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L'eau D'issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake cologne review

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A Review of L'Eau D'issey Pour Homme Elegant Oriental citrus that comes off as light and sharp at the same time. Reminds me of an aquatic but only faintly. Starts of citrus, turns into a floral spicy and dries down to a woodsy oriental with touches of vetiver and amber. A summer & Hot Weather scent. Great projection and Great staying power that can be used all year around. Great for any occasion. My Rating: 10/10
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Text Comments (187)
andeace23 (1 month ago)
Be warned this stuff smells great but projection is huge- go light on it.
Alfonzo Aguilar (1 month ago)
Im wondering how it smells 😍 I should get it.
Thomas Lloyd (2 months ago)
secret hints of patchouli
Cyril Barrios (2 months ago)
thanks for a very in depth review, doc. i been over the fence with this fragrance over the years. i have yet to find a "citrusy" scent that would last on my skin.
Progressive Viewer (2 months ago)
Just bought this today and was instantly transported to 2007! Scent memory is so real..
Xenia Stephenson (3 months ago)
I use it as a woman and i love it. I use a little because it is so strong
Knowledgeofphilly (4 months ago)
ISSEY MAYAKI is my everyday cologne
The Random Blind Guy (4 months ago)
I warn y’all, do not order your fragrances, from fragrance, net, you will never get your product, there shipping, socks, I ordered a fragrance from them about a month ago, still haven’t received it, after contacting them, they brushed it off as it was nothing, and gave me high hopes that it was still on the way, yeah right! Do not order from fragrance net ladies and gentlemen
Garrett (3 months ago)
+Xenia Stephenson Do it. You have nothing to be worried about. They are one of the top trusted sites to order fragrances from. Just want to point out that I received my package from them within 4 days because I paid for the faster shipping. But even if you just choose regular shipping, you will get it in like a week or a little over a week.
Xenia Stephenson (3 months ago)
+Garrett really i really want to order from them but i am scared
Garrett (3 months ago)
Ordered from them last week and received my package within 4 days.
Michael K (4 months ago)
Smells like Coast body soap And it lasts Expensive at 95$ for 4.2 Its unique and different
smokeybirdman (5 months ago)
Issey Miyake https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264063468918
Johnny C (7 months ago)
Light and sharp I like your description
Tante Lilis (8 months ago)
L'eau de'issey I like to said this (lu di se) with France language.
M. S. BitEth (1 year ago)
A shame that reviewers do not add in the otehr aspects of the line of most men's frags: the shower gel and the after shave balms. Pairing L'eau D'issey pour homme with their shower gel after a shower and your layering of the frags on your person truly lasts longer. Using the AS balm as a lotion on your arms after your face is a good idea, as well.
888 Yas (1 year ago)
It's fresh very very fresh. and lasting 10 plus hours ...9.5 out of 10
André BM (1 year ago)
It's really aggressive to me, and it's too flowery, the citrus at the beginning is wonderful but I'm having a hard time to get used to the scent, I bought it cause many of friends been telling me that it's nice so I went and get this as a "crowd pleaser" I prefer citrus, sweet and minty colognes
Frederick Carter (1 year ago)
I was 19yo in1999 when I purchased this as 1st bottle of cologne and I've never gone without a bottle ever since
dracdoc (1 year ago)
Nice man!
Kaleem (1 year ago)
I got this scent on a whim and it ended up being my signature scent. I keep trying to find something better and I can't. I keep getting stuff that gives me a splitting headache or makes me want to retch.
Erin Morris (1 year ago)
This is the only cologne I will use, been using it since it came out and I'm sure my soul smells like this now
Sia Hanson (1 year ago)
Smells terrific! A timeless classic scent!
Vbastard (1 year ago)
Mate, they aren't really compliments if you have to ask ...
XRubenEX (1 year ago)
Hella yeah bro this shit is fire af
Kris S. (1 year ago)
I gave a chick a ride to the airport, on the way there she confessed she flew down from New York to Ft Lauderdale to sleep with a dude she met while they were both in Europe because he was wearing Issy Miyake. True story....
Wesley (5 months ago)
dracdoc hey Cody I want to layer this with platinum egoiste can you please recommend how you would apply that please?
dracdoc (1 year ago)
Ťüřbö Gaza (1 year ago)
I love issey miyake
Ettienne Nel (1 year ago)
Great review, thanks :)
wasteofspace20 (1 year ago)
A classic woody aquatic that started a nice trend towards summer scents that aren't just based on citrus or oceanic accords!
