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Issue 117 - Wonder Girl "MonkeyBoy" Reviews DC Comics Super Hero Collection by Eaglemoss

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My review of Issue 117 - Wonder Girl, part of the DC Comics Super Hero Collection by Eaglemoss! If you dig my video be sure to SUBSCRIBE, hit the LIKE button, feel free to COMMENT and to SHARE. Thanks again for watching!
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Zach B (4 years ago)
great job! i look forward to these videos every month. you do the absolute best videos reviews cause of the magazine
jediarco (4 years ago)
@Zach B  Some of it will be DC related (I'm going to do other things as well), it's going to mostly be another Eaglemoss series that I'm a huge fan of.  I'll be sure to check out your channel; sounds cool.
Zach B (4 years ago)
no way really. . .thats awesome, still dc related or. . .? If you want to check out something cool, look on my channel. I put DC comic audio books with their comics to make a movie of sorts. Ive done the entire DC Final Crisis, an old school batman and robin one from the 80's. Im currently dong Batman Knightfall. let me know what u think
jediarco (4 years ago)
Thank you so much.  Very kind of you to say.  You keep watching, and I'll keep making them.  :)   And there is more to come, even after this series concludes. 
Lester Medina (4 years ago)
Great to have you back! You know something, as time kept passing by I´m liking more and more the New 52 costume. For, unbelievable as that sounds. That being said it still doesn´t fit in the collection. And, to make matters worse we then got more characters in the regular costumes. So, what was the point there? I also didn´t notice that the face was painted. How much more lazy could they be? You say it´s OK for her to be small. I don´t agreen on that since she´s too small for the collection. She´s on par with the women in the Marvel collection but not on the DC one. ...and still, Donna Troy got the best head sculpt. BTW, wanted to to tell you that I got almost all of the New 52 Justice League figures: Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash (with Vibe, wanted him cause he´s Puerto Rican as me), Superman and Martian Manhunter; to me Cyborg doesn´t exist. I still want to get Green Arrow but he seems to be discontinued and as such will have to settle with the Arrow version. I maybe getting Constantine (cause I like the character from the series) and I´m doubting if to get Shazam. Should I?
Lester Medina (4 years ago)
@jediarco Got on pre-order the Arrow (Season 2) action figure. Even though the reason I like the character it´s because of the TV series I´d wish I could have gotten the comics´ Green Arrow to be on par with the rest. However, it seems that the regular GA it´s not on sell anymore so had to go with that version. I´ll let you know if I end up getting Shazam and/or Constantine. Know what else I´d like to collect, and it will be the last things I´d collect for sure, are the Game of Thrones figures. However, I´d get the DarkHorse ones. They are the better looking and have the most characters.  Funko figures don´t look that much like the characters/actors and, on top of everything, not only they have yet to make more characters but they already repeated one.
jediarco (4 years ago)
Nice to be back.  Thanks hanging in. Feel the same about Wonder Girl as you.  Not that I totally dislike the New 52 costume, it just didn't fit with the rest of this collection.  I like Shazam!, so I'd say to get him, but don't overpay for him, especially if you're not 100% sure about wanting him in the first place.  And I like Vibe; wish he had been in this collection as a matter of fact.  He's pretty cool on the new Flash tv show too.  Also, Constatine is great!  Love that show too. Take it easy man.  And good hunting!
rasiu uchiha (4 years ago)
wonder girl is one of my favorite female characters 

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