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Who Is REALLY Human At The End Of The Thing?

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John Carpenter's horror classic hides the truth in plain sight...
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King Of Bel (29 seconds ago)
I enjoyed the movie but the most amazing thing about it is how people overthink everything. The entire movie and the ending is really not nearly as deep as everyone pretend it to be. In the ending you can see the two guys, one tired and breathing cold, while the other is calm and not cold at all. They make it so obvious as to who the creature is, yet everyone discuss it like its not obvious to anyone with half a brain cell. How can you POSSIBLY think the main character is the Thing when he just killed the fucking creature seconds before the ending? Also the creature doesnt "take" things, it literally infiltrates inside their body and act like the creature, as you see when it acts as the dog at the start, and later as the humans it possess. Seriously, theres a thousand movies more thought provoking than this, stop trying to make it deeper than it is.
Terranovation (5 hours ago)
I think MacReady smelt the bottle thinking it was whisky then realized he had the gasoline by mistake thus gives it to Childs
Liquid (13 hours ago)
Neither of them -> the end.
Jonathan L. (21 hours ago)
The thing doesn't show emotions, MacReady smiles as he gives Childs the drink. In the whole movie you can make out the emotionless, blank faces.
Dash Riprock (1 day ago)
Child’s was the thing. Mac was breathing and put out a lot of steam while breathing (due to the insane cold temps). Child was not. I did not come up with this I read that somewhere.
Ben Finny (3 days ago)
Ok, here's something you might have over looked ,at the end ,McCredy and childs are outside in freezing weather ,right? So how come only McCredy's breath is freezing when he exhales?
David Cabral (3 days ago)
what good is this speculating since there never was a sequel which carpenter definitely should have done!!!
Xarope Vader (3 days ago)
Theres only one actually breathing, Jesus...
AnomalyINC (5 days ago)
If Mac was a Thing, why didn't his blood freak out? And since alcohol is flammable, that bottle could just be alcohol. Besides, if you have a functioning flamethrower and you want to kill yourself, why would your first thought be "Imma drink petrol"? I say Childs and Mac are both human, John Carpenter is the Thing.
Devin Sierra (6 days ago)
6:22 what's the music called
Numinous20111 (6 days ago)
MacCready being an assimilation feels like a cheat. That we're being cheaply manipulated by the film. Also, I've heard of several contradictory statements attributed to Carpenter about the ending.
cheese chisel (8 days ago)
when Childs farts at the end, you can't see the steam from it
Jeff Brooks (9 days ago)
If you read the comics or watch the fact fined video on it you'll know they both lived and was both human 😅 sorry y'all
renragged (9 days ago)
I absolutely LOVE "The Thing". I just wish they didn't do the terrible animation of the thing at the end of the film...
Peter Andrews (9 days ago)
Good fun
Godflesh 29 (10 days ago)
Damn it! All these years I didn't even realize the "eye light" deal was going on in the flick. Also I did not catch the "giggle" from mccready and what it meant. Also I didn't realize that the "thing" was involved in building a space ship under the floor when it would go under the floor. I feel like how was a person supposed to pay that close of attention to the movie or any other movies???
Lui Zenidog (10 days ago)
I played the thing on ps2 (its the final chapter)and it turns out both where human but childs dies of frost exposure . You should get a copy its a neat game . Also check out The Thing that came from outer space its the old noir version but its got charm and is worth checking out .
Childs is the thing. When he comes back at the end he is too relax and almost uncaring.
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
Also doesn't "you are the only one who made it" sound like the extremally weird question
Chris Peterson (12 days ago)
The Thing and Alien are b-movies that were good enough to be and became AAA’s.
madlarkin8 (12 days ago)
Goddamn. I had closure at the end of this movie. Now I dont. Asshole.
Robert Miles (12 days ago)
well, obviously childs was the infected one. the part at the end references macreadys loss to the computer at chess near the beginning. and childs clothes were torn. its pretty obvious and carpenter basically just flatly stated it with those scenes/facts. i think thats the point/idea actually. the bottle must have just had booze in it tho bc when the thing infects someone it gets the victims knowledge, so it would know not to drink gas. i also dont think cundys idea would work. bc unless revealing itself or failing to complete the consuming process before being discovered the thing is externally physically identical to whatever it takes over
Jim Kelly (12 days ago)
I have a problem with these fan theories because they assume that everything we see in a given movie was intended and not improvisation, an error, or something simply overlooked.
