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Destiny 2: NEW ARMORY QUEST & NINE SECRET! Emissary Revealed, Special Unlock & Old Exotic

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Destiny 2 - Black Armory DLC Quest, The Nine Secret & Special Unlock ► FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM --► https://instagram.com/unknownplayer03 ► NEW GLITCHED EXOTIC --► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dncmW7d58AQ ►Destiny 2 Early Concepts --► https://www.behance.net/gallery/60073341/Destiny-2-UI-Visual-Design In this destiny 2 video we'll be rounding up all of the latest forsaken news, as well as updates from bungie about the game recently. We learned some interesting details about the nine and their emissary, some early images of destiny 2’s development from bungie, the new thunderlord exotic quest update and a very special unlock. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more destiny 2 gameplay & news videos :D ------ All My Social Media Links ------ ► TWITTER --► https://twitter.com/unknownplayer03 ► INSTAGRAM --► https://instagram.com/unknownplayer03 ► TWITCH --► https://www.twitch.tv/theunknownplayer ► FACEBOOK --► https://www.facebook.com/unknownplayer03 ► My Gaming Setup, Capture Card, PC, Headphones etc. --► http://full.sc/1mlE4vU ► Intro Song: --► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT5E6bva0f8 ► Track Name: Direct - Lark [Monstercat Release] Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC7av1uSkoM Buy Link: http://monster.cat/025-Threshold-iTunes ► For business enquiries ONLY! ► [email protected]
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Text Comments (361)
Unknown Player (8 months ago)
Any of you guys close to or unlocked a title? 👀
Dredgen Azul (8 months ago)
close to dredgen
DropDeadArtemus (8 months ago)
I've got my fingers crossed for Strange Terrain after reset today. If I can get the Osprey, I will have my Wayfarer title.
Rainbow Terrefin (8 months ago)
10/11 on gambit 19/22 on wayfarer
Tyler Chambers (8 months ago)
Very close to destinations, dreaming city, and gambit seals
Aaron Moore (8 months ago)
I grinded for days for dredgen, almost fifth prestige now lol
Darion Vengoechea (7 months ago)
The black armory vendor hates guardians so she might meet the queen
SQUATTER (7 months ago)
She orion is fused with her lover that she left the queen in search for ?
Ryan I (7 months ago)
Do titles have to be unlocked before season 4 is over? Or no? I thought I read some where that you needed to earn them by 11/27 but I could definitely be wrong about that.
Wayne Clark (8 months ago)
Seriously a different color broom ,
Wayne Clark (8 months ago)
Silver Tercel sparrow is horrible 150 speed seriously bungie
Wayne Clark (8 months ago)
Sparrow wow because that really makes the game
Wayne Clark (8 months ago)
Zen meteor who cares give me ice breaker
Grant Shanholtz (8 months ago)
I fucking loved the Zen Meteor, that and Hawkmoon were my favorite exotics
dextherez HD (8 months ago)
What if the lost cryptarch, ives, is the new black amour vendor but turned into an exo just like cayde 6 did🧐🤯
Dreez76 (8 months ago)
I picked up Destiny 2 now that it was for free, and i am VERY disappointed in the non-existant class-development. I play a Warlock exclusively (no interest in Titan or Hunter) using the Devour-build, and there is no real class-building what-so-ever in this game.. Each class has ONE ability... ONE. Seriously disappointing. And then i get to choose how i want my GRENADES to behave.. not my class, but my grenades. I don't know WTF Bungie was thinking about. Glad i picked it up for free, because if i had to pay for this non-existant class-develoment, i would've been pissed.
This Pleases The Nut (8 months ago)
Black Armory, Joker's Wild, and Penumbra are coming
Rikki Constable (8 months ago)
Destiny has become stale again
Zac Bourn (8 months ago)
How can you say zen meteor was bad it beat spindle in damage in kings fall raid and had better stats it was amazing it didn't take damage away from the round for the explosive rounds it was a sniper grenade launcher!
Justin Sanders (8 months ago)
Can someone please help me in this game I’m stuck on one area of the game
Raineydropp (8 months ago)
The seals are a bit bs they rely so heavily on rng :/ I am so often a ship/sparrow away from 3 different titles ..
Aaron Moore (8 months ago)
That's not a jumping puzzle at 7:40 lol it's a glitch progression, the actual way up was fifteen feet back near the small bridge, it's one of those "hidden until you approach" platforms, literally forms a walkway to the challenge.
