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Who Is REALLY Human At The End Of The Thing?

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John Carpenter's horror classic hides the truth in plain sight...
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hamad rashed (3 hours ago)
Also their breathing at the end, one has the vapor when it’s cold and the other doesn’t
Dakota Thompson (9 hours ago)
I don't want anyone to reveal who was the actual thing at the end. This is a mystery that sold be left unsolved
Mughead (11 hours ago)
Another thing is that maccready has the icy breath while child's doesn't
Bryson Hanefeld (13 hours ago)
Mccready has do much smoke coming out but child has skin to none so child is the thing
David Cohran (13 hours ago)
Charle’s breathing is also not seen while McReady’s is.
Dylan Brudzinski (16 hours ago)
# dog dead #alian
Dylan Brudzinski (16 hours ago)
#dogdead #alian
DiyEcoProjects (16 hours ago)
Childs (alien) and Mac (human) both know their fucked and about to die, no matter it they attack each other. They laugh because IT realizes that Mac knows hes an Alien
Noah Tracey (17 hours ago)
Easily the best horror movie
megakidz13 (1 day ago)
I swear that john carpenter liked the story of the game and made it canon
KrypTanko (1 day ago)
there is a graphic novel series that continues the story, and childs was the thing
GreecyGyro (1 day ago)
I think its Childs because not only does he not have the eyelight but also Mcready when he breathes in the end his breath is shown but Childs' breath can not be seen
JJ Volt Vlogs (2 days ago)
Also think about this. In the ending scene Mac is breathing super heavily and you can see the fog from his breath, ya know, because of the cold. But child’s breath, you can’t see. There’s no fog coming from his nose/mouth, and that’s why I think child’s is the thing.
will allen (2 days ago)
what if it's not mac or childs at all and its one of the Norwegians?? just a little theory I thought of???
DKOSurvivorz (2 days ago)
MacReady is in The Thing game as well it is sequel to movie and it reveal his fate.
Jameson Siler (3 days ago)
Another piece of evidence you left out is that the thing is fine with most temperature and probably changes its body temperature, this would explain why Macready looks like a smoke machine and child's is acting like its 78 degrees outside
whitebasicmammal (3 days ago)
Rash-acting alcoholic *is* an action-hero trope.
Zozo Games (4 days ago)
when breathing the charles hasnt got those clouds when exhaling though mcreedy does
Project Zorgo (4 days ago)
Is this a whatculture member
JELH (4 days ago)
MacReady is the human and Childs is the thing.
Melissa Bee (5 days ago)
I think childs is the thing at the end
MrBootydaddy (5 days ago)
494 people are still tied to the f*cking couch lol.
Maurice Fuqua (5 days ago)
Probably the black guy smh
Marcio Destron (5 days ago)
I have a question: the thing is a Alien who is infected in other planet and come down to earth because he is dying process inside his ship?
Anthony Mont (6 days ago)
I saw this back in 1983 on one of the premium channels back in the Day, Great Flick, especially considering what's out Currently but, back on point, I, to believe that Childs, is probably the Thing, because they really never show him after the scene, when Mac says we're going out to give Blair the Test, he just stares at Mac, I know they didn't like each other, but, there was Plenty of Time for Child to get Assimilated, could be wrong and maybe they just froze.
Kermit Grover (6 days ago)
You can't use the prequel's jewelry theory to explain Childs having an earring in a movie made 25 years before dude...
Haohmaru HL (7 days ago)
"Who do you think was less human at the end?" The shitheads who decided to scrap the practical effects in favor of cgi in the prequel movie..
Gibbay Gibber (7 days ago)
The eye gleam doesn’t hold up, the Palmer imitation does have the gleam at different shots during the blood test scene
Gibbay Gibber (7 days ago)
It’s not a remake. It’s a totally different interpretation of the same source material as “The Thing From Another World”. Since both movies were based off of the short story “Who goes there?”
I seen the movie when it came out, and I do believe that there was a comic book about the ending having mac as the thing and escaping into the jungle and taking many forms from there, but i guess will really never no who is really the thing, carpenter rules...
13mwb (7 days ago)
Jules is that you???
