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THIS IS A GUIDE AND TUTORIAL TO GET THE SECRET ROOM WITH THE MYSTERY BOX IN GROESTON HAUS WW2 ZOMBIES SURVIVAL MAP! AKA How to unlock the mystery box room in Groeston Haus. Mystery box room guide. Grats to: Grimmlins, Oxin8, xanman86, Khanfidence, Sora101ven, Robo. ✪ Subscribe to Milo! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mrroflwaffles ✪ Mr RoflWaffles Videos! http://bit.ly/roflwaffles ✪ MrRoflWaffles Twitter! http://bit.ly/twaffles ✪ Rofl Waffles Instagram! http://instagram.com/Milo_BC ✪ Milo on Snapchat is "mrrw" https://www.snapchat.com/add/mrrw ✪ Roffle Waffles FaceBook! https://www.facebook.com/MrRoflWaffles ♥ Powered by Elgato Gaming: http://e.lga.to/MrRoflWaffles Looking for "Call of Duty Zombies"? Interested in the Call of Duty Zombies Storyline, or hunting for new Black Ops 3 Zombies gameplay? You're in the right place. I'm a CoD BO3 Zombies expert, and your new best friend. Let's hang out. As always, thanks for watching! Be sure to stick the LIKE button in your waffle iron and give it a good cookin' if you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you next time! - Milo x
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Text Comments (250)
Jesse Amezquita's (1 year ago)
Super fake waste of 10 minents
András Móri (1 year ago)
Will you still get the Mountaineer character if you unlock this door, or it it will invalidate it? Ta'
orlando valencia (1 year ago)
Wow I opened the room an I didn't even know how I did it, now. I'm watching this thinking how did I shoot all the lanterns 🤣
sumalumadumahuma (1 year ago)
Really really tanks
TUMPOV (1 year ago)
The thumbnail is very misleading once again
Alex Taylor (1 year ago)
It means "the biggest house" lmao
Fortnite Zarate (1 year ago)
I subscribed
Fortnite Zarate (1 year ago)
It actually worked thank you very much
aTROLLwithBlades (1 year ago)
I loved you in Animaniacs :p thanks for making this short and to the point
Game Overlord (1 year ago)
I found a EE on the 2nd map next to the mystery box by the shelf outside of the room there is a shelf that if you stand to the left on as close to the wall as posible 1st papers will fly everywere and if you prone there is a paper that has writing on it that may be important... Idk if it is a EE if someone can plz get this out to someone who can decifer it and tell us if it is a EE or not
eduardo origel (1 year ago)
I found a glitch that you can one hit Mele with the shovel for the rest of your game. Will have a link to the video and send you the link on the video as well as how to do the glitch as well.
Mythiic Kills (1 year ago)
Bruh I shot all 10 on round 10 and the door didn't open.
Paige XOXO (1 year ago)
Amazing! Thanks for that! First go round 24 thanks to you 💕
Minecrafter 19 (1 year ago)
This was very helpful you also have really great content. 1+ subscriber
AsianHitman27 (1 year ago)
What about the door downstairs to go outside?
Max's Minion (1 year ago)
Mosh Room (1 year ago)
To dark can’t see👺👺👺
King Hilarious (1 year ago)
13 min vid and adds for the popular vid lol so you got the like my man thanks for no bs.
Superiør Clan (1 year ago)
I didn’t need to unlock anything I just clicked the map and there I was
Maria Mancera (1 year ago)
xXLlamamasterXx same
Digital Panda (1 year ago)
There is a mystery box but IT DOESNT LOOK LIKE THAT
TheSmileBC (1 year ago)
Ha, I thought it was a round 20 thing, because I was just running around rushing through rounds when it suddenly opened. Spray and Pray I guess
Alex Aguirre (1 year ago)
Did anyone else notice that in the COD WWII campaign mission “Death Factory”, the bonus zombies map Groesten haus is in the village?
Jaxson Martin (1 year ago)
How do we try 4 times when there's only 4 jack in the boxes
solvaig williams (1 year ago)
Is that room how you get out? How do you get out of the house?
Brian Seamans (1 year ago)
I keep finding parts on the map, on top of barrels or walls etc.. what the hell are they for?
