead man. That's what throws me off about that plot why would you go back and shit. They wouldn't of found him so easily. Though they still had the transponder but they still wouldn't of known his identity.
Alexander Barrera (1 year ago)
choices my friend , consequencesss , then i got hit by a boulder.
Blred19 Blred19 (1 year ago)
That .45 is precious
XxC3R0 M13D0xX (1 month ago)
Hermosa! I love it
Machine Gun Nest (1 year ago)
3 comments in 6-7 yrs wtf am i dead and dont know it ..or something weird like that..twilight zone maybe
+Fan Made Videos Fuckin queers! *throws chair*
salamango81 (1 year ago)
Machine Gun Nest make it 4 chief
Fan Made Videos (1 year ago)
"you're in Purgatory my fwend!" - Paulie Walnuts
dizzypilot (3 years ago)
gotta love that DAWG!
DaughterofEve (6 years ago)
That dog is.....tenacious.
Michael Jensen (10 months ago)
Should have had two dogs.
Mike Johnson (11 months ago)
DaughterofEve The one swimming in the water is fake, but still the best movie made since The Godfather II.
theradioramires (7 years ago)

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