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Madeleine McCann | Who Is Responsible? | PART ONE

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Part one of two of the Madeleine McCann story. Not sugar coated, not censored. I am going to tell you the facts and the discrepancies that existed in this case from the very start. PART TWO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoqtKQX6MFQ&t=216s ****SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO**** Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/unapologeticskincare_beauty/ Email: [email protected]
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Lynwen10 (25 minutes ago)
I know this is a minor issue. But Clement Freud was never a member of government. He was an M P in a minor party. He really wasn’t very important. Most people in the U K wouldn’t have considered him important, powerful or remotely serious.
Keith Naylor (4 hours ago)
Second time of watching - presentation is brilliant. Your frustration at all the absurdities and the passion you show move me to tears.
Jackie Hardy Wilson (8 hours ago)
Lye chester? Seriously? Lester!
missEvaMarie58 (20 hours ago)
They clearly are guilty of knowing what happened to Madeline. They are evil and had sinister motives of her disappearance. I don’t trust them at all. The dogs know the truth. And dogs don’t lie.
Lindsay MacPherson (21 hours ago)
It’s all very sketchy, and either way the parents are at fault for leaving them alone in the first place, but if this was a plan to kill her, why do it in a foreign country where you don’t have the people on your side? The servers at the restaurant confirmed that they were there so when would they have time to cover all of this up ? In my personal opinion I think the kids were drugged to sleep but that’s not how maddie died, when she was sedated a kidnapper took her, someone who might have been watching the family a few days prior, it would explain why there was no commotion caused by maddie when she was taken
Carrie Rhodes (1 day ago)
Had to come back and hit up these videos while we are back on the subject... Just total sickos. Nothing in my person feels right about these people. I like to think I can relate to just about anyone on some type of level... Just can't or don't have a level for them. Sick, sick, gross, liars... That is all I can say for them. My son died at 9 days old from a heart condition. I never washed a single thing he touched that I had not already. It all remains in airtight bags 20 years later. Still smells like him and will never be washed.
HereitsZara (1 day ago)
Sorry it’s just you pronounce it ‘les-ter’ not ‘lie-chester’
correana dore (1 day ago)
You summed it all up lady well done...their guilty as sin.god forbid them.
supersleuth1231 (1 day ago)
There was NO DNA match for Madeline.
supersleuth1231 (1 day ago)
Ugh can’t even finish the video. You are not impartial. You have your mind made up.
supersleuth1231 (1 day ago)
You’re completely off base. The guilty lay low key, not call the press. They wanted to spread the word so that people could look out for the missing child. There’s no evidence to point to their guilt. Blaming them just adds insult to injury.
supersleuth1231 (1 day ago)
She did look around the apartment and when she saw Madeline was gone she panicked and ran to get help.
supersleuth1231 (1 day ago)
It was a one minute walk, not 7-10 to the Tapas restaurant from the apartment.
supersleuth1231 (1 day ago)
I hope Madeleine is found, not only for her sake, but to clear the parents. So sad.
midnights Star (1 day ago)
I just thought of this as my opinion they may have given their children something to make them fall asleep mady wakes up while no one is there she disoriented from whatever they gave her and she gets very badly hurt possibly dies sadly . that woman making that remark about this be more damaging to them then to Maddie at that point is saying that because Madeleine could possibly have already been dead by then so nothing more good could have came out of it for Madeleine sake and at that point would have been only damaging to all their reputation and everything they work for could have been over.so at that point they all choose to cover it up and that is why they had to mention that to the restaurant's staff . this I so sad .I pray for the truth to come out.
