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Madeleine McCann | Who Is Responsible? | PART ONE

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Part one of two of the Madeleine McCann story. Not sugar coated, not censored. I am going to tell you the facts and the discrepancies that existed in this case from the very start. PART TWO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoqtKQX6MFQ&t=216s ****SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO**** Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/unapologeticskincare_beauty/ Email: [email protected]
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babybunny (2 hours ago)
I haven't watched the second part of the theories, but personally from listening about this, I think they sold her to that rich loner chef.. So sad.
babybunny (4 hours ago)
Holy shit. Look up abigail mandler... You two are literally twins... So crazy.
Andrée-Anne Tremblay (4 hours ago)
This is not my first video about Madelaine McCann but I found yours to be the most complete I watched. Keep up the good work.
lil nugs (5 hours ago)
i loooooovvvveee you lol. tell me stories foreva
Cat Tobin (7 hours ago)
It's probably been said already but Leicester is pronounced Lester :)
babyfacedliv x (8 hours ago)
Love how you come across in these videos got kind of a update I read Gerry saying more about Madelines personally and how she loved loved swimming he would always do activities with her he said they were really close and him Maddy and Kate together were like a “equilateral triangle”
KT mcgoogle (9 hours ago)
a normal parent would never leave those kids alone, the kid coulda woke up and wonder into the pool (which i assume had no alarm) and drowned. so the whole narrative of " we nEVeR thOUGHt Our kiD wOuLD bE kIDnaPPed" is a load of shit. you kids need supervision and I know even is the parents were home they still may not have been able to help BUT STILL you would BE THERE.
Robina Forrand-Adams (9 hours ago)
It is obvious the parents know exactly what happened to that innocent little girl. Karma will surely come around.
Maverixkk x (9 hours ago)
It just floors me that Clement Freud, accused pedophile and child rapist is the grandson of Sigmund Freud, famous in part for his bullshit pedophillic theories about how girls are sexual beings from childhood and that they crave the touch of older men including their father naturally. Its suspected that the theories came about because either Freud himself was a pedophile, or he published this "study" because the rich old pedos in the higher psychology scene paid him to. Seriously, this is something that i've seen hardly anyone talk about, it's an insane coincidence.
vicki martin (10 hours ago)
Also if they felt it was so safe they can leave their kids alone, then why do they automatically assume she’s kidnapped. Non of it makes sense.
Stephanie Harlowe (4 hours ago)
Sophie Van der Meer (10 hours ago)
I feel you are being a bit harsh with the parents. Yes in retrospect they obviously should not have left their children at the apartment by themselves, but I don't think it's ok to shame them for a decision they most definitely regret deeply. A lot of parents make mistakes and most of the times nothing happens and no one will ever know about it. These people obviously misjudged the situation but that does not make them bad parents. And it certainly doesn't make it their fault!
Stephanie Harlowe (4 hours ago)
Agree to disagree
Review Brethren (10 hours ago)
discord in the background! :D is your discord public? if not you should create a server
IntoTheAbyss (10 hours ago)
My family and I got stopped whilst driving through the French boarder because they thought I was Madeleine
Stephanie Harlowe (4 hours ago)
That’s crazy!
hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub (11 hours ago)
I didn't know we basically do know what happened. It's just another OJ style case. I can't believe cadaver dogs, then their proven lies can't be evidence against them in court??
Lena Longbottom (11 hours ago)
16 mins in, Matthew Oldfield is said to have gone in, checked on the twins, looked in the other bedroom when he didn't see Maddy, and told Gerry, which is why Gerry insisted on going back to the apartment after, and Kate is said to have commented on how long he is taking saying he "might be watching the game"
E Z (11 hours ago)
Also telling restaurant workers in a foreign country that a bunch of kids are left alone!!!! What the heck!!! There are sickos our here. People who dont give a crap about your children. What type of people leave there children (babies) by themselves. I couldn't even go to dinner or enjoy myself if i left my child alone like that. Get freaking take out!!!!!! Or get a nanny.
Sammy-Jayne (12 hours ago)
I feel like this will be one of those tragic stories that it comes out when the parents die that they murdered Maddie. And/or the twins will figure it out, unless they stay brainwashed by their parents. First video of yours I've watched and I really enjoy how you present your findings and opinions. Subscribed!
Stephanie Harlowe (11 hours ago)
Thank you! Glad to have you here!