Victor Smith (13 days ago)
Michael Basco (13 days ago)
As many times as I’ve watched this movie it took a long time to recognize this, but it is a dead give away. MacReady’s breath can be seen because of how cold it is, Child’s breath cannot be seen at all. I’m surprised that wasn’t brought up in this video.
Ricardo Nunez (13 days ago)
Iam gonna say it right now they are not the thing they both have dark fates the thing got burned, they both probably died out in the blizzard or survived. Maybe the military saved them or not. They saved humanity for a time. The thing probably will return and take over the world if it landed on a highly populated country. This movies has no hope. If it exists in the movie than it's gonna happen soon or later. Humanity eventually will get assimilated. Stop thinking there's hope. There is no hope everyone will die, this is a secret of John Carpenter, to give you hope when there is none, except your fate and theirs you will die one day, and the thing will assimilate you that's it. Stop speculating, the thing will take over soon or later. It found a new home, in your self, your gonna become it. That's it no hope, some fighting, but in the end, you will be the thing.
James Taylor (13 days ago)
Childs did disappear and everyone brushed it off and he changed clothes.
Chiles was the thing
J Dog (14 days ago)
I wish they remake the videogame, it was awesome.
CannibalWHORE22 (15 days ago)
I do tend to think Childs actually was the only one who did make it, but yet I believe none of that matters at the end because they were going to be doomed anyways.
Johnny Nieto (15 days ago)
They give out who u can tell really is the thing just look at there eyes no glare when there the thing
Alex Morris (15 days ago)
MacReady hands Child's one of the green glass bottles filled with fuel. MacReady prepared these bottles to burn the buildings down. In the last scene, he feigns taking a sip from the bottle. He hands it to Child's, he/it/The Thing drinks the fuel, unknowing MacReady now knows Child's is a replicant.
ssj2Nesa (16 days ago)
Whats the song at the ending of the movie? Please reply i really like it and i must know!
Ryan Renshaw (16 days ago)
What if the thing actually reaches civilization? What then?
Pan Cytryna (11 days ago)
They defeated it (or nearly defeated) and they were cuted from the outside world, and yet they figoured out what to do.
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
Doubtfull it would actually win anyway.
Jesse Reiter (17 days ago)
My father and I saw this film when it first came out thought it was great. I really miss him. This movie Brings back old memories.
Nicky E (9 days ago)
Me and my pops sat and had some long talks about the theories of this movie. Seemed like The only person that had the same interests as me. What would we do without our dads man ?
TheAncientLink (16 days ago)
Same here. My dad loved it and died shortly thereafter.
Draven Flores-Rios (17 days ago)
It isn’t gasoline in the bottle, but Childs being so quick to trust is the big problem. I’d think most would be more willing to freeze to death than become assimilated. This points again towards Childs being the Thing.
Draven Flores-Rios (17 days ago)
Mac could’ve still gotten the others because they were tied up.
Inquisitive Cameron (17 days ago)
They both are human according to the comic and video game after the movie.
Pan Cytryna (13 days ago)
+Inquisitive Cameron Oh you don't understand anything
Inquisitive Cameron (13 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna but it is the canonical continuation of that story and therefore answers the question of who, if anyone, was a Thing between MacReady and Childs. The answer being neither one. The film's ambiguous ending doesn't change that fact. It's like Bladerunner. Was Harrison Ford a Replicant? Well, when someone else continues the story, they decided yes regardless of the original director of writer's thoughts.
Pan Cytryna (13 days ago)
+Inquisitive Cameron Well technically yes. But the ending of the movie is made like this to never have a continuation and it doesn't really matter who made a comic because it's not the idea
Inquisitive Cameron (14 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna but since I already know where this is heading, yes I do know. Bill Lancaster wrote the screenplay, John Campbell Jr wrote the story, and finally, Chuck Frarrer wrote the comic. Also worth mentioning, John Carpenter as the director of the 82 movie. Oh, what... did you think you could nail down this story..? That saying two writers makes it non canonical?
Inquisitive Cameron (14 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna I can answer, sure. But your little pissy attitude and lack of understanding what is canon doesn't really urge me to share. You're missing the point. The Comic series is meant to take place right after the movie and both are human and escape. The directors thoughts are irrelevant. Is everything in the Avengers timeline after Whedon let the Russo brothers take the reigns non-canon, I think not.