The Warehaus (1 day ago)
It seems the parents did everything to make themselves look good and not guilty rather than focus their search for Maddie. I know you're not really supposed to show much emotion in the media in cases like this, but let's be honest, it's USUALLY the guilty whom are the one to follow this rule. I believe they used the power of the media to hide in plain sight (very Casey Anthony) and utilized this in somehow taking care of whatever happened to her.
mariadenise1965 (2 days ago)
My hunch, and this is just a hunch because there is no evidence....the parents felt bad when Maddie asked them why they weren't there when she and her brother were crying. I think the parents felt bad, but not bad enough to give up their "adult" fun time with their friends. I think since they were doctors they decided they could safely sedate the kids so that they would not wake up while they were at the tapas restaurant.. My hunch is that she died from the sedation, the parents panicked and knowing they were responsible, .set up a scenario where Maddie was kidnapped. After the fact, there were people in and out of that apartment and the twins never woke up. Also, if Maddie had been kidnapped, no one saw anything, nor did they hear a little girl cry or scream. Finally, the cadaver dog smelled a dead body in the car that the McCanns had rented. Maddie could have died before the McCanns even went to the restaurant, which would have given them time to hide the body and set the stage. Also, the Portuguese police absolutely messed up by not securing the crime scene and surrounding area. If a mother says her child is missing, that they left the patio door to their apartment open and that the child's bedroom window was open, you would need to take precautions to protect a possible crime scene. Also, if I were that mother, I would not have run out of the apartment and leave my other 2 children alone. She could have shouted out to her husband from the apartment.
Andrew Wells (2 days ago)
She had an accident died n they covered it up so they didn't lose there jobs
TheZavannahi (2 days ago)
I feel like people have changed their minds after the documentary
Ice Storm (2 days ago)
Screw The Disappearence of Madeliene Mcann. This is way more informative. In the Netflix show it takes them a whole episode to get to the “abduction”. But on a serious note. What happened to Madeliene was terrible. I hope, that by some miracle she is alive, although the chances are EXTREMELY slim. Sorry for the spelling, I’m Dyslexic
Ice Storm (2 days ago)
Also, I’ve brought it up to my mum. And she still believes that she was abducted. She also thinks that my sources are all wrong. When I say “I have multiple sources/YouTube videos saying the same thing. You don’t even have a source”
Carl Kewley (2 days ago)
The one thing I want to add to this I think you've missed out on by accounts and time line and when they have been anylased maddie was dead before they went out to the restraunt and in that short time they had Robert morat move her later on it was all staged
miss ivvy (2 days ago)
Watching this for a 2nd time and damnnnnn girl! You are amazinggg! Thank you for your hard work. I hope some how this case gets solved though 😔
ChloBot (2 days ago)
Rewatching because the recent documentary has got me so messed up and confused!
Tracey Stewart (3 days ago)
Hi Stephanie, I think you've done a really great job here. I love your presentation and dry wit. A small criticism from a U.K. person - 'Leicester' is pronounced like 'lester'. Best wishes, Tracey
Foxfight media (3 days ago)
Great series of videos on this case 👌 Also your hot 😍😁
star star (3 days ago)
When are these people going to face justice? When I first saw the documentary I felt very bad for them, and after two days, I realized that they are complete liars, willing to take advantage of the entire world to save their reputation and lifestyle.
alexandra Ison (3 days ago)
Regarding the rental car.... if their were decay/blood on the items (cuddle cat/clothing) in the mcCans apt, could that not have put the odor into the rental car? I don’t think they kept the body, maybe the odor was transferred from the belongings Maddie May have passed in. Dogs can smell VERY MINUTE amounts of anything.
alexandra Ison (3 days ago)
Ok.... the night before Maddie is crying for her parents. Her parents are bothered by this, they don’t want their daughter who they love to wake up unnerved, but they also don’t want to give up their adult nights so they medicate ALL three children with thatCalpol.this explains why the twins don’t wake up all night and she is constantly checking on their breathing during the initial search of the apt. If Maddie were abducted by a local (or anyone) it would also explain the sighting of a sleeping baby being carried away... she didn’t wake up because of the meds. Either way. The McCann’s are responsible for their daughters disappearance:(, whether directly or not.
Amy MB (3 days ago)
The McCanns absolutely infuriate me and I can't let go of thinking that they definitely either know what happened to Maddie, or were somehow involved. And how they just dismiss what Maddie said about crying and they didn't come to check on her. If it were my daughter and she said that, my heart would be absolutely broken that I wasn't there to comfort her. How could you not be hurt by hearing your own child ask why you weren't there for them? God, they piss me off.