Matt Dave (13 hours ago)
As a British man, it sickens me that taxpayer money was thrown into clearly straightening out some sketchy as fuck stories instead of, you know, trying to find out the truth. It blows my mind tbh.
Sygy Collins (13 hours ago)
Subscribed - Well done video!! You should become a lecturer or a journalist!!!!
Stephanie Harlowe (11 hours ago)
Thank you!!
JckSwan (13 hours ago)
The end of your nose just seems to appear.
Gaz Taylor (13 hours ago)
Leicester is pronounced Lest-ter :) I'm from there , just to help xx
Stephanie Harlowe (13 hours ago)
Thanks for being nice about it! 😍😘
iihaa (14 hours ago)
It is extremely pleasant to listen to you! You are very well spoken! Thank you very much!
Rose (14 hours ago)
First video of your watching. Instant hit of the subscribe button. You’re wonderful
Stephanie Harlowe (13 hours ago)
Thank you!!!
Daisy Hernandez (14 hours ago)
They only describe her physically because that’s her worth to them. The value of a child’s body to be sold to these sickos that run these human trafficking rings.
MrBibi86 (16 hours ago)
*it's 4:30am here and I can't stop watching!!*
Tami Hellsing (18 hours ago)
leicester is pronounced lesta just so you know
Stephanie Harlowe (4 hours ago)
Tami Hellsing seems that way, definitely seems that way... 🤷‍♀️
Tami Hellsing (17 hours ago)
Thanks for the heart im from the same region as the mccans and have followed the story since it first happened. In my opinion it was most likely a accidental death caused by Kate and jerry that they covered up with the help of their friends
Lu-Lu Foster-Dolan (18 hours ago)
Some people think that they medicated the kids to get them to sleep while they were out and Madeleine had a reaction and died so they tried to cover it up
Forinsyther (19 hours ago)
In my opinion, the biggest tell is psychological and it gave me chills when you talked about it. When Kate and Jerry were happy to have someone lighten the mood about the investigation, you said that you as a parent would naturally be beside yourself because you dont know what's happened. You then said, its awful but you'd rather hear that the child was dead so at least you knew. The psychological tell to me confirms that Madeline is dead, and the Mccans know it because they were involved, and that's why their mind's are at ease. Because they have an answer.
Stephanie Harlowe (16 hours ago)
Yes absolutely could be!
Karen Meehan (20 hours ago)
Wdf is wrong with those idiots!! Leaving young kids alone at night so they could go out to eat and drink like seriously what so called parents would do that?? Even after Madeline saying to them the next morning "why didn't you come last night when me and Sean were crying", they went out again that night and left them alone again with the doors unlocked?? They should be ashamed of themselves, fucking scumbags!! No doubt if they weren't doctors and from a council estate they would of been arrested and their remaining kids taken off them!! I can't stand these C*NTS!! When i went on a holiday my child was with us every night we went out and stayed with us until we all went back to the apartment at the end of the night, it's called a HOLIDAY, if they didn't want to have kids on holiday with them why didn't they leave the kids at home with a babysitter then?? Ughh I hate those two wit a passion!!! 🤬😡👊👊👊
kyle wuvswubs (21 hours ago)
personally i think that due to neglect there might have been an accident behind the couch with maddie and shes kills herself by bumping her head or something and she had her stuffed toy with her cait has panicked upon seeing her and because shes a self absorbed idiot she sticks maddie in the back of the car and stashes her body then goes back to her friends and makes up a story. its either this or they planned to have maddie taken from the start, they paid somone to come and get her and there friends didnt know about it. maybe the sold her. that last one i feel is far fetched but its something being tossed around and people have even found that there could be a motivation for this to happen.
Emma Robins (22 hours ago)
This is the first of your videos I found and now I’ve watched nearly all of your mystery Mondays - I think you might be one of the best (if not the best) on YouTube at presenting these cases in both an extremely entertaining and yet fundamentally logical way, whilst still providing your own opinions but never coming across as biased one way or the other in your presentation of the case as a whole, but most importantly you seem so genuine in your love and concern for the lives lost and the true victims in each case, when there can often be so much attention diverted to the perpetrators. Keep up the good work !
Stephanie Harlowe (19 hours ago)
Thank you!!!
