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Eminem - My Name Is

814148 ratings | 167215669 views
Playlist Best of Eminem: https://goo.gl/AquNpo Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/DxCrDV Music video by Eminem performing My Name Is. (C) 1999 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.
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Text Comments (48412)
Luigi Carullo (8 minutes ago)
Your Name is eminem😂
Victor hugo Hugo (17 minutes ago)
My name ls
killshot is trash, and this is too, its about nothing lol
What happened to "tell him I slit his throat in this dream I had" ?
Smikkel _kaas (6 hours ago)
December .?
Erica Garza (11 hours ago)
Ethan Collins (12 hours ago)
Censored WTF it's like having sex with a shemale
ernesto Estrada (12 hours ago)
Hi im gay
REGRETXavier YT (12 hours ago)
I give u the black pass
redxgaming107 (14 hours ago)
Anyone here after the disstracks
chase kennell (16 hours ago)
The clean words don't even make sense
Evan Bolton (17 hours ago)
November 2018 anyone ?
lakers fan (18 hours ago)
This song is funny as fuck plus fire 🔥
50 cent jackson (18 hours ago)
I remember when this came out i was in 6th grade lmao i even died my hair blonde like half my class lmao you couldn't tell me i wasent the real slim shady 😂🙏
Sryme dr (20 hours ago)
I understand your name is slim shady
Hunter Ansell (1 day ago)
2018 anyone
Ozone Studios (1 day ago)
This show has a long intro
lil nugs (1 day ago)
who else is watching during the black plague
oineguE (1 day ago)
-My name is Jeff-
Morgix :v (1 day ago)
My name is john cena
SavageFox 175 (1 day ago)
*My Name Is Jeff*
Ayon Games (1 day ago)
This is my dad's favorite song
Jake Manfield (1 day ago)
Jake Manfield (1 day ago)
Aubrey Watson (1 day ago)
Screaming let's just be friends "more like let's just be cousins"
Coolguy1a123 (1 day ago)
kakan esco (1 day ago)
This is what started it all.
CriticalFrank (1 day ago)
What did he say instead of try cid
Eros Tube (1 day ago)
Tex Mikkelsen (2 days ago)
If you guys haven’t heard the story apparently when dr Dre and Eminem first met and Dre played a beat slim started to sing my name is
MickeZ Royale (2 days ago)
Pease (2 days ago)
Y this legend song have so low views?
megalodon :v falso (2 days ago)
2018 🎄???
Acaso importa ಠ_ಠ (2 days ago)
1:15 Is that Kim?
Physe (2 days ago)
Which kim
Lil Boi (2 days ago)
167 million holy crap
ExoticTomato Yt (2 days ago)
November 2018?
Not Zach Z (2 days ago)
Dude why is it not explicit
pasco 1 (2 days ago)
This ain't the good version
Đorđe P. Petrović (3 days ago)
E- Every M- Mother I- Is N- Nice E- Except M- Mine
ANALfabeto (3 days ago)
BTS DNA - 547mi views Eminem My name is - 167mi views *WTFFF?*
Kaiwei to No problem (2 days ago)
317cde 317 (3 days ago)
BTS are from asia and asia have more population plus they are pop stars not rappers, so this comparison is irrelevant... But yes, comparing today's mummble rap views to this... Wtf
Ntshuxeko Bvuma (3 days ago)
Had to come back and listen to this record....... 2018
Gabriele Rocco (3 days ago)
If this is porn I delete
Bood Hernandez (3 days ago)
Claudio De Worm (3 days ago)
Thierry Eyraud (3 days ago)
qo cool i dieq qomes qays ago
blue the raptor (3 days ago)
Slim: My name is, what? My name is, who? Shicka, shicka, slim shady! Me: im sorry whats your name again?
BYBRYAN7 (3 days ago)
whats marylin manson
Ahmad Hassan (4 days ago)
Just played the song in reverse and my God damn head just blasted herring what he said "It's eminum, it's eminum,it eminum....repeat
Lucas The Lemon (4 days ago)
0:08 start
badcrab123 (4 days ago)
JMJ021 (4 days ago)
This was playing unfittingly at a glasses store/optometrist. So out of place...despite Eminem wearing glasses.
