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Text Comments (1230)
Atul-a'Saurus (6 days ago)
What kind of sick pleasure do you derive from wasting time of hardworking honest people? You should be ashamed of yourself. Your Mom should be ashamed of you.
yazmin hub (10 days ago)
Zandra Ducay (10 days ago)
Guys, we have just different pronunciations of words when we speak in English, so no blaming.
Kreolee Orth (11 days ago)
Operator... Why disconnect? Feel. Sorry for the man.
Rezwana Arefin (15 days ago)
The supervisor's voice was very charming. His laughing sound was like Tom cruise.
Amber Gold (18 days ago)
He kept saying EK. He should say KE dafuq broda u really pissed me off
Clifford Campeciño (24 days ago)
Hhahaha, Grabe tawa ko dito! :D
Amer Pasha (1 month ago)
Maaan it was so funny.......
Jose De Guzman (1 month ago)
Arrrrrrrrr ! (R) Ek ek (K K)
Jose De Guzman (1 month ago)
She got the last name correct
janine olamit (1 month ago)
its sooooo funny!
Ahil Khan (1 month ago)
Yn Glader Plaza (1 month ago)
i experienced this one😂
Reyna Jingyun (1 month ago)
They should have just tried to pull out the account and play along with the customer's ek ek spelling like,, oh okay, ek ek, got it! At the same time typing the name khamaka brekker.
Dave Whitmarsh (1 month ago)
seems fake. how can a call center not know to just use the phonetic alphabet?
AKSHAY WAKODE (1 month ago)
Hahahaveuegeneiwjw ajaha🌻🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rayana Zapryanova (1 month ago)
What's his nationality?
jeto 1002 (2 months ago)
Gilbert Alvarado (2 months ago)
Golum has come to life! Ek ek
Ayanh Aishi (2 months ago)
This gives me a tremendous amount of anxiety
luardo 99 (2 months ago)
Can i ask if there is a communication happened in the video? Just a bit confused.
ImAlwaysRight YouKnow (2 months ago)
i think the guy is fooling around, and the agent is wasting his time.
ImAlwaysRight YouKnow (2 months ago)
this job is the worse job lols.
MACHUSA DELA VEGA (2 months ago)
This man is a joke!
Vhal San Agustin (2 months ago)
I wanna die now 🔫🔫🔫😂😂😂
Vhal San Agustin (2 months ago)
You Tuber (2 months ago)
ek ek mo.ulul,mouk mafi
Crew TheAftermath (3 months ago)
Take notice. The operators are actually TRYING to help. I do support and we are mentally geared to HELP. No matter how insane clients may be we are seriously wanting to solve the problem and get you back to what you were doing.
mclovin indahizzie (4 months ago)
the supervisor got a lil rude there
MLBson09 (4 months ago)
sounds like every taxi driver i've ever met
P.Ahmad (4 months ago)
Zac Panther (4 months ago)
Well the operator had more patience than me.
Nataly martinez (4 months ago)
OMG his english is terrible, he never learned the alphabet
Arzahell Cazanova (5 months ago)
I think the supervisor never watch other films and focus only in American movies that's why he can't catch the pronunciations of other languages and slang. Lol
Moral of the story is #Supervisor has to always bear all the shits.. 😂 So quickly that Representative gave up and transferred the call to the Sup. But absolutely, Supervisor did exceptional well and really patient till the last second.. Most of the times cx are really DUMB!!
Paradise (6 months ago)
Amarjeet Singh (6 months ago)
"I get that he pronounces k as ek. If he said ek when he should have said k, the supervisor would have probably solved the puzzle than said: "Okay I get it now, ek, meaning k, sir."
Meghan Markle (6 months ago)
This video is super funny when you are watching it but is not funny at all when you are the operator and your AHT is going up.
Meatball (6 months ago)
Luna Lorraine (7 months ago)
ek ek 😂
holloween wishes (7 months ago)
This caller is an idiot. This idiot is the reason why we have such a long hold on the line these days
Net 25 (7 months ago)
Michael Torres (7 months ago)
This is probably the best video I've ever seen in 18 years.
