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HOW TO GET THE KEEPER HAT IN REVELATIONS! BO3 ZOMBIES REVELATIONS "SUPER JUG" PURPLE JUG GUIDE! ALL BO3 ZOMBIES REVELATIONS "KEEPER PROTECTOR" PART SPAWN LOCATIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SysILhxXG3E&list=PL0Kq_R5fGtfxq6aApEk1PdE9KQTMPXM51&index=2 Revelations is Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC 4 Salvation end of the Zombies Storyline. I am making lots of new Revelations gameplay, Revelations easter egg guides, story explained and more, so subscribe! �ϻ Mr RoflWaffles Videos! http://bit.ly/roflwaffles �ϻ MrRoflWaffles Twitter! http://bit.ly/twaffles �ϻ Rofl Waffles Instagram! http://instagram.com/Milo_BC �ϻ Milo's name on Snapchat is "mrrw" �ϻ Roffle Waffles FaceBook! https://www.facebook.com/MrRoflWaffles ��� Powered by Elgato Gaming: http://e.lga.to/MrRoflWaffles Looking for "Call of Duty Zombies"? Interested in the Call of Duty Zombies Storyline, or hunting for new Black Ops 3 Zombies gameplay? You're in the right place. I'm a CoD BO3 Zombies expert, and your new best friend. Let's hang out. As always, thanks for watching! Be sure to stick the LIKE button in your waffle iron and give it a good cookin' if you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you next time! - Milo x
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Text Comments (677)
longestshot6 (4 months ago)
Holy shit😂 it's so easy
nathan's channel (8 months ago)
Thanks ^_* I’ve made the sprit and jug mask so far . Aka. Easy ones first
bram 21 (8 months ago)
Thai blue altar ghost disappear after it killed a few zombies but I didn't get a helmed
“15 or 20” after 5 rounds no keeper hat. FUCK YOU I WASTED THREE PERKAS
ninjamies21 (11 months ago)
Doesnt work i used keepper 6times
PurpleSkunkYT (9 months ago)
LockedNinja you have to get the wolf mask first
myNameIsJeff (11 months ago)
GMONEYx76 (1 year ago)
Not trying to complain but it would’ve been nice to know you need the stamin-up upgrade first.
star Platinum (1 year ago)
I didnt get it
Squidwood (1 year ago)
I don't understand I built the keeper protector it cost 5000 and I've called him in seriously at least 7 times I'm on round 33 and solo so this thing is killing mass amounts of zombies and still there isn't a mask on the manikin. Damn I just read your edit post wow smh lol
Titan Gaming (1 year ago)
I did that 5 times. It doesn't work
humble mar (1 year ago)
Globe Zenn (1 year ago)
I know it took forever and I died using my last perkaholic
Sonicjd56 (1 year ago)
it randomly just came up for me
Blυε Gαмεr (1 year ago)
i heard the noise but i had als hat it wouldnt appear
SRB NateDog (1 year ago)
That Keeper part it never makes the sound and it never gives me the mask!!!😡😡😡😡
Carson smith (1 year ago)
Nigga we have to get the wolf mask I spent like 20 mins trying to get this to work😂
Asaad Barri (1 year ago)
you suck
X72 Noscopez (1 year ago)
So retarded I doesn't even work without the wolf mask didn't know that and now I died thanks to you milo
McKiZZa591 1 (1 year ago)
Didn't work
Quill (2 years ago)
I summoned it 3 Times and it hasn't worked yet
Tratt Kungen67 (2 years ago)
IT does not work
Melissa Boyette (2 years ago)
i did that for like 3 rounds and the keeper hat on the manequin never showed up
Dark wolf knight (2 years ago)
I bought the keeper protector and I heard that thing and the mask did not show up help
OmegaYeet (1 year ago)
you need to build the wolf mask as well for it to work. i just found this out as well, im mid game and i now have to go get that >:(
Dark wolf knight (2 years ago)
That was a waste of 5000 points
Guedo Jaimes (2 years ago)
Thank you for this vid I never saw your comment I'm the bottom I just did the keeper steps🤗
Parker Cox (2 years ago)
Ok I did exactly what u said and guess what no hat popped up
FearlessMythic (2 years ago)
Right when I finish and about to get the helmet the panzer arrived and burned me to death
George Curtis (2 years ago)
youre amazing :)
Toby Cresswell (2 years ago)
This is not working for me. Has it been changed in a patch? Done it a few times and the hat wont appear.
