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Singing competition against my father! Who won?

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Comment who won this singing competition between me and my father below! Comment LATRUTH or Dad below and subscribe to my channel and hit the bell! Thanks in advance. Follow me on INSTAGRAM @_latruth
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Text Comments (92)
Kiana Coley (2 months ago)
Both of y'all can sing but I think he can be better than you sorry
rmtjr237 (2 months ago)
Pops hands down
One & Only (3 months ago)
Dad hands down
Melvina Wesley (5 months ago)
Hi y'all tie
dickem down (6 months ago)
pops won hands down. now i gotta figure how which one of my sons got my singing skills. cuz i guess it's true. yo kids pick up sum of yo habits n skills
J Nicole (8 months ago)
Im sorry you both are awesome butttt you know pops got it much love
Sarah James (8 months ago)
It's a tie.
jdsmith0118 (8 months ago)
Pops won
Tracy Brooks (8 months ago)
Pops is what’s up but, your coming with it too! God bless and keep singing with pops!
Jah El (8 months ago)
Both of you guys spit fire but pops got it though lol, you guys brought a smile to my face, love seeing the beauty of father and son together at an older age dynamic, too often this society attempts to break the beauty of what we just saw. Much love to you and pops, Thank you for this.
Jay Macklin (8 months ago)
Uhmmm....daddy won!!
itzroyaa (8 months ago)
Both of y’all was good...and I like how ur pops start hitting them notes...y’all sound like some r&b singers start y’all a r&b group
Tony Mathews (8 months ago)
Amlmost Sound the same. You can til where your gift comes from.
Freddrick Dennis (8 months ago)
Pops sound like he straight out of an old school quartet !
Cha Lam (8 months ago)
The Ole can blow!!!! Know he was brought up in the chuuchhhh!!!! Not church, Chuuch!!! Y'all both can sang though!!!!
Ced Rich (8 months ago)
Now thats what you call sangin!
Net Watson (8 months ago)
Man I felt the holy spirit. The both of y'all is awesome. I love the relationship.
Swaggy Supe (8 months ago)
Pops got it
Anastasia Ghirardelli (9 months ago)
You can sing but dad did that you go dad great job or you did good to
Jay Awesome (9 months ago)
Pops won that
Carolina Slimm (9 months ago)
Pops put that old soul into it
Goodeatinz Inco (9 months ago)
187 get it pops
Mouf Piece (9 months ago)
Pops 4 the win
mzthang2019 4life (9 months ago)
Pops got THAT
Denise Abrams (9 months ago)
Pop's won im sorry
DJ Johnson (9 months ago)
Dad won that fam.....
Scientific_Kisses (9 months ago)
👍🏽👍🏽 for your dad😁
God Body (9 months ago)
MADD love bruh but pops got them pipes still
greg Jacks (9 months ago)
Got roll with pops
Mike Jones (9 months ago)
Your pops is a baaaad man!
Rollin 21 (9 months ago)
Your Daddy wins hands down! Keep practicing
Mr UTubeCover Fan (9 months ago)
That was nice. Y'all need to be signed to Rap a Lot
Tatiana Johnson (9 months ago)
*wowwww*👂🏻🏻your pops is putting that "Gerald Levert" down😀but you both have Great Voices👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻so dont be hating on your dad❤im kidding..you sound like him😉😂
Natasha Hammon (9 months ago)
Pops! But y’all both are good! 😍😁
Donot Reply (9 months ago)
Oh my gosh...u good brother but Daddy....daddy gave me chills...Lawd!
Mind over Bullshit (9 months ago)
Hey it's Bow Raiin from Facebook keep up the good work and being a great role model
Maria Turua (9 months ago)
Wow!!!! You both have amazing voices!!! Fb - maria turua Insta- itz_all_about_ria 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
khalil strong (9 months ago)
Trevor George (9 months ago)
Pops still got the juice. But young bull got next forsure.
TONECITX210 (9 months ago)
Dam baby boi u good but like u say POP'S still got it. Loved the video 💪
John Dunkentell (9 months ago)
Pops got it lol
traz301 (9 months ago)
Was your pops drinking and driving?..... Lol.
troy marks (9 months ago)
Ya'll can sang but ya Pops took that one bruh.
imani coleman (9 months ago)
Pops won sorry man
Fred Freddy (9 months ago)
You lost.... You're dad is a bad man... Uncle Fred get my belt out I'm going to give it to your dad you need your ass whopping...... Lol...