CraZzZy Boy (8 months ago)
I’m here because it’s free on pc
That Guy Named Grim (8 months ago)
bet bungie is just gunna recycle the ceva dudes
David Millar (8 months ago)
which version of the breach though? it can't be the original version, because that section of the wall got messed up during the siva crisis, holes in the roof, filling with snow and damaged areas, with a different rout from where your ghost found you to the room with the archon from the 2-13 play through
char lie (8 months ago)
I haven’t watched you for a whole year. Destiny 2 ruined the amount of views you got, stay strong
ggGeezer (8 months ago)
Congrats on the title!
Joseph Skaff (8 months ago)
You did know there is an easier way up to the challenge this week. Platforms on side of the bridge
Kyushi-DeafMan (8 months ago)
I need help I want to do raid I invited the people and don’t stop quit and I most do the exotic quest I m in PS4 StarWars_0613 help me 😪😪
Liam Wade (8 months ago)
Did you claim the triumph
Mitch Olsen (8 months ago)
I'm only missing the DC ship, sparrow, and ghost. It sucks
かにたま (8 months ago)
I am Japanese.Your video is very interesting!
Dredgen T3 (8 months ago)
Shax inventary is for black armory ?!?
THE COSMOLOGY (8 months ago)
0:12. Holy shit, it’s the pennywise clown dance. I need that emote. Lol
Zytar2112 (8 months ago)
You can actually get the ship in the shattered throne at the very beginning as well.
LPinkFloyd (8 months ago)
12 min video that could easily be 5m i don't have time for this bullshit
Smokya69 (8 months ago)
For the ascendant challenge if you pop your queensfoil, you will find platforms to jump on in the room before the catwalk to the portal instead of the blight puzzle.
White run guard (8 months ago)
Idk if I should get back into destiny. I stopped playing a week before the festival of the lost and i May get back in bc of the dawning event that i think is going happen
Aiden Pierce (8 months ago)
I wish my chance of getting an exotic engram would increase by 1% every time you use an exotic "flair" in the thumbnail I would even be ok with 0.1%
Farhad Wardak (8 months ago)
Causality and Casualty are two different things...
DJ D (8 months ago)
Great, quality content with your vids man, good stuff. Always excited to watch when I get the notification that a new vid is up. Thanks for doing whatcha do!
Spy - V -Spy (8 months ago)
It think it pretty much confirms that the emissary is the queens body. Basically the Queen has been split. I am so close to "Dredgen" just need the shell & guardian super kills which has become hard no ones uses supers to invade anymore as everyone only ever uses the damn crooked fang & QB.
ellicha 06 (8 months ago)
The Wild gamer?!?!!?!
Shifty (8 months ago)
Zen Meteor should return because Bungie basically flatout betrayed the XBOX community by not releaseing the D1 year 2 Playstation exclusives at the start of year 3, instead they made them available right at the launch of D2 when no one really cared about them anymore.
cropathfinder (8 months ago)
Lets stop pretending that anonthenine is a leaker. He is just bungie PR its a common trick PR does these days making fake leakers to test public reactions.
cryptic (8 months ago)
Zen Meteor was really good wdym
Joel Avalos (8 months ago)
Underrated channel
Jet Labs (8 months ago)
Youve woken the hive
Mr Snowman (8 months ago)
The emblems at 1:56 the top one's track the amount of kills you got with a subclass then the others are from doing crucible matches and strikes :P
burns0100 (8 months ago)
I need the Ship for the Cursebreaker, EP SMG and Mars Sidearm for Wayfarer and Ive farmed out all of the farmable lore for the lore one.
Chris Hancock (8 months ago)
I have Wayfarer and once I get the Dreaming City sparrow I'll have the Cursebreaker
Light Yagami (8 months ago)
Wayfarer. It’s a grind.
Andy ARGON (8 months ago)
Thanks for all you do love your videos I've been following you for some time. Keep on killing it cousin
Lukas Meyvisch (8 months ago)
00:54 why are those 2 weapons not in the game????