Kelli In Texas (23 hours ago)
The McCann's need to find the psychic from Sha'nann Watts file to profile their case!!
freakypelt (23 hours ago)
I didnt know about this case.. Jesus.. It sounds like an accidental death or done on purpose. And it sounds like they are trying to cover it up and hinder the investigation through not listening to the cops. Anything to draw attention to anything but their guilt. If its found that they hurt this child or killed her... I pray they die for it. Be it by death penalty or by the inmates finding out what they did. If someone hurts a child, I no longer see you as a human. You are the scum of the earth and dont deserve an ounce of pity.
JackieB (23 hours ago)
You mean Leicester, pronounced Lester
munn2006 (23 hours ago)
Paedophile ring. Read into Gerry McCann formerly being employed as a doctor at Celtic Football Club in Scotland. At the moment in the Scottish press a story of a paedophile ring at Celtic Football Club in the 80's and 90's is unravelling. All around the time Gerry was also employed there. Cannot be a coincidence.
Online Mole (1 day ago)
A very minor circumstantial thing that puzzled me at the time was when the McCann's went to church to pray for Madeleine. They posed for the media with Kate holding Madeleine 's toy. They didn't have the other two children with them. If one of my kids had gone missing a few days earlier I wouldn't be able to let the others out of my sight. From all their media appearances you might not realise they had other children.
Happy Guy (1 day ago)
I reckon they killed her, or accidentally killed her while they were drunk, probably her dad threw her up as dads do, but didn’t catch her cuz he has some drinks, she probably hit the floor head first. They went out and tried to create an alibi out of fear, then as they went back and forth on that particular night, gradually cleaned things up and dumped her in the car trunk. Drove off and disposed of the body. Spent the next few hours in shock or just thinking about what they can do, and eventually came to the conclusion they could milk it for money. And there you go.
kate carew (1 day ago)
When people don’t look for something or someone missing it’s because they know where it or they are and they’re not telling. Smug, and so much hubris. You covered it all, I have nothing but kudos for how thorough this is and frank, unapologetically FRANK. It’s exactly the thought process I went through looking at this case and it’s so frustrating they got away with it...allegedly. There are too many inconsistencies and strange behaviors and no, it’s not a crime to be cold and empty, it’s not a crime to be shallow and robotic. It is however a crime to disappear your child and act like everyone else is incompetent 🤨
snicky58 (1 day ago)
Apparently research for this video didn't include how to fucking pronounce "Leicester."
Stephanie Harlowe (19 hours ago)
Congratulations you’re the 5 millionth person to tell me that! But you were so rude about it you deserve the award!!
Rhiannon (1 day ago)
Even if they’re not guilty, what they did was irresponsible. People can say “oh don’t judge these grieving parents” listen up y’all we’re not saying they deserved to lose their daughter but it is objectively terrible fucking parenting. It’s *garbage* parenting. The first time I stayed home alone I was thirteen, and I rarely do to this day (I’m a mid teen sup). And that’s my actual house, doors locked and curtains drawn. With neighbors I can call to. Just because they’re in pain, even if they didn’t do anything to directly harm Maddy, they are still to be held partly responsible.
Rhiannon (1 day ago)
Also yes I am in fact paranoid I have bad anxiety but it’s better to be safe than sorry good lord people
Lance Lust (1 day ago)
Just seven minutes in and I am nauseous at the neglect these parents put their children through. Even after being addressed by the little girl, they still went out to party? Sounds an awfully lot like my own mother, now that I think on it.
Lance Lust (14 hours ago)
You'l never guess what I just watched: How overparenting backfired on Americans | Jonathan Haidt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoXpNJLFngc However, the events mentioned likely happened during the day...
Ella Bazar (1 day ago)
When I was in Bali my parents let my two brothers (twelve and nine) and I (thirteen at the time) be alone for a night they made sure we locked the door and wouldn’t let anyone come in except them (we were also on the fourth floor). I also had my phone with me were I could call them or emergency services in case something happened. The fact that they would all leave their very young children alone in unlocked apartments ON THE FIRST FLOOR IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY! That’s fucked up.