13mwb (7 days ago)
Holy shit it is. Great job, guys. This is a wonderful dissection of The Thing. Keep up the fantastic work. Cheers from the states.
KDH Studioz (7 days ago)
Also one had foggy breath and the other didn't? More evidence?
cheese chisel (8 days ago)
3:28 ... thing with breath
Lloyd Nix (8 days ago)
The other imitations had eye gleams, so the eye gleam theory doesn't hold water.
Slightlier Abyss (8 days ago)
I found this channel right now, it does sound pretty familiar
arse bandit (8 days ago)
Childs was bitten earlier by the alien dog in the canteen - obviously nifected.
Captain Beardy (9 days ago)
Macready was very heavily breathing in the last frame while childs was not
KeK StrayHALO_MAN (9 days ago)
The game is canon but that's only because Carpenter loved it.
Psychotic (9 days ago)
I think Childs is the thing because he doesn't show any breath like MacCready did. And we know the thing doesn't need to breath like humans do
synchaoz (9 days ago)
Quick note: You cannot use the new Thing movie for referencing plot elements in the original The Thing, unless Carpenter back in the 1980's magically knew that a prequel would be made 20 years later ;)
ale moya (9 days ago)
mcredy have baoh in his breath ...charles not ...the things is not a warm blood animal
everythingzone (10 days ago)
Childs • No eye reflection • Not breathing • Drinks petrol • «You» not «we» • Clothing • Went missing
Swagsuke Uchiha (10 days ago)
I messaged John once and he told me he'll never tell me the ending Who suggests freezing to death? Mac.
Dmitri Kozlowsky (10 days ago)
There is an assumption that an imitation is aware that it is an imitation. A thing, with perfect replication of form and memory, would not necessarily be aware of it. It may think that it is human. Probably everybody got 'thinged'.
Joaquin Ortega (11 days ago)
the thing onee of our greatest mysteries
donsknots (11 days ago)
Jim Bean you sure spent some killer production money.
Zack Ceasar (11 days ago)
I like the idea of MacReady being the thing. Your argument for it is incredibly insidious, which is much more interesting. Not sure I'm fully sold, but I like it.
brandton keracik (11 days ago)
Childs is the thing if you've read the comics youd know why hes still human-ish in the film
Gabrielle Marin (11 days ago)
7:12 this isn't true, the dog imitations and several other shots of people who were imitations have eye gleam
kamite 1 (11 days ago)
Wouldn't it be f'd up if this was a true story from 1938 and this is why no one really goes to that shitty continent. Quarantined.
Peter Negan (12 days ago)
if both were humans at the end and also thought the other guy was the thing, that would mean they would have the end of the world gay sex in the cold.!
Mabye the thing learnt to hide it's icy breath that could be a good debate?
Roger French (13 days ago)
"Why you so damn anxious to let him in here"? "Cos he's so close, maybe our best chance to blow it away"!!
Usgosudi Wahya-Gihli (13 days ago)
What are you smoking? The Thing wasn't a B movie. Dear lord the special effects at the time was top notch and had a 15 mil budget. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's B.
Usgosudi Wahya-Gihli (13 days ago)
Awesome theory though, and a fascinating study!
Chris Dybowski (13 days ago)
Childs had an earning. Not a Thing. Mac blasted the prick. Not a Thing.
pj fitz (13 days ago)
I feel like the eye thing is the most damning. I mean, the cinematographer wouldn’t have gone rogue.
BATTLECRY 731 (14 days ago)
Also Macs breath was foggy and child's wasnt
Jared Rafnson (14 days ago)
elisa brown (14 days ago)
I think child’s is the thing at the end not breathing out cold air???anyway still a classic John Carpenter masterpiece.
Mateo Aray (15 days ago)
Childs was a Thing no doubt in my mind
tripsr4kids (16 days ago)
u missed the obvious! at the end of the movie u can see McCready's breath cuz of the cold. but u cant see Childs'. even tho they're a few feet from each other. u shud be able to see both of their breaths. but Childs isnt breathing.