Aleck Ramon (8 months ago)
Destiny 3 is supposedly gonna be hardcore RPG, dealing in depth story. The next major dlc might be the pyramid ships coming to earth and capturing guardians and infusing them with darkness. And the DLCs of the game and the raids will be corrupt guardians, maybe even the vanguard like Zavala, and ikora, shit I WANT TO BATTLE ERIS SINCE SHE HAS HALF THE DARKNESS IN HER AND LIGHT FROM TRAVELER. I WANNA SEE HER POWER SIMCE SHE CAN TELEPORT.
Aleck Ramon (8 months ago)
Variks killed master ives and when you go to the cosmodrone you will battle fallen from the reef BECUASE variks was left alone and his kell( awoken in reef) abandoned him so he let the scorn out their cages and the other fallen that didn't go with the barons, took varkis side and he became their house leader. When you battle him in the cosmodrone he gets away and the raid is focused on getting to him thru enhanced fallen thru awoken technology, and some of his early followers after the taken war. Which learned key weaknesses and strengths of guardians from him. Also they don't use fallen weapons, they use the weapons of the guardians that interfered or got in his way. *JUST A THEROY, BUT IN THE BEGINNING THE DESTINY FRANCHISE IS SUPPOSE TO LAST 10 YEARS OR LONGER THAN HALO DID, AND SINCE HALO IS STILL COMING OUT, THEY ARE GONNA HAVE TO MAKE LORE AND A REAL STORY LIKE TBERE WAS ORIGINALLY IN VINNILA DESTINY. THAT MEANS THAT THEY HAVE TO MAKE ENEMIES MORE SUPRISING, EMOTIONAL, ON DEPTH ON WHY, AND HOW
Oscar Salmon (8 months ago)
Ive got the chronicler title
Balder Knight (8 months ago)
Man putting the speed up in the video helps it be better
Ruskie (8 months ago)
Me and my clan spent 3 days getting that rivenbane title, hella worth
Billy Gnagie (8 months ago)
Maybe this is how they reintroduce SIVA since it was based in the cosmodrome and not to mention it was supposed to be in Vanilla D2
It's 7a1L (8 months ago)
1:15 Lvl 40 ?
InMANity Jackson (8 months ago)
Causality or casualty? 3:10
Hammerd Walrus (8 months ago)
I wish the temporal surge was the dust not silver. Like 10K dust for exotics, 5K for legendary, 1K for Rares. They could incorporate both silver and dust into the system, but they'll probably stick with only silver.
JokerDoesLivestreams (8 months ago)
Bring back Monte Carlo!!
dvdbck (8 months ago)
What is the shader on your nation of beasts? Looks amazing!
Casper Killa (8 months ago)
Hey just out of curiosity why does the zen meteor attack have 999 on it does that mean D2 light will go up I think that would be interesting if destiny took it to a whole new level anyway I was just wondering.
sniper (8 months ago)
They should bring back the stranger into the black armory Don’t know if her name is “stranger” but she had a gun called the strangers rifle, bungie should bring her back into the game
Luke Harvey (8 months ago)
Say what you want about it, the Zen Meteor was my baby in both PvP and PvE
Thanos (8 months ago)
I don’t know why but I started dying when the video started and you were doing that dance
Durandol (8 months ago)
If all we're getting are more and more D1 exotics, why the hell did we even get a 2nd game in the first place? Might as well just have just given us another expansion to D1.
TranscendentMaster (8 months ago)
was wondering why I didn't han the unbroken
Dan Krystia (8 months ago)
There are a set of hidden platforms that you can take up to the ascendant challenge portal, the same ones that lead to the ascendant chest, except don't make a left halfway up. I made my way up there the same way you did until I found out.
Eddy the Lombax (8 months ago)
the Oracle room will have new instances for 27 weeks. We're in week 10 (week 9 of the curse being active), so we still have 6 unique visits to Mara in the future
Gamin' with Vice (8 months ago)
I want NLB to make a return or hawkmoon
BRG22 GAMING (8 months ago)
Good job dude keep up the grind
m Woodhouse (8 months ago)
Wow the queen is really starting to show her true colours and intentions first giveing her friend to the nine then talking with another person that dosent like us how many secrets have u been holding from us mara sov 👀
imnotmexican1987 (8 months ago)
It's not like she was ever a true ally to guardians. She and her awoken remained independent for quite a long time before there shaky alliance transpired. It's only natural full trust isn't established, especially with her knowledge of the traveler double edged nature.
Wik3dKnight (8 months ago)
Congrats on the new title.