Anthony Wolfe (1 year ago)
This will be useful to get to level 20 in there thank you ☺
Anthony Wolfe (1 year ago)
Also for trophy and I think also a secret character
Js_ Kickass (1 year ago)
Look for the Easter egg song in the map
Doom Hunter (1 year ago)
Is my game glitched i got the full version that comes with this map and all dlcs but I can't access map so can anyone explain why
El Oso (1 year ago)
I love have me an a couple of friends tried it for kicks and we got to round 20 and we thought it opened round based , now I know we just shot around like crazy and it opened lmfao
Delia Darby (1 year ago)
Can you play that map with friends ?
WOW Your video editing skills are the best you rock!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Odegaard (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
Gary Moezeth (1 year ago)
*FOR PEOPLE WONDERING HOW TO PLAY THIS MAP* it is only available in local mode meaning it is either for single player or split screen players at the moment but that might change later on
Gary Moezeth (1 year ago)
Daddy Kelbold oh didn't know that's awesome
Alex Pierce (1 year ago)
Gary Moezeth I have beat the Final Reich Easter egg
Alex Pierce (1 year ago)
Gary Moezeth I have it online
VRAirhead (1 year ago)
I'ma try it. Also people you get the map by playing local zombies not beating the campaign
Jesus (1 year ago)
There's more than one map?!
Alonso Hernandez (1 year ago)
what easter egg do i have to complete to get this map? the first one or the second easter egg?
Alex Pierce (1 year ago)
x Alonso x Either the casual or hardcore, doesn't matter
Famous75 Gaming (1 year ago)
I can’t hit the one on the wagon
Bzk 0007 (1 year ago)
Lol, didnt know this and i got to round 15 several times...
yacin_TOV kees (1 year ago)
I opened that room without knowing that i need to shoot lanters xD i probably shoot all when i was shooting at zombies
TheDemisingEnd (1 year ago)
well now i am gonna go from round 19 to more with this. Thanks.
stYLish-kiDDO GAMING (1 year ago)
the people who found this. should get 100% revenue from this video if u make money off this. ...just ripping ppl off
I opened this room without knowing what to do
LinkT000 (1 year ago)
hey @ mrroflwaffles me and my friends found a whole bunch of things that we picked up in the first map and would like to show you all the locations we found them in. we don’t know what they do but found about 15 of them.
My96XJ (1 year ago)
how do you get this map? i bought the season pass but don't have this map, Is this the prologue map with the girl ? i tried doing this and couldn't get the door to the box to open up
RichGuy28 (1 year ago)
Groësten Haus translates to Largest House
Buzzcuntyear Blastoff (1 year ago)
Just got clickbate and so did you
Sonny Boi (1 year ago)
but it sucks you need to finish the first map 100% like do the mission, xD they need to fix that, what about the people are not that good at it..
Alex Pierce (1 year ago)
I am a pretty sub par player and I solo'd the casual Easter egg lol It's very easy
Naw (1 year ago)
Sonny Boi Im pretty bad at zombies but i was doing a 4 player easter egg attempt and i got to the second last step so its pretty easy co op
BlunterRogue (1 year ago)
I found a zombies ee in multiplayer HQ dm me if you wanna know more
BlunterRogue (1 year ago)
Its in the HQ in MP just go to zombies area under a Rock area and there is a written page about zombies
Naw (1 year ago)
BlunterRogue Whats it about?
LaskiRaski (1 year ago)
BlackOpsAmazing did it first
HolyCrusaderKun (1 year ago)
wait theres two maps?
All Seeing Dorito (1 year ago)
did anyone see the description it says "2009 call of duty: zombies"
king Roman (1 year ago)
Who the hell just knows how to do that secret room and how? Lol
Dr.Platinum 23 (1 year ago)
I hate the mystery box in this game.... It takes forever to open then you can barely see your weapon
Dr.Platinum 23 (1 year ago)
Yeahyeah7 89 nah that dont really help lol it just makes everything dark but have somewhat of a white tint to it
Yeahyeah7 89 (1 year ago)
I upped my brightness all the way tbh. Help out a lot for me! :)
Dr.Platinum 23 (1 year ago)
You know something wrong
Dr.Platinum 23 (1 year ago)
Rangel Rodrigues ikr lol like damn i know its suppose to be dark but when you cant see shit thats right in front of you
Rangel Rodrigues (1 year ago)
You can barely see anything on this Zombies mode. They must release a patch ASAP to add some light to this mode, its terrible to play as it is, it even hurts my eyes because I have to force my eyes to what is right in front of my character.