Damn the Told (2 years ago)
I was playing zombies by myself and I got the hat when I didn't even know it
Callum Fletcher (2 years ago)
It killed zombies for 2 rounds straight no mask help plz on Xbox
Homeless Mane (2 years ago)
callum fletcher get wolf first
See Google (2 years ago)
I found Hal's hat on MOD and you can use it lol
wozza005 (2 years ago)
this will not activate on xbox one!!!!
Water Connoissuer (2 years ago)
The Keemstar mask
The Goat (2 years ago)
Im killing all the zombies with the keeper protector but nothing happens I killed at least 80 on round 30
Stovsuger (2 years ago)
Abdullah G (2 years ago)
your best it always works and it is very Esay
CCS_Sean (2 years ago)
Sorry I had to be the 115 dislike it was too good
Purple Man (2 years ago)
TheGamingPom (2 years ago)
what was the quote??
Mr KosovanGamer690 (2 years ago)
I've tried it five times and I didn't hear anything
jack woods (2 years ago)
why is mine not working
Mike Nally (2 years ago)
why you lying fuck boo
Cdaly1jambo (2 years ago)
i had my Keeper Protector out for 2 full rounds and nothing happened...
Death son101 (2 years ago)
why didn't you just say build the wolf mask first in your video I was struggling two rounds because I was letting my keeper get all the kills I heard the sound but it didn't appear so I thought I ran into a bug until I ran into your video looked at the comments and people were having the same issue until I actually looked at the description (which i never do LOL that is how desperate I was to build it) and i saw you had to build the wolf shit first which is bullshit you never said it in your video making people read the description like nigga barely anybody in the world does that XD
itzSpeedy (2 years ago)
This guy finished both round 26 and 27 for me and i got nothing
Adam Cohen (2 years ago)
playing local though
Adam Cohen (2 years ago)
killed like 40 and the hat won't pop up
Luis Rincon (2 years ago)
Alison James (2 years ago)
it doesn't even work ive done it 2 times
Camomanguy_22 Gaming (2 years ago)
I summon it like 3 times and it still doesn't spawn it And I let it kill all of the zombies
Prestege YT- (2 years ago)
I have went through 4 rounds still haven't got it :(
gart Hardwick (2 years ago)
I can't do it! I hear the audio clip but it's never their
Liam The meme (2 years ago)
I got an audio quote but not that certain one I'm confused
ProTamLan (2 years ago)
X-Zulu (2 years ago)
i did that and my mask wasnt there :(
Flee (2 years ago)
me and my mate were playing and i collected all the parts and built it on the kino wall like mrroflwaffles did, but when i built it it wouldnt let me summon it even though i had way more that 5000 points. does anyone know why this is??
Daniel Suschak (2 years ago)
Do you need jug before
Ariana Iglesias (2 years ago)
Name online prissyplaysbo whoever wants to get to round 50 + add me
Zachary Young (2 years ago)
I've gotten the audio queue many times and the hat hasn't shown up once... any thoughts?
Jared London (2 years ago)
ive gotten at least 300 kills with the keeper and still havent gotten my damn hat
Solo Dolo DoZe (2 years ago)
Fuck this keeper mask fuck this game fuck this keeper he won't fucking go away
Matt O'Brien (2 years ago)
I did these steps and heard the noise but can't find the mask on any of the mannequins this is the second game this has happened in
Pancho Sanchez (2 years ago)
do you have to be the one to get all the parts & call the keeper ? cuz I was playing with some friends & they got all the parts & I just called the keeper & we never got the mask ?
CH4S3R _ (2 years ago)
thx for the help just got a new sub!
version 2 (2 years ago)
I got the margua head
Zyler Arndt (2 years ago)
Dude it killed 2 rounds worth and no mask WTF
CR1NxWatches (2 years ago)
me to
Unleash the beast (2 years ago)
gotta have wolf mask first, says so in description, worked for me after i had it. hope this helps
Chase Keller (2 years ago)
It's not working for me either
Zyler Arndt (2 years ago)
Oh never mind MY BAD
Dankmeme 818 (2 years ago)
it didn't work on me
Juan Diaz Romero (2 years ago)
Are this hats permanent? ,or, do you need to do this whole process every time you start a new game? (When you and your buddies die and you need to start a new game, do you need to perform all the steps again?)
Kruiz Cook (2 years ago)
Hey guys I got a new mask it looks like the furi's
Profesor Play (2 years ago)
this is litteraly tranzit 50× better
I'm trippin827 (2 years ago)
It didn't work for me
AgarSquadGames (2 years ago)
I had it without the keeper protector?
