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Try Not To LUST Challenge ( Reddit Funny )

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This is the ultimate try not to laugh challenge video most of these clips are from reddit. they are so funny not smiling or grinning is impossible. SHARE WITH A FRIEND AND SUBSCRIBE!!!! :)
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Text Comments (33668)
LightingBlueDragon (2 days ago)
2:01 pls song
AppPpLe Apple (6 days ago)
This is a good video but this didn’t make me laugh
AppPpLe Apple (5 days ago)
Skull CrusherTV (8 days ago)
Not funny
Daniel Bueno (8 days ago)
7:34 From what cartoon did this guy came from?
Slowing pig (8 days ago)
9:05 does any one know what that song is? Just asking for a friend.......
SteepWorld (8 days ago)
sugarhill gang jump on it
Kawaii Potato (10 days ago)
*7:34** -- **8:45** lmao😂😂😂*
Rupi H (10 days ago)
Music at 5:03 please?
AHLmost (10 days ago)
No idea
Saeed Almuhire (10 days ago)
really is that all you got man i didn't laugh and i won and also i didn't spit water:-
shunn davis (10 days ago)
Idk how to lust
Me Myself (11 days ago)
Why was it renamed
Niel Samad (12 days ago)
I didn't laugh
Dangerous Women (12 days ago)
9:22😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing
RevinJev88 (13 days ago)
a small been (15 days ago)
2:38 welp here ya go people who just like clicking time stamps
CH40S XD (17 days ago)
mahsa michle (18 days ago)
Just Just Just 8:50 Shit🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤮😷
Rip mom and dad from the twin towers
Kaden DiCapua (19 days ago)
12:30 to 12:33 got me and it is funniest 😂😂😂
Thanasis Beis13 (19 days ago)
Broa Cósmica (20 days ago)
4:17 Traslated ;D I hope Julia is very happy with her choice. and this is not spanish, this is PORTUGUESE
Shaqib Gaming (20 days ago)
6:30 when you try your best and you don't succeed
Bacconeater928 (20 days ago)
Also 11:55
Bacconeater928 (20 days ago)
My favorite part is 9:03
_Brittany.D _ (22 days ago)
0:15 got me😂😂😂(but do he eat computer tho)
jay stallworth (22 days ago)
were cycling at the moment
Amazonriver Riches (22 days ago)
Didn't laugh till 10:23
-_- Trilianna (23 days ago)
I need full version of 1:54 lmao
Vanoss22 Playz (23 days ago)
And I like 1:02
Vanoss22 Playz (25 days ago)
Super Mario song 2:20
Cat Club (25 days ago)
That was so funny I almost cried😂😂😂
muffin time (25 days ago)
Mountain D E E
Carlos Buenrostro (26 days ago)
8:55 thank me later
Scatter Kageyoshi (26 days ago)
6:26 was mega funny
Brooke Spurlin (29 days ago)
Don't change nickleback songs
Rene Katz (30 days ago)
Not funny
Elijah Squad (1 month ago)
Oof gang oooof gang
Mr. Intensifier on YT (1 month ago)
08:34 when you defeated in DOTA 2
Mr. Intensifier on YT (1 month ago)
08:57 RIP Adventure Time
Krishna Mohan (1 month ago)
10:50 😅
Elijah Squad (1 month ago)
What I’m Jarrat I’m 19 and I don’t no how to read😏
King Tre (1 month ago)
12:29 had me weak😂😂🤣
what's the name of the song on minute 3:44?
+Waterless Ice thank you man
Waterless Ice (25 days ago)
Sail by awolnation
Fin Shark (1 month ago)
8:56 that first and last sound had me laughing for a day XD
L a b y r i n t h Q (1 month ago)
WTF henry
2:35 wtf
Christian Polycar (1 month ago)
I failed in the first one
Vengefulspoon 84 (1 month ago)
My favorite try not to laugh
Guilherme Gevert (1 month ago)
Afloat spacehead (1 month ago)
11:23 When u get passive high in a hot box for the fist time! 😁😁✌️✌️😁😁
Afloat spacehead (1 month ago)
Hands down hardest challenge evr
Victoria Alloisio (1 month ago)
Had me dead *instantly gets pinned*
SPACE Enemy (1 month ago)
9:10 song name?
