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System Change Number in Oracle Database - SCN - DBArch Video 26

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In this video you will understand what is System Change Number in an Oracle Database, and get to know about some of the uses of it. . Our Upcoming Online Course Schedule is available in the url below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qKpKf32Zn_SSvbeDblv2UCjvtHIS1ad2_VXHh2m08yY/edit#gid=0 Reach us at [email protected]
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Syeda Munawar Fatima (4 months ago)
Sir in the instance recovery video u said that rollforward happens with the committed un-checkpointed changes in the redo log.and roll back happens with the uncommited uncheckpointed changes ...Here u are saying rollforward happens with the not committed changes????Please clear...
Syeda Munawar Fatima (4 months ago)
+Ramkumar Swaminathan Thank you so much for your prompt reply..You are great sir...Not only I am watching your videos but also enjoying them a lot...
Ramkumar Swaminathan (4 months ago)
Rollforward is for committed transactions only...
Anand Parthasarathy (4 months ago)
How about if the DB is IDLE, Will it change or not?
Ramkumar Swaminathan (4 months ago)
ACtually SCN is generated continuously based on timestamp ( Thats my understanding)... checkpoints that happen automatically uses that to synchronize file headers...
sachin tiwari (5 months ago)
sachin tiwari (5 months ago)
Sir in multi transaction vedio u said that SCN is only generate when commit is occur In this vedio u saying that if any event occure like dml,ddl, select then scn is generate.
Ramkumar Swaminathan (5 months ago)
SCN is generated for every change.. but only on commit it gets committed for the transaction
sagar jagtap (1 year ago)
nice1 sir
Ramkumar Swaminathan (1 year ago)
Thank you sir

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