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BTS & Their Staffs Cute and Sweet Moments (방탄소년단)

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BTS & Their Staffs Cute and Sweet Moments (방탄소년단) Subscribe Free: https://goo.gl/9oQ6eo Twitter: https://twitter.com/KpopminBTS My backup channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/KpopMin2 === I do not own any of these clips and any of these songs excepted the editing! === Credit to the rightful owner! === No copyright infringement intended! Thank you all so much for watching my video! Please DON'T RE-UPLOAD! Please subscribe if you like my videos!
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Text Comments (3667)
Ana Rodriguez (9 hours ago)
Jungkook is such a little sh** with the staff, it is so cute. All their interactions with staff are so cute.
Carmen Aguilar (1 day ago)
@7:31 they all look so happy but little did they know what was going to happen later that night! 😂😂😭
lalisafans (1 day ago)
I think i kill my bed!!!
Avelyn Abejar (1 day ago)
For sure seeing the boys win numerous awards and popularity all over the world made them ( the staffs) so happy and feel successful also.
hoseok trbl (3 days ago)
Wbk Jk flirts with the staff sksks
Renieronron shi (3 days ago)
3:21 she really looks like hoshi
I like the part when the stylist of jungkook is angry with the maknae ahahahha
tiểu hi vọng (3 days ago)
Ước gì mình là nhân viên của BTS
Dishari R (3 days ago)
The staffs saw them grow up..been through good and bad...like family...chill out people.
sun king elfseok (4 days ago)
This is so cute :( I really love the bond between the boys and their staff. The staffs adore them, and the boys respect and appreciate them. I remember seeing that video of the staff crying when the boys got their first daesang, and it actually made me tear up. Their staff has been with them through thick and thin, and they understand the boys’ struggle. It makes me feel warm and happy, knowing that the boys are surrounded by people who actually care about them. They honestly look more like a family, and it’s so beautiful to see :’)
learn er (4 days ago)
1:01 진짜인가
Kim RJ (4 days ago)
Idk why u guys are JEALOUS bighit only hire girls if they ate married and they are their 2nd family who always help them so stop it plz
Stephen Byker (5 days ago)
Being Fanboy Jungkook - best moment in Staff/BTS moment, l don't need watch is: Jungkook at 18, floating on swimming pool, and poor stylist having heart failure, because its his clothing for the MV.. Gotta love playful Kookie.... Fanboy JK always
So cuteeee 💕
Naeza Zahara (6 days ago)
The girl at the end supporting jimin when jimin needs some support.What a truly loyal staff she is ❤️
Park Min Rin (6 days ago)
Minh Chi (6 days ago)
jimin ah :((
Tue Hani BTS (6 days ago)
Chời oie GATO vs mấy bả qá😭 GOTO with the girls too😭
Bánh Bao (6 days ago)
Xin chào ARMY. Các bạn có thể đến kênh mình xem video về BTS. Nếu thấy hay thì Đăng ký cho mình nhé. Cảm ơn các bạn!
Imissyou Dali (6 days ago)
1:53 그 유명한 철벽코디...ㅋㅋ 암튼 PD들 뿐만 아니라 자체 작가나 카메라맨, 기획자도 있고 컨셉잡아주는 등 BTS 전담 스탭만 300명이니 스탭들은 곧 BTS의 일부...
bts army (7 days ago)
They look so familiar 😍😍😘 so cute
to.u (7 days ago)
А что если они их девицы?😮
ITS_KAWAII_ PANDA (7 days ago)
I love jimin when he called noonaaaaa!!!!
Jeje 03 (7 days ago)
1.03 Jungkook Im so jealous
BTSareKINGS (8 days ago)
0:49 (100% I'm dead! This was so cute but so sexy at the SAME TIME!
Katy Consejos (8 days ago)
¿De qué canción es la escena que están grabando en el minuto 4:36 ?
Dhea Audry Susanti (8 days ago)
Kok w agak nyesek yh ngeliat Jungkook gandeng tangan staf cewek ny
Dii ARMY (8 days ago)
Họ là cả gia đình 😭💜💜💜
Nurul Agnaliasf (8 days ago)
Patah hati akutu😭
Mariah Husband (9 days ago)
My dream job!!!!
Hồng Hoa Miu (9 days ago)
1:00 , 1:01 ,1:02 ,1:03 Jungkookie and girl behind 😭😭😭😭😭😭
xXGacha_ SaisaiXx (10 days ago)
*Awwwww I LOVE the staff that tried cheering Jiminie up...Our Chim Chin really needed that..And he didn't mess up....We don't care if they mess up💜💜😭😭😭😭 WE ALL KNOW that their trying their best..and they're still humans..they can make mistakes...so I'm really happy that the staff helped Jimin..THE STAFF'S R LEGEND💜💜😭😭😭😭😭😭 THANK YOUU STAFFF'SSS* Edit: *playing it back.. I THINK JIMIN WAS like sad or smth like that...He was "breaking" the water bottle....I FEEL REALLY BAD FOR HIM..ITS OKI JIMINIE😭💜💜💜😭😭😭 YOUR VOICE JUST CRACKED...NO BIGGIE..BUT I KNOW CAUSING ONE MISTAKE IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL TO U CHIM CHIM BUT..DON'T WORRY...WE ALL LOVE YOU💜💜😭😭😭😭*
Abilawa andamari (10 days ago)
BTS is probably the only kpop group where the ONLY thing to complain about is their fanbase. These boys seems so genuinely nice.
Krystell Monroy (11 days ago)
Salma Ghareep (11 days ago)
I think they all dating staff😭💔🤭
Banthang dien (11 days ago)
Yêu❣mọi người quá 😄🤗😍❤❤
Nathalie Tacuyan (13 days ago)
I want to apply as there staff hehe
JENNIE AS (14 days ago)
2:06 what is that songs name?