Devan Hale (15 days ago)
+tripsr4kids watch the movie.
tripsr4kids (15 days ago)
+Devan Hale proof...
Devan Hale (15 days ago)
earlier in the movie you see a thing breathing and you can see its breath so this means nothing
Yeti tracker 66 (16 days ago)
It really annoys me when one of the greatest science fiction/horror films ever made is referred to as a B movie.
James P (16 days ago)
I didn't know they made another one! Lol
Hows it going dude (17 days ago)
I think childs is a thing at the end of the movie because if you look at when they breathe, you can see MacCready’s breath in the cold air, but you can’t see child’s.
Devan Hale (15 days ago)
earlied in the movie you can see a thing's breath. so that means nothing
wch7 (17 days ago)
Look at who breath is freezing as the spoke at the end
Ostrich160 (18 days ago)
Why wouldnt childs be able to taste the gasoline and react accordingly? If the thing is a perfect imitation it would surely carry over human senses? Otherwise it would be easy to detect a thing, you just produce a smell, taste or sound and ask each "human" what it was. As for the eye glint argument, its good but its meta, its not in universe evidence Obviously the whole point of the ending is that we dont know and that makes it much better, but its still interesting to think about
MrCodeman2036 (18 days ago)
It's so obvious that Kurt Russell was the thing at the end of movie...He was told by Fuchs earlier in the film not to share any food, so then he offers Child's a sip from his bottle then lightly chuckles to himself, that's the Thing knowing he just got Childs through his drink
poijn ve (16 days ago)
you can think it the other way around, child accepted his drink make child a thing beacuse he will know not to share anything.
Caitlin Gannon (18 days ago)
At the end Mac is the only one with smoke coming out his mouth while there are out, so could Childs be the thing?
Devan Hale (15 days ago)
it was the lighting of the shot. plus its shown earlier in the movie that the thing when breathing shows the "smoke" like humans so that doesnt mean anything.
FRÓÐI (19 days ago)
Did you even saw the film or do you just repeat what some idiot said before ??? 5:35 those bottles are destroyed SECONDS LATER LITERALLY...
John Donrick Zerna (19 days ago)
Both of them survived and where not infected or imitations. There's actually a comic book that continues the story, idk whats the title i forgot. But in Filmcomicsexplained he has it in hes videos. And tells the story as anarator for the audience. Alot here in the comment saying they freeze to death XD
John Donrick Zerna (19 days ago)
They both escape, and encounter a submarine maybe, and the people where attack by the thing, somehow the thing managed to survived and continue the horror both child and mac hhelped as all hope was lost child decided to sink the submarine him with the thing, and ask for mac to leave saying he will be fine. He successfully managed to do as planned. Many pages later in the comic, child came back for mac, mac was happy BUT it was a little to suspicious how he survived. There thats all GO READ or WATCH the damn comic.
K1NG_of_ReVeNGe (20 days ago)
Kurt Russel's a total legend
The Game (20 days ago)
John confirmed Childs is The Thing.
Kenshi9000 (21 days ago)
Also he's black so there's that lmfao
Fdk 1000 (21 days ago)
Childs’s breathe at the end doesn’t show moisture or signs of carbon dioxide so a bit of a giveaway
Curruthers (21 days ago)
(for those who haven't played the game, WARNING! SPOILERS!) Now I am quite sure it is far from Canon but I prefer how it comes to the game story line towards the end. MacReady ends up picking you up in a chopper for the final fight. Meaning he survived and was not the Thing. I believe MacReady decided it was best to keep an eye on this area due to the serious potential threat when someone rediscovers it (would make sense having survived it & knowing that more manned missions would come exploring eventually). The game was a fun little shooter that helped keep you paranoid (you could have up to 2 squad mates and one of them could be infected or might suspect you are) and you would have to prove your humanity by doing a test on yourself or making a squad mate do a test. Things would instantly freak and attack while normal's would just keep hanging around. Yes your squad would SHOOT YOU if they didn't believe you. You could do a lone wolf style(killing anyone & not getting squad mates) but in some spots you HAD to have a mate or you could not continue. If you haven't played the game & would like to give it a go I can recommend it just for fun. It isn't the best made game and it takes a little getting used to but it is still fun for fans of horror shooters who enjoyed The Thing. I just chalk the non-canon bit to "what could have happened" category.