Hollie Dixon (1 day ago)
You are seriously the American version of me in your thoughts and views xxx
Hollie Dixon (1 day ago)
You are seriously the American version of me in your thoughts and views xxx
Hollie Dixon (1 day ago)
In my opinion they mentioned the eye defect when told not to to give the police another reason to believe that Maddie has been killed by the “abductors “. So that if Maddies body was found they could blame it on that xxx
Hollie Dixon (1 day ago)
I have a copy of Kate McCann’s book which I’ve yet to read that I picked up on a second hand bookshop. I refused to buy it when it was released brand new from a bookshop like Waterstones for example as proceeds from that went into the find Maddie fund and I refused to put any of my money into that as I felt that the money in that fund was being spent on anything but finding her and I didn’t want to line Late and Gerry’s pockets for their mortgage or their next holiday or something xxx
Jordan Smith (1 day ago)
"I took two weeks to research this." 10 seconds later "They are from Lie-chester England." No, Leicester, pronounced "Less-ter"
Stephanie Harlowe (19 hours ago)
Today I just watched a British YouTuber pronounce Illinois in the US with an S on the end of it. Crazy right, that someone would not know how to say the name of a town they have never heard said out loud. Research generally means READING in BOOKS, not watching videos that someone else has already created with their own biases and opinions. But thanks for being so understanding
avaorchid (1 day ago)
Also it is ok to carry on after a child dies or is missing..you have to especially if you have other kids. You are allowed to smile and go to dinner and enjoy moments. You have to celebrate their life and give them a better legacy than misery and sorrow but their actions to thwart every attempt to find this child speaks volumes. So when you take both of those things together they paint a different story than a person who has lost a child and needs to recover for the sake of their family and their very soul..I also never believe that a person should have a certain emotional state after trauma as after I was assaulted I couldnt shed a tear I was frozen and on auto pilot which mae everyone think nothing had happened..they would go off on how I repeated my rape story like a robot...well yeah I said it over a dozen time I HAD to detach or I would have stopped living..I agree with everything except that a grieving or traumatized person will act a certain emotional way...everyone is different and some people freeze at trauma and others break down. I am NOT saying they shouldnt be judged just those aspects are not legit imo on their own..but in with everything else yeah they can be significant it is still obvious they did something bad and covered it up just not because of how the acted in public as far as sadness and being put together. Washing the toy is a whole different ball game that is something no one would do
cassandra sotos (1 day ago)
I never knew about the kids club..in all the years and in all the vids ive seen. At day 5 it could have been long since arranged to sell that kid...and ive always said it was very selfish and fucked up these yuppie assholes just left all their toddlers alone every night...now to hear they left the kids at the kids club pretty much all god damn day.
avaorchid (1 day ago)
In general the second that you find out you are a poi you shut up wether you are guilty innocent or a space alien false convictions happen all the time. However when a child is missing that sort of thing goes out the window since you dont know where the hell your kid is and are not thinking of being convicted since there is no crime once the child is found alive and well....now if they found the girl dead then whether innocent or guilty it is time for a lawyer and to shut up because you are the number one suspect as the parent
avaorchid (1 day ago)
I can not fathom leaving small children alone in a foreign country with a door unlocked to go to the mail box. I mean at home in their bedroom if you go to the neighbors to grab a cup of sugar you would lock the door and this is a foreign country where you dont know the neighbors. I mean I get it you can not have constant attention to a child at all hours and I hate it when people crucify a parent who lost a child due to turning around or being distracted for two mins and yes you have to sleep etc you can NOT keep them 100% safe. But on vacation in a foreign country going to a seperate building and leaving hte door open is a bit too much. I usually am the very last to blame a family for their loss of a child unless they killed the kid or had it done...but that just isnt a normal thing to do. The unlocked door bothers me the most. Sure thing slike that happen when you ar ein the same house as the kids but it just seems odd to go acroos the street to a building that is seperate in a foreign place etc Oh jesus now I see how far they were from the place that is like leaving your kids in a box on the highway while you go to wal mart the next town over
Kyle Leland (1 day ago)
This is a long video, you could cut out some parts with your opinions to shorten it, and consolidate them together in the end. Better organization of the topics overall would make your videos seem more professional! Something like "Today we're going to talk about the case Madeleine MaCann, the details/story, my opinion, and what to take away from this" or something along those lines. Overall very detailed video, great amounts of information! A+ very awesome :)
Kyle Leland (8 hours ago)
+Stephanie Harlowe To each their own, there's no right or wrong way. Apply all that was said towards my own personal preferences then. I watch a lot of youtube, but when I watch something for an hour on youtube it means I REALLY want to hear about the content; to me this content is interesting, but not 1/24th of my day interesting (this is my own opinion and does not dictate how others should feel). I like small bites when I watch youtube clips. Again, to each their own, you may be interested in a different audience/viewer - more power to you! I am merely one in a sea of endless faces
Stephanie Harlowe (11 hours ago)
My subscribers typically like to hear my opinion on these cases, that is why they choose these videos over Wikipedia recitations of cases, because I insert the way I was feeling and thoughts that occur to me as I am researching. Also, people really like longer videos because they play them while they are doing something else. So that is why it is in this format.
