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Flat Earth Info : Banned BBC Documentary & Secret Expeditions Part 1 By Flat Water

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DOWNLOAD FULL DOCUMENTARY HERE https://vimeo.com/106724866 Video by Flat Water part one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yDKv3mqz7Q part two https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poa8GYzLRBM part three https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-20KH8PWvU
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Text Comments (41)
TR0N (1 year ago)
Hi. This video is dumb as hell lol.
Sigmun Lloyd (1 year ago)
Secret rambling... You should have kept the secret to yourself.
Grims Fairytalez (1 year ago)
Where did the crisis actors go after "dying" in false flag events? I.e. 9/11, sandy hook,Boston marathon? Look up the challenger shuttle "teacher "astronaut Here's a hint..... she's working at Harvard under her REAL name. Even the sleeping can type that in.
hopscotch30 (2 years ago)
I'm getting so sick and tired, having tried to watch dozens of these vids to try and grasp the essence of the flat earth science, but getting NOTHING!
TruthSeekingElf (2 years ago)
Thumbs down for the lying misleading title.
Marek P (2 years ago)
Want to see a FACT against FE concept? Consider this: Round earth measurements show LA->Hong Kong is about the same distance as Santiago->Sydney (11,725km & 11,385 respectively). As Round Earthers would expect, flights between these cities have about the same duration (14h 50min & 14h 15min respectively). According to Flat Earth models, Santiago->Sydney is more than double the distance of LA->Hong Kong since the "southern hemisphere" is closer to the outer edge of the Earth as seen here: https://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum/index.php?topic=67732.0 Show less
Pachyderm Princess (2 years ago)
Nicolai Kecskés (2 years ago)
Is it just I that can see what's written in the spaces between the letters in the text above? All those names he reads in the beginning of the book. At this point I've only watched 4minutes and realizing I should read the colour of the page and the text is to come secondly.
Harmonic Convergence (2 years ago)
My interest in the flat earth just went out the window
Sahr Kastic (2 years ago)
The water crisis in the South is well explained by your picture shown at 1:26, one more clue that flat earth is for real.
Onyx David (2 years ago)
African American? They didn't begin using that term until 1986 and then officially in 1990 when it was added to the u.s. census in 1990! the reference you sighted in reference to the above is an anachronism which leads me to question the validity of the source.
LLIP DER (2 years ago)
Strange how sun dials are more accurate than clocks.
Thom R (2 years ago)
You need to go back in time to the Dark Ages.
Eduardo Arias (2 years ago)
amazing job thanks for share
Ed Jackson (2 years ago)
What does this have to do with the BBC? Attaching the name of a reputable organization to drivel of this kind is misleading.
TruthSeekingElf (2 years ago)
The BBC is anything BUT a ´reputable organization´. They are run by pedophiles and covered up for Jimmy Savile and his rape of children for decades. They lie about everything, their so called news is nothing more than propaganda. Research them, they are beyond despicable and they hide behind a pathetically innocent facade whereas the opposite is in fact true.
Cameron Carter (2 years ago)
It just goes to show, intelligence is not necessary for survival.
Michael (2 years ago)
I'm gonna be reading about this I'm gonna talk about that and yeah I went back to this information but I didn't find the original so I went to the other Information, JUST START ALREADY tell us what you wanna tell us man, stop talking around your actual information, its annoying THANK YOU.
russ117044 (3 years ago)
Astronauts to the moon! eh eh eh eh eh!
:Joe -bloggs. (3 years ago)
An easy way to prove flat or global, just check out the links A gyroscope cannot lie ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8U2hyoK8IU http://www.gyroscope.com/default.asp
amoralis123 (3 years ago)
NASA has to be destroyed. It has shattered Biblical Firmament. Having failed miserably at Creationism & ID, Flat Earth is the new camouflage of Bible Bashing Mob. It wants to implement Sharia / Codex Biblica: Slavery, Lynching, Inquisition, Drowning & Witch Hunt, making America a Theocracy like Saudi whose Cleric declared Chess is Sinful.
bullboombap (3 years ago)
BBC? When even your title is a lie, why would anyone take you seriously?
sa6r3 (3 years ago)
+bullboombap yep i reported for misleading lol
Lzett Laru (3 years ago)
Yes ! Our Beautiful Beautiful Flat Earth. #thankyou:)
Paul Patry (3 years ago)
You make very informative videos man. Please don't stop. I watch/listen to them.
