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Scraps: Jordan Schlansky's Masterpiece - CONAN on TBS

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Jordan Schlansky explains why "Star Wars" is superior to "Star Trek" for far far too long. More CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com/video Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & TeamCoco.com. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: http://bit.ly/W5wt5D For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit http://teamcoco.com/video Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪https://www.facebook.com/TeamCoco‬ On Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TeamCoco/ On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TeamCoco On Tumblr: http://teamcoco.tumblr.com On YouTube: http://youtube.com/teamcoco Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ConanOBrien
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Text Comments (5305)
Luthien Seldomane (3 hours ago)
This should seriously be re-done on the air, not as scraps!
pdaimperial (5 hours ago)
At first I thought Jordan was a pretentious faux-intellectual, but he's hypnotized me with this stream of thought manifesto on Star Trek, feelings and Rocky I. I now realize he's actually a highly intelligent sociopath with refined tastes, who is just better than me in all aspects
Ernest Hemingway (10 hours ago)
I've always thought of Jordan as a real life Volcan. He's fascinating.
Carlos Gonzalez (15 hours ago)
stargate sg1
Tpjuvi Philly (1 day ago)
Conan is the Captain kirk and jordan is really the spock of Team COCO
Külli Martin (1 day ago)
Conan poser,play the q
Emily Sanders (1 day ago)
I think Conan actually kinda enjoyed just listening to him.
Lord Trylynnatot (1 day ago)
Jonas Köbele (2 days ago)
all the people taking this seriously. have you watched till the end? where conan says "incredible performance"?
Joe Northstar (2 days ago)
For the first I saw Conan quiet for 6 mins.
davy de bock (2 days ago)
Stop talking damn!!! Im about to go braincracking😤😤
Big Shooter Unaimed (2 days ago)
This is perfect Jordan Schlansky, Conan is acting perfectly too. We have been bamboozled. I believe the only time Jordan is out of character is when he smiles or laughs.
MichaelAnthony Saenz (3 days ago)
Ok, but how do you Really feel about Star Wars Jordan...haha...I was laughing throughout his whole delivery...
Scott Moomaw III (3 days ago)
The scary thing is that everything he said was completely correct
Blam death cake (4 days ago)
Why is it when I talk about things I like... I’m just like Jordan? Lol
Pranav Maharjan (4 days ago)
Its all a circle just spinning and spinning
Berk Can (5 days ago)
Jeffery Blanton (5 days ago)
Does he stop to breathe?
Brian Anderson (5 days ago)
He doesn’t let Andy talk for this long
UraharaShoten (5 days ago)
Jordan would have made a great college professor.
Darko 6-6-6 (5 days ago)
That was the weakest applaud from the audience
JuYong Youn (5 days ago)
sunday 8am i woke up and fell asleep again in the middle of this vodeo. its 10am now.
Ahmad Salah (5 days ago)
he greatly explained the meaning of art and its purpose i would've loved to hear that a while ago when i didnt know it
Morgan Moe (6 days ago)
佳明鄭 (6 days ago)
Information Overload so many layer of feeling and yet act like robot.
Robin (6 days ago)
They always make fun of this guy while he makes some great points
Avyudaya Acharya (6 days ago)
Jordan should be a politician.
Rick Sanchez (6 days ago)
Why aren't they making eye contact?
Friendly Baka (6 days ago)
I can't believe he's making this up in his mind while going on, it is freestyle monologue.
Brock bang (7 days ago)
Jordan that was good
Jess Perez (7 days ago)
I know what this guy is going through. “He has so much to talk about, but no one to talk to”😔
Alexis Burnett (8 days ago)
Jordan can do TEDtalks lmao
Efjasa gaming (9 days ago)
weird, it's like the audience is not even there.
Rosabella Crystal (9 days ago)
Can he please do my essays😂😂
Luzys (9 days ago)
OK but I loved this and found it actually really interesting. Please make a podcast
Francisco Velasco (9 days ago)
I don't care!!!!
Jithin Wilson (9 days ago)
Jordan should release an album with Eminem.
qdp612 (9 days ago)
his wife must be deaf and a mute.
Bruce Wayne (9 days ago)
Chillmeleon 710 (9 days ago)
He should be a teacher
chrisonthedot (11 days ago)
When Conan said you're fired. I really thought he was being serious
Alexander Lightwood (11 days ago)
No idea what Jordans on about so just get to the point lol
James Williams (12 days ago)
All around awesome. However comma the crowd. The crowd. When Jordan said Rocky was not a boxing movie, he was absolutely 100% correct, and the dumb crowd tittered like he was being sarcastic/making a joke/being ridiculous.
Rituparna Matkar (12 days ago)
What are the chances you read my comment? And then hire me and fly me to USA from Mumbai.. And fire Jordaan. Keep me instead of him
breadfan262 (12 days ago)
Apples an oranges. Star Trek is science fiction, Star Wars is science fantasy
Michael Weston (13 days ago)
Jordan went full Schlansky
Callum Newell (13 days ago)
Please die Jordan
Bradley Thorne (14 days ago)
why does david and goliath gotta be a myth?