Alicia Harris (3 days ago)
Stephanie your make up looks so good!! 😍😍😍
sharmila chowdhury (3 days ago)
excellent coverage of the case. Also see Richard Hall's coverage. Maddie was not seen publicly on the day of disappearance. It's believed she had disappeared couple of days before. Also, there are opinions that McCann's are part of Free Masons. Hence the help and support. Evidences of Kate wearing green/yellow ribbons, cats (cuddle cat) etc - signs/signals of Free Masons. They had instant help from the top.
sharmila chowdhury (3 days ago)
They also found Maddie's hair/blood in Robert Murat's home who was also there locally and befriended McCanns. He also along with Freud had unsavoury past. The vehicle which was rented by Mccann 25 days later, was actually rented by Murat in his ex-wife's name.
Tara Von (3 days ago)
Yes!! Finally. Was having this discussion yesterday with my girlfriend. That’s the first thing I said to her! As a mother, who notices her child is missing from the bed she’s suppose to be sleeping in, with the door unlocked and the window open, my first thoughts wouldn’t be “someone kidnapped my child”! It would be, “Omg, my child is missing. She must have wandered off looking for me”. NOT; “Omg, my child’s been kidnapped, someone took her”! 🤦🏼‍♀️ And you made an excellent point that I didn’t even think about because NO WAY in hell I’m leaving my other two sleeping babies knowing that my oldest child is sleeping, especially if she thought she was kidnapped!!! This whole crime is so sad. That poor babygirl... 😭💔
Hallucinogenichusky (3 days ago)
the mcanns did it its pretty obvious...
ShaniNichols (3 days ago)
How is this not enough circumstantial evidence that the parents fucking knew or were apart of this? And that she is clearly fucking dead.. or why would the cadaver dog alert them? What in the actual fuck
Dana D'Angelo (4 days ago)
Are you serious? I’m only 23 min in and you claim the PJ police did a good job? They are horribly corrupt
Angie Athome (4 days ago)
Just listening to a channel called Psychopaths in your life. A post called are the McCanns pedophiles. Not the easiest listen but interesting for sure. A lot of digging into the pedophilia rings .
Ronalda Larsen (4 days ago)
Who ? .....Her father, of course......
nobby styles (4 days ago)
bit late to the party with this. besides i dont think anyones gonna touch richard halls 14 hours or so of docs on this subject.... she is better looking though.
Sofi Flower (4 days ago)
“I guess that didn’t work out for Kate too well” I’m laughing they’re so sketchy ?¿
Sister Vlogs (4 days ago)
They hate the press yet they called the press🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔hmmmmmmmmm
Sister Vlogs (4 days ago)
History's shadiest case
Emily (4 days ago)
This is a small thing, I know, but please learn how to pronounce places before saying them. 😖 ‘Lichester’ no. It’s pronounced like ‘Lester’.
Jason Orr (4 days ago)
This video is great. I never believed the McCanns. They are shady. I believe they sold their daughter.
Darren Atkinson (4 days ago)
Love this video very informative. I don't care if it's cost £12million or $18million because we send about 50 million to India and China as foreign aid a year to countries who have space programmes. Think about it. If it was your child you would never want to give up. She was abducted no doubt about it research all information. The Portuguese police 3 years before the Maddie disappearance, beat up the parents of a missing child to make them admit that they murdered her and put her in the freezer. Sound familiar. It was the same detective working on the Maddie case. So when we can pin it on a British expat Robert Murat. Or his innocent Russian friend who had zero evidence of being involved. We will have to pin it on their parents. With mystery DNA and blood that wasn't found. They had their own agenda. "Let's Blame it in British" and end this case so it doesn't affect tourism. The McCann's and friends all doctors should not have left their children in apartment all week and checking on them. I think they've been watched all week by a group of peadophiles well organized crime group disguised as "charity workers" for orphanage that didn't exist in PDR. It annoys me that Maddie said to Kate the night before " mummy why did you come to me when I was crying last night I seen you stood there"????????? I would never have left my kids in the first place but not now that's alarming. Also American investigation journalist "Robyn swann said the week before Maddie went missing there were reports that a "charity worker was knocking on doors and staring at children and even in one case broke into a house when a parent was upstairs to attempt to grab a young 3 year old girl the mother chased the guy away. To me you have to be stupid not to think it's an abduction. There's zero crediable evidence to say they killed her none.
