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RIP Oliver Queen! Flash Forward MYSTERY! - Arrow 7x05 Trailer Breakdown!

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RIP Oliver Queen! Flash Forward MYSTERY! - Arrow 7x05 Trailer Breakdown! Arrow 7x05, Arrow Season 7, Roy Harper, Black Siren, Longbow Hunters Like / Share the Video if you enjoyed! Covering the latest in The Flash Season 5, Arrow Season 7, Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 and MUCH MORE! EXCLUSIVE Content and Bonuses @ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pagey Social Media: Twitter http://twitter.com/pagmyst Snapchat: apageyy Instagram: PageyYT Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/pagmyst Discord: https://discord.gg/9Tq6Vc3 For Business Inquiries: [email protected] --- Channel Info --- I started my channel to talk about all things related to TV Shows and Movies. I do videos on Movie/TV News, Trailer Breakdowns, Movie and TV reviews, and plenty more! #Arrow #ArrowSeason7 #RoyHarper
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Text Comments (428)
Weazel Games (6 months ago)
this is NOT a flash forward, it's a different earth....
Sean Harper (6 months ago)
This guy likes to ramble on pure guess work
Pagey (6 months ago)
Thanks Sean! Happy you noticed!
Eisha Dsouza (6 months ago)
I think Elseworlds crossover might change things
Patrick Dangerfield (6 months ago)
Could almost bet the demon is malcom merlyn
Bill Moody (6 months ago)
I'm thinking that THIS future is not necessarily THE future. Remember, John used to have son, not a daughter...
crawfordaarenwww (6 months ago)
You know I think that the “demon” might be Hackett the guy on the raft with Oliver and his dad and his dad shot him but both Oliver and Sara survived out there what’s to say that maybe Hackett survived to and wants revenge on the queen family...... What do you think @pagey ???
Anime arts (6 months ago)
Man Dias is taking a power inhancement drug just like in season 2
Anime arts (6 months ago)
I think that william have time traveled in the past to prevent the danger coming in the future
scott bauer (6 months ago)
Ras al Guel
ReallyJustForFun !! (6 months ago)
If u guys dont know but new green arrow is oliver's half sister
ReallyJustForFun !! (6 months ago)
+Jonah Msangi so?? If you watched the other seasons of Arrow you would know that you can change your voice
Jonah Msangi (6 months ago)
ReallyJustForFun !! no it's not. the new green arrow has a man voice
Steven Ferruzza (6 months ago)
Here's a thought.... The demon might be Raj Al. Guhl Malcolm Merlyn. Barry messed with the time line again that's why Malcolm could be alive or he made a narrow devious escape from li an yu. Or maybe even Pagey
Mohammed Ali the g (6 months ago)
Barry didn't mess with time line it was his daughter from the future
Max Owens (6 months ago)
What if malcolm Merlin comes back as the demon
WLS Studios Presents (6 months ago)
what if he doesn't remember Felicity and thats why her reaction is like that in the prison?
mmm7 plays (6 months ago)
i bet the demon is antaloty and where the hell is thea
Jeff Francis (6 months ago)
Isn't Ra's Al Ghul called the Demon? There was even an episode back in 2014 called " Heir to the Demon". Maybe they are bringing the original back or maybe its Malcolm Merlin.
Allen .Lockett (6 months ago)
The Demon... Heir to the Demon?? There must be a league of assassin's connection there.. although I'd love it to be Slade!
Kaltorjon Turax (6 months ago)
My guess is Oliver will be the Demon.
King Realist (6 months ago)
I’d think older Dinah can use her canary cry anymore or is it just a scar from someone cutting her throat open to end her screams
Ezra Obrien (6 months ago)
In season 7 I think the flash forward timeline is in a state of flux or under constant change. The new greenarrow seems to know to much about present day. Also when key team arrow members are about to die he turns up and saves them. Wild dog. Wild dog's daughter. Some villans which he takes down either before or while starting to comit a crime. So I think as the present changes so will the timeline in the flash forwards. Is this a good theory?
Delightful Reviews (6 months ago)
I just had a thought, what if when Felicity goes to visit Oliver, Danny Brickwell actually shows up in his place:/.
Pagey (6 months ago)
oh wow...never thought about that. That would be interesting!
MINDF***ED (6 months ago)
Ras al Ghul is the demon. Also future Felicity faked her death and went into hiding
Mahir Ebrahim (6 months ago)
Calling it, the demon is Maseo Yamashiro
tonysnyder9 (6 months ago)
Who said felicity would never be killed off and what would make her do special that it would be the case? You keep saying that but she is a side/minor character no matter how much the writers try to push her as a main one.
