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Australia: Still A Prison Colony? Russell Brand The Trews (E339)

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In this episode of the The Trews I respond to recent comments from Joe Hockey on the housing crisis in Australia and compare it to mass incarceration. Links on prison reform: www.cut50.org/ http://www.sentencingproject.org/template/index.cfm http://www.penalreform.org http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/justice-and-prison-reform/prison-reform-and-alternatives-to-imprisonment.html Link on housing Australia: https://www.getup.org.au/negative-gearing?t=b2gnbFk1E&utm_content=8649&utm_campaign=Joe%20Hockey%20told%20you%20to%20get%20a%20better%20job&utm_source=blast&utm_medium=email Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you'd like me to analyse. Buy tickets to come and see me live: http://www.russellbrand.com/trew-world-order-tour/ Buy a 'Trews' Tshirt here: http://www.russellbrand.com/trinkets/ Produced directed & edited by Gareth Roy. Senior researcher: Marika Cronnolly Trews Theme by The Rubberbandits Thanks to Jimi Mackay: @jimimackay and Urban Nerds: www.urbannerdscollective.com for our creative services
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Text Comments (1091)
jesse ******* (3 days ago)
Bloody good stuff mate !
William Paterson (20 days ago)
The "powers that be" are forever telling us that the poor are nothing more than parasites living off of the system. Really? The poor (if you are Rich) are a NECESSARY part of your wealth. Why? Without the poor, there wouldn't be anyone to lend money too at EXTORTIONATE RATES and employ them on the minimum wage or less, thus, you ROB the poor of their hard earned money and you keep them TRAPPED in the CONTINUALY SPIRALLING DEBT ENSLAVEMENT PROGRAMME THAT MANY WILL NEVER ESCAPE FROM ! Our children of school age, are TAUGHT on how to OBEY THE SYSTEM OF AUTHORITY WITHOUT EVER QUESTIONING IT ! It's heads down, pay your taxes and work work work till you DIE with NOTHING to look forward to except a paltry holiday in Spain once a year and probably a heart attack or two from working too hard ! WE ARE ALL OWNED and it IS the RICH who ARE the TRUE PARASITES ON THIS EARTH, FACT WAKEN UP GUYS and speak up and out whilst you still can.
ian pavey (29 days ago)
It's good to talk
Rain wolf (1 month ago)
How did that guy get elected to the prime minister?
dreamwake7 (2 months ago)
I hate when celebrities think they know about reality.
Sam Tertipis (3 months ago)
Kasun Lee (3 months ago)
Trews and Pot. Good combination.
Jonathan Pollock (6 months ago)
Is the UK a police state?
Amy Jones (7 months ago)
We bought our first house in 88 for 25000 $ with 10% down. Now it would cost 130000 and 20% down. And wages are maybe 4$ more/hr than in 88.
causalfunnel sequence (8 months ago)
Australia is a nation of spoiled right wing racists. Not for long, the Chinese will take over soon from the yanks.
Jael Pyykönen (10 months ago)
I recommend this doc to anyone who wants to know more about the stolen generation; Kanyini . U can find it for free on Vimeo
Yamamoto412 (10 months ago)
Wooooooow they don't care to hear the people's message but people care about people not title's
Hyperbolic Honeybee (11 months ago)
Thank you. Theres an enormous disconnect between people truly born (especially under intergenerational / trans generational tortures, confusion, and purposefully repressed and miss-education of less fortunate and particularly native peoples *cough... lost generation... cough* ) and the small minority of wealthy (sorry im white technically too) but ya white people it seems. And ya white people did kill, rape, deprive and steal native people across the globe but Australia was particularly bad. Not even attempting to make up for it too much.. if at all. Well... like so many mass crime# against humanity... WHAT CAN U DO TO MAKE UP FOR IT. Well. Just do ANYTHING. GEEZ.
MrGodkid (1 year ago)
For whatever reason, the link to buying a trews tshirt did not work. It just linked to other Russell brand material. As for Australia being a prison colony, the point is essentially finding as many ways as you can think of of recycling the prison trope (in order to keep your great faith in man alive, in principle). The humour of keeping mates in prison, just does not seem to get old.