E. B. (4 days ago)
I think these parents are psychopaths- only obsessed with themselves.
Chloe Wolfe (4 days ago)
What a random place to even go to for a "holiday" especially with kids and with other random "friends" i personally think the parents and the friends are in on her disappearance by whatever means. None of the story ever made sense even 12 years later it never adds up. And who the fuck leaves the door unlocked in a dodgy random country! Theres sooo much wrong with this whole story i couldnt even name it all. How creepy is it she parades her toy around when there was blood on it.. and she washed the toy totally defeats the purpose of what she claims. I hope the truth comes to light in my lifetime. And honestly if it was me i wouldn't be acting like everything is the same i would probably never leave the house unless it was to look for my kid. They are guilty and they even look like liers im a good judge of character and i didnt like or trust them from the very beginning.
Martin McGuire (4 days ago)
Imagine the conversation between tapas 9 !! Right got an idea we'll all put the kids to bed then sneak out on the piss and hope for the best !! Great idea !! Everyone in then ? Of course !! Stick em in the crèche all day stick em in bed at night while we play tennis and get pissed
Cicely Holcomb (4 days ago)
This case hit me hard. My daughter, who's name happens to be Madeline, was a couple of months older when this happend. Poor Maddie, whether it was an abduction or not, it;s the parents neglect that resulted in this tragedy.
cheekykitten25 (5 days ago)
Definitely something weird about these two. Why wash something so precious that belongs to ur missing child? Who cares if it’s dirty or full of germs. That’s ur daughters possible last piece of scent. I would never wash my mums jumper. It’s lost her smell now 3.5 years on but still I would never!
cheekykitten25 (5 days ago)
Wonder how the tapas 7s kids who were left unattended feel about all this now? they must be 15 years old or so similar to Maddie I guess. Do they think their parents were grossly neglectful, to blame at all, also the twins.. poor kids, I hope the truth unfolds very soon. 🤞
julie daly (5 days ago)
I think they gave the kids, or at least Madeline, something to sleep so they wouldn’t wake up like they did the night before. Either Maddie od’d or maybe she hurt herself because she was so out of it. The couch was involved. Did she hide behind it? Fall off? I hope it’s nothing more sinister. My opinion of the parents is that they like to drink and party with their pals. They didn’t really want a family vacation but wanted the illusion of one. They were being cheap leaving the kids alone after paying for childcare during the day. I love family vacations. My kid ( also named Maddie) is 26 now and we still take one every year. On to part 2!
Trisha Coupons (5 days ago)
Oh my gosh, this case makes me SOOOO mad! Them leaving the door unlocked, leaving the kids that far way. The restaurant was not close I don't think, way too far for them to hear or see anything. The fact that the night before Madeleine had asked her the night before where she was when her brother was crying for her and then the parents go out the next night and then Madeleine is gone.. Like WTH, who does that?!?! I would be worried that my kids would wake up again looking for me and need me. This was just pure negligence on the parents part. Also, on the Netflix documentary they were talking about a place that you could get to on boat in under 2 hours that was into sex trafficking and drug trafficking. Who's to say that while Madeleine was at the kiddie pool thing one day that someone didn't take notice of how pretty she was with her blonde hair and blue eyes, started watching her and saw that the parents were leaving the kids alone and made their move to sell her into sex trafficking. It wouldn't be hard if the person had a boat to load her on and be gone in a matter of minutes, there was water all around them.