Dante Butler (6 months ago)
Did anyone notice how Dinah had a scar on her neck in the future ? I wonder if she lost her canary cry.
yebany (6 months ago)
To be honest, I think that Oliver is dead and William already knows which is why it's not being brought up. On the island with Roy, when they discovered Oliver's bow he said "this WAS my father's bow" - does this imply that Oliver has completely stopped being the Green Arrow? Does it mean that Oliver was killed in prison and was covered up? Who knows?
T.M . Hackley (6 months ago)
The whole fact that the writers keep putting Oliver through being tortured time after time year after year is really getting old and honestly I'm feed up with it i think the writers have made him get tortured every single season that i can think of . Is it really a lot to ask to possible make one season ( if this isn't the last season) where he isn't totured, and taken away from his son and everyone else he loves!! And the fact that everyone enjoys constantly seeing Oliver in prison and getting totured and possibly brainwashed proves how messed up people are . As for the future timeline it almost looks like Oliver isn't in the future timeline so I'm not sure if I'm right or not but i think he may actually already be dead. ( hopefully I'm wrong and he's not).
spaniol1997 (6 months ago)
Teresa Hackley wow...why are you ranting about a show you don’t even like to a person you don’t even know? I’ve never interacted with someone like you before and definitely won’t again...too toxic. Good day
T.M . Hackley (6 months ago)
+spaniol1997 My personality is none of your business if i said these comments are ancient than they are ancient if i say you and other people who enjoy watching people be tourched year after year on a fake fictional show like arrow are messed up then guess what that must be the case . And like i said I'm the type of person who really doesn't give a shit if you like what i say or if you agree with it or not and don't set there and tell me what type of a person i am or what kind of personality i have when you have no f◇◇◇en clue who i am especially when it's clear what type of personality you have and what type of a person you are !!!!!
spaniol1997 (6 months ago)
Teresa Hackley 4 days is ancient lol? “Constant” is a huge overstatement! And you seem to have an over-reacting and confrontational type of personality, so I will bid you adieu.
T.M . Hackley (6 months ago)
+spaniol1997 Even though these comments are ancient now just because you enjoy seeing oliver or whoever tourched all the time doesn't mean i have to enjoy it rather it's in a fake fictional series or in real life. So i will say again anyone who enjoys seeing it happen constantly Time after time just proves how messed up some people are .so please if you enjoy it be my guess and enjoy it. As for me I'm done with Arrow right now as long as it keeps going on because i am enjoying a much better show right now called NCIS los Angeles.
spaniol1997 (6 months ago)
Teresa Hackley Oliver is not only an awesome character physically, but he is a very deep and psychological character with a lot of baggage to unpack and that attracts a lot of opportunities for torturous situations imo.
Kounter Kombatant (6 months ago)
Demon is gonna be Malcolm or a revived Ra's
D Styles (6 months ago)
Could the Demon be Ra's Al Ghul?
DanTheMan (6 months ago)
Al ghul is the demon I call it or maybe merlyn
Regular Tomatoes (6 months ago)
The flash forwards seem like all his work was 4 nothing 😑
Phantom ghoul 113 (6 months ago)
Oliver was tortured by prometheus,suffered by slade,lost countless lives,etc. I don't believe that a simple electrical therapy session is gonna break oliver
Phantom ghoul 113 (6 months ago)
+spaniol1997 and he did mentally and physically. Prometheus almost did the same thing plus in the promo Oliver said we need to shut this down. By the looks of it in the promo it almost proves that Oliver is faking it
spaniol1997 (6 months ago)
Phantom ghoul 113 true, but he’s also been without food, water, and sleep for 2 or more days with flashing lights and sounds to try to weaken him along with at least 2 injections of that drug and the stress of the prison situation....That sounds like a lot to endure:(
ZZZGaming (6 months ago)
heir to the demon. could be one of the daughters. Nyssa al Ghul is the right Demons head.
ECR Vids (6 months ago)
O yea reverse flash sais that Oliver is going to Die at 84 years old and revers flash is from the future so...
Dennis Presson (6 months ago)
I'm getting tired of Oliver in prison I'm done watching!
Rykrzz (6 months ago)
He's never actually been sent to prison. He has been arrested but never in prison.
jacob stevens (6 months ago)
THE DEMON is Matt Nable AKA Ra's al Ghul
Jamesr128 (6 months ago)
The Demon is the demons head from season 3
OfficialDufmaan (6 months ago)
2:14 the other chair??? WHO IS THAT GUY? is that the demon?????
