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ASMR Barbershop: Men's Shave & Scalp Massage!

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Welcome to my new ASMR video! I wanted sort of like a saloon theme hahahah! This video includes shaving, shaving cream/ shaving mousse, brushing, scalp massage, wet sounds, towel sounds.... Hope you enjoy!!! - ASMR Glow FIND ME ON: SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3pIhTb0jnfckdPD74sAppI TINGLES: https://tingles.app.link/ASMR-Glow ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/il/artist/asmr-glow/1437685902 AMAZON MUSIC DEEZER: https://www.deezer.com/us/artist/51971232 Twitch (ASMR+GAMING): https://www.twitch.tv/glowzgame Instagram: http://instagram.com/sharondd/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sharondubois_ Snapchat: @sharonddubois Pinterest: https://fr.pinterest.com/sduboi/ TIMESTAMPS: 04:37 Electric razor 06:15 Brushing 11:19 Wet sounds 12:40 Scalp Massage 18:00 Shaving cream mixing 20:33 Intense shaving cream sounds 23:13 Shave 29:45 Spray sounds 30:34 Tapping 31:20 Lotion sounds
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Text Comments (2977)
sclogse1 (1 hour ago)
This kid's femininity is off the charts.
sclogse1 (1 hour ago)
As some guys will testify, when they were kids in the barber chair, when the barber hummed the electric razor around the ears and rubbed the bone, it was probably the second biggest ASMR buzz they got since they were breast feeding. It used to really send me. Probably still would.
CrusaderGaming (1 day ago)
Does her talking about herself count as a 4th wall break.
name here (1 day ago)
RDR2 bathtime
Diego Vila (1 day ago)
I am so paranoid
Diego Vila (1 day ago)
This chick should. Callab with glow
Diego Vila (1 day ago)
Omg thats what iis happening
Diego Vila (1 day ago)
Can you imagine a shave taking tthis long. And the person shaving was like this
Diego Vila (1 day ago)
Lol a lot of bearded men are into asmr
RonseyBones (1 day ago)
*T I N Y T O P H A T*
RonseyBones (1 day ago)
Lmao it doesn’t sound like a southern accent, more like a German or Dutch person speaking English. Not complaining tho. 😃
RonseyBones (1 day ago)
I couldn’t decipher what accent this is.
Derekus Maximus (1 day ago)
Fabulous role play. You are so talented!
Daniel Bright (2 days ago)
I thought she had a speech impediment
Girrafe Tail (2 days ago)
littlelunaris ASMR (2 days ago)
I don't have any facial hair...um...I guess my legs are kinda hairy since it's winter?
EvilErnie999 (2 days ago)
She's happy she opened her salad. xD.
ZAIK0 (3 days ago)
That shaving cream knocked me out
Anon (4 days ago)
My gosh, she's gorgeous.
Olivver Dennis (4 days ago)
I love how men are baited into watching this because it's a "shaving" asmr, and totally not because of the, ahem, "certain vibes" radiating off that thumbnail. Nice photoshopped boobs by the way.
MoCsay (5 days ago)
Madam Glowina and her special Glowves with her professional Glowse shave... Seems legit.
Gnarls (5 days ago)
This video is sooooo relaxing! Thank you!
Shiofra Delaney-smith (5 days ago)
What I was doing thought out 00:00 to 33:03 working out how her hat stays on
Mr. Jones (5 days ago)
Reina Borst (5 days ago)
"Your beard texture is very easy to work with!" Me, a woman: "I know 😏"
Murmurs of Blaustein (6 days ago)
See ancient wisdom below: *Read more*
Rain J. Storm (6 days ago)
your accent omg
she said take off my clothes to take care of you
Drexaan (6 days ago)
Dwight Turner (6 days ago)
She meets the first requirement of ASMR female artists...be hotter than the sun.