Glenn Hoddle (22 days ago)
*The cinematographer tipped everyone off who was the THING in his interview highlighting his subtle lighting technique on everyone's eyes.*
Mark Baldwin (23 days ago)
Zeus (23 days ago)
Theres a comic that takes place after the movie. I Wont spoil it tho
shermanowney1971 (23 days ago)
also at the end MacReady beath is worm but look at Childs breath.
cheese chisel (24 days ago)
very, very good ... +sub
Papi Rooster (24 days ago)
If you read the comic you find out.
Pheonix Bryan (25 days ago)
Childs doesn't have visible breath while Macreedy does. The thing doesn't ever have visible breath
Vladimir Lenin (25 days ago)
I'm pretty sure the Thing has a sense of Smell and Taste, not sure where i learned that, but if it does it would easily be able to smell if it was gasoline and taste it so I don't really think that theory holds up.
Space Man (26 days ago)
Childs is the thing. During the last scene you can see macready breathing. The viewer cannot see childs breathing.
ProjectFlashlight612 (26 days ago)
The Thing is _not_ a remake of The Thing From ANOTHER WORLD, but a film version of Who Goes There?. Do your fucking homework before presuming to comment on genius, kid.
Shipmate (27 days ago)
The Thing and They Live are classics!
lowell handley (27 days ago)
Heres one thing at the end of the movie you dont see childs breath but you do see McCready breath
Fury (27 days ago)
Jules? from WhatCulture? I'm fine with that
Jay Dowg (27 days ago)
What an epic movie.
Aaron alcatraz (28 days ago)
Childs breathing isn't shown and the thing can survive in the cold so he is the thing
Devan Hale (15 days ago)
well earlier in the movie a thing's breath was shown... so....? that means nothing.
Vincent Stuefen (28 days ago)
Child's cuz he drinks gass
mr m (28 days ago)
Cant wait for the all female remake
steven hudson (28 days ago)
Fatalis (28 days ago)
Can you explain to me how Mac could've set someone up with the blood test?
p rod (28 days ago)
over thinking is the crux of civilization...………………………….
When he was talking about Childs he kept showing clips of Nauls. Has this guy even SEEN the film?! The blood test (my favourite scene of the film) clearly shows us that both Mac and Childs are human. Mac tells Childs to guard the door while he goes with Nauls and Garry to test Blair. Blair burrows underground and most likely to the base, Childs is missing and he runs out into the blizzard, he is most likely assimilated. Blair cuts the power and blows the generator lying in wait for the three remaining survivors, he kills Nauls and Garry and now Mac is the last bullet left. He blows up the Thing and the entire base and is left to freeze to death. Until Childs comes out of the shadows very suspiciously and gives a bland reason on why he ran away saying that he “got lost” in the storm. If he was human, why would he run out into the storm for no reason? The easiest evidence of Childs being the Thing is that he isn’t producing any fog from his mouth in the cold weather, Mac being a human produces fog. The film ends with them “sharing” a whiskey, and since alcohol is flammable Mac can torch Childs easily. But Mac would do that if Childs attempted to attack him. If Childs really is the Thing then why didn’t he attack Mac from behind? It must have figured it would be less of a risk to attack because he’d get torched. Bottom line, I think 1982’s The Thing is the best film ever made
JoeJoemac 9 (1 month ago)
The guy with the beard is human.. Because the other guy went off without the guy with the beard.. And so he died and became a thing... so the guy with the beard gets killed by the other guy, seeing as he’s a thing..
Danny A. (1 month ago)
honestly as soon as mcree handed the bottle over i was like omygosh its him and then he even laughed btw just watched it right before this video for the first time
Matt (1 month ago)
Watched it numerous times the movie never gets old
Dre Has the Best Beats (1 month ago)
We can’t use the “Childs’ non-foggy breath” thing as an excuse, because we see Bennett’s breath still has the fog after he’s already assimilated.
phoenix ashes (1 month ago)
Very few successful remake.

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