Alan McLaren (6 months ago)
What if the Flash Forward is from Earth 2 or another Earth.
Scarlet Lightning86 (6 months ago)
Demon is Ragman
#ozanas (6 months ago)
idk why i feel oliver was depowered since s03...i mean the guy defeated ras al ghul and is not able to beat the crap out of some prisoners in ep.1
Vibing With Chill (6 months ago)
He doesnt want to fight them.
Sonja Evans (6 months ago)
Anyone else thinks its odd the kids from the superheroes from the future are appearing for a reason?
Jayden Payne (6 months ago)
Bruh I wonder if Barry goin to here about him I’m confused did they see Oliver said he was green arrow and if they did how come team flash didn’t show up?? You will think Sarah and ray will be there when Oliver got handcuffed but only sarah did wht is tht
Jayden Payne (6 months ago)
Free my nigga oliver
Jay Hamilton (6 months ago)
He's not a nigga
Wefler (6 months ago)
in the flash forwards i don't think Oliver is gonna be dead because in season one episode 6 on legends of tomorrow we see Oliver in 2046
Reece Richards (6 months ago)
Hey Pagey do you think that the flashback scenes with older William and Roy has anything to do with Star City 2048 storyline in Legends of Tomorrow season 1??
Lovemore Nanjaya (6 months ago)
Its Ra's Al'Ghul
Monqua Edwards (6 months ago)
What if Diaz was that doctor patient
floppy fish (6 months ago)
Do these flash forwards mean we will never see Roy in present day this season?
Gamer Guy (6 months ago)
What if Oliver is the Demon?
raj shankar (6 months ago)
Hey Pagey, great video as always! Personally I hope Felicity is dead, nothing against Emily but I just hate Felicity's character after season 2. No Idea who the demon could be, but I do remember them saying Oliver would be seeing some he didn't think he would ever again, so that's really interesting and I'm excited to see who that will be. I also don't think Felicity has been leading future Roy and William around by changing the GPS coordinates on the arrow head. Might be a stretch, but I think that person and the impostor GA are the same person. There are two scenes in this last episode were Rene is standing side-by-side to the new GA and just from the cloth face mask and how petite the impostor looks in the suit makes me feel like its a girl. And with all the talk about the legacy of the Queen name, and the legacy of the Green Arrow, and also the heavy implications of Robert, I feel it could be Emiko Queen, or a version of Emiko Queen.
Avery SCY (6 months ago)
is the William that met Roy actually from the future and the show just decided to show these future events or is he from the present who was somehow sent into the future? help me someone..
john norwood (6 months ago)
Avery SCY It is 20 years in the future and it will be used until either the series ends or Schwartz is no longer showrunner https://screenrant.com/arrow-tv-show-flash-forwards/
12chapin (6 months ago)
Hello Pagey. I think Oliver could be faking everything, and the doctor is someone that knows Oliver from years ago. So what they’re doing is what Oliver thinks can lure the Demon into the open.
Deku Midoria (6 months ago)
Maybe oliver is a guard for the glades
Viknix (6 months ago)
Still think this is connected to "elseworlds"crossover somehow.
K Kay (6 months ago)
I know I’m not the only one that thinks Oliver is overpowered literally nothing can break him 😂
oloniyo toba (6 months ago)
I'm supporting this
Mr. Anonymous (6 months ago)
Fuck felicity sick of felishitty.. every season since season 2 has just been felicity ,felicity, felicity.. felicity this felicity that ..just rename the show to Green Olicity and Friends.
Celestial Knight (6 months ago)
jack stin (6 months ago)
Ra's al Ghul is dead though? Maybe it's Malcolm Merlyn Hmm my 2 guesses.
Thomas D (6 months ago)
Dead can mean many different things...... She states "Felicity Smoake" is dead, Felicity could be alive but different name or different altogether. Thing that stuck out to me in the Episode is Roy asking Zoe about Wild Dog. He wouldn't be caught dead in Star City.... Is he part of the problem or was it his fault it all happened? The imposter he's likely not a good guy..... I mean how best to defeat a Enemy other than as a friend. The list of people Oliver never thought he'd see again is way too huge.... I mean he got life? My guess though it has to do with the League. Thea and Roy will have a part to play this season so no doubt the League will pop up.