Darwis Acoustic Cover (6 days ago)
Its really working.. I almost falling to sleep.. So i can handle my sleep problem.. Thanks glow.. Say hello to indonesia
WordsofHeresyOfficial (7 days ago)
It might be because I'm high, but the way you pronounced some of the words made me think you were imitating a middle aged Italian woman from New York.
Fernando arce (7 days ago)
Paz bascuñan? Jajaja para el que sea chileno entendera 😁😁😁 muy buen video
Rambo Sega (7 days ago)
Glowina: Yeah when you’re a barber, you kind of have to work both hands so I’m not a lefty or right handed, I’m.... Me: Ambidextrous. Glowina: Both. Me: Well.. you’re not wrong 😂
егор злобик (7 days ago)
Так здорово играет кокетку 3333
kaczan3 (7 days ago)
Is this a guy?
NewHorizon [Jake] (7 days ago)
+SHYDRA GAMING I hope this was sarcastic.
SHYDRA GAMING (7 days ago)
You can't tell as easily now adays but no, she is a girl.
GuardianSeyden (7 days ago)
Cursed video
ужасная бабушка пиздец
Matt Ryan (8 days ago)
So sexy
Doomphase (8 days ago)
These are exactly the kind of vibes I was looking for
Coda Mission (8 days ago)
Why do I feel like this shop has a steam powered electric razor?
boog110 (8 days ago)
I need to date an ASMR artist. I could take so many naps!
Devin W (8 days ago)
I hear hints of Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, and the Carolinas. 😁
Carlos Cortez (8 days ago)
Thank you so much for the shave darling. But... you didn’t took off your clothes besides you glove...
Alex's Garage (8 days ago)
Oh. OH. OH SHIT the accent I just noticed like 5 minutes in
Edgetown TX (8 days ago)
Left handed girls are pretty and also cool
will jai (8 days ago)
This actually made me sleepy, which is so good coz ASMR doesn't work on me anymore so thanks!
K4r1 M4rx (8 days ago)
You need to take off your clothes to give a shave, I mean I’m not complaining but....
Cadillac Jack (8 days ago)
Holy crap I love the era style
ra bA (8 days ago)
i prefer listening to Elliot rodger videos to help me sleep. he has such a soothing voice.
Im a bit confused. Is she british or ametican? Im not trying to be funny im actually confused, bcs in different videos she speaks in both accents.
NewHorizon [Jake] (7 days ago)
She is French- Israeli
Nina Demoustier (8 days ago)
Since this video I can't stop picturing you as Moxxi from Borderlands ahaha
vs desis (8 days ago)
I luv ur teeth
My Retard (8 days ago)
Ohh yeah feel that texture baby.
куда ты этак нарядилась, уголек?
s0ftsp0t the wise (8 days ago)
also how in the world does that little hat stay on her head?
EmptyGlass Bottles (3 days ago)
+NewHorizon [Jake] What he said, or a clip. Maybe a few layers of tape, ya never know.
NewHorizon [Jake] (7 days ago)
It's a head band
s0ftsp0t the wise (8 days ago)
you know this could be her real voice and i would never know because im used to her whispering
Nirbhay Goriya (9 days ago)
I have a question ? Are you sister of gibi ? You look like her
Denninski Trembinski (9 days ago)
Robert Stirling (9 days ago)
And here I thought that there was going to be a good Sweeney Todd vid
Borderline Brian (9 days ago)
VEXED RECORDS (9 days ago)
Every time I see you I fall in love
miss mango (8 days ago)
Oh no no honey, please don't start getting your boobs out for the thumbnail.
Inuyasha TT (9 days ago)
Me, a 16-year-old girl: yes, my great beard
Vitalblaze 86 (9 days ago)
So beautiful and awesome video ❤️
MrPxKx (9 days ago)
Cool outfit
darkknightsds (9 days ago)
Literally wtf
Forsythe Lim (9 days ago)
Oh my god I’m in love
Cal (9 days ago)
We get it, people, she's shaving your eyeballs. *Chill.*
jtspiky (9 days ago)
Anyone other guys here who can't grow a beard still watching lol ?
