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Gang Beasts for the Kinda Funny World Championship - Kinda Funny E3 2017 Live Show

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Let's get it on! Tim Schafer swings by the GameSpot Co-Op Stage to help settle the Kinda Funny World Championship once and for all in Gang Beasts. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/kindafunnygames?sub_confirmation=1 Support us and get the shows early here! http://www.patreon.com/kindafunnygames Check out our store! http://www.kindafunny.com/store Follow us on Twitter! Tim - http://www.twitter.com/TimGettys Greg - http://www.twitter.com/GameOverGreggy Kinda Funny - http://www.twitter.com/KindaFunnyVids Every day Greg Miller and Tim Gettys talk about the biggest stories in Video Games. Background Wall Art by Orioto - https://www.facebook.com/OriotoPosters/
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Text Comments (44)
Boi O Boi (1 year ago)
It's coming November ;-; I wish it could come out now and that's my birthday wish
PlatinumPengwin Music (1 year ago)
I like that both Tims responded when greg said "Tim"
ollie511 (1 year ago)
7:35 to 7:39 When you try anal for the first time
BIGTYM (1 year ago)
Gen is so adorable
Nick will always be the peoples champion
Richard Joseph (1 year ago)
I kinda hope this game never comes out and only appears at events like this. Always fucking hilarious.
Richard Joseph (1 year ago)
I'm fine with that.
Boi O Boi (1 year ago)
Richard Joseph if you hope that then don't come out telling people this because you DO KNOW WE WILL HATE YOU
Kyle Chalupa (1 year ago)
Greg winning is intolerable Nick!!!! How could you let this happen?!?!
so★ (1 year ago)
i remember this game was played in 2014 and it looks the same
Boi O Boi (1 year ago)
so★ because your blind
Alex Vollono (1 year ago)
Why so mean Dark?
darkjanggo (1 year ago)
so★ lol no you dipshit
The camera angles are really bad in this game.
JD Marshall (1 year ago)
Greg's right, this is never coming out
JD Marshall (1 year ago)
these devs need to get their shit together, put it in a backpack and take it somewhere
Joe Holland (1 year ago)
JD Marshall so it's all together, all their shit, together
Jack Mckenna (1 year ago)
maddoggnick96 (1 year ago)
They did a let's play of this in 2015. Then another one in 2016. Now they've played it again in 2017.
chowt c (1 year ago)
Honestly how does this game still not look done smh
Boi O Boi (1 year ago)
Tom Chown it's not the game it's just the way the way you move a little bit and the camera angles
Uttermost_orange (1 year ago)
Marvel Games is the name of the studio
chowt c (1 year ago)
Not the game itself but the stuff like ui, camera etc. looks very rough still (coming from someone who plays pc version fair bit). Wouldn't stop me enjoying it, but would have expected more
Uttermost_orange (1 year ago)
Tom Chown that's how it's supposed to look
Curia (1 year ago)
Game is brutal
Jose Soto (1 year ago)
This game needs to come out soon!
Davis (1 year ago)
Jose Soto it's on pc
S.E.J (1 year ago)
FUCK, why did Tim keep dodging Gregs questions on the release date? This game will truly never come out
JEDI MASTER YODA (1 year ago)
Greg won so the game should be out already
WingedSoda (1 year ago)
JEDI MASTER YODA Thanks for always being so wise Master Yoda.
Carson Smith (1 year ago)
That blimp level is problematic with the current camera... Holy shit tho this game is hilarious.
simon dar (1 year ago)
give it back to Gameattack the win it the correct way
MetallicBlaze94 (1 year ago)
Damien Black Shaun Bolen is the champ!
FiveSecReviews (1 year ago)
Who tha fuck is the kinda honeys and why should we care
Bryan Lonsdale (1 year ago)
this is correct
xXCeraiceXx (1 year ago)
FiveSecReviews I think it's their wives and girlfriends
55meds (1 year ago)
At long last, a legit belt for a legit champ. Taken a page out of the Schmoedown's book lol
hentai-papi (1 year ago)
when is this game coming out???? ughhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
hentai-papi (1 year ago)
Davis r oh yeah i know. but i meant on home consoles tho :(
Davis (1 year ago)
nekkosuga it came out a few years ago on pc
S.E.J (1 year ago)
Will this game EVER be on PS4?
darkjanggo (1 year ago)
JD Marshall a group of 4 people are developing it, their first game. only one has a degree in game design.
JD Marshall (1 year ago)
jakesworld12 thank you! my god what's taking so long
Xeno707 (1 year ago)
I found Kylo Ren! 1:15

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