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Wonder Girl in Teen Titans: Operation Rescue

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Operation rescue! Wonder Girl and Kid-Flash answer a distress call from Speedy, Aqualad and the Carter's to rescue them from mutant men in a hidden valley.
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Daniel Burkett (12 days ago)
I loved watching this, brought back good memories.
Billy Kittner (4 months ago)
a rotor disc not over the center of gravity only works in animation ..and wheres the damn collective ?? Just a cyclic with both hands. Yeah Know its only a cartoon hehehe
Tochi Okeke (4 months ago)
Where's Robin? And why does Kid Flash have black hair and inverted color costumes?
WonderWoman1942 (4 months ago)
Robin was on the 1966 Batman TV show at the time due to rights, so Speedy replaced him. The colors were changed because it was the director's choice by Filmation studios. Not sure why either as it is not the way the comics had Kid-Flash.
Garrett Moffitt (4 months ago)
"Wonder chick".
Robert DiMezza (6 months ago)
William Dunphy (9 months ago)
Written by George Kashdan.
William Dunphy (9 months ago)
Voices: Ted Knight-Narrator/other voices Speedy-Pat Harrington Aqualad-Jerry Dexter Wonder Girl-Julie Bennett Kid Flash-Tommy Cook
omegaprimesupreme (2 years ago)
this is so old and dumb but I can't help but enjoy it so much. makes me want to read the silver age titans books
Yoltic :D (3 years ago)
que chafa y esto es una de mis series favoritas
Junko Enoshima (3 years ago)
b.j. thomas (4 years ago)
the exploding spears were enough to  disable the copter but were only fire crackers when wondergirl was deflecting them ???
jun ye (5 years ago)
megibabe1 (5 years ago)
WonderWoman1942 (5 years ago)
The year was 1967 when this was released.
Patricia McCoy (8 months ago)
WonderWoman1942 Thank you. It was a special cartoon- great, innocent and fun! Thrilling too! I grew up with it also.
Astrofabio (6 years ago)
Wonder Girl is more powerfoul than Wonder Woman in the 70s superfriends!
MrEmperorCJ (1 year ago)
Wonder Girl says "Wonder Girl away" 6:53
Linda Tellez (6 years ago)
I'm 12 please dont post any mean comments on what I said
Linda Tellez (6 years ago)
It's just my opinion and well their is no right or wrong. :)
Linda Tellez (6 years ago)
I like teen titans better
Daniel Burkett (1 month ago)
+WonderWoman1942 Thank YOU for a nostalgic trip back to my childhood! Though I'm older now, it feels good to watch this after all these years. 😊
WonderWoman1942 (4 months ago)
Today animators can do more things than they could back in 1967. Today computers allow more scope for tricky things and longer stories with character development. The Teen Titans of 1967 was very simple when you compare it to today. I like both for different reasons. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback as it is appreciated and hope you enjoyed looking at the past too.
MrEmperorCJ (6 years ago)
Wonder Girl: Up up and away!! 6:53
deathpixie60 (7 years ago)
LMAO, this is awesome. I only just discovered this version of the Teen Titans and have read all the Teen Titans volumes, the little things like 'Twinkle Toes' and 'Wonder Chick' were awesome references to the first volume and I'm glad they used those. It had me laughing but it's still brilliant.
megibabe1 (7 years ago)
@CarolinaNIM cool! thx for the info.
Ronald Anders (7 years ago)
IMHO the boy and his father resemble Jonny Quest and his father. This was made a year or two after the original Jonny Quest series.
Ronald Anders (7 years ago)
@megibabe1 This was made in 1967. I was 13 back then, so do you math to find out how old I am. :) No offense on the cool and weird taken. My family had black and white TV back then so this is my first view of these in color. There are only 3 or 4 of these along with others like Flash, Green Lantern, etc. that were shown on rotation during the Superman-Aquaman Hour on Saturday morning.
megibabe1 (7 years ago)
when the heck was this done?!! it looks so cool and wierd all at the same time! no offence intended to everyone who grew up with this but i'm only 14.
WonderWoman1942 (4 months ago)
1967. It was one of the early DC shows by Filmation studios. It was very simple for the time. Today, especially with computers, there is more avenues to make longer animation with more tricky effects. Back then it was all hand drawn and took a long time.
Yozif Perralt (7 years ago)
Loved it! I wonder why they couldn't include wonder girl in the new version of the Titans
WonderWoman1942 (4 months ago)
Due to rights at the time which was very unfortunate. She appears in the new DC Streaming show, Titans as Donna Troy.
Girardifan (7 years ago)
The story would had been better if, at 2:44, Wonder Girl had saved Aqualad and Speedy when they were about to crash, only to be captured when a Mutant Man sneaks up behind her and knocks her out with a blow to the head. When Wonder Girl awakens, she is imprisoned in a jail cell and is powerless because her bracelets have been chained by a man. With Aqualad and Speedy also helpless, it is up to Kid Flash to rescue them.
alexiaashford (7 years ago)
God! this is old!! hahaha i love ti thank for posting.
TricksterChocobo (9 years ago)
"How 'bout that chick, we're clear for take off!" This is GOLDEN. Thank you so much for posting these!

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