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Tua: They Fear Him

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With the buildup leading into Alabama's meeting with LSU, Stephen Smith of Touchdown Alabama Magazine dives into the situation with Tigers linebacker Devin White and how Alabama quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa is putting fear in the hearts of both LSU and national media. For all your Alabama football news make sure you purchase a premium subscription to Touchdown Alabama's website for all our insider info : https://tdalabamamag.com/subscription-plan/ Download the Touchdown Alabama Magazine App: iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touchdown-alabama/id1433892008?mt=8&uo=4 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goodbarber.tdalabama ______________________________________ Photo Credits: Cedric Mason - Touchdown Alabama Magazine Kim Klement - USA TODAY Sports Randy Sartain - USA TODAY Sports Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Matt Bush - USA TODAY Sports Derrick E.Hingle - USA TODAY Sports
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Text Comments (80)
William Ley (4 months ago)
Not TUA’s best game as he forced some balls. But 29-0 is great
Gordon Sumter (4 months ago)
Bama with TUA 54- 10 . With Jalen Bama 21. LSU 17
Gordon Sumter (4 months ago)
Brady,Rodgers,Brees,Tua,Mahomes, Stafford
Antonio Brooks (4 months ago)
Devin plays at LB u need to be worried about them DBs ain't nobody scared of Tua bruh Y'all fans r delusional as hell as soon as yall get smacked in the mouth don't make excuses! Bless Up
Antonio Brooks (4 months ago)
He must be Jesus lmao 😂 😂
Professional FF (4 months ago)
“You can put it on the board”. Lol my man Hawk Harellson
Omar Grimmett (4 months ago)
I fucking love this guy!
ChristopherX30 (4 months ago)
I just downloaded the app.  Thanks, brother!  Roll Tide!
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
ChristopherX30 No problem
Jeremey Milam (4 months ago)
Love it Roll tide roll
Jamac007 (4 months ago)
Tua's power level is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAND!!!!
Jeremy Kromer (4 months ago)
Love it preach on
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
Jeremy Kromer Thanks!
Mike Viet (4 months ago)
60 to 24 bama
Christopher McCloud (4 months ago)
Great show
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
Christopher McCloud Thanks
Roosevelt Smith (4 months ago)
Team ball win one player can win by his self u hear me hater we play against the ref. And team we playing LSU who ever we play one game at time and we don't look over no team just like going school if want learn u have put work get grade other words no work going head to get your goals and another thing we do talking on field hater
Roosevelt Smith (4 months ago)
Alabama is Best we play freshman if do this They can be good like teams like bama and more for our hater when put work u win championship like bama just give our credit we are dam good and more we play as one not like rest
Robert Lingle (4 months ago)
People do realize that James Carville was engaged in satire when he mused about conspiracy, right? collusion? Berlin wall? yes, it was meant to be fun.
Samantha Johnson (4 months ago)
TUA for Heisman!!
Peyton Hardin (4 months ago)
The tuaminator he can't be reasoned with, he doesn't feel pitty or remorse, he will not stop until you are beaten.
Nick Saban Jr. (4 months ago)
I've been waiting for this where have you been. Good show preach preacher! ROLL TIDE.
Nick Saban Jr. (4 months ago)
That's cool this is why I watch cause you come with the facts. Big fan of the podcast keep up the great work. ROLL TIDE
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
Dadrian Hartman I had to make sure we had everything in place before releasing this one
Donna Dee (4 months ago)
Robert Richie. Sounds like you are the one with a low iq .You really believe that Nick Saban has that much power then you and your team should just not come to the game.
Aliimau Fiso (4 months ago)
you shut the fuck up Chad milligan.tua is going to stomp on your punk ass defense case close.your going down bitch ass white boy.Samoan pride
koopsrellik37hun (4 months ago)
Fear of the TIDE and The Rise of The Tuaminator 💥Bow #windows #uac #rtr 🤙🐘
1 1 (4 months ago)
Bama makes somebody's look like nobody's Roll Tide
Statement Sports (4 months ago)
Statement Sports (4 months ago)
+Gregory Jackson b/c they are the reigning, defending, undisputed college football champions
Gregory Jackson (4 months ago)
Why does everyone want bama?????
Robert Ritchie (4 months ago)
I fear him about as much as that Louisville Heisman QB we played in that bowl game.
Sense of Tumor (4 months ago)
LSU crying about Devin white, can he guard Jerry Juedy? Jalen Waddle? Ruggs? Can be return kick offs and punts? Can he get by Jonah Williams? Can he play QB? You this shows how fucking retarded LSU fans truly are
challenger6.1 (4 months ago)
Bama fan shut the fuck up and take your ass whooping like you going to get! Then you can go fuck yourself Sisters You incest inbred lowlifes!
Sione Sione (4 months ago)
challenger6.1 But Bama has beaten you guys on the last 3 games at Baton Rouge. 7 consecutively overall on recent encounters. So I’m not seeing this “We will beat you on the field” talk. 🙂
challenger6.1 (4 months ago)
We will beat you on the field , then beat you in the stands
challenger6.1 (4 months ago)
+Sione Sione Lol... you get the point don't you. LSU is ranked third in the nation for a reason.