Jon Chrymes (5 days ago)
This is one of the best true crime videos I've seen. A perfect mixture of raw passionate emotions mixed with detailed facts. This is why I look up to you. ❤️
Jon Chrymes (5 days ago)
Stephanie Harlowe Love you too. 🤗
Stephanie Harlowe (5 days ago)
Awwww!!!! 🥰🥰🥰 I love you!
Varsha Bacheta (5 days ago)
This is better then the recent documentary on Netflix....I believe she died in that apartment and they covered it up by saying she has been taken...they should have been done for negligence........so so sad for the little angel 🙏
James Lewis (5 days ago)
Leicester - pronounced ‘Lester’
Gemma Smith (5 days ago)
Jesus Christ, what parent goes out AGAIN and leaves their children alone after one of them says why didn't you come when we were crying . That says it all really.
mackay10 (5 days ago)
Kate murderered her daughter, on purpose of by accident. Gary is covering for her...I cannot believe they are still married. And what is wrong with this other friends from the tapas bar? Why wouldn’t they talk? They should all have been subpoenaed.
Iggy Phoenix (5 days ago)
okay this is amazingly well-researched but Leicester isn't pronounce lie-chess-ter, it's less-ter
Uranus Uranus (4 days ago)
Thank you!! It was driving me crazy
Julie OmManePadmeHum (5 days ago)
Just to put it out there- gerrys sister philomenia - her husband used to make fetish films of woman drowning in quicksand - tony rickwood 🤯
itzchompa (5 days ago)
Money talks and bullshit walks
Julie OmManePadmeHum (5 days ago)
This was wonderful💐i know this case quite well but this was really refreshing and so honest instead of the onesided british media version - the mcscams are well shady 🙋🏼‍♀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🍀🌹
Barb Ra (5 days ago)
I'm very impressed by your knowledge and frank opinions about the McCanns. I never bought their "performance". When my teenage daughter was "missing" for a week with her friend I was a TOTAL WRECK -- no sleep, no food, 99% time spent tracking them down. If either of my 3 yr old kids went "missing" my life could NEVER go back to 'normal' until they were found. A typical parent switches into another gear when a 'cub' disappears --- heard of Mama Bear? I don't know what the McCanns & friends were like before Maddie went 'missing' but afterwards I could not find their words or body language one bit credible. Apparently I'm not alone.
Ian Kirkpatrick (5 days ago)
Plus I think Gerry & kate are responsible for her death.
Ian Kirkpatrick (5 days ago)
Leicester is pronounced Lester.
Cuthbert Drinkwater (5 days ago)
The interview they did with a Portuguese tv company when they were no longer official suspects was disgusting. They showed just how arrogant, sarcastic and unlikeable they really are. They wanted the press to help them and the Portuguese people and yet they refused to answer any questions and the husband was extremely belligerent. Guilty or not they are a right pair of cunts, if you want my opinion!
Lars Anderson (5 days ago)
The Portuguese Police were absolutely right to suspect them. In all cases of reported missing kids, close family are thoroughly scrutinized as it often turns out the child was killed by abuse or an accident attributable to the parents. They were not happy with the Mc Canns explaination and are not to this day.
Darren Atkinson (5 days ago)
FFS so many miss informed trolls so let's but they straight. A millionaire businessman helped them with fiance's and private investigators and pr spokesmen. It's called helping people when you can instead of constantly saying bitching ridiculous things to them. They were neglectful leaving them it's true and they've paid the price 12 years not seen Maddie for but to be constantly abused on social media and in person it's disgusting. Watch the Netflix documentary btw it's not 1 sided when it as the Portuguese copper you still thinks it's them telling his story of events.
Arwenzoe (5 days ago)
Why did Mi5 appear 5 Hours after she died? Pedos...
Arwenzoe (5 days ago)
It is pronounced “Lester” not Li-chester.... (Leicester)
outofthebex (5 days ago)
I am catching up on your old videos :) I love what you do! I listen to your videos while I work and it is THE BEST.
Kiki (5 days ago)
I just got through the first 8 minutes and I can’t wrap my head around the fact they left their toddlers ALONE in an apartment. I just can’t process that. Is this something people in the UK do?
