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Russian Super Car Marussia B2

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Marussia B2 An evolution of Russia's first supercar, the B2 is an overt expression of our capabilities and ambition. Using the same exceptionally light and strong chassis structure combined with Marussia-Cosworth power units, the B2 allows our designers and our customers to explore their wilder side. Cleverly styled to mimic the 'M' of the Marussia logo, the B2 has an incredibly powerful face. Satin black paintwork emphasises the hungry intakes and geometric elements to the grille and headlamp apertures, while deeply recessed intakes ahead of the rear wheels add to the B2 insectile appearance. Just as the B1 and B2 share chassis and powertrain designs, so they also utilise the same adjustable suspension (developed in partnership with German brand KW), hugely powerful brakes, ultra-light alloy wheels and high-performance tyres. The B2 also has some striking differences. One you'll notice as you make to climb in are the doors, which open in a different but equally dramatic way to the steeply upswept doors of the B1. The interior is also a unique design, although it features all the equipment and multimedia systems that set a Marussia apart from all other super cars.
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Text Comments (55)
Heinrich Himmler (2 months ago)
Their signature design.
DESTRUCTOR SS-2 (3 months ago)
POWER OF RUSSIA MARUSSIA 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
AMIN 125ZR (4 months ago)
This car is on Need For Speed MOST WANTED
drank vodka marussia
randy scott (8 months ago)
Lets invite em to a nascar race . Let em bring what ever car they want . We'll provide the ramps !
ram ram val (1 year ago)
Pinche carrazo y la rampa para bajar maquinas de cortar llardas
Game Screen (1 year ago)
my favorite car it has unique look its look is better than Ferrari and Lamborghini
Phil Davies (2 years ago)
It has a character. A distinct and unique look. I hope they keep this look as their signature and focus styling refinement.
taj (2 years ago)
not impressed...looks like a cheap amalgam of every other high end super car.
Andrew Hutchence (2 years ago)
Russians can't even use normal tracks, for unload. they use wooden planks :) The corruption masters of the world.
con.all.rytp (2 years ago)
R --- Russia
ARTHUR D DUDA (2 years ago)
Vlad only use the best scrap wood to get out new super car out of our high tech trailer. . Boris get your foot off the clutch. . Boris you took so long you burned up the clutch just getting out of the trailer. .. and the brakes Boris Boris !!!
Слаймлинг (3 years ago)
забавно глядеть будто российские пишут что их российские машины гавно,вы что не патриоты собственной страны? ну-ка пускай далее про вас задумываются что вы лишь умеете водку тянуть конечно на балалайке резаться))) лапотники вы,русня.
chance jackson (3 years ago)
car really nice wish I had it
Trexgamer12 (3 years ago)
no maybe joss but this car was made before the porshe and who really cares if it was or wasnt copied hmm
johnno Christopher (4 years ago)
the copied Joss and Porsche exhaust positions
canadianchronicsmoke (4 years ago)
any car unloaded off a trailer like that and has wooden planks as ramps is not a supercar. You wouldn't do that if you had one
Не может быть крутых авто в России. Либо там салон из картона, или эта машина 20 л. бензина за метр сжирает
Слаймлинг (3 years ago)
+Вита Астратова салон из карбона алюминия и кожи,мощность движка 400лашадок жрет меньше всех спорт каров.
LeocornoProductions (5 years ago)
supercar? cant even go faster than 170mph and its more exspensive than a zr1
FoxLand (5 years ago)
На досках маррусю?Чё произнести всё-таки один-единственный Русский спорт-кар,естественно его нужно расшибить!(от лица пендосов)
Ôto Sài Gòn (5 years ago)
Eh... lan sau kiem cai wheel nao co ten M ma gan vao nhe... Amatuer
NAZIM Saf. (5 years ago)
Все равно полное ведро! Это же Россия..
Advanced (5 years ago)
ты сказачный далбаёб!у тебя в голове всё дребезжит и разваливается
Derp Fox (5 years ago)
in soviet russia.. CARS DRIVES YOU!!
там тоже всё дребезжит и она вся разваливается будто реальный российский автомашина?
Victor Yakimov (5 years ago)
this car cost $2800000
BATLER (1 year ago)
no... it costs like a Chevrolet Camaro
KrisRaps (5 years ago)
This Car Is Just Garbage
Cristiano Ronaldo (5 years ago)
is this car available in the states
TurboMonkeyful (5 years ago)
Диски 1-го вида на всех. Фишка компании?
Artem Konstantinov (5 years ago)
Выглядит будто концепт!!! И это круто)))
DrMosbif Frankie (6 years ago)
ma l hanno copiata dalla bugatti?
goodfella949 (6 years ago)
What happened to these cars? seems like there hasn't been much update on em :/
Abiodun92 (6 years ago)
Это будто достаточно неплохой автомашина, по сопоставлению с вашим обыденным Ла́конечно! :D
Atheist (6 years ago)
Atheist (6 years ago)
And what if it doest sound like a super car...Maybe they wanted to a build a super car that's very quite... People like are are stupid.. Please scroll back to your whole which you came out of and shut your face... and btw ZR1 is shit... it's over priced american piece of shit. and it's not even that fast...I bet you MAD now bro?? YEAH UMAD!!
Atheist (6 years ago)
but why would i buy a shitty covert when i can have this or a GTR??
H0usseTube ! (6 years ago)
Good job russia. Keep up the good work...
Jake Goulin (6 years ago)
I thought this was fake. Guess I was wrong.
alfalfafalafelmafia (6 years ago)
I mean, tow planks of wood for a ramp! A junk car in the USA will have a better treatment.
X-Tendency (6 years ago)
Lol it is original
Is it nuclear powered:)
TheJunior3600 (6 years ago)
so whats the standard version of this car, a ferrari scuderia?
Patty Mills (6 years ago)
Ferrari F430 has 490 horsepower and 1450 kilograms!
Patty Mills (6 years ago)
You imagine that if you calculate with 420 horsepower and 1100 kilograms. It's pretty good!
CairnieR (6 years ago)
Only 500 have been made, not too sure if any were bought by people in the US though...
Zeljko Stanojevic (6 years ago)
Dam god Car Wave from Serbia
Youtube865336 (6 years ago)
I can't find a video of it accelerating =|
Agustinlw (6 months ago)
The Buggari Veron is the fastest car in the world simple...
SupercarLust (6 years ago)
Insane car, would love to see one in person some day!

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