SteepWorld (8 days ago)
sugarhill gang jump on it
Galih Channel (1 month ago)
5:45 what name of the song
AHLmost (1 month ago)
+Galih Channel No problem .
Galih Channel (1 month ago)
+AHLmost Thank bro
AHLmost (1 month ago)
Staying alive by the beegees
Broken Warrior22 (1 month ago)
Wolf's don't yap they howl
ColdZee (1 month ago)
what's the name of this violin music? 5:03
ColdZee (1 month ago)
well thanks anyway, if anyone knows answer, cuz i might need it
AHLmost (1 month ago)
No idea.
Allysen Jackson (1 month ago)
At 7:35 it's Wo Fat from Hawaii 5-0......... After the 10000th time watching it just realized............
FluffyTuber (1 month ago)
not even funny
Attila Amihan (1 month ago)
Where is mr h
Sao Fan (1 month ago)
First spider man got me bad 😂🤣
Dabi (1 month ago)
jinnie parker (1 month ago)
6:55 my favourite
Jula Kowalska (1 month ago)
Jula Kowalska (1 month ago)
8:50 9:30
Jula Kowalska (1 month ago)
Jula Kowalska (1 month ago)
5:46 i die
Cameron Brooks (1 month ago)
1 like = 1 help for the stuck cat
Red Ketchum (1 month ago)
This makes me wanna drink mountain daye
Disgusted Weave (1 month ago)
2:30 oh no.
Lyndsey Bolton (1 month ago)
i didnt laugh at any of these they werent that funny disapointed
FUN CITY (1 month ago)
I failed in the challenge 😂😂😂
3:39 UuUuUUUuUuuu
Chris Sixty (1 month ago)
The owl one almost got me
Pika Kyle (1 month ago)
Pika Kyle (1 month ago)
AHLmost I think this got me “people are constantly asking, what’s it like to be a sexy gentleman” and he fell
AHLmost (1 month ago)
Its adventure timeohhh ohh
LPS TayTay (1 month ago)
OMG the pomsky is sooo cute
jayla vanison (1 month ago)
how it feels to chew five gum
It wasnt funny wen the guy throw up its was nasty i hayed itttt
LoveDogs 4ever! (1 month ago)
I laughed on the first one!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Edit: OMG tysm for the heart!!!💖👍😃
KH PLAY (1 month ago)
KH PLAY (1 month ago)
11: 23
KH PLAY (1 month ago)
11: 23
Joseph Versace (1 month ago)
Hi :)
Plum shoy (1 month ago)
7:42 im dying. Help me
sriracha shrimp (1 month ago)
4:43 when you go to grab a plate, but everyone's asleep
Admiral Ackbar (1 month ago)
Tony M (1 month ago)
Kimberly Stevenson (1 month ago)
Try not to lust wtf
d Channel (1 month ago)
I wonder why people think people throwing up is funny. If they think it’s funny then there’s something wrong with them
d Channel (1 month ago)
It really disgusted me but not even close to funny
AHLmost (1 month ago)
Nyarthonis (1 month ago)
Clickbaiting bastards
angel aviles (1 month ago)
Anything saying try not to laugh, I already its gonna be total complete fucking horse shit
AHLmost (1 month ago)
MINORBRANDON21 (Music) (1 month ago)
Look at this mother fucker run at 1:49. Like a Boss!
Delete this
AHLmost (1 month ago)
Ummm no...
Alan Velociraptor (1 month ago)
What's the song at 9:09?
AHLmost (1 month ago)
Jump On It
Alan Velociraptor (1 month ago)
Alex Hite (1 month ago)
This is actually hilarious
jman415 (1 month ago)
These were terrible. Stopped after the first few
MinionPlayer 1239 (1 month ago)
9:29. 😂
LION HEART FM (1 month ago)
10:17 I literally threw the phone far away 😂😂😂😂
Mew Gamer (1 month ago)
Not fucking funny at all
Shadow TheHedgehog (1 month ago)
I couldnt Help it by laughing when the lady was talking with the New England Patriots Tight End Player Rob Gronkowski and the Other Guy fell on The Trendmill and slid off!!!!!

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