Shane DM (1 year ago)
This video is "old" so do you still have the same take on L'eau d'issey?
TheDutchSandwich (1 year ago)
Thanks for your review. I bought this on Amazon and can't stop thinking about how much I love this scent. Since we must share preferences, what other scents do you give a 10 to that I should check out?
Jinzo R. (1 year ago)
Every now and then I go to Bloomindale's to test on L'Eau D'issey Pour Homme and get my hands on their samples. I really really really want to add a 3.4 oz or 6.0 oz to my cologne collection because there is a special offer with a free men's handbag, but I have used my savings for my Birthday :| I have to wait next year or by Thanksgiving or Christmas when the special offer comes back or have saved money. Any who, this eau de toillette is very pleasant in two sprays. One spray will do too but it last longer with two sprays. Very subtle too.The scent sneaks into the nose receptors.
Raymond Moore (1 year ago)
I bought this because of your review. This is truly amazing. I love this fragrance. thanks
Zeeshan Ahmed (1 year ago)
hi do you have new formulation what's the difference also some people say it is floral and feminine is it feminine?
BOLUWATIFE (2 years ago)
Still in my top 10 since 1997.
Paul Mcardney (2 years ago)
Didn't appreciate this one first time I sprayed it on my wrist. Kept shoving my nose in it and smelling a bar of zest soap. The next time I sprayed it on my stomach and let it rise...just lovely. This fragrance comes alive in its lightness. That being said, the sprayer is like a fire hose. Less truly is more with this lovely masterpiece, so spray carefully lest you bring out her ugly side.
gora ba (2 years ago)
hi dradoc what would you recommend between L'eau d'issey pour homme,vs versace eros and bleu de channel edt
Alex Mocoto (1 year ago)
1.Bleu de chanel 2. L'eau d'issey 3.Versace Eros
Illuminator Sender.at (2 years ago)
guys forget this SHITTT
Illuminator Sender.at (2 years ago)
Tamir Cohen (2 years ago)
Has this been reformulated?
dracdoc (2 years ago)
I don't think it has but it wouldn't surprise me
Chris (2 years ago)
8:25 just say it doc
Abu Cherub (2 years ago)
in israel it was 576 shekel for a 125ml bottle(ca 150$)
Fluff the Cat (2 years ago)
Good review. Thank you.
Innocent Elikem vorsah (2 years ago)
Nice video Doc. I love this juice, my signature scent for the last 8 months and it last all day.
Zeeshan Ahmed (1 year ago)
hi do you have new formulation what's the difference also some people say it is floral and feminine is it feminine?
joseph (2 years ago)
how much does the real one cost
joseph (2 years ago)
+reynardo Matos LMAO i was thinking the ones on amazon are fake damn imma have to pull up to target then and finesse the guaranteed real ones. thanks brooo
reynardo Matos (2 years ago)
I saw one for 63 dollars at a target,thankfully they price match Amazon and I saved 30 dollars
Pratisha Dash (2 years ago)
hey I am a girl and I am in love with it. I like that its fresh n floral and citrusy and strong and subtle at the same time. I just wanted to ask is it okay for a girl to wear it? becz I love it so much and I do... usually I don't tell people what I'm wearing. kindly advice
dracdoc (2 years ago)
Totally fine!
Raymond Solis Jr. (2 years ago)
found this at Ross for 40 dollars
OxxyLolz (3 years ago)
Has your taste/opinion change regarding this fragrance throughout the years?
Cole McKinney (3 years ago)
Great fragrance! Just picked it up today
Quadrillion aire (3 years ago)
have you wore this frag much this winter?
JoeSavage (3 years ago)
I just got a bottle of miyake and I agree with everything that is said in your video thank you!!
James Rock (3 years ago)
thanks dracdoc I will get this one... Can you describe is it better to get from amazon or third party?