You very no fun (15 days ago)
3:59 aww he cried when bts received daesang
Stary strong BTS (15 days ago)
1:51 That just broke Vkook theory...😶
Ngoctai Nguen (17 days ago)
2:23 là bài j z
Laura Rivero Morales (17 days ago)
Lazy Katelyn (18 days ago)
ARMY dont be jelouse bc all of the staff are married .________.
*Bàhai Bangtan* (18 days ago)
Gato quá
kim yoonnie (18 days ago)
I really jelous it:)
ارمي كيوت (18 days ago)
It's okay I am fain 😭😭
Daniela (19 days ago)
1:00 Wait whaaaat? OMG my jungkookie, first time i see him interacting with a girl
Nhi Trần (19 days ago)
Aaa... hk chịu âuk
Nurlina JK (20 days ago)
Saya cemburu weh😭😭😭😭😭😭😂
AhmadBahran MohdIsa (20 days ago)
They so cuteeeeeeeee and funnny. I like.then so muchhhhhhhhhhhh
AhmadBahran MohdIsa (20 days ago)
It make me jealous when i see jungkook with his staff
4:14 made me so happy💞💞💖😍
Keisha Sabio (21 days ago)
2:05 jungkookie angain
Keisha Sabio (21 days ago)
0:54 Jungkookie
태형김 (22 days ago)
Lance Fedelicio (22 days ago)
Mostly there staff are girls
Luzi Sosa (22 days ago)
So JUNG KOOK is not shy with his Noonas OMGAAAAAA😶
Dieu Bui (23 days ago)
Mấy người này sướng quá đi mất
Rini Says (23 days ago)
I wish I could be apart of the staff...not because of like getting close to BTS or like jealousy but because they have so much fun with them and I wish I had older brothers and best friends like them 😭😭
0:31 kirain seulgi
bunga shakila (24 days ago)
Wtf jungkook 0:55
Mikhela Allison (24 days ago)
0:54 hay vemos al galleto .. Que nos hizo creer que le tenia fobia a las mujeres ... Y yo te crei jajaja
Trang Dao (24 days ago)
Lam sinh vien suong that duoc gan gui va duoc su giup do va duoc noi chuyen voi bts
예령 (24 days ago)
0:16 jimin??????
Kim Taehyung (25 days ago)
This is so adorable ohhh mahhh gawd my heart is gonna burst
cloud리야 (25 days ago)
What is the song at 0:54?
JIN epiphany (25 days ago)
estos celos me hacen daño me enloquecen !
14 7 20 8 1 (25 days ago)
Name of song in 2:05 plsssssssssss
Laura Garcia (25 days ago)
Pied Piper
Shawkat Alin (25 days ago)
I wish I could work as a BTS staff.
Peace Seaker (26 days ago)
0:28 how did he have time to change his shirt and take off his hat in a matter of seconds? And she is suddenly wearing a jacket, how?
Sugar Kookie (26 days ago)
They wear more make up than me smh
Tintin Fernandez (27 days ago)
I'm jealous😢
Park Jimun (27 days ago)
I'm so jealoussss
CREEPER PYPY Vlog le (29 days ago)
1 chút ganh tị hôn hề nhẹ
진 」「 믐 (29 days ago)
스텝분들 감사해요 우리탄이들 이쁘게꾸며줘서 좀 질투나기는해요 정국이가 같은분이랑 장난치고 그러는게요 솔직히 그렇긴하지만 저기아래 어떤분이 글을 쓰셨는데 그걸보고 이러면 안되겠지라는생각들었어요
• iAmWolfeia • (1 month ago)
Calm the fuck down. Also, at 0:35 I know the girl looks young but BigHit actually ONLY hires female staff who are older than them & married so there ya fucking go 😒 Also I’m not gonna lie, she’s annoying as hell
V's Fan (1 month ago)
Why do I always get jealous if bts always hangs out with a girl staff
一身仙气. (1 month ago)
ARMY remember! They are all married people!
Vivian 9908 (1 month ago)
Jimin:NOONA Me:💜💜💜
San Sai (1 month ago)
Pls come to siem reap cambodia all of army are waiting
Amanda Apriliani (1 month ago)
Eh itu staf centil amat mau gue tabok or bunuh sih?
Vicky Ayu (1 month ago)
weh kalem geng
Elisabeth (1 month ago)
At 9:23 that’s something I always end up doing in class
You know even im jealousy im so happy for them..😁
Kelly Camargo (1 month ago)
Gente q vontade de abraçar o mochi ahhh vc é mais que o suficiente
erpan 1140 10 (1 month ago)
At the beginning of the vid when jimin actually said noona my heart melted
kim taehyung_v (1 month ago)
Everyone is talking about emo things and here I am dunno what to say so imma just going to cry😭
July Stone (1 month ago)
I need to be call by jimin NOONAAA😍😍
Samurai Slicer (1 month ago)
6:21: when you done your homework but got more at school
Rose Doodles (1 month ago)
IG: Idol_HK (1 month ago)
OMG 1:54
Vina Setiawati (1 month ago)
What is title song 0:54 ? Can anyone help me pleasee
julia natasya (1 day ago)
Some junggigo soyou
Miu` suga (1 month ago)
1:50 I'M SHOOK
VÕ HÀ MY (1 month ago)
Tao đg lạc trôi
BTS en mi DNA :v (1 month ago)
BTS en mi DNA :v (1 month ago)
fadiemaxe (1 month ago)
Anyone notice kookie with that girl at 0:55
Aliah Kim (1 month ago)
So many army is jealous Even i dont 14 or something old LIKE WHAT as if Not hating P 3 P
아루미 (1 month ago)
55초에 뭐야..??

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