Mr. Ekshun (18 days ago)
This is dumb. You guys are over analyzing this. Almost none of these "things" were deliberate. It's an open ended ending,just like inception
TytoAlbaSoren (18 days ago)
To me, I think Childs is The Thing, but I still quite unsure. The only thing (pun intended) that had me thinking it was the fact that Childs has no cold breath and the fact that he asked "are *you* the only one that made it?" If Childs was human he would've asked "are *we* the only ones that made it?"
Pan Cytryna (13 days ago)
+TytoAlbaSoren Yeah
TytoAlbaSoren (13 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna Ok now you've said that, I'm pretty sure it was intentional.
Pan Cytryna (13 days ago)
+TytoAlbaSoren I mean, "you are the only one who made it'' is pretty stupid question if you are the second one who made it...
Pan Cytryna (13 days ago)
+TytoAlbaSoren And someone written it like that for a reason
TytoAlbaSoren (14 days ago)
+Pan Cytryna I agree but in acting if the script said so, you gotta say it.
TVfanatic342 (19 days ago)
I agree with the end of this video that The Thing is Charles because in a deleted, alternate scene, Macready tests his blood which ends up being negative for infection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0lArAnRDBs
William Lamm (20 days ago)
MacReady. Full stop. Childs is infected. Mac's breath steams in the air. Childs' doesn't.
Thomas Hebert (20 days ago)
Wow really good point i love this movie as a kid i grew up on john and kurt collabs wanna believe mcready is a hero to the end but man would that be an awesome twist
Hypnos (21 days ago)
This is the scariest movie of all time
Brie’s Thoughts (21 days ago)
Good theory. :) Not a B movie, however. The eye light theory is one I never heard of. Great info.
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
It's not theory it's official
richard vitagliano (23 days ago)
in the end you see mcready ? and childs ? mcg you see steam out the mouth and childs no steam ?????????????????????????
James Lyndon (25 days ago)
I also noticed that Mac has steam coming out when he breathed but Child’s did not. Indicating that Mac is human.
Wayne W (28 days ago)
It ain't no Thing
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
+Wayne W Lol
Wayne W (28 days ago)
Just Thing about it......
race ford (1 month ago)
Charles P. (1 month ago)
You’re showing the wrong actor when you mention Childs.
Connoridoo oo (1 month ago)
Ok people say that in the ending Mac had ice breath while charles didn't so that made him a thing, but earlier in the movie we saw that one of the things had ice breath before being flamed
The Thing (1 month ago)
I was Mac
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
No you werent
AIDS (1 month ago)
Bruh it just is childs
cloudtx (1 month ago)
MacCready can't be the Thing. He had too many opportunities to kill the others yet didn't. How could he pass the blood test if he was already infected? Everyone in the room was able to see how everyone cut themselves for the blood. Moreover, even if he was the thing and only killed its brethren to survive (which I don't see happening) until the end when all the humans were gone, why did the final monster, the huge one in the basement, tried to kill MacCready? and why did MacCready killed it with dynamite instead of joining into it to form a single organism? Just because MacCready said that each part of the organism can try to survive on its own doesn't mean they're enemies who would try and kill each other. Also, Carpenter already said on Twitter that the bottle at the end contained Whisky, not gasoline.
Mr Satan (1 month ago)
It's just sad that this movie bombed at the box office and heavily criticized by critics at that time
Robert Vlcek (1 month ago)
Remember the front door Childs is guarding? Camera slowly approaching him and it turns out to be Mac. So, Childs doesn't hear someone or some-Thing. Right behind Childs is a door, in a second shot the layout is shown, from the cellar door towards the front door vestibule or anteroom. But this part is actually connected with the hallway (which can be entered through the cellar) via two doors, leading to a room that is behind Childs. Normally the doors are closed but in said second shot (front door open, snow coming in) that shows that bonkers layout, the doors are wide open: Blair entered the complex via the cellar door, went up but instead of approaching Childs from the hallway, he sneaks into the adjacent room, opens the door behind Childs and Bingo. The molotov cocktail thing does not hold up because both bottles were destroyed, the eye gleam is the strongest lead although it wasn't always accomplished but I count that as mishaps. Mac's laughter could be a nod towards the "we eat out of cans thing" because while if Mac was the Thing he could infect Childs, the other way around is more interesting: how much does the Thing remember after assimilation? Now, the earring thing could be explained with a long time memory knowledge, it's possible that the Thing does not know what was said so and so-many hours ago. So, the Childs-Thing does not know this and does definitely not fear infection. Actually they should have used the 2011 explanation with inorganic material right away because it's the most logical thing. The Thing assimilates and copies organic beings. Not rocks, or stupid metal attached to your ear. But anyway that would be dedication to detail to reattach something like this.
