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Whisky Jarilla - Amongst the Feelings

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Filas/Salatino/Búcolo Álbum: Todos Despertamos Grabado y Masterizado en Marfil Estudio, Mendoza, Argentina. Fecha de Lanzamiento: 18 de Junio de 2016 Martín Salatino: Voz Sebastián Ojer: Guitarras, Voz y Sintetizador Martín Filas: Bajo y Voz Salvador Bucolo: Batería Nothing else to say about yesterday, Why are you so amused? The sun does not refuse To shine, to keep warm, to light my way, our way... If I'll survive, If you'll be here, If the sky will cry, and tears will be shed. Finally walked away through the grass, and all you left behind were just footsteps, close to you, amongst the feelings Disappeared... the mountains crumble, the sea bursts out... Will the sun burn? Only the wind knows, if I survive, if you'll be here, if you'll be here, if the sky will cry, and tears will be shed.
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