Mayson Beegle (1 year ago)
I got WWII today. I played zombies first. I played this map first as well. That was a mistake. I ended up crapping myself.
Mayson Beegle the first thing I did when I opened the game was played the map I got to round 16
R E (1 year ago)
Lol I imagined ur profile pic talking and then making that face after u shit urself😂😂😂😂
Seamus Treacy (1 year ago)
HA PRANKED!!! got em
Emir Eren (1 year ago)
How can i play this map
Eyes Open (1 year ago)
Where do I find this map?
Maier (1 year ago)
How do you unlock the Map, I just have it in offline play but not in online
Alex Pierce (1 year ago)
Maier it is not a "solo map" you just have to beat the casual or hardcore Easter egg in The Final Reich
Lassi (1 year ago)
Maier its a solo map
ZimVader13 (1 year ago)
how do u unlock the house map? I did the prologue and it isn't playable
KN592 (1 year ago)
The thumbnail isn't misleading at all good job with not misleading people 👍
Jesus Alvarado (1 year ago)
Milo is having sex with lex right now
Bryant Hernandez (1 year ago)
Wow first day big surprise I play this game in 4.00 am and I didn’t find it but I’m glad the one who find this they are smart
Kaden F (1 year ago)
Can you live stream some gameplay? Thanks
Gulumba_Man (1 year ago)
Is this map a DLC one
unknown nostalgia (1 year ago)
Just another trash Cod
VRAirhead (1 year ago)
What are you comparing it to? Yourself? it is a decent game just like bo2
JasoN Z (1 year ago)
Just like ur existence
Isaac Xman 12 (1 year ago)
MrRofflWaffles: “so let’s get down to business!” Me: 🎵”Lets get down to business. To defeat.... the hauns!” 🎵
Gaming 4Life (1 year ago)
Keep up the videos milo, outve all the zombie YouTubers ur vids are by for the best and easiest to understand and u don’t over do it with advertisements either that’s the real bonus.. thanks
Jaygunna 45 (1 year ago)
Mystery box huh? Reminds me too much of a similar developer who started this zombies stuff? Oh yeah that's right TRYEARCH 😂😂😂😂 what a joke of a game
Naw (1 year ago)
stay frosty So if one game adds zombies in no other game is allowed to. Amazing logic
Fat cunt (1 year ago)
How do you get this map
Im Tyrone (1 year ago)
ToxicPanda it’s a mode like in black ops 2 when u do survival on tranzit
Jaygunna 45 (1 year ago)
Ww2 is trash 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Naw (1 year ago)
Sam Dupree True
Sam Dupree (1 year ago)
someone's butthurt they didn't have the money to buy the game
Naw (1 year ago)
stay frosty "Trash" bet you didnt even try the game. I've enjoyed it more than any other zombies
Alpha Salvador (1 year ago)
I pre ordered
Alpha Salvador (1 year ago)
Boi how do you know i bet u have not even played it
Joshua Comer (1 year ago)
Does it work in the prologue?
Naw (1 year ago)
Round 16 is the highest for me in prologue with the box but still cant get 20, Its just way too hard to train zombies and ammo is a problem most of the time
Luke Martin (1 year ago)
Joshua Comer yeah I just did it, still couldent get to round 20 :(
Anthony J (1 year ago)
Naw (1 year ago)
MemerGaming775 I beat prolouge and still havent gotten it. Actually ive beat it many times
Alpha Salvador (1 year ago)
No u don’t u have to beat prologue
Frank Scrafted (1 year ago)
I have the digital deluxe and i can only play this on local? How do you obtain it? Campaign or completing the easy EE?