Goiji 2000 (1 month ago)
I hope Carpenter tells us on his death bed
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
Why would you ruin your life's work while you die
Richard Japa (2 months ago)
Keep up Great work🦅🦅
Taylor Beckett (2 months ago)
While I think it would be a more depressing movie if both were human.. the confirmation that one is the thing intrigues me. That laughing McCready part made me certain it was him.. but as you laid out, he could've put gasoline in the drink. Something else is maybe he realizes that he warned them not to share drinks and Childs shared anyway. McCready realized that Childs wasn't afraid... He was confident... Why? He's a thing. However I think the spiked drink is more plausible.
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
Can the thing laugh though?
Doni Pringles (2 months ago)
Wouldn't it be was too obvious if childs was the thing?I think maccready was the thing and it wanted to drink at the end cause it won the game and it wanted to celebrate that.It impersonated maccready for most likely a long time.So he still has some of maccreadys habbits to drink.if it was gazoline in the bottle it would explain why it laughed after giving childs the bottle.the thing knew that childs was gonna die by that gazoline so it wouldn't even need to touch him.
cloudtx (1 month ago)
Carpenter said on Twitter that the bottle had Whisky.
RuRu Sapiens (2 months ago)
Childs also produces no breath vapor. It's gushing out of McCready with every word
Artem The GOAT (4 days ago)
might be the lighting
Tomek Żyła (2 months ago)
Carpenter said that one of them is the thing at the end but he didn't say who is.
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
Joe J (2 months ago)
A black man making it til the end of a hollywood horror movies? I think not. Childs is obviously the thing
Baseera (2 months ago)
Definitely definitely child's... The ending is concrete. His lack of visible vapour coming from his breath, his demeanor, the changed coat, the lack of glint in his eyes and him drinking from the bottle
Purutzil (2 months ago)
The thing was shown to have breath though when it was caught not having fully transformed its arms outside though and when it does its cry it clearly has vapor coming out from its mouth. The Molotov he had were snatched up by the thing earlier so unless he made more after burning his place down that seems not very likely. Besides the thing could of easily got Macready there if it wanted or could of kept low to just freeze if it really wanted instead of exposing itself. Doesn't mean Childs isn't the Thing, but it I don't think you can possibly claim in a concrete way that he is.
blackheart456 (2 months ago)
They are both the thing hence why child's says you the only one that made it.
Pan Cytryna (14 days ago)
Because he wants to know if he is the only one lol
WhyDoINeedThis (2 months ago)
Childs is the Thing. Why did he drink from the bottle at all? Childs was always very careful, and now he sees Mac after obviuos confrontation with the Thing, and without asking anything shares a bottle with him, when one cell of the Thing is enough for assimilation? I think he is the Thing and drinks because otherwise it may look suspicious in his mind. Well, it looks way more suspicious when he drinks it. Other than that he acts really strange and unnatural, and his explanation about the storm is really weak. Carpenter probably wanted an open ending, so he didn't think that it looks suspicious, but to me it sure does )
Miguel Rejiran (2 months ago)
Nice explanation!
J Donner (2 months ago)
It's much better not knowing or as I always interpreted it,neither one is the thing.
YTP Slaps (2 months ago)
both are human bc in the comics it says they both are
Deliver Us To Evil TN (2 months ago)
Why do you call this film a B movie? They had Ennio Morricone doing the score, John Carpenter directing and it had a 10 million dollar budget which is pretty hefty for a film from 82
Westley Karcher (2 months ago)
Maybe i'm the thing. Meow.
SehrBA (2 months ago)
Childs: I thought I saw Blair, so I ran after him...in the dark...middle of an Antarctic snowstorm...with no way to actually kill him or any way to capture him...after leaving the door wide open...