Charles Rob (3 years ago)
i remember the first time smelling this in store, i hated it. i thought it stunk and didn't even want to look at it. later when i got home i took off my shirt and got a whiff of something that smelled amazing. i smelled my shirt and it smelled similar leau dissey! i thought "no way" so i went back to the store to see if it was that scent and it was! man i should have waited for the dry down at first. i love the smell of this thing!
joel diaz (5 months ago)
I too had the same experience. I smelled it and I was like, yuck, WTF. Wanted the scent to go away. I still am not fully won over. But I can tell that it's one of those fragrances that the more chances I give it the more i will like it. But it is an acquired taste I suppose.
Charles Rob (2 years ago)
+Lorena Leonard what?
pew pew (3 years ago)
how about this L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport?
Youssef El Jabr (3 years ago)
can you compare it to aqua di gio
dracdoc (3 years ago)
+Youssef El Jabr Only similiar in that they are both citrusy aquatic smells
So Ronery (3 years ago)
I bought this, this year. Sprayed it on my wrist. One spray. Went to the post office. Walked out. An old, adorable lady walked out telling her husband it smells wonderful in there. And we all know the P.O isn't a good smelling atmosphere :).
010revolcisum (3 years ago)
.i got a sample of this...i have been wearing it right now for a couple of hours and i like it..so i bought a full bottle...excellent review....:)
Zeeshan Ahmed (1 year ago)
hi do you have new formulation what's the difference also some people say it is floral and feminine is it feminine?
MilesAllgood (3 years ago)
Aw man, L'eau D'issey was my staple fragrance back in the days, definitely a pantie dropper, lol. Just recently picked up Nuit D'issey very similar but a bit more masculine in my opinion.
Info Integrales (3 years ago)
Hi there!  I tried this cologne for the first time today.  It was a big surprise to realize how a long lasting perfume it is.Your explanation is all I needed  to go and buy it. I agree 100%. I´ll get it tomorrow.Greetings from Chile.
Zeeshan Ahmed (1 year ago)
hi do you have new formulation what's the difference also some people say it is floral and feminine is it feminine?
97souljaboy (2 years ago)
Info Integrales about how long does it last. and thankyou for your reply I appreciate it
Info Integrales (2 years ago)
Hi. Nice and fresh. kinda oriental citrus. Wearing it right now. Greetings.
97souljaboy (2 years ago)
Info Integrales how did you like it?
Albert Kisiel (3 years ago)
I hope that L'eau D'issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake has been not reformulated because Im going to buy this! If you know something let me know!
Zeeshan Ahmed (1 year ago)
hi do you have new formulation what's the difference also some people say it is floral and feminine is it feminine?
Marshall Smith (3 years ago)
I smelled this for the first time today at my local belk right as I was leaving as it was the last fragrance on the way out. the lady said that miyake's fragrances had never sold well here and soon as they dropped all his fragrances everyone complained and they brought them back. I smelled and loved Vince Camuto's Solare. it was the first one I smelled for the day and I thought it was amazing. I also smelled the CK Euphoria Essence which is the summer version of Euphoria and I thought it was a very nice compliment to the regular Euphoria which I very much love. but as I was leaving the lady that always seem to be working told me I should smell the L'eau D'issey and soon as I took a smell I was literally blown away by it. My all time favorite is Bulgari Aqua (Toniq), it is the most versatile fragrance I have ever owned. I get compliments constantly and looks from everyone when I wear it. it's just a beautiful fragrance. I would say my favorite is Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme but not as
Marshall Smith (3 years ago)
as versatile. so now that I've smelled the L'eau D'issey I now have a very close first. but it's definitely my second favorite. I will be buying it very soon along with the Solare by Camuto. just my two cents on this fragrance for anyone unsure of how nice it is. I agree with you it would be a very versatile scent. awesome review man.
Angel Valentin (3 years ago)
SOLD...great review...def earned a new subscriber
dracdoc (3 years ago)
+Angel Valentin Thanks!
Haimdat Sawh (3 years ago)
Thank you for taking the time to describe this product.
Gewglesux (3 years ago)
Man, You aint no damn joke...  thanks for the very INDEPTH review!
InnerRise (3 years ago)
dracdoc (3 years ago)
+gewglesux Thanks!
John Valvo (3 years ago)
Nice review ,I recently picked this one up love it last a long time on my skin
Bulus Emmanuel (3 years ago)
Really lovely scent, it's sad fragrances perform poorly on my skin .
Rahima Kazi (3 years ago)
Best Aquatic fragrance ever made! You'll never find a fresh citrus fragrance that will last for that long!