Mrs Phelps (1 day ago)
John and Tony Podesta... Period.
amsayyy (1 day ago)
Hearing about this little girl cry for an hour and forty five minutes for her parents breaks my heart. I live at home and even as an adult have cried at night for my parents and they’ve never not been there for me at those times. When my sister lived at home with her daughter, when she cried at night as a toddler we were all out of bed for her. How can a parent think of leaving their kid alone when they would easily need you? I can’t fathom it. I hope they live with that guilt their entire lives.
Emmi Suutari (1 day ago)
I think if your daughter was missing for years, i could almost quarantee you would think about her possibly being raped, her genitalia being torn, her pain, her shame etc. Parents can't stop those thoughts from coming into their heads. The details of something so horrible can consume their mind. cause the idea of your child being raped, is one of the worst fears imaginable. And as for describing "perfect little genitalia", i think it meant just that she was an innocent girl whose genitalia should be untouched. I really liked the facts in the video. But i didn't like how you made points on how they should act, how they should've reacted etc, or what you would do in that situation. You can't know, you really can't, what it is like. Shock can make people do very weird things. Don't mean to hate, just to make a different point on some of the things. You did a very good research, and i liked how calmly you went through everything. 👍😊
Dogs are the most reliable creature that ever was. Ask the dogs... Really this is your baby girl we are talking about. Liars. Clemente Froyd character is a pedo weirdo.
The Moglet's Mami (1 day ago)
Polite note: Leicester is pronounced “Les .....ter”
Lucy Clayton (1 day ago)
amsayyy I’m from Leicester UK and it’s definitely les-ter haha! It’s a difficult one to pronounce and I’ve heard many different pronunciations
amsayyy (1 day ago)
I’ve always heard it more of a Lye-stir, as in Leicester Square
Green 1998 (1 day ago)
I didn’t actually know they were doctors. You’d think they would be smart enough not to leave their kids alone in a foreign country with the door unlocked. Not just because someone could kidnap the children but they could get lost or fall into the pool or any number of bad things could’ve happened.
Paul Buswell (1 day ago)
They are from Leicester. It's pronounced LESTER
Charlie Ventris (1 day ago)
It’s pronounced “Less-ter”
sira castori (1 day ago)
I have no idea what happened to this girl, nor if Freud's chef grandson is actually a rapist, just want to point out that attraction to post puberal girls (fourteen was mentioned, which is the age of consent in Portugal btw) is not pedophilia, it's not attraction to a 4 year old. It's dangerous territory to confuse the two.
Nanna Eighteen (1 day ago)
You didn’t mention the supposed high tea at 5-30 when Maddie said she was so tired her mother had to carry her back to the apartment. This was disputed by everyone else who made statements and even the parents gave different times for what happened.
Libra (1 day ago)
I love your glasses
Stephanie Harlowe (1 day ago)
Thanks!! 😍
ChristieLily35 (1 day ago)
What always gets to me is less that they left their kids for dinner - still bad - but was that they left the doors unlocked. I get that the key(s) could have woken the kids up and that's why they didn't lock the doors, but I feel like that's a risk worth taking in my opinion. As bad as that is, at that time and with where they were - I can sort of understanding leaving the kids while they pop out for dinner and check on them every little bit. It's easy to analyze this looking back as "how could you", but note that the other parents were doing the exact same thing and rarely get flack for it. Is it because one of their kids didn't go missing?
H.M.A (1 day ago)
the parents are one of the most irresponsible people ever.... i'm saying this and i'm 16
schmauften (1 day ago)
I know this is the least important thing here but as a British person... Leicester is pronounced 'less-ter' not 'lie-chess-ter'
Amanda Tetz (1 day ago)
Couldn't imagine leaving a <3 y.o. alone unattended in an unlocked apartment, even if it were their own home, let alone in a foreign country. I certainly wouldn't be telling a bunch of staff the children were alone. That's easily the most glaring detail.
kate goufrey (1 day ago)
lie chester haha its lesta!
Jessica Amillian (1 day ago)
Leister! I could not work out where she meant. Lol
Sarah Caramel (1 day ago)
Bless this little girl - I pray that her soul is in a better place now :(
B. KCee (1 day ago)
We get it Stephanie! You would NeVER leave your kids alone. Just continue on with the story for heaven's sake!!
