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Madeleine McCann | Who Is Responsible? | PART ONE

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Part one of two of the Madeleine McCann story. Not sugar coated, not censored. I am going to tell you the facts and the discrepancies that existed in this case from the very start. PART TWO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoqtKQX6MFQ&t=216s ****SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTACT INFO**** Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/unapologeticskincare_beauty/ Email: [email protected]
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amsterob (41 minutes ago)
If Kate McCann is a closet trans, then the story is a psyop. Take a good look.
Rachel Magowan (10 hours ago)
Isnt it such a crazy coincidence hoe many people have a nose bleed right before they go missing or are murdered? Interesting...
Rachel Magowan (11 hours ago)
Personally, I think it's HIGHLY unlikely that anyone went into the hotel room, picked her up without waking the other sleeping kids and took her out of the window without anyone noticing. No one took her. She died in that hotel room. It's much more likely that that some horrible accident took place and her parents covered it up. Maybe they drugger her to keep her asleep so they could enjoy their dinner and she overdosed or had a reaction. Or possibly she fell or hurt herself in some way while they were away having dinner. Either way they were facing negligent homicide charges. The type of people they seem to be they were probably worried about their reputation.
Autumn S (15 hours ago)
I just found your channel and I really enjoy your in depth dives. ❤
Cheyenne White (1 day ago)
Wtf is with these weird ass parents?
Tamika Watts (1 day ago)
First of all I believe this was a sacrifice, secondly they got away with murdering their child and they did it in our FUCKIN FACE🤔👊😥😡
Noa Knol (1 day ago)
This case frustrates me so SO much. There are so many inconsistencies, sometimes I believe one theory, other times I suspect the parents. I really dont know what to believe anymore but I do know that the parents are very fishy 👀
Shasta Fog (2 days ago)
There was a very dark future planned for this little girl. High strangeness, I with even her DNA. Planned sacrifice You are trying to understand evil. Wake up please.
Marcantonio H (1 day ago)
I suspect a pedophile ring that included the McCanns.....
You are the only person I would want to explain this case. I care about Miss McCann but, I know you’ll leave no stone unturned to help us understand what really happened. Thank you!
Bex Poe (2 days ago)
You really rip the McCanns a new one in this video. I remember seeing the tabloids for this case, but never followed it since the subject matter was so upsetting. I think the Netflix show was controlled by Kate and Gerry, and they only allowed the series to talk about what they allowed to be mentioned. It’s all very sad.
IndigobluBeauty (2 days ago)
I remember this happening but had NO CLUE that there were all these holes in the story...😲 now to be fair I would want everyone to know distinguishing features of my child - I think the police were wrong there 🤷🏾‍♀️ and I would’ve gone against that advice
Inga Mattson (2 days ago)
“Ask the dogs.” The arrogance radiating from these people is absolutely astounding!!
Sas Sas (3 days ago)
I like your videos. You are right ..she is dead unfortunately in my opinion My theory is that Maddie was dead already on 30 April evening even though she was seen last time on 29th. She didn't die by accident this is just i can't believe it that she fell down etc..this kind of things can happen even if parents around, why exactly this time and if child missing his parents, will not to climb, jump but cry or search for parents. I believe she was overdosed by parents but..the children was given drugs regularly sure and they knew how much they can give. I think they gave her a little more then usually because they wanted to have quiet evening or..one parent gave her and the other gave her another dose not knowing that she already took one. Anyway..she dead 30 of April evening in my opinion. 30 April evening is also the date that Robert Murat booked urgent flight ticket to Portugal and was there already morning 1 May. He received a lot of phone calls the day of booked flight 30 April. It was urgent!! So.. parents hidden body in fridge in my opinion and wait for Robert to come to take the body on 1 of May in the evening. I believe body is in very good hidden place or inside the sea putting stones on the body to make sure it stays on the seabed. I believe it was him because a lot of things says so. Also his mother said he was without work for monthes so he needed money. I don't believe Garry get rid of the body himself. Image being in different country, you don't know place, you don't know anything and you need implements to bury body etc.. it's impossible to make it without help as i can't imagine him to go to the store to buy shovel... crazy idea Another thing the woman Jane or what was her name...which said she saw a man carrying child and she showed the way he carried her Can you imagine that the man came to the apartment exactly this 5 minutes which Garry was speaking to his friend and took the child and carry her in front of his body like birthday cake? I can't. He will make child up at arms to make it look like it's his child sleeping, but not by this way at all. I got a lot to say but my hand hurt me so i will finish my theory :-). In the end just to say..i don't believe someone will speak as until now nobody did but it's possible that the twins will tell us something interesting later..as i also believe that parents are pedophilles and were abusing Madeleine . It's impossible not to know as child, hear parents speak etc..just the question if they will... Good night people it's late here i just hope for justice and would love to see parents in prison. They deserve and we deserve also to know the truth
Neat (3 days ago)
Neat (3 days ago)
So much of this case is straight up sus
Lauren Samantha (4 days ago)
I think the Portuguese police did an AMAZING job to find this girl, or try. Considering she wasn’t a local, she was foreign, they had little to go off of... for Kate, Gerry and anyone else to say they hindered it or did a terrible job, is disgusting and a massive understatement.