AhmeanC1 (9 months ago)
Henry Wilson (9 months ago)
Pops handed your ass to you, glad to see you guys are having a good time. Cherish the moments
tammyswetness bolden (9 months ago)
Vote for dad
Lee Hall (9 months ago)
NOTHING wrong WIT taking a lost from pop's BRO🎯 It's HARD to beat SOME 1 WHO MADE U 💯
marvin devon (9 months ago)
Your dad got that bruh😊👍
Leland Gaunt (9 months ago)
The Black guy.
Shady HustleN (9 months ago)
Pops 1-0
Lilbit Smith (9 months ago)
Do ur thang pops
Troy Brown Entertainment (9 months ago)
That's dope talent runs in the family 👏👏👏
LATRUTH (9 months ago)
Troy Brown Entertainment you already know bro
clarence brown (9 months ago)
And is that a beer
clarence brown (9 months ago)
Pops did that.
Shemeka Davis (9 months ago)
Both sound good, but dad put some soul into it.
Sanchez Brown (9 months ago)
Gotta give it to pops man
Zx Titan (9 months ago)
Pops got u young blood
Tamatha Wilson (9 months ago)
Yes ya'll both can sang,
lion head (9 months ago)
Pops need a record deal dam pops you better than most them artist out right now
NeLLzR (9 months ago)
Ya dad came through, but love both of yall!!
Gary Reynolds (9 months ago)
Wax on wax off brotha pops is still the sensei!
Tashima Cade (9 months ago)
Pops got it
Bobby Biship (9 months ago)
Sit down young buck... Daddy still living so there are still many lessons to learn
Nesh Lane (9 months ago)
Yawl better sang!👌🏾😜
stanmann1984 (9 months ago)
Pops got that one bro! It's nothing like having a relationship with pops when you are grown!✊🏽 My dad and I have a better relationship now that I'm grown than we ever have had. He will be 69 next week and I'm 34! God is good! Love your vids bro!
Mr. One Deep (9 months ago)
Just like wine u get better in time
Sloppy Bop (9 months ago)
QUONKEISHA BROWN (9 months ago)
Both of y’all can blow but ur pop still hit it
QUONKEISHA BROWN (9 months ago)
Leland Gaunt yes indeed blowing 😂😂
Leland Gaunt (9 months ago)
mary jane (9 months ago)
Sing love and Happiness Al green version this was beautiful epic
Mr._Splash_Man$ (9 months ago)
Aye pops came through with that power vocals 💪🏾! Y’all both ain’t holding NOBODY UP!!!!! 💪🏾🙏🏽
LaDon Gibbs (9 months ago)
The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. You both sound good.That's good you have a relationship with your dad not too many of us can say that
DaVon James (9 months ago)
Crystal Williams (9 months ago)
Both kilt it👏👏👏
The Nati's Own (9 months ago)
You did ya thang bro....but pops is undisputed. Salute to both of ya’ll!
j.smoov72 (9 months ago)
You good bro, but POP's got it. Dad won.
Linda Slaughter (9 months ago)
U both sound good but ur father did his thang s ound like that old school u 2 should sing together
Saul Martinez (9 months ago)
Super like
OG MochaLady (9 months ago)
You should do a song with your dad.🙌 Stay🙏
Punisher 1 (9 months ago)
TRINO RACHIEE (9 months ago)
Listening to @trino_rachiee - 'THANK GOD' using @mymixtapez app #mymixtapez
LaTiesha Clark (9 months ago)
Pops got you...luv it
TRINO RACHIEE (9 months ago)
Both of yall can blow but your Pops Still Got It Bro!!🔥🔥🔥
NeLLzR (9 months ago)
Leland Gaunt yup, that's another word for people that can sing.
Leland Gaunt (9 months ago)
TRINO RACHIEE You said blow lol
WALUDDE IBRAHIM (9 months ago)
Great father
6ix9ine 6ix9ine (9 months ago)
Love ur music and videos

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