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Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Conference Event Keynote with Larry Ellison

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Larry Ellison Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle Corporation talks about the new era of utility computing at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Conference. He talks about design goals and achievements of Oracle and gives a (long) list of Oracle's products and features. View other Oracle keynote: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOX9GZbBfTTuz5y21WDfCIsprYX0Dy-qj Today, Oracle welcomes thousands of customers, hundreds of partners, and millions of virtual attendees from more than 141 countries to this year’s ultimate cloud experience at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. The conference, which runs October 25-29, takes place at 18 locations throughout downtown San Francisco with the Moscone Center serving as its epicenter. Oracle OpenWorld is the industry’s preeminent business and technology show featuring over 2,500 sessions, 3,000 speakers, and more than 400 Oracle demos, as well as partner and customer exhibitions. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Thank you.
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Gary (3 years ago)
you lose to SAP in ERP terribly.
SPACE PAPI (3 years ago)
how is this guy 71? he looks like hes in his mid 50s
Shahin Parveen (3 years ago)
@LarryElison I always follow him
Skion (3 years ago)
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