Lauren Samantha (4 days ago)
As this was unfolding in the UK, the most damning evidence against the parents having any involvement was the fact Kate left the twins alone, something you just wouldn’t do. Then the words “they’ve taken her”, who is “they”? I think this was a scheme all along and that was a part of her script she messed up on, OR stuck to and they didn’t realise the impact it would have.
Rachel thomas (4 days ago)
To understand this yyou need to understand they have someone very powerful IN THER POCKET. Its the only explanation in my opinion
Kristina Marquez (4 days ago)
I swear some people don't deserve kids! It pisses me off seeing this.
Julie Levinge (4 days ago)
Eddie & Keela have put several people behind bars!! Found remains of mans wife in burnt out car!!!!
charlie bear (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/slziMpXYjJo embedded confessions of the parents
charlie bear (4 days ago)
The parents killed her and covered it up
deeprose4 (5 days ago)
The two theories I’ve worked on are that they, as doctors, prescribed sedation for them, and overdosed her which killed her, or she fell from being drugged up and hit her head, and the autopsy would’ve shown the drugs so that’s why they disposed of her body. The other even more sinister theory is that they are part of a child sex trafficking ring and she was drugged and given to a child trafficking ring. It is 100% their fault regardless.
Werner Z (5 days ago)
Kate McCann - Britain's posh Casey Anthony
ivana bašić (5 days ago)
The moment they(parents)(very agressivly) attacked the dogs I knew they were involved . Any innocent parent would be happy to have the dogs looking as well as any other method of investigation.
cheeks8112 (6 days ago)
Leicester is pronounced lester
Debbie Schultz (6 days ago)
From what I have read and this gentleman who went over their words, analyzing what they really meant, these parents are guilty and should be behind bars.
Neverland Nights (6 days ago)
Making an almost ten minute walk every twenty minutes would leave 0 time to socialize. It wouldn't be worth it unless one person was checking on everyone's kids and that doesn't seem to be the case. I think they were checking far less than they admitted. The detail that always gets me is the fact that when Kate found out one of her children was missing, she left the other two in the room. I'm not sure what happened to Madeline but her parents were definately neglectful.
Helen Menzies (6 days ago)
You should write a book. Although other's have done this and the Mcanns have sued them!!!
Helen Menzies (6 days ago)
If the Mcanns were working class they would have been charged for leaving their children unattended. As they were middle class doctor's they got away with it and people felt sorry for them. How can you leave children in a foreign country by themselves? It's an absolute disgrace!! I definitely feel they were involved, there is so much evidence to prove this. My thoughts are that the children were given some sort of sleeping pills which could be easily administered by doctor's and something went wrong. I'm not sure what, but Madeline's body had to be removed as the sleeping pills would have been found in her autopsy. Also, when Kate was so called screaming when she said Madeline went missing the other children didn't wake up, so this supports the sleeping tablet theory.
Sarah-Rose Reed (7 days ago)
If Madeline’s parents are saying please find her she is still alive or not saying anything new about their daughter like even trying to track their daughter wherever their daughter is I’m sorry I searched her up no new updates saying if she is alive or dead nothing new if I had a son or daughter I would take him or her with me cause she or he wouldn’t be old enough to be alone but what makes me sick is that her parents didn’t seem to care they wore not crying or screaming In pain that she was taken I was shocked while watching the videos
Verns.World vv (7 days ago)
I feel like they sold her
Jenni Pitt (7 days ago)
I am a mother of two. I'd never have left my children alone in an unlocked apartment on holiday. What if one of them woke up and wandered out onto the road or to the pool and had an accident? Or if there was a fire in the apartment? It's always astounded me that social services didnt get involved. If the parent had been a single mother, the Press would have ripped them apart for neglect. Too many questions unanswered for my liking.