Young 2Jeinz (4 days ago)
*2019 Gang?*
nope double nope (4 days ago)
1956: In 2018 we’ll have inventions that’ll make us able to fly! 2028: 1956: In 2018 we’ll-
Marek Tomes (5 days ago)
my name Is my name Is my name Is BEST! :D
mrcorleone959 (5 days ago)
I also love this song so much cause the entire thing is jokes and punchlines but still hits hard and rocks my socks off at the same time like you don’t even realize it’s a funny song much until it’s over and you repeat the lyrics in your head it’s not like now a days normally where there’s funny parody songs/raps and “good” or “legit” ones this is all the way max for both he’s the man is all I can say always was always will be thanks m.m. For your blood sweat and tears got me through countless really hard times in my life no lie you are a hero to me forever keep on rockin dude.
mrcorleone959 (5 days ago)
Still to this day one of my favorite lines in rap “ just drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive?” Hahah so classically perfect
_JDP studios_ (5 days ago)
"Labi Siffri I got the..." Thank me later !
Dylan Kho Liang Ee (5 days ago)
Dr Dre. Don't just stand there, operate!
Simple (5 days ago)
Ravi K.dutta (5 days ago)
MotoWizard (5 days ago)
Just figure out how many downloads this song had on limewire and add to YouTubes count to find the real view count.
Haylee Lynn (5 days ago)
served the bartender walked out with the tip cup......... the heck is this?
Very Cool (5 days ago)
Carry Smith (5 days ago)
vishal ralot (5 days ago)
I just started watching eminem songs but belive me i watched every single of them in just 2 days...i couldn't control my self.....just awesome
Garrett Smith (5 days ago)
is this the clean version
Первый один: ну-ка такое :( Второй один : окей Третий один: нормально Четвертый один : МАЙ НЭЙМ ИС ,МАЙ НЭЙМ ИС ,РИАЛ СЛИМ ШЕДИ
wow that 4:3 ratio though
Dark_PoWer345 Ii (5 days ago)
My name is ???
Mikael (5 days ago)
My name is ... Jeff. Original Joke ik.
Autisti-comet (5 days ago)
0:28 omg Eminem predicted rick and morty
Vip r (5 days ago)
Eminem’s been in this game to long to him it’s like an easy game of ping pong He’s the champ he’s never been beat he went at mgk like fire and brought the heat
Vip r (6 days ago)
Mgk said he’s done with this shit I made him go home and crawl back into his little pit
Vip r (6 days ago)
Hi kids my name is slim shady I made mgk run away and cry like a baby
Prachun Shrestha (6 days ago)
u wot meme 2004 (6 days ago)
classic meme
Marija Janeva (6 days ago)
E Em Emi Emin Emine Eminem Emine Emin Emi Em E
kaleng keleng (6 days ago)
2030 who????
2018, Nov who still listening
Hxrrygregson (6 days ago)
• raindrop • (6 days ago)
I taking a trip to the past anyone wanna come?.......😕
2022 Blake Percival (6 days ago)
told him to change the grade on the paper haha no its stapled his nuts to a stack of paper
LAM Kz (6 days ago)
Олды здесь?
Failed Abortion (2 days ago)
Олды в сборе 😎😎😎
Alex Hema (6 days ago)
How about beirut
Charlotte Katakuri (7 days ago)
Hi my name is reversed : yeah its eminem
Downunda Thunda (7 days ago)
"I just drank a fifth of Kool-Aid"? Dafuq?!
Michael Vargas (7 days ago)
It was 2015....I just wanted to listen to an american rapper cause I was gonna move to America(I'm puertorican)then I remembered about Eminem I listened to him when I was like 4 but obviously couldn't understand him then at 2015 I just happened to listen to him again this time I had 16 years old and understood him perfectly bruhh I just fell in love with his music from this song I just listened to every single other song and album!!!I love Eminem and I just wanna say that I made a diss to MGK 2 months ago hope y'all enjoy it!!
AcGarage (7 days ago)
This is the Eminem we want back.
makhi nelson (7 days ago)
Anyone else just listening to his old albums?
My name is
Is anybody watching in 3076
Vales Valet (7 days ago)
they litterally censored the word " dope "
邓龙豪 (7 days ago)
Slim Shady, the girl I want to impregnate is someone who was born and raised in Asia
Marissa Mulveyhill (7 days ago)
Eminem you are a inspiration!
zohreh arefi (7 days ago)
:)))))))))) my name IS:) ZZZZ
2018 gang gang?
Jada Anderson (7 days ago)
A (7 days ago)
Thank you Labi Saffrre

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