Ar Bor11o11 (3 years ago)
I am 13 and I bought this scent and because of the citrus and freshness I think people younger than high school age could wear it.
BlackRosso007 (3 years ago)
+dracdoc  how many sprays you apply ?
Romit Mankame (4 years ago)
I have been using the L'eau D'issey Pour Homme for the past 5 years and every time I put it on I get many positive comments from women. However I am now looking for something similar to add to my collection. Have also been using the Mont Blanc Presence but it lacks projection and longevity, what do you suggest for possibly temperatures exceeding 100 degrees F? Also can you compare it to other Issey Miyake men fragrances?
Romit Mankame (2 years ago)
+aleksandr ivakhnov okay will certainly look at those. Thanks👍
aleksandr ivakhnov (2 years ago)
Try guerlain vetiver, or Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Edt, or Jaguar For Men.
max larsen (4 years ago)
hello i bought L`eau D`issey  by Issey miyake, i like it and summer is soon here, but i tried it out for 2 days and the smell is not noticable on my skin even if i spray seriously 10 times on my body its gone in 30 min :S it smells strong at first but just dissepears dont know whats wrong, is it becuase it doesnt work with my skin?
Ar Bor11o11 (3 years ago)
I spray it on my shirt on my chest because it soaks into the material and the heat from your chest makes it project more and will make it more noticeable.
S Sing (4 years ago)
+max larsen i have the same thing in 30 minutes, the cause is the ph of our skin
Norman Bfifteen (4 years ago)
Great review. I dont think anyone uses this where I live. It totally works for me - Thanks for letting me know it existed
Gewglesux (3 years ago)
  hey there...   Thanks for the reply.  I've never been there.  I have a few hunting buddies  who have been.
Norman Bfifteen (3 years ago)
Calgary Canada
Gewglesux (3 years ago)
+Norman Bfifteen   just for the heck of it  where are you? I'm  NY.
Rick N. (4 years ago)
I was wondering if you have tried Nuit D'Issey yet and if you plan on reviewing it. I just picked it up and really like it. I think your reviews are great and very thorough so I am curious what you think of the fragrance.
Alejandro Flores (4 years ago)
Do you still reach for this alot thought the year?
dracdoc (4 years ago)
+Alejandro Flores Not a lot, but I do reach for it
Alejandro Flores (4 years ago)
Are you a real doctor?
Ricardo Mestre (1 month ago)
But you are a lot more articulate than most doctors 👍🏼
dracdoc (4 years ago)
+Alejandro Flores Nope
13traders (4 years ago)
please review the issey miyake YUZU EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dracdoc (4 years ago)
+13traders lll try and nab it
69locomoco (4 years ago)
 I got this in my collection and love it.but if you also try escape from calvin klein it has almost the same smell.which I love as well.thanks for the review doc
dachucktaylor1 (4 years ago)
The African American community loves this fragrance to death.  Every male in my family had owned a bottle of issey
Gewglesux (3 years ago)
+dachucktaylor1     I just bought my first  bottle last night of nuit d'issey last night....  I normally don't wear  scents this heavy. I like very light  citrus  scents.  it was referred to me by a black woman..  I'm black and feel that I spent  something that I might not wear.  funny you mention this..
Nigel Cyrus (4 years ago)
Hey do u trust fragrance x?  i bought an issey miyake from them and the box they sent me was different to the one as adveritsed
Eddy Moscardi (4 years ago)
hey bro, can you look forward into reviewing it's newest flanker "nuit d'issey" ? regards
Albert Ferro (4 years ago)
I bought this from ebay ,,I just trow away .. And buy a new one from fragancenet will see ..I still waiting .. I really enjoy all you reviews !!very prof..
Albert Ferro (4 years ago)
Men to be honest this is a garbage cologne my opinion ... My respect to you...
Treven Utter (4 years ago)
Is eau de toilette the same as way de cologne...? I'm very confused? I have eau de cologne stuff from the clothing brands like aero, hollister and a&f but they don't even last very long. So would this cologne be good enough? The one shown in the video
Finch Gould (4 years ago)
+Nolan McCarthy You are right,although parfum being stronger than eau de toilette should be seen as a general rule of thumb.As an exception,for example, the recently released EDP version of bleu de chanel is softer (less harsh)than its EDT counterpart so the EDT in this case could actually be described as stronger than the EDP.
