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BTS & Their Staffs Cute and Sweet Moments (방탄소년단)

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BTS & Their Staffs Cute and Sweet Moments (방탄소년단) Subscribe Free: https://goo.gl/9oQ6eo Twitter: https://twitter.com/KpopminBTS My backup channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/KpopMin2 === I do not own any of these clips and any of these songs excepted the editing! === Credit to the rightful owner! === No copyright infringement intended! Thank you all so much for watching my video! Please DON'T RE-UPLOAD! Please subscribe if you like my videos!
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Text Comments (3989)
4:10스텝분 존나욱곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Tiên Ngô (2 days ago)
“The staffs” are the one who know best about BTS from very beginning and taking care of BTS instead of their families! Thank you!
Zahra Nawab (4 days ago)
I was laughing so much during the video and then I just got so sad at the end😭 I’m so happy that bts have such an amazing family around them to support them. I’m so grateful to them for looking after our boys💜
layona hicks (4 days ago)
Song name at 0:54
Bahçe Delisi (4 days ago)
Videonun başındaki kız jimin in sevgilisi mi :(
channu vines (5 days ago)
진주하 (5 days ago)
내가 지금 뭘 본거지...
yuora mishil (6 days ago)
I want to be the staff of bts
Stephie Bouza (6 days ago)
https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8496311/super-bowl-halftime-show-perform-vote?utm_source=twitter ARMYS VOTE FOR BTS PLEASE!!!!!!! DELETE HISTORY AND CACHE TO VOTE AGAIN!!!! SHARE!!!!!
milaarmy (6 days ago)
So eu que fico shippando
kalonice St. Moss (7 days ago)
99% of the time the staff is just babysitting BTS Bc their all five year olds Other times they mess up or break something and the staff just laughs
임수민 (8 days ago)
0:57초 쯤에 정국이 여성분과 ㅋㅋ 재밋어 보이네요
Debe ser muy hermoso pasar momentos asi con ellos
이또 (9 days ago)
혜찬 (9 days ago)
저런 사람들이 되야하는 군 꿈이 생겼다!
Dios.. quisiera trabajar ahi
Lalbiak zami (10 days ago)
Thanks staff. PD maneger. And welove bighit. Thanks for your kind.
gees sodoo (11 days ago)
jungkook omg😣
리카 (12 days ago)
00:30 00:55
Evellyn Dances (12 days ago)
Como eu queria ser uma staff do bts
Vaso Laskari (13 days ago)
only bts ❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💛
하진 (13 days ago)
제 장래희망은 방탄소년단 스타일리스트입니다.
GUMja RIN (14 days ago)
JK may be shy with another female idol but quite intimate with the female staff
Bianca Beatriz (14 days ago)
eu chorei por que fiquei com ciumes do namjoom
N'Nun Kannika (15 days ago)
A.R.M.Y韓雪 (15 days ago)
Art With Avishee (15 days ago)
Hey army 💕 I am a 15 year old girl who loves to draw and would really appreciate it if you stopped by my channel ☺️ I recently drew joonie from his playlist Mono💜
Black Pink (15 days ago)
Jimin touch The staff???? Don't worry.The Not Couple with Staff.I hear some rumours That They said Jimin couple with Staff because They See he Touch The Staff.No...The Staff was Need something and Then Jimin touch.don't make some rumours that You not confident.It makes Army angry.
Natsumi Ramírez (15 days ago)
Pero que cosa ase mi Junkook coqueteando con una chica
Nooraeny Intan (16 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣 hihihiii
Nooraeny Intan (16 days ago)
UNKNOWN FACE04 (16 days ago)
I like how the girl in the end told him that he didn’t mess up ❤️💯
kim seok mia (16 days ago)
Sherly Saputri (17 days ago)
pengen jadi asistenya mereka
Eu dei um like pois fui obrigada a fazer isso, meu coração me obrigou, porém sou muito siumenta então fiquei com um siumes desgraçado, minha vontade foi de voar na staffs e dá uns tapinhas de leves na cara dos meninos por ter abraçado elas e outras coisas.
LyingConstellations (17 days ago)
I dropped all my uwus
Love bts fãs manu (17 days ago)
Adorei o vidio
GAEUN (17 days ago)
부 ..부럽다아아아아ㅏㅇ 오늘부터 내 장래희망은 방탄소년단 스태프 좋았어 !!
ArmyWolfGirl (18 days ago)
6:21 that face tho 😂
EMMA SOFIA (18 days ago)
I'm JEALOUS 100% Me: Help..Mommy..Kookie..Someone help.. *cries* *After watching the video..* Me: O M G..GET OUT OF MY BOYS!
Meryem Maamari (18 days ago)
Kim namjoun Kim sook jin .....
꾸야누나 (18 days ago)
유독 정국이가 ㅋㅋㅋ 많네
Kennedy berg (19 days ago)
2:58 j-hope being a dad right there
누오 (19 days ago)
친구중에 모 보이그룹 코디로 몇 년간 일한 애가 있었는데 코디랑 스타일리스트는 거의 그 그룹 가족임... 그래도 그저 부러울 뿐
Zon A.R.M.Y (19 days ago)
3:45 Taehyung ah~~~😢😢😢😭😭😭......this's a lucky staff!!
Blink Pies (19 days ago)
Yep he really is an international playboy
Lam Truong (19 days ago)
Từ 0:57 đến 1:02 army thấy gì sau lưng không?
련례· (20 days ago)
아아아ㅣㅏ 부러워..ㅜ
밍밍 (20 days ago)
1:01 저기..? 정국오빠? 뒤에서 모해요...?