Leon Zonedthefuckout (1 year ago)
Please come to Australia and do stand up comedy
Jack Daily (1 year ago)
"american parliament" lol. I say, do aussie accents sound like US southern accents from the UK perspective because that's what Russell's interpretation of this Aussie accent sounds like. I'm from the American States and the canadian parliament kinda looks like that imo
Tony Muir (1 year ago)
they were building the prisons because they were getting ready for all the meth they were about to dump on the population
L&Daeronautics (1 year ago)
you cant buy a house if your a lazy socialist dull bludger ie you have to work to get your money first .yes their very expensive in the majour cities but having a socialist mentality where you think you should be given money free from the govn. will lead you to being one of those ridiculous sponging lazy bastards that will steal and kill you for 50c and that will be your life .There a plenty of jobs in Australia but the lazy socialists wont work''''no we are not a colony any more and we are not a prison island like in the paqst when England was a thriving plauge disease ridden dump and broke ,where poor people had no food at all and a small crime sent you to paradise in australia as england needed to popiulate our counry.The socialists are ruining your country yet here in Australia we continue to excell a bit of raceism protects us
Iam from Western Australia and our government care more about then their own Pockets than the people living here
Liam Wilkins (1 year ago)
well thats fuckin depressing dude.
Joss Dionne (1 year ago)
No surprise, OZ #1 value has become money it seems right following the U.S., how very sad.
Christina Davidis (2 years ago)
Joe hockey is a moron
Aussie Pom (2 years ago)
The politicians aren't in power in Australia. The mainstream foreign owned media is. Politicians in Australia have no vision for what the country could be. They're only interested in their media image, nothing else. Elections for the three tiers of government in Australia. Federal, State and Local are all a complete farce. If a prime minister's (Federal) or premier's (State) approval rating goes down a certain number of points he or she is replaced by their own party. The people have no say whatsoever. The voting people of Australia are just a means to an end. The politicians make voting compulsory in Australia whether the pointless elections are Federal, State or Local because they know that the majority of the population has lost all it's faith in the ruling political class that they would never show up to vote. Many now show up to vote informal, which means they have their name crossed off that voting list for that election so they don't incur a fine. The people then withdraw back into their own world with their family and circle of friends. Many Australian's today just don't watch mainstream media as it's full of government propaganda and stories that are blown out of all proportion.
MARINA WILKINSON (2 years ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂love Russell!
George williams (2 years ago)
As much as I love these videos, can we trully say we have a capitalistic economy? I mean, there's so much government intervention, even from a conservative standpoint, that I doubt you could call it that. When you have special interest groups and lobbyists with an agenda, I seriously doubt that expresses the capitalist ideals.
Uncle Johnson (2 years ago)
This guy is a bloody legend, we live in times where it's rare to find a person that speaks the truth
M J (2 years ago)
The swimming baths comparison killed me
Nich Hustler (2 years ago)
Wow that reminded me so much of South African Parliament.
Methinks (2 years ago)
I'm Australian, that was the best trews I've seen, spot on, not so keen on the "man bun" but no big deal.
Kevin Treman (2 years ago)
Bless Big Business. Can you imagine a world without it???
Amina Hassan (2 years ago)
Love you man!! Keep it up 👍
Christina Davidis (2 years ago)
Both politicians are wankers
Michelle White (2 years ago)
ya get longer for drugs or driving a car without a licence than for hurting and abusing children :(
Michelle White (2 years ago)
they are probably being served vodka, not water
that they have a digestive system
Reckless Abandon (2 years ago)
Nah, doesn't really matter. The only good thing about Australia is that the Federal Government doesn't actually have any power. Australia is owned, and the rich elite in London, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai seem to want to keep it relatively free of Muslim immigration, refugees, terrorism, SJW's, nuclear power and the population is kept relatively happy and stupid. They want it this way so there is somewhere nice, clean and safe if the SHTF in their preferred northern hemisphere location.
Reckless Abandon (2 years ago)
Just a question Russell, what did you use to buy your place?
Sir Sprogmonkey (2 years ago)
Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott are complete fuckwits to be fair and that's why they where shown the door. Love your work Russell
On a marathon of the trews. I feel depressed.
Erik Ruiz (2 years ago)
OlivARH RARAHARHARAHARH as you should be
Mark M (2 years ago)
This man is damn right. Sadly the world is so unfair, unjust and elites are so hypocritical.
sharon reid (2 years ago)
Jesus, I'm a fairly politically aware Australian, and I don't think I'd heard anything about the prison thing!
gorlymichael666 (2 years ago)
funny how sentences in the UK are getting more and more leinant but the prison population grows.
Somer Hayes (2 years ago)
And Brand has a say in Australian politics because??? Fuck off Brand and slag off the Germans, the French, the Polish, the rest of the whole fucking world. Hopefully all the countries you slag off will ban you.
