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Maximizing eCommerce Sales with Marketing Automation

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BJ Lee (3 years ago)
Thanks Dan.  Question about how you would do this if you were selling self-paced courses.  When someone buys you can't immediately start promoting the next tier, right?  I guess you would need some kind of trigger at the end of the course for the next tier campaign.  Or how would you do that?
CLVboost (3 years ago)
+BJ Lee Good question BJ, that would depend on the market and circumstance. In some spaces, it would be fine to go from one promotion to the next, for higher-ticket offers it might make sense to have a "thank you" and "educating you on what you just bought" sequence (3-7 emails) before making another relevant and timely offer.
DrugFoods (3 years ago)
Important nuts and bolts content. Thanks Dan. Love the bumper music, and while not as loud as most its still above your voice.  I find it annoying to have to turn down the bumper music and then turn the levels up to hear the speaker.  Perhaps bring your voice up to the music level.  Film, music and TV have an NAB standard for levels (of course commercial content uses compression and other tricks to go beyond it). The web is still the wild west of signal level. Yours is right in the pocket but your voice could come up a bit on output level. Your voice quality is great even without a large diaphragm mic.  Looking forward to your YouTube content.
CLVboost (3 years ago)
+DrugFoods Thanks DrugFoods, I appreciate your suggestion here. I'm certainly a "newbie" when it comes to audio-video, but I think your suggestion is tremendously helpful and I'm sure we'll take the this into account. Most importantly, I hope you enjoyed and gained something from the video, and I'm happy to hear your feedback so frankly.

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