carrue ross (8 days ago)
Were they giving their kids sleeping meds? And if so, did someone give Madelaine too much? Then what do you do with your child who has passed? You make a blood oath to get rid of the body and never tell anyone!
deanna kinsman (8 days ago)
Carl jones (8 days ago)
Its pronounced LESS-STA Another my home town Nuneaton pronounced Shithole
Taylor Walters (8 days ago)
They were smart enough to be doctors but leave their toddlers to fend for themselves? These people are ridiculous!
TopHatKitty (8 days ago)
I am bingeing your videos. This one has infuriated me. I believe that theory that she died by accident and they covered it up.
yeol'clodisvandam (9 days ago)
This is some British Illuminati shit..
JDMOokami (9 days ago)
My initial reaction was that they knew they were bad parents in their decisions and cared about not being made out to be bad parents. I honestly think that they’re unfit parents or their friends are and they went along with the flow. When Netflix was doing their documentary on this they didn’t want them to do it. I believe I read that they didn’t want the story out there which made me scratch my head. If my daughter is missing why wouldn’t I want the story out there? People who maybe hadn’t heard of the case may finally get to see it and maybe know something or it jogs someone’s memory. I firmly believe they know something. They may not have a hand in it but they know something.
Emaruld Blicharski (10 days ago)
How were they not charged with child endangerment at least
Mad Scientist (10 days ago)
Thank you for this. The PJ is considered one of the best police forces in the world, with success rates above normal, yet the UK made us out to be this third world country with no resources to solve this. The truth is, If the UK had not meddled, the McCanns would be rotting in our jails right now, where they belong. They destroyed so many people's lifes with this lie. It's about time that poor little girl gets some justice.
Roger Redford (11 days ago)
Out and out child neglect, end of story. They paid the ultimate price, but it could have been anything on the scale of a scared child waking up to an empty apartment, a kid suffering a broken arm from falling out of bed or a child wandering off into the night and being returned to safety. 30 mins (if we believe that) is an age in terms of what can happen to a young child, left unsupervised. If this had have happened to a couple of factory workers from Stoke, in Benidorm or Magaluf, who were having fish and chips and knocking back a few beers in a bar 100 odd metres away from the apartment where their 3 young kids were sleeping, the press would've crucified them. They'd have been banged up, lost the two remaining kids and would have endless years of finger-wagging from the middle class, right-on brigade... It was a terrible thing but the McCanns brought in on themselves, and for what? Because of their skewed concept of what should be the evening activities on a family holiday with young kids, and what their responsibilites are to their children in that scenario.
we are eight (11 days ago)
When I heard this story I was so mad I have six kids and when I leave my teen with my 10 year old girl doors locked alarm on blinds down because we don't know who is watching idk if u have seen the movie with Jessica biels where her an her husband steal kids from there town where it's bad drug dealers etc and give them to ppl from the city who give them a better future better lives
Mysticstoolbox (11 days ago)
What Kate says about her daughter's genitals is very disturbing, to say the least!
Little Traveller (11 days ago)
Forget holidays, the moment you leave home with your kids it’s only about them, actually as soon as you have kids. If you want adult time god damn it go on holiday without your kids. Leave them with the grandparents. I read on the first day they made the kids walk back from a restaurant a good 5 kms away. Tight bastards couldn’t get a taxi. I don’t buy the tanner sighting, it sounds like it’s just an alibi for Gerry, it couldn’t be Gerry cause she saw him talking to the other guy and it was the scruffy guy that took Maddie
Goldie Fatale (11 days ago)
they were probably drugging their children to make them sleep soundly... and being doctors felt that they can do this safely. I've seen incidents of this here in the US before .they overdosed her and she died. it's pretty easy for me to figure this out
Arwen (11 days ago)
But Jane definitely did see the man carrying a child because he's come forward. It was his child and he was coming back from the night care. So she's not lying about that. The reason the press were altered was because the Macanns were told to alert them by the British Embassy (and other high up connections the two doctors have). They shouldn't have left the children though. And the child either went out of a window with a kidnapper or she didn't. It's easy to work that out.