Elizabeth keenan (5 days ago)
There is a long series documentary on Netflix about the McCann case. I have never believed the parents were involved. I think it was someone working at the resort at that time and just saw an opportunity. These overdone conspiracy theories just annoy me. It is always the most simple and predictable explanations that end up being the answer. No one not even doctors who are used to dealing with emergency situations can predict how they would react or what mistakes they would make in a situation like this. Leaving the children without a sitter was obviously a mistake, they had a false sense of security. No one will regret that more than they do. However, I have to say if all the resources they had were available to other missing children cases most of them would be solved, in the McCann case it became a detriment sending people on wild goose chases and pursuing outlandish theories.
Lars Anderson (5 days ago)
I used to feel the same and thought they were treated very badly. I read ALL the statements which were released by the Portuguese Police and have been translated to English and can be found by googling PG Files. The Mc Canns refused to do a reconstruction. The highly trained blood and cadaver dogs found blood behind the settee in the apartment behind the settee, under the tiles and cadaverine in the wardrobe, in their hire car boot and on cuddle cat as well as other items. A number of other cars were near the hire car but ignored by the dogs as we're all their friends apartments. The windows and shutters showed no signs of forced entry, only Kate's fingerprints. None of the Tapas 9 mentioned in their statements that the 'abductor' had entered through that window when giving statements. Suggest you watch James Bogart's series on YouTube, Madeleine McCann case solved. He has absolutely nailed it using all available evidence. I now have no doubt that is what happened to Madeleine. The Mc Canns close down anyone who doesn't follow their narrative, using their highly paid lawyers paid for by the British Public in their naivety.
Linda Cartwright (5 days ago)
I never left my girls alone. One time we went on holiday with friends and we all wanted to go to the local restaurant for evening meal. My 12 month old daughter was next to us at the table asleep in her pram. The restaurant staff loved cooing over her. I would never have dreamt of leaving her alone. Never! I would have gone without the restaurant meal if it meant leaving her. Unbelievable.
Mike Owen (5 days ago)
It’s pronounced ‘Less-ter’
Julie OmManePadmeHum (5 days ago)
To begin with gerry said it was just like having supper in your garden while the kids slept upstairs!!! To start with to see their apartment where Madeleine went missing,you would need to stand on a table and use binoculars. At no point have they taken the blame for Madeline going missing! Did no one worry that their baby could vomit and choke,or poop? Or wake up n wander off right next too a swimming pool? ✌️🙋🏼‍♀️💐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Jennifer Holden (5 days ago)
I agree with you about everything. You can tell when Gerry is lying he sticks his chin out and gets a snarly look on his ugly mush, Kate deflects with a question but not to be flip, you can tell when both of them are lying, their lips are moving. Poor little Maddie was dead before Kate gave the alarm. In my opinion the children were given a chemical "babysitter" and she was over sedated and fell. A blood test taken at post-mortem would show up medication in her system, that's why her body had to disappear. They are absolutely despicable. All involved.
Wacky D Squared III (5 days ago)
Lie Chester? Hahahahahahha. It's pronounced Lester you fucking dumb bitch!
Wacky D Squared III (5 days ago)
Andrew Smith Hahahah!! What?? I take it your a fairy? Calm the fuck down Margaret. As Ronan Keating once told me.... it's only words.
Lars Anderson (5 days ago)
How would you like someone to say that to your mother/sister/wife/daughter? Thought not.
Wacky D Squared III (5 days ago)
Wacky D Squared III (5 days ago)
WHO THE FUCK IS THIS SLUT?? What a paranoid cunt
Sand in the wind (5 days ago)
I love how you say " thats my opinion"
fred sobel (5 days ago)
When the host asked Kate about her statement that Madelaine had asked her why she didn't come when she was crying for her, Kate gulps. That "gulp" reflex is a classic indicator of guilt, of being caught redhanded in a lie.
TIMEFORFUN (5 days ago)
The case was solved by the Portugal police . The case was also solved by the companies hired after . The truth is that once things got heated the investigation was shut down. It was all arranged . Very sad for the child.