Callum Buchanan (8 months ago)
This made me laugh more than I thought
marty ballente (8 months ago)
its horrible.. whats the next letter? ek ek er hahahahaha
Cherry Mae Lucas (9 months ago)
Heck.😂 This is how fraud talk😂
Dianna Grace (9 months ago)
Im surprise that he doesnt even ask tje customer if the customer has someone with him to assist what letter it was like friends or relatives..
ek ek hahaha
Charmee Concepcion (9 months ago)
Its so obvious though...brekker sound so k not x why still need to ask?haha
Pasca Line (10 months ago)
so truuue hahaha
Love IsHere (10 months ago)
i couldn't stop laughing hahaha
Martina L (10 months ago)
Sheera Bayubay (10 months ago)
Ek ek 😂
Jezsalie Mae Labitad (10 months ago)
Its obviously he said it " BREKKER ". when they let him spell it out, he doesn't say a letter " A " . But instead he continue it to E and R. 😌😌 The man is crying lol. But yeah, this made my day 😍
onlineniv (11 months ago)
What the fck very funny hahaha
Bunbun 133 (11 months ago)
Bunbun 133 (11 months ago)
hoseh bo (11 months ago)
SOH for the win
Alex Lazur (11 months ago)
Best service desk troll ever :))
Nelly Chatjeh (11 months ago)
Check this baby out being a little call center agent https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2121470331202732&id=100000193565135
Scarlett Gamer24 (11 months ago)
b - r - ek - ek - e - r HAHAHAHAHA
Niloarce29 Arce (1 year ago)
i am a christian and the last letter is z not ek
Lac Rimar (1 year ago)
Nothing funny about this. Just a waste of time for someone who's trying to be useful to you you fucking mongoloid. These people spend their whole day with earphones on and with raging headaches after the end of the shift, just so they can listen bullshit from cunts like this one. Fucking degenerate, you should be shot in the throat.
Kohinoor Bose (1 year ago)
and this call is being recorded for Quality and training purposes. hahaha
love me or hate me (1 year ago)
Im sorry i have to disconnect.. "why he did'nt pay the telephone bill".. Lmao 😂😂
hazuki taichi (1 year ago)
This gives me headache
Mr Perfect (1 year ago)
just used this on a scam call that i got bored when he asked me to type "netstat" in command prompt. Guy went crazy. LOL
Eduard Nuval (1 year ago)
Oh my gosh hahaha ek! ek!
BeLikeMe (1 year ago)
when the caller pronounces the EK it sounds like he is gargling his saliva. eww!
Rajini Nadarajah (1 year ago)
At least spell the name using country code eg H for Holland ..B for Bangkok
Christopher Hitchens (1 year ago)
I don't see how this is funny
LuvTEA XD (1 year ago)
He passes k during the alphabet spell and doesn’t think k is ek
LuvTEA XD (1 year ago)
GEM GEM (1 year ago)
"Is "ELEMENO" is one letter?" I died! Cause of Death: So much laughter. 😂
raymar santos (1 year ago)
terrible accent indian accent:)
raymar santos (1 year ago)
i cant stop my shit || the cus makes me pissed of but the sup shows rudeness fire him :)
Cotton Candy (1 year ago)
The caller was just playing. He was even quick in responding sarcasm when the Supervisor said “Im gonna have to disconnect the call”. Customer: He didn’t pay his bill? Lol. I feel sad for the wasted time.
Phosfit -Fortnite (1 year ago)
Ampwich (1 year ago)
Bujdosó Balázs (1 year ago)
Yo this isnt funny
Yer Master Sion (1 year ago)
Good video indeed... But for those who are looking videos for practicing call center skills this video will come in handy. https://youtu.be/lPhdgt4SQ1g
Momay Villacortes (1 year ago)
A true comedian.hahahahaha
eveiest (1 year ago)
Mariah Sinclair (1 year ago)
And then I called in an air strike, your honor.
teahgurl (1 year ago)
Whyyyyyy??!! Not funny LOL
entertainment study (1 year ago)
Omg it's late night and I can't stop laughing
Johnny Embry (1 year ago)
As a supervisor at a call center, this would make me mad as well! Mark had patients!
dabomb2000pacman (1 year ago)
To stop calls these people will do it free call 4234050227
IIISuperSix (1 year ago)
Did anybody notice how she got the name right at 0:58
AJ Inc. (1 year ago)
Super-visor.. Best of visor.... Lmao
TheUrbanGamer (1 year ago)
not once did i smile or laugh at this. either my humor is shite or i dunno what to say now...
Cedie Torres (1 year ago)
what is the last name of that person? is that brekker?
ARIANNE WAGE (1 year ago)
this is so absolutely funny,
this caller annoying me when i hear to speak BREEKEKER ... grr rahhaha
renee p (1 year ago)
MrAkie VG (1 year ago)
its a prank
ctl 454 (1 year ago)
How is this in the Autos & Vehicles category?!!?!
Folkard Heimeirick (1 year ago)
It's not son funny
Gil Cortez (1 year ago)
hahahaha....this is f*ckin hilarious...
Shiki Kaizer (2 years ago)
Not funny its just plain stupid

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