Stephanie Harlowe (4 hours ago)
B. KCee did you know it was also an option to not be rude to someone you don’t know who took their time to research and record a video that no one forced you to watch? That’s always an option, take the other path next time, or how about this, make your own video and you can talk about WHATEVER you want just like I do in my video on my channel. Bye now. 👋
B. KCee (7 hours ago)
+Stephanie Harlowe omg Stephanie. I had nooo idea about that option🙄 I didn't realize you were constantly going to talk about yourself in the video because it started off normally. Smh
Stephanie Harlowe (11 hours ago)
You don't have to watch?? That's always an option we have as people with free choice... crazy though, right?
Say Hello (1 day ago)
I always wondered why the families would leave sleeping babies in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country. What kind of fun could that even have been for the parents? Think about it. They go for tapas and drinks, but every 25 minutes, someone has to go check on the kids, which is a 10-14 minute walk plus checking time, so maybe 17 minutes? What kind of fun time is that to have people from your group continuously getting up and leaving? I suspect it's all lies. 1:01:00 The genital thing. Let's be real. If she was kidnapped (not killed) sex trafficking could have very well been the reason. Of course any person with a soul would be bothered by hearing that, but it happens to millions of people every year. =(
So they can afford a spin doctor... and not a nanny to look after their children. Wow
Morgan M (1 day ago)
The amount of irresponsibility in this case by ALL the adults is unfathomable & unreal. I truly can’t believe it...
Raven Simone (1 day ago)
Very thorough, best run through of this case I’ve seen! Well done!
tatum holbrook (1 day ago)
Can’t believe I haven’t found your channel before. I LOVE how you explained this case.
TheJessicaMorgn (1 day ago)
I guess I’m just a paranoid mom cause there’s no way I could leave my 4 year old son in an apt by himself even if I was close, I get scared for him to sleep in his own room tbh. Also when my sons preschool accidentally put him on the wrong bus I freaked out and ran out of work crying my eyes out and got him found as quickly as possible!!
minkakemi (1 day ago)
This is so damn biased.... I mean I'm on minute 20 and the time you've been saying assumptions but now you just said a straight up lie, "traveling to Portugal is expensive" Girl... Do some research.... Travel to Portugal from that part of Europe is SO cheap, vacationing in Portugal is SUPER cheap, Portugal is cheap, those short distance flights in Europe can get SUPER cheap, you are lucky you can even get a fly ticket Oporto - London for less than twenty bucks, plus Portugal and Spain are THE destination that British families always pick, AAAAALWAYS It's not like they went to Colombia or somewhere weird and dangerous or extravagant, if you live in Europe, Portugal is a pretty common cheap destination to go even on weekend holidays.... Because it's so cheap you can go whenever the hell you want
andrew (2 days ago)
The Message From: Madeleine: Illustrated https://www.amazon.co.uk/Message-Madeleine-Illustrated-Andrew-Frew/dp/1981859977/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1544427879&sr=1-10 This book sets out to resolve this crime providing the location of her abduction to a Portugal Island in the Azores. This is good news for she is alive. Through the internet she tries to make contact with the world. This book details the nature of that contact providing the hope, her family is searching for that she is again united with her family.
zashikionna (2 days ago)
I did always found it very weird and fake the way they hold hands on interviews, It seems so so so fake.
Elle p (2 days ago)
To be the devil's advocate here.. If you're going on vacation for a week and you have 3 kids under 3 years old (two babies basically) it's really hard to leave them for a full week with family or nannies.. they need their parents, they can be very specific.. if you leave with other friends with small children it makes sense to bring them.. also, the kids club is not that different from leaving your kids at daycare every day, especially if you pick them up early to spend half of the day with them.. also I'm sure most moms would IMMEDIATELY think the worst if their kid vanished from an open room, so her shouting her kid had been taken can also make sense.. as for her leaving the other two to go warn her husband, is it written anywhere that she might have shut the window and locked the door on her way out this time? especially if you have the embarrassing suspicion that you might be paranoid and that she might be out walking about/lost or hiding?
Stephanie Harlowe (1 day ago)
They had a nighttime sitting service provided by the resort
Elle p (2 days ago)
Also, the people who say not to call the press is usually for tourism purposes.. the locals don't want bad press to scare the tourists from coming there on vacation.. whereas it can actually be very useful to contact the press quickly because if anyone saw anything, they can report it immediately..