Jeremy Nolan (6 months ago)
I have been seeing a lot of theories around people predicting the identity of "the Demon" as Ra's Al Ghul (season 3), but I do not think that they would completely undo the events of an entire season with just him showing up here four seasons later. That would just draw up a lot of questions for me. Mostly, "You were in this meaningless prison for all this time. The most elite assassin in the world, and he can't get out of this prison?" Like what would he have been doing this whole time? That alone, would need several "flash-backs" to give some exposition towards his time since the night on the dam. Also, there is a lot of people suggesting that Talia is "the Demon", I also don't really feel that it would be anything like that because she didn't have too big of a part in the story, when she was relevant. Not saying she (and the actress) didn't do a good job, just really didn't give the plot enough to warrant her coming back. My personal thoughts as to who could be this person he never thought he would see again. It has to be somebody that was prominent in season 1 - 3. I think it could possibly be Helena Bertanelli (the Huntress). She had quite the fling with Oliver during season 1 - 2. But fell off the map after going to jail/prison. So what if she has gotten to the point of being in "Level Two" during her time on the inside, Diaz uncovered their past, and has been using some of that inside information to play around with Oliver and his team.
David Miranda (6 months ago)
I wonder if the new green arrow is shadow from season 1 she not dead
MyNameisGrex (6 months ago)
Bet the demon is Raas Al Gul OR Merlin
Justin Ebanks (6 months ago)
I think its possible the chef psychologist will turn out to be the actual demon
Justin Ebanks (6 months ago)
+Thomas D ? Beebo 1st showed up in legends
Thomas D (6 months ago)
Doubt it he could be League related though.
newageBoundhippie (6 months ago)
here's a crazy thought....this isn't the first time we've heard a character referred to as "the demon". What if it's somehow Ra's Al Ghul? o_O
jorge cruces (6 months ago)
What if the doctor is the demon 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Harrambou (6 months ago)
7x04 Was so damn depressing...
CHANDA AGARWAL (6 months ago)
I think that the new green arrow is from future trying to stop the glades from rising as Dinah said
JAY JAM JACK Productions (6 months ago)
I was happy to here that Felicity was dead in the future. His character get more annoying every season.
JAY JAM JACK Productions (6 months ago)
I think the doctor is the Demon
Daubbythehouseelf2017 (6 months ago)
I know this will never happen, but I would kind of like to see the fact that Nora went back in time, changed Oliver going to prison. Yes I know, most people will say that would have happened by now if that was the case, but think about it, Arrow did the time jump for the actual amount of time of the hiatus (5 months). Flash didn't so, hey a girl can dream right? I think The Demon is Ras or Talia. My top three on who the demon is: 1. The Doctor 2. Ras 3.Talia. I would love to see a redemption for Bronze Tiger. Maybe he and Stanley work together, to help save Oliver. I mean going by the episode titles, it looks like Oliver isn't getting out of prison until episode 7, unfortunately. It would be interesting, sad but interesting, to see if when he gets out of prison, if he is suffering from memory loss and hallucinations. There has been talk that the reunion of Oliver and Felicity will have scars, and left us questioning if it was real or not. I think right now Arrow is the best DC show on the CW. I know haters gonna hate. Just my opinion.
Keto Guido (6 months ago)
So where's diggle's future son isn't he the new green arrow from Legends?
john norwood (6 months ago)
Keto Guido Different timeline. Diggle's son is in the timeline where Oliver is still alive and has lost an arm
Jose Castro (6 months ago)
Oliver is Alive remember when Sara saw him without his arm in the future
Thomas D (6 months ago)
Different future Legends is a Constant changing timeline.
Joe Honegger (6 months ago)
That'd be dope if the demon is Rhas Al Ghul and he somehow survived that night on the dam.
Thomas D (6 months ago)
Him Talia or Merlin either one.
jamie marshall (6 months ago)
Merlyn was the "demon" in season 4 plus Oliver never thought he'd see him again cause he's "dead" (never saw a body so I'm still holding out hope that Malcolm is alive) so what if for some reason Malcolm Merlyn is the demon at slabside. In terms of name sake it makes some sense. Plus if Stephen Amell said it's someone Oliver thought he'd never see again he's "dead" but no body on screen.
Jay Hamilton (6 months ago)
Felicity needs to die!!!!
Sassyasian18 Ho (5 months ago)
Jay Hamilton what pains? Why you the worst of her? She had been with Oliver and the team from the beginning.... she did more good and help Oliver everything he asked for.. give her some credit man,,, if you don’t like her.. no need to want her die .. be nice
Jay Hamilton (6 months ago)
+Sassyasian18 Ho She needs to feel pain
Jay Hamilton (6 months ago)
+Sassyasian18 Ho She needs to die!