ᄆᄋᄋ (20 days ago)
Nicol Baez (20 days ago)
Ahora recien me doy cuenta que en el minuto 5:37 es una parte del comic
Dimple (21 days ago)
0.55 to 1:02 i like how JK teasing one the female staff. It is just kinda sweet...😍😍😍 or i should say he is really sweet with them.
Itzel Robledo (22 days ago)
0:49 😂😂
모기관죵입니다 (22 days ago)
4:07 태형오빤가? 왜 울고지랄이야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Thanh Anh (22 days ago)
숄지닝 (23 days ago)
한국인분 오셔서 이것좀 설명해주세요 진짜 사귀는 고에요?
사귀는거 아니예요ㅠ;; 스탶이니 친하니까 그런거죠ㅜ
Chiamaka Okafor (23 days ago)
Some of the staff are like,” I’m so done with this boys”
Oanh Nguyen Hoang (23 days ago)
Ước gì tôi được làm nhân viên không công cũng được 😅😅😅
Kamyly Cunha Dos Anjos (23 days ago)
Meu sonho: ser uma staff do BTS KAKAKAKKA
김아미 (23 days ago)
28초에 지민이임????
my ar (24 days ago)
0:53  1:53 …!?
vidal FandomSN (24 days ago)
Me doy cuenta de Junkook es bien confiado con ellas y no con Iu jajaja talves porque a las staff las ve como a hermanas?
karriza Mariano (24 days ago)
i suddenly got jealous with the girl beside jungkook 😭😭😭😭😭
Pandi BTS (25 days ago)
eu só queria,poder abraça-los
Inrayonta Nadeak (26 days ago)
I'm jealous 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Liza Babatla (26 days ago)
1.3k people are jealous...😬😬
Smol Bean (26 days ago)
Where can I sign up to be a member of the bts staff???
Afroza Akhter (26 days ago)
What's the song 1:00 plz someone tell me
Mayte Lozano (26 days ago)
Jossy ARMY (26 days ago)
0:30 wtf :'v
jawza ulya (27 days ago)
They are family❤️ and we're too😊
Adriana Garcia (27 days ago)
Lo único que deceo en esta vida es que las muchachas que los maquillan cuiden bien de ello junto con los bailarines, productores, etc.👍💕💞💟😘💗💝👍
느냐 (27 days ago)
4:07 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Bae Sooyoun X BTS (27 days ago)
I want to become a staff/stylist for them! Anybody agree with me?
Ga Tau (27 days ago)
Ahhhhhh i'm always craving for this kind of sweet uwu interaction, i need fanfic about bts members and stylist or staff noona lol. I honestly kind of excited to seeing how sweet our boys will be, when they dating with their future girlfriend. ( If only they allowed to date with the staff), and i hope some ARMY didnt get jealous or possesive with their bias XD Like, hey you didnt allow them to dating, it's not like you will going out with them.....well not not posibble. But 1 ARMY for 1 member(?) Harem? They are human too. They have their own feelings. As an adult that can decided who they want to be with. Also, they didn't tell us to do the same thing. It's kind of selfish in my opinion. Prioritize their happiness and support them. sorry im such a romance sucker... Of course, deepest respect for all the hardworking staff that always supporting our boys and treat them like family. ♡ #LoveIsPeace #YesWeCan #Prottec ...okay im rewatching this video again
Japanese With A (27 days ago)
I’m jealous of her
shristi 21 (28 days ago)
Wait was the girl fanning suga's crotch at 1:13 or whut?
Jae in (28 days ago)
8:52 ahhhhhhh><
Marcos Moreira (28 days ago)
Jungkook el más coqueto con las del staff 🙄 niño travieso 😏😄
vidal FandomSN (24 days ago)
también Tae es bien juguetón con las staff
Kim Youra San (28 days ago)
0:59 f*ck 😬😬😬😬😬
Bae Sooyoun X BTS (27 days ago)
Why r u mad?
Mundo do kpop (29 days ago)
O ciúme baateuiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu😝😒😡😠
spacecafe (30 days ago)
for those who say that they ship the staff and members, all female staff must be married to work with bts fsdsdfksdf idk tho
방탄보라해!! (30 days ago)
"망하지않았어...."그말.. 내가하고싶다.....
rubi membrila (30 days ago)
I cry in spanish 😢 jimin 11:08 :(
Love Manga (30 days ago)
6:44 Why you ? RM will be better than you at this 😂
Loubna Bts (30 days ago)
They have the best job ever
Karen Emma (1 month ago)
Realistically some of those clips were probably BTS with girlfriends
gia ninh Đinh (1 month ago)
Tao bị lạc trôi
nicol malavega (1 month ago)
wahhh im jealous the girl and jungkook wahhh nad jimin
Kreistin Upsu (1 month ago)
The king of destruction is namjoon 🤣🤣
Michelle Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Ver esto me hace tan feliz 😭♥
Настя Миами (1 month ago)
Мне будто либо бантосики будут с кем то из гримеров повсевременно они совместно аж бесит
Nanda Eka Yulia (1 month ago)
2:33 😢
Nanda Eka Yulia (1 month ago)
1:54 😢
Nanda Eka Yulia (1 month ago)
1:00 😢
Faisal Faisal Atta (1 month ago)
I am jealous
ShaffyLeigh's LEGO Fun (1 month ago)
Dispatch: Cant find the idols they date boss. BangPD: Ahh nvm. Stop spying them. I know who they're dating. Dispatch: --- BangPD: The staffs *smiles awkwardly*
Hans Aeliyah Corrales (1 month ago)
You know the youngest member in bts is playboy jk is playboy
The girls are lucky
Tiểu Vy Vy (1 month ago)
JungSock nhát gái nhưng trong này toàn thấy ổng trêu ghẹo mấy chị stagg

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