Maria hi (2 days ago)
this is so sad .. I am pretty sure those parents knew what happened to the child..sounds like they have inner motives to get rid of that child ... some ppl should not have kids
brit milk (2 days ago)
Wow you're gorgeous
Melissa Johnson (2 days ago)
If these shitbag parents had hired a nanny they would not have had to hire Clarence Mitchell
Melissa Johnson (2 days ago)
As a mom EVERYTHING about this case pisses me off!
Dr. Melanie Waugh (2 days ago)
You told this story, this case, with so much respect and detail without being dramatic and making it just for views. You seem legitimately concerned for Madeleine. I just subscribed!
Creeps MaPasta (2 days ago)
100%, they killed her. These people have never shown the slightest amount of emotion towards their missing child. they are defensive when people expose their lies, and there are mountains of evidence to say that they killed her. In my opinion, these 'parents' murdered this child and dumped her body.
Gina Caceres (2 days ago)
These people must have really good connections, they have not been process for any crime. And they still have to more kids.
Maddie Ziegler (2 days ago)
I’m pretty sure they killed her, but had someone else make her body disappear. Maybe Jerry found her dead and moved her into the closet, then the friend moved her behind the couch and called someone to make her disappear. Then the person borrowed the rental car and took her somewhere. I don’t know... Everything they’ve done is suspicious and even the wording in her book written, talking about her private area. That’s disturbing! I don’t know how Kate could even write that about her child. But the reason they got off the hook is because they’re loaded in cash. Rich people get away with things, it’s pretty much proven. So I think that’s why they were just let go. I truly hope we find out something soon. Who did it or why. Where she is. We all need answers and those responsible would be behind bars
partysummer (2 days ago)
they sold their daughter to that man... in my opinion.
James Conroy (2 days ago)
You'd think if this took a week of research you would have pronounced Leicester correctly.
James Conroy (2 days ago)
+Stephanie Harlowe so if someone has said it before that makes it invalid? You should probably delete this video then as it adds nothing new.
Stephanie Harlowe (2 days ago)
You’d think as an intelligent person, you’d know you weren’t the first to point this out but it makes you feel good to be condescending to someone. I’d like to hear you pronounce every single city you’ve ever read about in a book.
Charlotte C (2 days ago)
‘Lie chester’ omg lol it’s ‘lest-er’
Stephanie Harlowe (2 days ago)
Seriously? It was that offensive to you?
Nathalya Garcia (2 days ago)
When something like this happens usually the parents separate or blame each other for the disappearance of the child however you can see them in the videos of interviews sort of like defending each other with such a horrible attitude it’s like they’re mad that the public refuse to believe their flawed version of the story
Rachel Willis (2 days ago)
Your voice is so soothing I Fell asleep watching lol woke up 35 mins in
Madison Rose (2 days ago)
I totally agree with them being irresponsible. But you need to remember that the world was a different place then...
Ra Ra (2 days ago)
They never should have children being as irresponsible as they are some people are just not capable to raise children not people like them
happy baby (2 days ago)
I like that you will point out things that some people skip over, like how they could've easily put the kids into multiple capable caring hands that would watch over them during their vacation, yet decided against it
Lexi Tanner (2 days ago)
When my twin and I were 11 and our older sister was 15, we went to the Dominican (to a resort at that) and our parents invited our grandmother along to look after us!! When we were 11 and 15! On a resort in a gated community! And we don’t have a ton of money, I don’t know why they wouldn’t bring someone along to look after the kids
roger sanders (2 days ago)
Stephanie me and wifey love listening to you but for the love of god , please pronounce your T’s, . It’s BRITAIN.. Please leave the Ebonics out. No disrespect
SwedishStorm (2 days ago)
On a totally unrelated subject, your eyes are gorgeous! The glasses frames them well too.
Stephanie Harlowe (2 days ago)
Thank you!!!
SwedishStorm (2 days ago)
The parents had took their kids on a vacation and then proceeded to do all in their power to not have to spend with said kids. Why not just leave them back home them if all you wanted to do was avoid them? I understand parents being tired, what I don't understand is grossly irresponsible parenting. Leaving a THREE YEAR OLD as you go off down to street to drink and party is neglect. These parents need to be sterilized so that they never again procreate and harm others. And to think this ilk are doctors...

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