Bill Hinrichsen (2 years ago)
ahh australia, my beautiful home (that's being ruined by gov scum 😠).
Will Lerch (2 years ago)
there is an awesome film about the prison system in australia called Ghosts of the Civil Dead. it stars singer Nick Cave
Hemaima Proctor (2 years ago)
Tony Abbot is such a dickhead. He seems even worse than John Key 😂
michael carroll (2 years ago)
From the pass 6 years I been going to tesco robbing cans of Stella...so I can go to prison...so I can get them in prison to smash the way out take the power from this u.k royal family members of the banking 1% that have been in power makeing war.makeing the poor working class poor. Makeing the poor homeless...tax'ing the working class people...for the holidays (helladay) the u.k scumbag's are sending 3 tons of guns to kill in the working poor class name a week in to Syria...this is the scumbag's we have in power 1% banking Royal family members...scumbag's... P
Vanessa V (2 years ago)
I'm Australian, safe to say our accent is fuking gross man
R. Nashoba (2 years ago)
Capitalism is evil when given to the wrong hands
Stacy #TheFancyBogan (2 years ago)
how about releasing the non-criminal inmates? I don't get it. What happened to community service for more than two weeks? they don't care about us they just want your money and screw the ppl it got them there.
Stacy #TheFancyBogan (2 years ago)
gimme a good job and it'll take 10years to save it all yourself and I'm not lending it is unaffordable. ppl over seas own the houses and you rent from them at an escalated rental amount. no problem but that's the option I get to afford for ten years+ god forbid I need a house for more than a family with no kids. I'm not going into debt for a house here until you can prove life+time spent is worth it. coz if I move in to buying a house I now get to have a zero dollar bank account.
Jon D'Angelo (2 years ago)
Russell can you do something about your intro, gives me a headache.
Alexandra Darby (2 years ago)
On a marathon of the trews. This stuff is gold.
Céyl Anderson (3 months ago)
+saad alkuwari Thanks. Shut up Saad.
saad alkuwari (2 years ago)
Yeah I fapped to all the episodes too.
Paul Baker (2 years ago)
illusion system ............lobbying system .......
Andrew Montgomery (2 years ago)
Phony Scabbot, Mouthcum Turdfull suck zionist Rothschild knob,and take it up the ass for Israel.
Felix Abraham (2 years ago)
Ok so people from poorer areas who have such a lower chance of having a high paying job and are going to stay in poor areas. The things learn from coming from a poorer area need to be learnt by the people running the country. Idiots.
Cherrykisses (2 years ago)
I live in Australia Russell and your right about everything x
Sky Leonidas (2 years ago)
you muust see the spanish senate no one ever moves or talks out of turn its as if no one wanted to actually talk they just openly dont give a fuk
Lucy Lorkin (2 years ago)
I reallY fUckIng want a shirt
Stuart Davidson (2 years ago)
Why are we still having these conversations? Righteous Change is needed now!
Dr. Rebecca Harwin (2 years ago)
As an Australian, I (sadly) couldn't agree with you more. Our current politicians - almost across the board - are contrived, cruel, completely lacking in empathy, compassion and humanity, and I worry that so many of the community are ill-informed and believe the hate filled rhetoric spewing from their mouths. Education, health and wellbeing, workcover, people on or below the bread line, refugees, our indigenous community... we are trying to screw everything that matters. It's heartbreakingly disgusting.
Craig's Classics (1 year ago)
Well said. For too long we have been told we live in some kind of paradise whereas the truth is that some of us share the crumbs from a very rich continent and others receive nothing. Being in lockstep with US policy is part of the problem....I certainly agree with your sentiments about our political leaders.
Ben Smith (2 years ago)
Axiomaticness (3 years ago)
It's obvious this guy has never taken an economics class lol
Erik Ruiz (2 years ago)
Axiomaticness dont choke, explain
Axiomaticness (2 years ago)
Is this a joke? Haha
youmugyoumug (2 years ago)
You said nothing of any substance to rebutt
Axiomaticness (2 years ago)
+Anonymous You made a well thought out rebuttal. Well done.