Vilified (12 days ago)
They areeeee 100% guilty imo
kirbird (12 days ago)
I appreciate your videos so much! And I love the way you story-tell! Kate's comment in her book about Maddie's genitals is an interesting one - I can imagine thinking that if you think your child was abducted by someone for sexual reasons - it could be an intrusive thought. However, I wouldn't necessarily write it in my book...
Jackies’lilAussies (12 days ago)
Right a family vacation is no break for mommas and daddies. This whole scenario is off it’s wrong I think they knew who took her because they agreed to something sleazy
Robyn Chiles (12 days ago)
Shit i don't know what kind of doctors they are but i sure wouldn't want my kids being seen by them crazy ass f*[email protected]
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
@ 56:01..im going to agree with you 100% here. Back in 1988 me and my ex husband lost our middle child Wendy to SIDS..my grandmother on my.dads side lost 1 my dads sister lost 1 and then I lost 1. She was 4 months and 20 days old. When they took her to the hospital they gave us her belongings..the pajamas they cut off of her , her undershirt , her socks, and her diaper for which she had a small bowel movement..The attending Dr told me that happens at the time of..you know..anyway. I kept that diaper and after 6 months my then husband, her father, told me it was time to get rid of it, so I completely flipped out on him..I screamed I throwed things , some things at him, and I remember very vividly saying..ok Big Man..if you want it gone, walk to that dumpster and put the last thing your daughter did, in it. Needless to say the diaper went back into her diaper bag. It's been 31 years and nature has taken that diaper but there's no way in Hell I was throwing that away. I also have the catheter and its contents that was my dad's..when he passed. I'm not a psycho...its what you do when you are hit with such devastating losses. She washed that toy for 1 reason only. And that's not my opinion that's a FACT! Also at least back then 50% of marriages end in divorce after the death of a child..usually because 1 blames the other..how did these 2 make it so long????
9 LizaDay (12 days ago)
While I can not imagine making “jokes” about my missing baby, I’m pretty sure I understand the why of it. I’ve had a life-threatening and chronic medical condition for many years. What happens is that it becomes a part of who we are like having blue eyes or being a good dancer. When we are with other patients such as ourselves, we often resort to “gallows humor” because it helps defuse the stress and fear that is a part of our daily lives. Understandably, other people (aka “Normies”) are shocked by this and often feel very uncomfortable. Secondly, I have many friends in the UK. Upper middle class Britons have different behaviors and attitudes than their American counterparts; emotional restraint is a good thing. To us, this restraint gives off a scent of guilt. Of course the opposite is true too: being overly emotional can reek of guilt as well. That said, the McCanns are guilty as hell!!
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
@ 53:30...the more I watch..the more I love you lol you could soooo be 1 of my sisters lol
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
Dang I did not know this about the dogs..I just recently started catching up in this story..but like in the case of beautiful little Caylee Anthony..I think the dog's tell the tale....I've never been around trained dogs like these but I was around my dad's beagles my whole life..dog's he ran his whole adult life with a room full of trophies...you can bet your life in a dog's nose...for a fact!
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
Those dogs found soooo many people..God love..in the crumbled Twin Towers..and I think all or most died later from cancer..🥺😔😖😣
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
I Adore your sarcasm!!! Its soooo me too!!! 👍🙏💖
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
Your definitely a mother...awesome video!
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
I think they are ALL lieing...In my Opinion
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
Dead on about Jane Tanner right? Like she would have the audacity to judge another parent? Plus didn't they figure out through interviews she lied about where she saw the 2 men? She wanted to give off the impression she actually went Inside her apt to check on her kids? WTF?! All these "drs" leaving small , very small children unattended?? Aren't they ethically bound to report parents who do this same thing??
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
Wait...why did Oldfield dude enter the McCann's apt but the McCann's didn't?
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
How???? Could that feel safe enough that it wasn't even a decision???? She is lieing!! And covering up something!!
HandbagHound (12 days ago)
Just from the pic alone you have provided..which I've never seen before..with the 2 stars, the distance from the apt to the bar? I would not leave my almost 11 year old son!!! That picture alone , they should have been arrested IMMEDIATELY for child abuse and neglect. APPALLING!!!!!!!!! Didn't they also visit a different bar? That starts with a C? Not sure of the name..
Scarlett Chappendenden (12 days ago)
Ms. Harlowe....you are addictive! Excellent. S.