DrizztFan23 (9 days ago)
Your recording space sounds a bit tinny (like a tin can) and has some echoes. I'd recommend making some accoustic treatment panels out of Owens-Corning insulation and some fabric. It might cost ya $30 or so per panel to make them. A voice over artist named Mike DelGaudio has a fantastic tutorial for it on YouTube and the treatment will save your audio.
The Bean (10 days ago)
Getting some mad moxxi vibes from this.😀
Mystery_Fella (9 days ago)
Rob Glenn (10 days ago)
I love this video, but when she pulls out the electric shaver and starts moving it up and down across the field of view I'm like "Wait! don't shave my eyeballs! I need those! And I think you got my eyebrows and eyelashes too! Noooo! Edit: When she puts the wet towel across my face, it comes halfway up my eyes. Which means it covers my nose. IS SHE WATERBOARDING ME AND JUST PUTTING ME TO SLEEP SO I DON'T NOTICE?!
Burnt Offerings (9 days ago)
I read slayer instead of shaver i was like hey wtf is doing slayer with an asmr glow video lmao
Vaiva Marija (10 days ago)
I kinda heard 'I'm going to take off my clothes' instead of gloves and I was like 'no no no, keep them on, keep them on, your clothes are okay, you are okay in them, keep them on!!!!!' :D
cerickNY (10 days ago)
Best Jacqueline Kennedy impression ever.
alona bahar (10 days ago)
u from Israel ?
rob chad (11 days ago)
Catplant or Glow they both fine af 😫😋
imanrice (11 days ago)
This was a good one because I played this to go to sleep & don’t remember falling asleep so it worked lol
Alby Zero (11 days ago)
I'm in love
Conor Jones (11 days ago)
Love your little hat 🎩🍀🍺☘️🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
JanArt ASMR (11 days ago)
Baron Thundercunt (11 days ago)
Are you of south american descent?
Baron Thundercunt (11 days ago)
+- Hazza - that was my second guess but it does make more sense. She just looks like some girls I've known who are South American.
- Hazza - (11 days ago)
Shes french
Poop Nation ASMR (12 days ago)
Sweetheart, I would come to you right now for a shave. But you have to be careful not to press too hard and make short, overlapping strokes. Also, the customer shouldn't have to make faces, but your free hand stretches his facial skin. I'm sure you smell wonderful.
Hot Yeetos (12 days ago)
Обожаю ❤️❤️❤️
Federico Montero (12 days ago)
Like si eres de Latino Americaa Papuu :0
Sothradara Pho (12 days ago)
Whispers scary cute
JACK Scyther (12 days ago)
What that hat she is just a queen of fashion
nolove, drjones (12 days ago)
Me: Alt-tabbed out Her: 'going to take off my glowves to take care of you' Me: Alt-tab back immediately 1:09
Darth Segeus (12 days ago)
In this video you remind me of Moxxi from borderlands 2
Akward (12 days ago)
"Why else did you come?" Me: I thought you could blow me o- "My name is..." Me: I mean, a no would of been ok.
Big Boss (12 days ago)
Tips hat and coughs up blood* "Your alright gurl"
AlweerZoKutVideo NL (12 days ago)
She looks like that hooker from Westworld
Wildflower Water (13 days ago)
that’s a lot of glue to keep that topbat on.
dcavic6157 (13 days ago)
WTH why do you look so hott 😘
Ghost (13 days ago)
Saint Denis barbershop is the best one
Maarij Hassan (13 days ago)
Why, you dressed like a harlot? Do they have those in barber shops?
George Jilich (13 days ago)
I would pay good money for a Madd Moxxi Roleplay
Em Idc (13 days ago)
MaddieShea (13 days ago)
I'm a bearded lady.

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