Carrie Burrous (3 years ago)
JokerMouce (3 years ago)
I just got done watching 'Wheel of Fortune' and was amazed. That show should be required watching for everyone! Really makes a person think, not to mention scares the he'll out of ya when you realise the implications!
Sen Chi (3 years ago)
Javan Walcott (3 years ago)
why were all the native people around the world murdered by europeans America, Caribbean, central and south America and even Australia. and this all happened during the 15-16 hundreds. something about this seems pretty strange, are they trying to cover up something?
Bobby Wizdum (1 year ago)
Javan Walcott it never made sense. It was primarily just spain, brittain, and portugal sailing around conquering everyone. I dont buy it either.
Victor (2 years ago)
+Javan Walcott  What culture? Human sacrifice to the Sun?  Mexicans are native unless you think that typical European has dark skin, eyes and hair with very little or no facial hair.
Javan Walcott (2 years ago)
Mexicans are not native. Native Australian, Alaskan, Brazilian, Americans they are all endangered. This world is practically rule by European culture. The ancient civilization culture history and people have all magically disappeared. No the European cause a mass genocide sometime in our history this was never tlk about nor written for us to see nor research
Victor (2 years ago)
Killed all of them??? Are you kidding? What do you think who are Mexicans and other Latinos? European?
sa6r3 (3 years ago)
+Javan Walcott australia was in the 1700's that's when slaughtered the inhabitants
John Wedderburn (3 years ago)
Why are so many people peddling this nonsense on YouTube?
Bob Smithers (8 months ago)
sa6r3 That proves just how stupid people really are. Your "nearsighted, but actually blind, observation", has nothing to disprove FLAT EARTH, only people are sheep. Stampedes are usually a frightened response to a threat...you dumb-dumb...and, you most assuredly, are a mason. As their Square, and Compass express: 4 corners, Square, to measure...then of the Compass, to measure a Circle, Earth. Low grade imbecile, You ! Ha, ha, ha.
sa6r3 (3 years ago)
+Colton McMaster i can do the same thing ... you ready? flat earth ? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA and 99.99% of people alive will agree with me
sa6r3 (3 years ago)
+K. Kleveter you know that nasa didnt invent the information right? ,the globe fact has been around alot longer than 80yrs or however long nasa has been around for, i bet if nasa turned around tomorrow all you flat earthers would be saying its a globe you guys just want to go against anything a government says , because .....rainbows lol
John Wedderburn (3 years ago)
+K. Kleveter What lies do NASA display on YouTube?
Esteban Arg (3 years ago)
Hi, Addict. You can cure with this: 1) Sufficient proof of the truth Earth globe: Go to min 3:20 in Flat Earth Debunked by Antarctica Documentary www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRCWjJPUXyE. A timelapse of 1 min testing in Antarctica there are 24 hours of daylight (in December). (This is only an Earth globe). And the sun can record, giving (the Earth) one full turn. (This also only with an Earth globe). 2) Sufficient demonstration of Earth flat lie: Flat Earth Debunk Visualization www.youtube.com/watch?v=uexZbunD7Jg 3) More proofs (and plus): Flat Earth & NASA Hoax Debunk SLAMDUNK www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YzeGRFDIms Do not waste more precious time. To this one must take care: A global theocratic government from the Middle East (Caliphate): Turkey and Islam. Look (fulfillment of prophecies): https://www.youtube.com/user/armageddonnews/videos There are many people who see conspiracies everywhere. ("They will fail to fool me"!, they think?). There are some conspiracies, I do not deny it. But the Earth is not flat. NASA and governments can lie, but we should not mix things up.

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