Aaron (15 days ago)
I can't even hold a convo for 1 min
Aphantom47 (15 days ago)
He manages to keep it without drinking he is more than just human lol not to mention the fact that was awesome lol
Winter Charm (15 days ago)
This is Jordan's Magnum Opus, and it is GLORIOUS.
LOLY LOLSTER (17 days ago)
I guess you can say that is Spock On?
Erik Valiulis (17 days ago)
So he can talk 6 min to talk about why starwars better than stat trek, but cant take 15 sec to tell us what his job involves lol.
Buchanan Neket (17 days ago)
Conan has that look where he's really contemplating on Punching the hell out Jordan for knowing to much of star track 😂😂😂😂😂
Superauthentic S S (18 days ago)
He ends at 6:40 WITH MINERALS
S P (18 days ago)
Hey Jordan, Star Wars was based on Akira Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress”. You forgot to mention it.
S P (18 days ago)
Conan’s version of hell.
Moni Pampeloni (19 days ago)
Everything he says is logically sound tho
Morgana Morgana (19 days ago)
Thats a bunch of stupidity, because the Romans derived most of their mythology from the Greeks. 😂
t w (19 days ago)
3-D Services LLC (20 days ago)
Schlansky RULES!
Gil Cohen (20 days ago)
Jordan is a Vulcan undersocver as a human that had his ear operation to look like an earthman.
Gil Cohen (20 days ago)
Jordan is the next spoke !!!!
MrStensnask (20 days ago)
Obnoxious and impressive at the very same time
Ramon Galvan-Becerra (21 days ago)
Stop being mean to Jordan
juss (21 days ago)
I wan to see Jordan trying to convince us The Last Jedi is a good movie
Andrew Mello (21 days ago)
Star Trek is a million times better than Star Wars. Star Wars is weak and 2 dimensional where as Star Trek focuses on where we are going or could go as a species. Star Wars is like Sci-Fi for babies.
jerboztimus (22 days ago)
how can he store all that bullshit on that small ass head?
Derek Aditchere (23 days ago)
Damn......... Jordan is 100% like that? 🤨🤔
BasketballGod24 (23 days ago)
I had no idea what he was talking about cuz I zoned out
Clareon Ogoy (23 days ago)
I could pay Jordan Schlansky to annoy my teacher.
I lost so many brain cells to store that stuff XD
Stalin’s Mustache (23 days ago)
I zoned out so many times at this
NoGain NoPain (23 days ago)
Jordan is right Star Wars is so much better
Badguy (24 days ago)
I mean, he's a real life Vulcan!
AlexFilms (24 days ago)
Out of all the souls I have encountered, his was the least..... *human.*
vonFiedler (25 days ago)
But he's right
karina vert (26 days ago)
CLuv (26 days ago)
I truly want to thank Team Coco and Conan for this great entertainment
Will Tripp (27 days ago)
This is the most Vulcan impression ever. Is this genetic or did something happen to this man.
Benjamin Rosenfeld (27 days ago)
who actually listened to the whole thing without skipping?? XD
Mike C. (27 days ago)
Furthermore, in fact, however, nevertheless, now on another note, again, but, and...
Jordan + Spock = Perfect!
Divyank Panwar (1 month ago)
Jordan shalansky = jordan peterson
Dranzer Jetli (1 month ago)
Star wars is relatable to any culture of earth lol boy you lost that debate when you said that star wars isn't relatable to all cultures of earth just look at china star wars isn't big there
Star Trek>>>>
HKosiris (1 month ago)
I want to feel bad for him because he's clearly autistic, but he's also clearly a douche.
the_weirdkidd (1 month ago)
This Jordan reminds me of another Jordan. Who knows what I'm saying??? 😁
Big Mac (1 month ago)
i would have took a pencil out sharpen it at 4min into it then stab him in neck!!! LMFAO 😂😃😄
lnfreeman (1 month ago)
Why does conan look out of his mind in this video? Was he ill?
lnfreeman (1 month ago)
Oh, it's a rehearsal lol. No makeup/hair
Higgins_123 (1 month ago)
i think i love jordan
samuel guerra (1 month ago)
Jordan should write my class essays
Chris Lombardi (1 month ago)
Jordan Schlansky talking in a conversation is like a fort in Fortnite... It just keeps on building
James Brumley (1 month ago)
I feel like he thinks he's writing a novel. Jeez.
AngelKizzez (1 month ago)
Hell watching the Conan shows with Jordan I feel I'm learning alot !! Oops I fell asleep!! Lmao!! Yes I agree he is very intelligent!!
Rosie Cheekies (1 month ago)
I just listened to jordan talk bout star wars for 6mins
RUSHIL JOHAR (1 month ago)
I call people like Jordan "bullshitter"
RUSHIL JOHAR (1 month ago)
Conan sir never plays the 🎸 guitar
Alistaire Mordyn (1 month ago)
god, jordan really is a master bullshitter lol in a good way
FAIRLYLØCAL I-/ (1 month ago)
Is it bad that I agree with most of what Jordan said? xD

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