Nolan McCarthy (4 years ago)
In order of potency, 3 being the lowest, it goes: 1. Eau de Parfum 2. Eau de Toilette 3. Eau de Cologne  Cologne is typically the weakest of all types of fragrances, which tends to be very misleading, seeing as how most people refer to men's perfume as "cologne" in general. You most typically always want to get at least eau de toilette. Cologne is too weak to be effective in most cases, but parfum can also be VERY strong, so toilette is quite often the safest choice and most common formulation of most men's fragrances.
ad da (4 years ago)
notdescribed (4 years ago)
would this be a good winter scent? I am currently in search of a winter scent and I was wondering if anyone has any reccomendations. 
mad7206 (5 years ago)
I've been using this for about 10 years and I've always had positive comments . I tend not to spray too much
mad7206 (3 years ago)
+InnerRise Sir I take my hat off to you for that comment, you made me laugh . to answer your question ' yes ' lol
InnerRise (3 years ago)
So I must wear bacon to get HIS bacon.
mad7206 (3 years ago)
+InnerRise there only is 1 Bacon and that's the real stuff
InnerRise (3 years ago)
Real bacon or Turkey bacon?
mad7206 (3 years ago)
+InnerRise try rubbing bacon on yourself , don't know many men that can resist 😉
Tay (5 years ago)
I ordered this and I actually don't like it that much.
Albert Ferro (4 years ago)
I agreed with u friend it's a cheap cologne ...
lowratehitman (5 years ago)
I have found over the years is that Issey Miyake tops everything in the head turning manner. I could be wearing anything, but when I put the Miyake on, I always get the question from the ladies.... what are you wearing.
Beta Boot Camp (1 year ago)
Always....It is the best ever!
Zeeshan Ahmed (1 year ago)
hi do you have new formulation what's the difference also some people say it is floral and feminine is it feminine?
Finch Gould (4 years ago)
+lowratehitman I also think that this particular scent is liked by women.
Ralph Lauren (4 years ago)
+dracdoc would you wear this for an evening summer boat party?
dracdoc (5 years ago)
1230naze (5 years ago)
I totally agree 10 out of 10 and also has the edge over aqua di gio although for some crazy reason I think aqua di gio has the summer edge as in as you said issey miyake can rock all year round.
mplsridah (5 years ago)
Does the name change? Cause I found a cheap one online with the name "L'eau Bleue D'issey Eau Fraiche Cologne for Men by Issey Miyake" .... but 10/10, I'd be a fool not to get one!
Peyton Deters (5 years ago)
So if you wouldn't recommend this for a high schooler what would you as far as winter fragrances?
egal (5 years ago)
Some reviewers on Base Notes said that it smells like air freshener (in a bad way). Are you of this opinion? I imagine not since you gave it a 10/10.
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Nah, I like it too much.  But I can see the air freshener comparison
Daniel Milmine (5 years ago)
It was a bit humid, but I'm convinced it must have been a bad one, I have talk to others with it as well and they haven't heard of it doing that either. Thanks for your vids man!
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Hmmm..never heard of that. WAs it hot or humid?
Daniel Milmine (5 years ago)
@dracdoc Hi. I recently tried this at a importers fair and the fragrance was sticky on my skin. Is this normal? My perception is that it was a fake as I haven't experienced that feeling before with cologne.
Prometheus (5 years ago)
my favourite !
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Nope, you did not miss a thing. This is actually an earlier video before I got a chance to speak with perfumers etc.
dracdoc (5 years ago)
Not similiar in my opinion.. i love this version..i hate sport
Andre L (5 years ago)
How would you compare this to the sport version??
Tam Jazz (6 years ago)
Very good review, I'm wanting to get my husband some and you just made it easier!!!... Thanks
dracdoc (6 years ago)
both work just as well
dolphinsattack (6 years ago)
What's better for spring/summer between L'eau D'issey Pour Homme vs Versace Man Eau Fraiche?
Emma rudolph (6 years ago)
its my fave i call it a women catcher it smells so sexy to me i mean it its the best
Mike K (6 years ago)
Acqua di Gio suited up. Basically.
dracdoc (6 years ago)
Thanks! I know.. I moved them shortly afterwards and most of the time.. direct sunlight was not on them (i keep my window shades closed most times. I mainly open them when doing reviews for better lighting.

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