Niji Sakura (13 days ago)
I'm at 10:30 and this is the first time that I see an actual view of the apartment and tapas bar... Like you said they'd have you believe it was way closer and to be honest until now I always thought it was closer as well. Maybe not a backyard thing, but I always thought it was a distance like the other side of the street or something because they keep saying they could keep an eye on things... Just wow.
Little Loner (13 days ago)
So considering that they were doctors (that don't have much time bc of their job)... wouldn't they have had nanny? But also (esp if they didn't) it was probably more normal for them to leave their children more or less unattended, depending on the collective. Just a guess, not that they were bad parents, just more used to not being there maybe I'm taking it back. Considering everything else... yikes
Hear I am! (13 days ago)
This story is CRAP!!! The truth will "ALWAYS" come out....
Dolly d'Arling (13 days ago)
Abe books and biblio.com are two great places to buy books. They are second hand books and have a alert function where they email you if a book you are searching for becomes available.
Dolly d'Arling (14 days ago)
We have a Leicester St in my city. I used to make the same pronunciation error as you. I'm Australian. Everyone mispronounces something sometime.
Stephanie Harlowe (13 days ago)
Lee 89 (14 days ago)
Can't believe i have only just found your channel now awesome work what you do can you maybe take a look into the Charlene Downes case 14 year old girl went missing back in 2003 her body has never been found
Mike Alexander (14 days ago)
I love all ur blogs- ur always bang on!Especially ones about cold cases on children- thank you
Isabella stafford (14 days ago)
I have a six year old, and in the past when she's ill and napping and I have to drop the youngest off at nursery, I think about leaving her home alone (the nursery backs onto our house and is about a four min round trip). however, she's a dick head and if left for any period of time she will undoubtedly injure or damage either herself or property. and so therefore is not left alone... for four mins at age 6. Gerry and kate's parenting smh.
Julie Levinge (14 days ago)
The fact that neither parent joined the search!! You couldn’t have kept me away I’d be manically knocking on doors all night!! What you gonna stay behind for? Not as if your gonna sleep?? Creshe , baby sitting service etc?? Makes no sense!! Only time I went abroad with my children that age I took them & double buggy children welcome!! Just put 2 year old in buggy in flat position to sleep, my 4 year old was full of beans all night!! But then it was a family holiday I didn’t go for tennis lessons etc!! We had picnics on beach met other family’s with small children!! These people just give me creeps? Seen laughing , joking couple of days later? Many people angry in UK because they made out this was a “ British thing!!” Certainly is not! I’d expect to get my collar felt!! Rightly so!!
Robb Dimick (15 days ago)
steveo680 (15 days ago)
I like how the public know the parents are suspicious but the police are like" ummm.. we found that they probably aren't" Also the way they talk about her (and never cry when giving interviews) is weird, the way the mom say's she thinks about whats being done to her daughters "perfect little genitals" is very disturbing. Great video BTW
Heather Morgan (15 days ago)
Our brain LOVES to fill in information every time we try to re-remember something. Every time we recall something, we're telling ourselves a story. And every time we tell ourselves that story, our brain fills in tiny details. It's amazing how much detail our brains can add after the fact. This is why eyewitness testimony is so unreliable. We're trying so hard to remember vague details of something we only saw for a moment, that our brain just fills in details. Jane's probably not lying, she's probably convinced herself it's true.
Olivia Coleman (16 days ago)
“Dogs don’t lie.” Iconic, simply iconic
Toni Kaimo (18 days ago)
Feel so sad for the little girl born to these horrible parents.
Entropy Regen (19 days ago)
I have some different theories... the neighbor upstairs said she herd a child crying for over an hour that night... 1. Maybe Madeline woke up crying maybe climbed on the couch and fell off and hit her head and maybe died due to the fall and parents covered it up hence the dog hitting behind the couch. 2. These people seemed utterly stupid and made mention of the children being in the apartments alone while drinking in the bar and someone in the bar overheard this and watched them check them stole Maddy. 3. Maddy was crying long enough maybe someone talked to her through the window found out she was alone and went in and took her. It’s so bizarre these fking parents spend all this money to go on vacation but leave the children alone in an unlocked door in a foreign country when the place they stayed at offered day care services! Wtf? Unlocked fking door boggles my mind! Also the parents have no tears 😭 about leaving the children alone to this day!
Entropy Regen (19 days ago)
They could have had free daycare but didn’t bother ( offered by the resort they were at) Makes sense!
nicotopcat (19 days ago)
I just get the strongest feeling that they are guilty as sin. There is also the issue about Comet Pizza. Yes. Pizzagate and the Podesta brothers connection! I hope you talk about that next time. You did a great job in Part One...