Samuel Ramishvili (3 months ago)
I believe that Macready thinks childs is the thing however not for the molotov theory. The thing is said to be able to replicate any organism perfectly therefore it would likely have the ability to taste. An idea from rob ager is that macready wanted to test if this childs remembers he shouldn’t eat from others foods. Since he failed macready assumes he’s a thing as it wouldn’t worry about that and may forget as a result. My extension to this is that the thing attempted to infect macready assuming he forgot about the whole food infection thing. However macready definitely won’t be asking for it back. Also in the script he has a flamethrower hidden under his blanket. However the idea is shot down when we now the cancelled sequel would have them both alive at the beginning.
Daroslaw Toorek (3 months ago)
Spider head scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mELdCU1GSw&t=7s
John Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Mcgrady gave him a bottle that was filled with gasoline to see if he would drink it or spit it out
samplexample (3 months ago)
This video is the result of a culture with too much time on its hands.
Sketch_ Tepig (3 months ago)
I believe that childs is most likely the thing but with the eye lighting bit their was a small moment where childs opens his eyes more and you can see the dot of light
Joeayo7 (3 months ago)
If you’re interested in seeing the story from The Thing’s point of view, google “Clarkesworld Magazine: The Things”. Interesting perspective that shows the true identities of The Thing.
hughjass311 (3 months ago)
If Childs was a thing then he would have no reason not to assimilate MacCready
Lee Jones (3 months ago)
Great film!
USEDLIFE (3 months ago)
Well the most interesting THING in the final scene I noticed, is only one of the two is reacting the way a human would in extreme cold temperatures. If you didn't notice watch it again, warm lungs plus extreme cold results in what? There you you go, actually quite a simple yet ingenious trick Carpenter pulled off.
KD4YYA5 1.168 (3 months ago)
C'mon let the Black Guy live. 😂🤣😂
KD4YYA5 1.168 (3 months ago)
Mccready was assimilated already. During the Blood test you never see his blood going into a dish.
KD4YYA5 1.168 (3 months ago)
McCready is the Thing Childs is Human. Pay ATTENTION to the dialogue at the end.
Ayden Roman (3 months ago)
Did he just have the balls to call this a B movie?
Dan (3 months ago)
I'd like to think that Macready and Childs live at the end
gerry beckley (3 months ago)
I've seen this movie at least 50 times and there's no way Mac is the thing.
parallel marz (3 months ago)
I think Childs is a thing because there is no fog coming out his mouth
Kirk Tingblad (3 months ago)
Carpenter shot an ending where MacCready is rescued. So there ya go.
Child's because when he talks he doesn't enough fog coming out of his mouth
jaylex666 (3 months ago)
It's kind of like blade runner. They could be infected they might not be it's up to the fans to decide and it's why both these films are fantastic. They don't reveal everything they leave mystery
Ruben Alvarez (3 months ago)
What's the name of the music that plays in the background?
Harry green (3 months ago)
The eye gleam theory doesn’t hold up at all Blair has it Palmer has it at certain points
Razer (3 months ago)
God I want a continuation of The Thing. Be it via movie, T.V series, Netflix series, just something.
Hattytheman 44 (3 months ago)
What A Great Film
1xoACEox1 (3 months ago)
The eye thing is pretty damming if that's real. But ive always read the ending as they are both human, too deeply disturbed and paranoid to trust anymore. Sure Mac's tired from the fight with the Blair thing and wondering around in dropping temperatures. But Childs has no reason to be "in no shape to do anything". If hes a Thing why not just attack Mac? The Things are resistant to the cold and very durable. Even if it was being cautious as soon as it saw Mac was the only one left or even that he was alone for now it would attack him. Its killed people before in the movie with limited time and with humans close by.
Ava (3 months ago)
They are obviously both human. If just one of them was alien, the Thing would have no reason not to instantly attack the last vulnerable human because there are no others left to offer any resistance. And if both were alien they wouldn't distrust each other. The only reason both distrust each other is because they are both human. There would be no point for the Thing to play along with the charade.
Bird Up (3 months ago)
They're both human.
Hunter Vogl (3 months ago)
We don’t know. We can’t know. That’s the entire point.
theduke651 (3 months ago)
McCready tested himself. Unless he did a slight of hand, he's human. We follow him the rest of the movie. Childs, however, is offscreen. If we are to believe someone is the Thing, it would be Childs. That said, in the video game, Childs freezes to death, and it's McCready that's the thing. Confused? Welcome to the club.
reptomicus (3 months ago)
They both are infected but not assimilated. When MacReady said "Maybe we shouldn't" he suspects it. He may have seen beyond his blood test thinking about a loophole.

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