Elsa Hyrule (5 days ago)
I’ve just watched this as I’ve always been intrigued by this case. Some of the details you mention I never actually knew so was very enlightened by some of the information. However there seems to be confusion as to the location of the Tapas bar. I’ve seen another map recently which places the bar much closer to the apartment (approx 55yd and if looking at your map it’s the building directly up keeping left from the star pinpointing the apartment. Also the apartment appears to be on the opposite side facing the bar. Perhaps this why they specifically asked for a certain table. Now I’m not sure which is correct and it doesn’t excuse the fact they still left 3 very young children alone, but it does mean it would have been a much shorter walk.
Lars Anderson (5 days ago)
Watch James Bogart's videos on YouTube, Madeleine McCann, case solved. He absolutely nails this case with maps, statements and other evidence. It is compelling.
Jay Bizz (5 days ago)
Who are the 513 people that dislike this video?? Weirdos
Clara DeLaMer (5 days ago)
i wonder why the millions of the mccann fund haven't been used for ground-penetrating radar, divers etc.
Clara DeLaMer (5 days ago)
also i agree with you about everything to do with the mccanns + i know no-one who has ever left their kids alone for any reason whatsoever! yes, the dogs are amazing. thank you stephanie for having the courage to speak out - not many people dare. you make me chuckle at times, you hit the nail exactly on the head so many times. have been watching your progs about the netflix series - you are spot on. much love.
CDub (5 days ago)
I've heard of some other evidence, like how a pedophile lived near by. Also how pervy Kate and Gerry were towards Maddie. I believe that they sold her to some pervert for the night. He got rough and killed her, so her parents covered up. Ps: My opinion, I just found out about this case. I'll let my opinion change as I find out more about this.
Clara DeLaMer (6 days ago)
your programmes are excellent + you are so open-minded + fair. nb. leicester is pronounced lester!
Charity Caviness (6 days ago)
You need to be a detective girl!
Stephanie Harlowe (6 days ago)
Nic ole (6 days ago)
Watching again
LizzieWhiz (6 days ago)
I also read that the group was also seen in other bars around the resort the evening Maddie went missing.
Davina Test (6 days ago)
Complete cover up because they sedated those children......Madeline May have fallen or may have had an overdose but either way they covered this up...........too much at risk they would loose everything or even worse be discovered about other things like child abuse....maybe even belong to a child abuse ring or SRCA.......they must know some very powerful people to be able to cover this up as they have......and where is Maddy’s body?
Davina Test (6 days ago)
Please take the time to find out how to pronounce Leicestershire properly......it’s pronounced LESTERSHIRE......
Lucy Aylward (6 days ago)
I believe the parents of Madeline and Jane Tanner have something to do with the dissapperance of Madeleine they are covering something up how is there not enough to convict Kate McCann she has a motive and has evidence pointing to her and her actions during interview and around the time of Madeline’s dissapperance
Jennifer Smith (6 days ago)
I just found your channel. Love love love. But I agree with you. Who the hell leaves their kids at home ALONE while you go out and eat and drink? Ummm no. Idc if it’s years ago. No!
Andy Mcguigan (6 days ago)
Wow she's hot
Jennifer H (6 days ago)
I'm a little late to comment but I just today found your show!! It's given me a totally new perspective. It does seem like they really care more about how things LOOK, RATHER THAN THE FUCKING TRUTH. I really believe that the mother really did do something,she got mad we have seen her temper right?? I can see her harming bet child.
Rachel Rowbottom (6 days ago)
I think I’m the only one who thinks she was abducted!
Kettyoops (5 days ago)
This is even difficult to listen,how can grown up people be SOOO irresponsible:-(poor Maddie. Are you sure these people are doctors?Sounds like the most stupid people in the World...i have no words
SANDFFIRE (6 days ago)
I have a theory that I have always believed she most likely was kidnapped and sold into the sex trade or black market human trafficking trade because blond haired blue eyed young childeren are very desirable in that part of the world.

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