Carolyn Lozan (3 years ago)
Australia still has a habital tradition from colonisation or post colonisation or Australia still is not a republic. Even though its the end of British Empire rule there still is a legacy from its prison colony origins. Australia has still got a colonial autocracy subconsciously running through its political administrations. That colonial attitude interpreted Australians Indigenous peoples as not human or the classification of animals. Thats how the Empire was able to claim the land by calling it terra nalus which defines as empty space or nothing there and that included the First peoples of Australia. And also the Frontier Wars which were a deliberate attempt of First peoples genocide. Most of the convicts that were brought to Australia had crimes of poverty due to the Industrial revolution and its capitalis nature, and the convicts were used as slave labour, all to keep the Elite in thier position of power so as they could take all the rewards at the suffering of the vunerable people in society. With all that in mind, i agree that Australia is still a prison, and the beginning steps to change that would be to become a republic so Australia can start connecting to there country and to thier Indigenous peoples histories by recognising and acknowledging certain historical and present trews as important part of the first steps for a reconciliative process that will lead to change.
SLUMLORD (2 years ago)
I hear Chechnyas nice.
Fianna (3 years ago)
humanity is sick. destroy it
Great news Russell👊
laura mcwatch (3 years ago)
"well mate" I think they should give the land back to the people in jail( first people's) and put the real crooks in jail !
Lauren Powell (3 years ago)
Yeah it shits me off. They want us to agree to a lifetime of debt in return for shelter. It's basically financial slavery. Minimum house price is anywhere between 170 - 200 grand. And in that bracket you're looking at pretty run down, dilapidated homes.
Lad Book (21 days ago)
Same in Australia now
Erik Ruiz (2 years ago)
Lauren Powell damn a normal house in new England is about 350k
BrisBoom (3 years ago)
God yes your a legend!
May Lin (3 years ago)
Fuck off peple. Fight for your rights. You are genius. All is truth. Superrrr.
MonicaLeePaige (3 years ago)
Ha! All the Aussies on here who get butt hurt and take this personally.. This is clearly deservedly aimed at the reptilians running the country. Fact: it's a shit show. I'm "Aussie" of German descent now living abroad.... I just shake my head & roll my eyes and thank the universe for providing me the opportunity to live elsewhere. I love the land, I love the people but the way Australia is run... A joke. No freedom, no love. Just low level vibration greed & ignorance.... like almost every other country out there.
ozskipper (3 years ago)
I lasted just over 60 seconds, then had to mute him. Junkies always tend to rant about one thing or another even if its just a delusion. Bars on our front doors? WTF?
S Flemo (3 years ago)
Russ you are a fuckwit
S H (3 years ago)
Hang on a second. Aren't all these white Australians in power who have no shame in their racism and prejudice to anyone not white Australian, I believe were English criminals originally? England didn't want them and then shipped them to Australia as far away as possible. What an absolute joke. A bunch of genetically historical criminals running that country ruining the lives of the indigenous aboriginal peoples and anyone non white.
unnahh dud (3 years ago)
hey russel its a big fucking island ofcourse its a prison until we get invaded
Wenny Dornan (3 years ago)
they probably literally are, such a country with the modern human sins made Australia universally recognize as the most racist and homophobic country in the western world.
selma (3 years ago)
you're right, the capitalist system lacks compassion. I am not capitalist myself, but I do understand this: imagine we live in a world where the people who work and get paid share their money with the people who don't have a job. Everybody lives a rather nice life, but a part of the population doesn't do shit for the same lifestyle as people who work their asses off. If you put appart the inequalities from the start, the "work to get a house" system is fair. but then again, different factors such as discrimination and super expensive education do poison this system.
Fuquemee Harder (3 years ago)
Ja Ja ess is stil ein concentration camp. So vat, Englander homosexualisch?
T L (3 years ago)
Hey Russel why don't you actually use some reliable sources. you used "A current affair" basically the worst kind of media sourse. Do you really think working towads getting a good job and buying a house is bad advise? I bet you bought your incredibly large house with money you earned from working.
Rhys Maaannn! (3 years ago)
this lad speaks the truth man mad respect from an aussie :)
Sc0tty13 (3 years ago)
hahaha, if you think this is bad check out vids of South African parliament... thats absolute chaos if you ask me.
Chameleon1616 (3 years ago)
The guy is such a blind disrespectful arsehole, he just marinates in his own views without perspective, when is he going to grow up?
Galren (3 years ago)
A great system, do any of you over seas people realise that most female polotics a seated in front of a camera to give the illusion that there are a greater percentage of females there.
Galren (3 years ago)
eels05 (3 years ago)
Hey Russell,if you expect people to take your criticism of capitalism seriously why don't you give away all the millions you made doing your vapid throw-away Hollywood shite movie's?Your just another champagne liberal revolutionary wanker.Fight the power from the back of your limo you hypocrite.