Sassyasian18 Ho (6 months ago)
Jay Hamilton no she doesn’t..😡
Vincent D (6 months ago)
i think miss queen is not dead but being heald in the glades after they took her by force and faked her death and she found a way to covertly call for help by leading them to pre hidden clue so they could save her
Shelby Routt (6 months ago)
In the episode of legends where they find Oliver he says Felicity’s old stuff is kept in a warehouse and the code to get in is 4587
Wildepoema (6 months ago)
Also in legends od tomorrow in the episode were they come star city in the future, oliver says to sara that the code is 4587
yebany (6 months ago)
In another episode of the legends, Malcom and Damien Darkh rob a Swiss vault - the vault belongs to Rip Hunter and the access code is also 4587 :)
Nova2512 (6 months ago)
*Could whoever is guiding Roy and William be leading them to a way to get in touch with the legends, or the waverider itself so they can undo all the future stuff? Also you think we will ever find out what was on that scrap of paper Roy was hiding from William?*
jose farias (6 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks the demon is ras
Nova2512 (6 months ago)
*Did we hear something about erasing people in last nights episode, or was that something I heard somewhere else?*
Nova2512 (6 months ago)
*Whats up with the female prisoner in the background at **0:25**?*
Adam Cardona (6 months ago)
Ras Al Gluh, come on who else is known as the Demon. That would be a great twist on events.
KodyOnWax (6 months ago)
I think they r going to brainwash Oliver to the point where that he doesn’t know who Felicity is and kills her.
Gabriel P. (6 months ago)
“Hey, don’t be hating on beebo.”
spaniol1997 (6 months ago)
What if that prison phone scene with Felicity is part of the Bronze Tiger redemption vibe we got last episode or maybe Stanley? Loving this season and great vid as usual!
Ghost TigerZz (6 months ago)
I know there is like a lot of evidence on Emiko queen being the green arrow but by looking at the face and the body shape along with the moves that the green arrow uses I think its Roy Harper. Now I know there is an episode called "my name is Emiko Queen" but that doesn't exactly mean green arrow; that could mean that she announced or added in some other way like a separate arrow. I don't really know completely but this just my theory on the topic on who is the green arrow.
Bryan Irwin (6 months ago)
I wonder if Oliver is just playing the psychiatrist
Rykrzz (6 months ago)
Probably just like he food Ras agul
ZZIEMM (6 months ago)
christian seyer (6 months ago)
Maybe 🤔🤔🤔
InfiniteCaliber (6 months ago)
They wouldn’t just leave William alone thinking they’re dead
Nora Gardner (6 months ago)
Demon is either: Slade or Malcolm. It could be Roy but I think it is one of those two.
William Moat (6 months ago)
The demons gotta be merlyn
Kirito Swords (6 months ago)
I know it's probably not, but I'm hoping "The Demon" is Malcolm. I know he's supposed to be dead, but it wouldn't be the first time he's escaped what should have been a fatal situation.
Monstercore (6 months ago)
Thats dumb... why would he hunt Oliver
John Petrinolis (6 months ago)
Kirito Swords rule of comics. No corpse, no death.
DeathSlinger66 (6 months ago)
the demon could be the first ras al ghul we seen in the show
Alex Figs (6 months ago)
I hope it is DEADSHOT bring him back
I don’t care Bare (6 months ago)
I want more flash forwards like maybe a full episode of them with a few flashbacks to the present
XxDark WolfxX (6 months ago)
Emmett Woodward (6 months ago)
Felicity faked her death to hide from someone or something.
Emmett Woodward (6 months ago)
I think when he's getting attacked it's a dream.
Tim Norman (6 months ago)
Can your thumbnails not spoil as soon as I touch the YouTube app I can't even subscribe to you anymore you ruin everything
awesomeman man (6 months ago)
What if the person Oliver thought he would never see again is himself before he became the green arrow that the brainwashing brought out. We are familiar with him and Oliver probably thought that he could never be that person again or see that person again because of his darkness.
Wolverine 9098 (6 months ago)
I dont think the show will tell us if Oliver is alive in the future till season finale
Dannyisboss 200 (6 months ago)
Wolverine 9098 *legends of tomorrow 1x6 also reverse flash says he “dies” at 86
Ali Khizer. (6 months ago)
Oliver is Alive. Reverse Flash said that he lives to be 86 years old.

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