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Issey Miyake Nuit d'Issey Review

140 ratings | 22659 views
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Text Comments (48)
TheReal Doge (11 days ago)
Tbh i have a bottle and i don't like it
porsche1178 (2 months ago)
Wow u spray that much cologne on!? Waaaay too much!! You're going to choke people out of rooms
Alex Van robaeys (2 months ago)
U so wrong man, that the best fragrance for me
TrephineArtist (4 months ago)
Very nice fragrance this one, perhaps a little familiar smelling but great for evenings & nights out! Not usually a fan of leather scents but this one is not off putting at all and very smooth.
Shuki Hammy (6 months ago)
This is a fabulous underrated fragrance that reminds of Prada L’Homme, Le Male, Versace Eros etc
HellGod67 (6 months ago)
Yeah, I guess every other guy in the club wears ebonwood....
Scott S. (8 months ago)
why dont you ask women for their opinion. that's what most men go by.... I would never choose a cologne based upon a mans opinion. you are most likely nose blind !
TheReal Doge (2 months ago)
Well ur abviously thirsty
Mærœæ Mœhæmmēd (10 months ago)
ممكن حد يترجملى اى حاجة
Ammar Mustapha (6 months ago)
Mærœæ Mœhæmmēd ‏عربيتي مو قويه بس هو قال انه ما بحبها لأن كلش قوية الريحة
James Underwood (10 months ago)
Excellent review Carlos!! But I love this Fragrance. 99% of the time I agree with you on fragrances. This time our noises are not on the same page. Still I love you work. Best regards James Underwood
Gucci Saint (1 year ago)
I got the Parfum version and man it’s the boss! Every time I wear it I get compliments I guess it works with my skin good ! It’s lovely 😊
Gucci Saint Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out
Iennal Wang (1 year ago)
I really love this one and the fraiche version. And I bought fraiche version with the full retail price cause I love it so much!💘💘💘
Northern Edition (1 year ago)
Nuit d'Issey is a very nice fragrance, as for this review, yawn, could do better
folladordeprostis (1 year ago)
Is a summer fragrance??
Pkingfreak87 (1 year ago)
Night time though
Pkingfreak87 (1 year ago)
folladordeprostis I see it as more cold
Mehmet 6r53 (2 years ago)
Could you tell me that ıssey miyake leau dissey and issey miyake nuit dissey are very different parfume? I try to find leau dissey edp but i cannot found. Nuit dissey is have edp. But i dont know they are the same
folladordeprostis (1 year ago)
edp is available in eBay
RayRay PooteyTang (2 years ago)
Never even heard of this one...can you please review Kenzo Jungle Zebra pour homme...it's my favorite signature scent! It should hyped...lol!! :)
I Smell So Good (2 years ago)
didn't work for me it doesn't smell sexy it's too dark and peppery could've used a vanilla note to smoothen it up..will try out the parfum version.
Iceburg0032 (2 years ago)
Buy the perfum version it is really nice trust me..its a very nice spicy woodsy smell
Iennal Wang (1 year ago)
folladordeprostis They are all splendidly nice in my opinion.
folladordeprostis (1 year ago)
so the eau de parfum is better than the eau de toillete/?
DRACO_ Mako_7.62 (2 years ago)
I currently have 4 bottles of the 6.7 oz bottle
folladordeprostis (1 year ago)
so the eau de parfum is better than the eau de toillete/?
Cool man, glad it works for you :)
DRACO_ Mako_7.62 (2 years ago)
I will inly wear issey miyake been wearing issey since i was 13 and i got my first bottle of leau issey
joesph322 (2 years ago)
put it on. everyone near me said what i am wearing.its smells amazing.
tiaopiak (3 years ago)
I tried a tester spray on my skin. It was bloody awful. Tried again a few days later, still the same. Cannot blind buy.
polofunk (3 years ago)
this smells similar to Clive Christian X for men's to me
Gewglesux (3 years ago)
It's strong.. I just got  this.. a lot stronger than what I am used to..  but I paid for it  so I have to use it...   I get a lot of compliments  from   the black women in my office but the white girls  told me is smells  awful...   thanks for the review!
Steven Farris (3 years ago)
I love this fragrance.  Very warm and comforting.
+Steven Farris Awesome! Glad it works for you :)
Philip Earl (3 years ago)
You're the Bomb Carlos...You tell it like it is...LOL !!!! My experience with this was terrible...I was asked if i was wearing Pepper Spray...
+Philip Earl LOL Thanks for watching Philip
Farbod Gh (3 years ago)
I tried Nuit d'Issey two days ago and totally agree with you.
dachucktaylor1 (3 years ago)
I thought this fragrance was just ok myself, then all of sudden it became a huge compliment getter today.   Women love this fragrance
A. Diaz (4 years ago)
this smells like a poor mans spicebomb with a bad leather note. the issey miyake "yuzu" flanker on the other hand.. masterpiece
RyzFragz34 (4 years ago)
Excellent review Carlos!!
wagsbass (4 years ago)
Love the twin guitar intro
wagsbass (4 years ago)
sampled this a few days ago, it is a tad spicy off the top, a pass for me. I second the 1.5 stars
Gumption1111 (4 years ago)
My favorite release for 2014!
The Bopper (4 years ago)
You're allowed to itch!! lol
Jim R (4 years ago)
Nice review!  I tried this one at the local Macy's or similar place...and I didn't care for it. I didn't have to over-think things - just wasn't crazy about the scent...which was, "Meh!" On a positive note, at least Issey Miyake Nuit D'Issey doesn't smell nearly as bad as that lipstick and cocoa powder concoction known as DHI. (lol) I look forward to the upcoming reviews.
LOL I love that DHI

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