Patricia Shaw (20 days ago)
We want justice for Madeleine x
Misty dawn (20 days ago)
The parents screwed up and pointed the finger. Why didn't they just hire a nanny? They know they messed up and have to live with it. I never left my kids alone ever especially when on vacation I didn't trust nannys or baby sitters. How ever my sister in law used them every vacation and never had any problems. I don't think we will ever know what happened to this toddler. She was a mobile child not a baby remember that. I have a very strong feeling they medicated there children to stay asleep and had a false sense of security knowing they wouldn't wake back up, just my opion only they know what really happened
cajn jules (20 days ago)
Does anybody find it strange this missing child case went world wide? Who really are her parents? Are they extremely wealthy? Fame? Just what is it that this case more media coverage than all the many thousands that don’t? And we can’t dismiss the fact of them being paid for the purchase of little Madelyn. My heart breaks every time I see a picture of her. Out of all of the documentaries and news reports I watched I’ve never once heard an investigator mention this. Little Madelyn’s disappearance will never be solved. It’s been 12 years and no one is closer to solving this. Makes me sick to my stomach
Alison Stephenson (21 days ago)
Stop the hand signals Jerry & Kate! You both act guilty during interviews doing this😡
Novascotia Skater (21 days ago)
15:28 he has said he didn’t go in and wished he did.....he never said he physically saw the kids. He admitted he just listened and left assuming they were fine.
Novascotia Skater (21 days ago)
10:10 It wasn’t a 5-7 minute walk to the apartment, it was a 1-2 minute walk if they went to the back parking lot.you just lost me. I’ve read and watched everything about this case and no one has ever stated it was a 5-7 minute walk. Maybe to them it did feel like eating dinner in their backyard.....if the parents were held responsible for leaving the kids alone then they would have to hold every parent in the resort responsible as many parents did that, not just the McCann group.
djcheckmate1 (21 days ago)
The night when Madeleine allegedly went missing was when the tapas 7 were getting all their stories straight. I believe madeleine was already dead or already sold into a paedophile ring and the McCanns were planning a simple cover up until the case got way bigger than ever expected, I believe they nearly cracked when they became suspects but Britons in places of high power done everything in their power to get them off the hook. Possibly a huge paedophile crime ring may have been uncovered. I also believe the truth will come out sooner or later.
Alex Johnstone (22 days ago)
jane tanners sighting was an alibi for gerry
KING MEEZER (22 days ago)
I cannot understand how these 2 POS have not been "taken out" by Joe Q Public yet!
Shauntae Overcash (22 days ago)
I rarely leave my 15 year old son alone 🙄
Carol- Bnice2any1 (23 days ago)
Rewatching this again, coz I love your look here :) Also, I saw Nz news article about Jon Venables, the case I followed only a few years back. He could be shipped from the UK to other ideal country to start a life with new identity. Example, Canada/ New Zealand / Australia. Yikes... I wonder if you’d consider to cover this case in the future?
Noor Ch (24 days ago)
I love how sarcastic you are in this video
Aisling Smith (24 days ago)
Bravo, Brilliant.
Sandy VI (24 days ago)
Think there's such a parallel to Casey Anthony where there's a strong possibility kids were given sedatives to keep them quiet while they went out, but kids didn't wake up and parents covered it up.
Ashley Langston (24 days ago)
Omg the last part of this video got me in shock y is she so worried about her kids private parts just Have hope she is still alive omg
Nicola Dunford (24 days ago)
I’ve probably commented before but I’m back for a rewatch. I just cannot get over the negligence of the McCanns. They are disgusting. They can’t even take responsibility for their stupidity. They clearly did not have an instinctive parental love for their children at all or they would never leave such young kids alone. Sorry, my daughters are 3 and one and a half. This hit a nerve.
Ashley Langston (25 days ago)
Rite she could have walked rite out looking for her mama if my kids wake up they going to come looking for me
Ashley Langston (25 days ago)
This should teach u to not leave your kids alone the parents are stupid as s*** I would never leave my kids that small unattended by herself to go have my f****** drinks now they see that pecan alcohol over their children and lost one of them gets you nowhere I would half to say they were not good parents they put their self first before their kids this pissed me off how could they leave her alone to get drunk sorry ass ppl

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