Sara Tadesse (3 years ago)
That statistic about 27% of prisoners being indigenous despite only being 2.5% of the population really fucked me up. It really gave me a wake up call. I remember once someone asked me if i was sri-lankian because i looked like the prisoners in the local jail they worked at. It gave me an insight into the epidemic of increased indigenous/ ethnic populous in prisons. This needs to change if we are going to increase the welfare and wellbeing of ALL Australians - both perceptions of the indigenous and their/ our treatment.
Tree (3 years ago)
agree with everything, except it was english that killed the aboriginals... dont act like it was australians
Esther626 (3 years ago)
this makes me so much less happy to be Australian.
carracci (3 years ago)
Lol... This Australian reckons you summed up our politics brilliantly. In fact journalists who have been critical of our lurch to the right have mirrored much of what Russell said.
Awww xaxaxa thanks Rusty you know how to make us smile darling, blessings on this 4th XI 2015 mwáh mwáh mwáh mwáh
mariidee2 (3 years ago)
Russell I love you. You are what people should aspire to be, using your brain for what it's meant for
Michstar Eve (3 years ago)
Joe Hocky is a dope he even got a loan for uni,it was a tape found a few yrs ago showing him doing the opposite begging for student loans but is now stopping young ones now to get uni loans
Bekz (3 years ago)
as far as prisons go: I refer to the Johnny English movie, the gist of it so true. Never ignore your movies!
Lex Hawthorn (3 years ago)
SERCO ASIA, runs just about everything in this region Russell, they are our regional Branch of SERCO UK, which as anyone with half a brain would know, is the old East India Company. Our Current PM Abbott, is in fact 1 of you, that's right a POMMIE, he probably has no right to be in the top bloody job. However our Parliamentary system is as bent as a dogs hind leg, and a previous PM Howard, Illegally changed our Constituntion, that probably allows this sort of crap. I am in New South Wales, our Parliament made up legislation, that allows them to legislate laws, that's right no discussions, no Hansard, just legislated laws. How can we compete with that? We can't! Serco are building the Prisons, at our expense, and running them, at our expense. They are in bed with the 'Australain Government Canberra' which is not the Federal Govt, but in fact the Commonwealth Public Service. The East India Company is made up of Former, and Current Public Servants. Now i could go on about Govt forcing ppl to do training courses for employment? To supposedly help them get jobs that do not exist? Or that it is a scam by the Bureau of Statistics, a Commonwealth Office, who do not count short term unemployed as unemployed. So they tell Australias sheeples, that the unemployment figures are very low. The whole country is a joke, atm, but lets be Australian about this folks. " Shut up, THE FOOTY IS ON. In this country that is all that counts, bloody sports. Tell an aussie the world will end tomorrow? he will buy some beers in, and watch footy, or cricket. (BTW, I have made this site public before, Now it wont allow me, to copy and paste their address.)In other words they are censoring the internet, here in Australia.
Happy girl 2277 (3 years ago)
Russell please please become Australia's prime minister, you're the only one who understands the issues.
Happy girl 2277 (3 years ago)
I live in Australia and this is ALL TRUE
Rachael Turnbull (3 years ago)
I love you Russell, but the british were pretty stupid sending there petty thieves to paradise....(ha, ha) ...seriously, The Australian employment laws are the shitties ever! We have this BULLSHIT INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR SHAM were "employees have no rights" and are seriously exploited. (there was no public input into these employment changes either) We had a pretty big middle class a few years ago, but the gap has rapidly expanded, and the prices of everything has increased ridiculously. I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU LIVE IN SYDNEY IN 6 DAYS, Thanks for coming to the ass end of the world to perform. Just as an example of how expensive Australia is; a ticket to your show cost me $129.90, Id love to know how much they are in UK and US? I guess around $25 quid !!!
Gabrielle Lilly (3 years ago)
I love you Russell, but the british were pretty stupid sending there petty thieves to paradise....(ha, ha) ...seriously, The Australian employment laws are the shitties ever! We have this BULLSHIT INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR SHAM were "employees have no rights" and are seriously exploited. We had a pretty big middle class a few years ago, but the gap has rapidly expanded, and the prices of everything has increased ridiculously. I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU LIVE IN SYDNEY IN 6 DAYS, Thanks for coming to the ass end of the world to perform. Just as an example of how expensive Australia is; a ticket to your show cost me $129.90, Id love to know how much they are in UK and US? I guess around $25 quid !!!
ProgrammingGamer (3 years ago)
This poped up on my feed and my god it gets my blood boiling, now I remembered why I really wanted to murder Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott!
NIOKA (3 years ago)
haha love ya Russel

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