Joshua Torres (2 years ago)
+AgarSquadGames that might have been the Fury Mask. It looks similar to the Keeper Mask
AgarSquadGames (2 years ago)
And I eqquiped it on a totally different manican
Charlie berg (2 years ago)
I did not pick up the parts or The other steps but i still got it????
Alex Rodriguez (2 years ago)
what the fuck. I spent over 10k fucking points. Clear instructions my fucking ass . never did you once mention building the wolf mask .
Garrett Bortz (2 years ago)
I did the steps that you said but I didn't get it
cx7in (2 years ago)
I craft it but it doesn't do anything
Eli D. Flores (2 years ago)
Can anyone help me doing all the black ops 3 zombies Easter eggs? I'd greatly appreciate it. My PSN ID is MyFloatingBanana yes, it's a real gamer name. lol I have a mic as well.
im better at zombies
wingdom ツ (1 year ago)
Um sure... Your a child I dont expect ia child to be better at. Zombies than a adult
Josh Doyle (2 years ago)
Have my babies big daddy
Big Boi (2 years ago)
Josh Doyle (2 years ago)
Plz no I'm sorry
shutup 1v1 me
brando malqui (2 years ago)
i've gotten over 100 kills with the keeper and still no mask
emmanuel valdez (2 years ago)
thanks i will try that
GrimReaper_REG (2 years ago)
try putting on al's hat, and making the wolf hat
emmanuel valdez (2 years ago)
John Diaz (2 years ago)
started at round 17 I let the keeper kill all the zombies for 4 rounds I called it out 3 times and still got nothing
MitchellMusso (2 years ago)
Can u equip more than one hat
Rana Alrajhi (2 years ago)
+TheD4rkAng3L and 11 hits to die with jug lmao
Rana Alrajhi (2 years ago)
+TheD4rkAng3L and 11 hits to die with jug
TheD4rkAng3L (2 years ago)
but u can get the shadows man mask which gives u wolf and keeper
Pizzablawk (2 years ago)
PS1 Hagrid (2 years ago)
PLEASE READ: You might have done all the steps, gotten the sound audio, but the mask hasn't appeared yet. To make it appear, you'll need to build the Wolf Mask.
cameron wood (13 days ago)
Thankyou so much
Anees Mahmud (2 years ago)
Is there a tutorial on how to get the fury mask?
Izaiah Brown (2 years ago)
It didn't work for me. I herd the audio log and the mask didn't appear
Vernityy YT (2 years ago)
I think mines glitch because my keeper has lasted from round 19 and now im on round 28 and it hasnt went away and the mask wont appear
John Cena (2 years ago)
Near speed cola where you get one of the keeper protector parts is a lamp on the shelf and i randomly picked it up and dr Monty said"you wouldn't think maxis would keep something so important just lying on the fucking table". PLEASE PLEASE EVERYONE LIKE THIS SO ROFLWAFFLES CAN SEE.
Carlos Aguilar (2 years ago)
I can't get it
Dylan Bockrath (2 years ago)
my keeper has lasted 6 rounds... I am in round 20 and he won't go away
Homeless Mane (2 years ago)
Bockrath Gaming thats good
Dylan Bockrath (2 years ago)
ok it's been 12 rounds. my game is glitched
Arbiol Sulejmani (2 years ago)
My keeper glitched and it stayed forever
13th DoraDestroys (2 years ago)
so what does the viking helmut do?
erick sanchez (2 years ago)
so the difference between this and the viking helmet is that this also has the keeper buff and the enslaved keeper damage reduction and all?
アージュン (2 years ago)
I'm so triggered, I got to round 54, my keeper guardian thing glitched and I didn't get the damn hat and my game froze and the worst part about all this is that it was my first attempt
Jakehen12 (2 years ago)
my keeper lasted 55 minutes i dont know wtf i did anyone else get this to happen to them
Michiel K (2 years ago)
It doesnt work when ur wearing al's hat ?
SirSaggyBackSack (2 years ago)
It does not work for me
EternalEmbers 16 (2 years ago)
Looking for a Zombies crew to do Easter Eggs with. My gamer tag on Xbox and PSN is EternalEmbers16. Message me if you're interested.
MiroSutaki (2 years ago)
hou je bek dit klopt niet
David Hoggwash (2 years ago)
theres 8 or none mannequins around the link stage so I think there's a pro version for the other perks too
Nathan Clark (2 years ago)
Does not work for me

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