Sione Sione (4 months ago)
challenger6.1 Do you kiss your kids with that mouth? Lol
Stonefacemaster LOL (4 months ago)
Stephen M. I had watched your YT segments for awhile and first several episodes, I was not too impressed; but I have studied your attitude and how well you research and present the materials relevant for bama fans...you are on top of it; this segment I am finally seeing you are the gold...execellent work and presentation...I am now a fan of your segments...and looking forward to the next one! 684 / 808 are here and RTR
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
Stonefacemaster LOL Thanks so much for the support! I pride myself on making sure everything is in order in the way the show is presented
challenger6.1 (4 months ago)
Tua" about to get knocked out of his brace!
Obi-Wan Kenobi (4 months ago)
Poor bastards. Really think they have a chance at beating Bama lmao.
Mikevdog (4 months ago)
Based on what?
Bama4life (4 months ago)
That's the only way a pussy ass team would beat him.
Papa Bear Spaghet (4 months ago)
challenger6.1 bitch
korede stennis (4 months ago)
Yea rite
Chris Harper (4 months ago)
Awesome as always, Stephen!!! Love the new format!!! You just keep getting better! Those LSU fans fear Bama so much, they are literally paranoid! Claiming Bama “privilege” by failures soothes their psychopathy, I guess. It is literally ludicrous for them to blame Bama for a targeting foul vs. Texas A&M. Bama has become the bad guy in CFB , the team and coach everyone but Bama fans hate. Let me tell you, CFB wouldn’t be nearly as fun and exciting without teams we love to hate and love to beat. Bottom line: Bama is in the head of these LSU whiners. Hey, check out the Crimson Tide Horror Show with anyone! If you’ve not seen the video, check it out. To share, use either link below to send to friends, coworkers, LSU fans, LSU QB! We want LSU coming into the game nervous! https://youtu.be/E_ZrGyfnIrM Or https://www.facebook.com/1346607411/posts/10217238785825484/
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
Chris Harper Thanks Chris!
John Abbott (4 months ago)
Bama HI (4 months ago)
And to think, Tua has one more year at Bama! Roll Tide!
Bama HI (4 months ago)
+Mikevdog He'll enter the NFL draft after his Junior year. As well as Judy, Smith, Ruggs and Harris.
Mikevdog (4 months ago)
Chris Harper (4 months ago)
Bama HI Then we continue dominance with kid bro!
Sau Tafao (4 months ago)
Great job Stephen M! Love the show!
Olive Mckenzie (4 months ago)
U suck
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
Sau Tafao Thanks so much!
Deonna Nelson (4 months ago)
Stephen!! I'm loving this! Yes!!!
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
Deonna Nelson Thanks D! So appreciate you checking it out!
Demetrius McClellan (4 months ago)
The new battle cry...... "RUN IT UP SABAN RUN IT UP"!!!!
Mikevdog (4 months ago)
There is a cure for that. Tackle someone.
ROLL TIDE 808 (4 months ago)
Good shit 💯
ROLL TIDE 808 (4 months ago)
Alabama 63-7 ROLL TIDE!!
jerry caughron (4 months ago)
I am not impressed with Lsu offense! Bama 38-7
ceerock 808 (4 months ago)
lmao what offense? qb for LSU didn't throw a td pass in October. Bama D gonna do damage
Robert Ritchie (4 months ago)
Why is little cheatin' Nick so scared he has the refs start helping him 2 weeks ahead and trying to take our defensive QB out the first half for him then? He's worried lol. BAMA fans are low iq so of course they aren't worried haha.
Sense of Tumor (4 months ago)
How we doin
Manny Fresh (4 months ago)
BAMAS offense is overly loaded at EVERY position could have seen this last year but we know why.its not bout how good/bad other teams are alabama will win the game in the first quarter 28-0
James Ingram (4 months ago)
+Robert Ritchie yep look at your IQ now lol Roll tide
Robert Ritchie (4 months ago)
+TideIsHigh89 Roll cheatin' Nick's roll. Remember when football was real and fun?
BECAUSE I'M BATMAN (4 months ago)
You nearly got it! 29-0 but imma give it to you!
TideIsHigh89 (4 months ago)
Robert Ritchie: Well, that turned out to be a dumb comment. He hit LSU's score on the dot. Only missed Bama's by 1 point. Only thing he was really off on was the time frame. Seems pretty smart to me. ROL17IDE!
Robert Ritchie (4 months ago)
Why is little cheatin' Nick so scared he has the refs start helping him 2 weeks ahead and trying to take our defensive QB out the first half for him then? He's worried lol. BAMA fans are low iq so of course they aren't worried haha.
Screaming Eagle (4 months ago)
Bama is loaded. LSU? Mad bro?
KPerson (4 months ago)
Man, LISTEN! We done finally pushed some of these crazy-ass Bama haters over the edge...and I'm totally here for allllll of it, lol. THOROUGHLY enjoyed this one, Stephen M!
Stephen Smith (4 months ago)
KPerson Thanks!
Sense of Tumor (4 months ago)
Mentally prepare yourself for this L

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