HUNSTER 55 (1 year ago)
Is there anything like bo3 gobblegums in this zombies mode that makes it ridiculously easy? Just wondering because gobblegums is why I eventually stopped playing bo3
Vurict (1 year ago)
assassin201509 ps4 (1 year ago)
How do u get grosten haus???
Alex Pierce (1 year ago)
Mayson Beegle me and my friend both got it after completing the easter egg
Alex Pierce (1 year ago)
Mayson Beegle to get it online you must beat the "casual" or "hardcore" Easter Egg
VRAirhead (1 year ago)
Anthony J no
Mayson Beegle (1 year ago)
@Naw There isn’t a sure way to unlock it online, you can play it by playing local.
Naw (1 year ago)
Mayson Beegle i dont have it and i pre ordered it
XCrash97X (1 year ago)
I generally thought it was the origins mystery box...
Sethymes (1 year ago)
XCrash97X genuinely dumbass
Harry Cordes (1 year ago)
How do u even unlock this map?
Anthony J (1 year ago)
Beat the campaign
Francesco (1 year ago)
there is a little horse in the map  you can move it around I think it can activate something
PaP 'd (1 year ago)
David tennant sounds like milo in this game lol
Matt Perrin (1 year ago)
This map too damn dark
xlRadioactive (1 year ago)
Maria Mancera (1 year ago)
fucking idiot
The random Youtuber (1 year ago)
ShankTheDank (1 year ago)
xlRadioactive actually u get the map bye doing one of the 2 Easter eggs
GaZeY (1 year ago)
I got it for completing ZOMBIES EE
BakedBanana (1 year ago)
I didn’t have to do anything tho
Sora101Ven (1 year ago)
Lotta people for a little room hahaha
Lumos (1 year ago)
meemememmememems (1 year ago)
Do you have to shoot em in order or just random oh and how do you unlock this map.
MXS (1 year ago)
Preston Da beast Complete the casual EE to unlock it online.
Naw (1 year ago)
Preston Da beast No you can play it not on local. You just need to do the casual easter egg i think
meemememmememems (1 year ago)
Preston Da beast ok ty
Preston Da beast (1 year ago)
You can only play in local mode
meemememmememems (1 year ago)
MxS oh ok thnx
Tom (1 year ago)
none of your guys' videos are appearing in my subscription feed for the last like 16 hours. you dalek and noahJ.
Kneox (1 year ago)
Do u know the other upgrades for the wonder weapon
artacuno (1 year ago)
So is this "a" mystery box on the map or "the" mystery box?
artacuno (1 year ago)
Nick Bones (1 year ago)
arta farta stfu
Ryan Foster (1 year ago)
arta farta the mystery box
LungSusage (1 year ago)
I heard that you have to beat the campaign to get this map. Is this true?
Shane Brodeur (1 year ago)
LungSusage yup
Sir Gary (1 year ago)
YouTube didn't send this video to ours feed...
kim sinden (1 year ago)
sarkhan vol (1 year ago)
Que coño no sabía que veías a milo
Jake (1 year ago)
It didnt send it to you feed, mine was fine
A1 LegiiT (1 year ago)
Is there a ray gun?
Brian Foster (1 year ago)
r u retarted
Sgt. Johnson (1 year ago)
I swear there was a custom map made last year just like this on bo3, anyone know what it was?
LionKeg1 (1 year ago)
Can this be done in the prologue? It will make the trophy easier to get.
LionKeg1 (1 year ago)
Did you have the jack in the box?
Naw (1 year ago)
LionKeg1 Got to round 16 but at that point it was way to hard
LionKeg1 (1 year ago)
Just tried it out and it does! Thanks
Rusty Trident (1 year ago)
Is there a way to play this map besides local??????
Kev Kines (1 year ago)
Do you gotta beat the first Easter egg play this map
Shane Brodeur (1 year ago)
Kev Kines the casual onev
Thanks d o o d
DJRiley B (1 year ago)
DJRiley B (1 year ago)
CANT WAIT TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mauricio villagran (1 year ago)
Why you put the Origin mystery box?
MrVendetta420 (1 year ago)
its a Box who the fuck cares
Bruin37 (1 year ago)
_ Faustus (1 year ago)
Omni_Tron (1 year ago)
For the click sit

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