Aaron Ainaire (8 months ago)
Titles are dumb. They're all rng bound except for Unbroken which you cant get until next season.
Meltastic (8 months ago)
@unknown player can I join you on nightfall, or just to play with you guys
Aston John Peter (8 months ago)
How the fuck did you just butcher the word Casualty😂 casualty, like someone who’s injured bro not causality
bigmac558 (8 months ago)
I have Cursebreaker and Wayfarer. For Dredgen I need Ship Sparrow and one more reset for the ghost
Tom Wade (8 months ago)
The eggs in this ascendant challenge are a pain! I followed a guide for the sword glide bit and i just kept going until I died.
amakedos (8 months ago)
So Annual Pass is 35$. Is Each DLC 15$ or 10$?
Skyler Foster (8 months ago)
Excited for the Cosmodrome Mission. Really hoping to get some awesome nostalgic dialogue from our ghost there
Joseph Cole (8 months ago)
I got the dreaming city ghost shell from Blind Well tier 3 after the unstable charge so if you're going for it thats how
Rudaciel (8 months ago)
So she was alive the whole time???
DrkrZen (8 months ago)
I'll have 3 titles if I can get the DC ghost/ship, the Gambit sparrow/ship, and the Nokris is NF loot. Gotta love when everything boils down to RNG.
Connor B (8 months ago)
They should make exotic class items
Kyle Nelson (8 months ago)
Congratulations Curebreaker!
common dude we worked hard for our dredgen title, its not easy
O dot M (8 months ago)
You dont have to use that annoying, 'not reallly a' jumping puzzle to access this ascendant challenge. There are platforms in the building that lead out to it so you dont have to use your boost to get into it and end up in the abyss when you transport over.
Harpreet Bansal (8 months ago)
7:48, that's not the actual way to jump up to the portal. Just before you approach the statue on the skinny part of that bridge, look right, there is a platform you can see, while ascendant. I found it today :) Nice easy jumps that swoop around and up to the portal. Bet loads of people already know this though lol
Ryan Menzul (8 months ago)
I'm not sure why anyone uses the objects floating around the statue to get into that ascendant challenge, there are ascendant platforms leading up to the portal off to the right side of the path leading to the statue, just follow those up and around the room back to the portal... It's ridiculously easy.
Squiggly (8 months ago)
I don’t think there was four subclasses , just the three you can pick from on the left and the one you picked on the right shown bigger. Like how it is.
Edragyz (8 months ago)
Not Forgotten counts as a fabled weapon reward (so even though it should take 3 seasons, i have the fabled triumph done), we have to wait for next season to get the legend triuhmph done.
Yet1Muffin (8 months ago)
Any more Dungeons in black armoury like shattered throne
James Murray (8 months ago)
I also enjoyed using the Zen Meteor, it was fun. Nice one man. Cheers.
Λlp3n (8 months ago)
How did you get the sweet victories emblem? It's the last thing apart from a nf rocket launcher I need for wayfarer
JTSindustries (8 months ago)
I'm upset with you that you have the dreaming city cosmetics
JTSindustries (8 months ago)
Could be dredgen she was going to meet.
Shane Smith (8 months ago)
I gave up destiny for RDR 2. Destiny has no focal point and I think Anthem will put a hurting on destiny. Just saying.
ActualNylix (8 months ago)
I want thorn or bad juju to be in the Weapon DLC
ActualNylix (8 months ago)
@Wayne Clark that's unfortunate the community wants the mighty thorn 🤣
David Shay (8 months ago)
@Wayne Clark thorn is according to I forgot but either bungie or that infamous leaker anon the nine and till anon for once is wrong I'd say it's gonna happen my guess is in penumbra since that word is something bout darkness I believe penumbra is the edge of darkness if not mistaken
ActualNylix (8 months ago)
@Wayne Clark Bet
Wayne Clark (8 months ago)
Thorn is not coming back last word and ice breaker is
Wayne Clark (8 months ago)
No they need to be not lazy and make new weapons I didn’t buy destiny 2 to get weapons I had in d1 a few coming back is fine butt it’s just lazy if they continue to rely on old stuff to make people happy
blasphemiess (8 months ago)
Haven't touched the game in a month. Doesn't seem like anything has changed. Hurry uppp Black Armoury.
Rob DeFrance (8 months ago)
I got curse breaker last week!
Mystico (8 months ago)
I got dredgen

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