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New Men's and Women's Perfumes - Feb 2017

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Some new perfumes that we've been working with recently. Products mentioned are: Bvlgari Aqua Atlantique Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musc Boucheron Iris d'Syracuse You can also find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theperfumepros/
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Xonica Tiana (2 months ago)
Fluer musc leaves a trail within the first 40 minutes, then it becomes a skin scent but u & people around u can still get wafts of it. Very stunning
Elfie Eleza (1 year ago)
I start to love Narciso fragrance. I got the cube black bottle and I swear by Narciso For Her. Appreciate if you could please review Narciso Eu De Musc.
312avital (1 year ago)
the channel I've been looking for. love your videos girls
The Perfume Pros (1 year ago)
+312avital thanks. Glad you found us!
Indira Ketsbaia (1 year ago)
Narciso Rodríguez for her in black bottle is the best! Such a unique fragrance. At the moment I’m using fleur musk and loving it as well
The Perfume Pros (1 year ago)
+Indira Ketsbaia Fleur musc has done incredibly well this year... it’s a lovely modern rosey scent. We still think the original Narciso Rodriguez “for her”edt is the best though 😉
Caroline Zhang (1 year ago)
Just bought it last night impulsively ❤️
James Andrew (2 years ago)
Would you think the Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve as a crowd pleaser? And is it a ladykiller? ;)
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+James Andrew haha. We don't know about a "ladykiller" but it certainly is a fragrance that seems to be appreciated by many people, both men and women!
Justina Sher (2 years ago)
That rose in Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musk is just amazing! I have never been a big fan of flowery scents, but this is a masterpiece, the only cons is that my man doesn.t like it :((
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Justina Šereikaitė oh well - I guess that's the beauty of fragrance - that everyone has their own tastes. You'll have to wear it when you're other half isn't around!
Dirk de Pree (2 years ago)
Well done job by Jacques Cavallier on Aqva Atlantique. He also did Aqva Amara. got both and the original too. But he did'nt do Acqua di gio, that was done by another master perfumer, Alberto Morillas
Dirk de Pree (2 years ago)
Ah alright, thanks for this information. Strange that they did not list those names on for example Fragrantica. As those perfumers should have been listed as well imo. Well i think it's still a good scent, but it seems like it is reformulated like many other perfumes nowadays. It lost a bit of it's magic, same thing for "Le Male" and "La Nuit de L'Homme".
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Dirk de Pree we realise that fragrantia lists Morillas as the creator of Armani's Acqua di Gio pour homme, and Basenotes lists Cavallier. However we often use Industry expert Michael Edwards' "fragrances of the world" database as a reliable source and he lists both perfumers as co-creating the men's Acqua di Gio in '96. In fact to go even further, four perfumers are actually credited with this work: as well as the two already mentioned we have Annick Menardo and Annie Buzantian in the mix!
I subscribed!!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+ouch110 Fragrance Reviews yay! Thanks 👍
Amir Pi (2 years ago)
Hello gorgeous Ladies with super gorgeous channel,i just found your channel by chance (seeking for Dunhill Icon Gold review) have the silver alreday then i came across your channel:),super awesome channel (seen a couples of your reviews already) .just LUVLY*** THX A LOT,cheers mates Ps. i subbed too:)
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Amir Pi thanks for your lovely comment and for subscribing too 👍
Cameron Gill (2 years ago)
praying for narciso to release another mens oriented fragrance, narciso rodriguez for him is one of my favourites <3
Cameron Gill (2 years ago)
The Perfume Pros ohhh yes i need to try it! havent came across it yet though thanks for reminding me 👍
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Cameron Gill have you tried Bleu Noir? It was launched in some countries last year. We'll be launching it in the UK in May so will feature it in a video soon
Janicez M (2 years ago)
I just bought Alaia and Dear Rose, any thoughts? I have my eyes on the Narciso Fleur I smelled it and fell in love. However funnily I tried to like the others but I just can't.
Janicez M (2 years ago)
@The Perfume Pros I bought La Favorite I bought it because the lady sprayed it on a card and I kept smelling it for 4 days... I was sold. Good Job on your channel I am learning so much.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Janicez M that's ok you don't have to like everything and the new Narciso Rodriguez is quite different to the existing ones. Which Dear Rose did you buy? We love the original Alaia (black bottle) very sensual and animalic but with some nice cool floral notes like peony and freesia. Which Dear Rose did you buy?
okapi323 (2 years ago)
Thanks for another great video. Is the stand that the Bvlgari fragrance is sitting on included with purchase? I'm not really a fan of bottles that lay flat.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+okapi323 unfortunately not, it only comes with the tester bottles to display them in store
Tsvetina Mihaleva (2 years ago)
Ladies,you're great as always. Please, make a video about Iris perfumes. I love them, I have few and I'm always on the search for the next one :D Thank you!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Tsvetina Mihaleva thanks for your suggestion we will add it to our list
Smiling Muse (2 years ago)
Tsvetina Mihaleva I second this!
Δα nae (2 years ago)
Great videos! I'm so happy every time I see you've uploaded a video!! I have 2 ideas for future videos: 1) favourite perfumes out of certain brands e.g.Lutens, Goutal, Guerlain, Chanel 2) favourite powdery perfumes: baby powdery & mature powdery Lastly, I would be glad if you could describe Eau de Charlotte in a few words. I'm waiting for it in the mail, but I've never tested it and I'm curious about it.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Δα nae thank you for your suggestions we have made a note. Eau de Charlotte is a beautiful sweet floral. It has notes of blackcurrant and cocoa as Annicks step daughter was a fan of jam sandwiches and chocolate when she was little! Enjoy
Cleopatra Kampiire (2 years ago)
hey ladies! another amazing video...thank u so much!! narcisso omg...can't wait to add it to my collection as I love love them! could u tell me tho, is it a summer/spring/autumn/winter fragrance? thank u...till next time
Cleopatra Kampiire (2 years ago)
The Perfume Pros oh thank u...that helps alot!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Cleopatra Kampiire it would be quite hard to associate it with a particular season, at a push we'd maybe say spring because of the sparkling pink pepper and rose but the musc is also so warm and sensual that we think it'd work in colder climates too
pepperjune84 (2 years ago)
So excited to try the new NR. LOVE that stunning pink bottle as well! I have owned the black and pink For Her and the white Narciso. Love them all. Also, love L'absolu, but don't own it yet. Another great video, Ladies!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+pepperjune84 the bottle is gorgeous isn't it. We hope you love it too
The Scentinel (2 years ago)
Love you guys and your content.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+The Scentinel thanks so much it's great to know people are enjoying our videos
Mangubear (2 years ago)
Yaaaaay, I'm so happy to see your ladies channel kicking off !! Great quality content!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+CaliSwaggerJagger thank you 😊
Mitchell Halpern (2 years ago)
Hello ladies! You have managed to pique my interest in Bulgari scents. I have sampled the "old" version of Bulgari Aqua and am looking forward to trying Atlantique when it hits the shops here.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Mitchell Halpern great! We think you'll find it a bit sharper because of the citrus and the salty notes are really refreshing. Let us know how you get on
edreamsincolor (2 years ago)
I have the Narciso for Her edt in the black bottle per your suggestion awhile back. It took me a few times wearing it to fall in love, which I did. I'm looking forward to this flanker. You ladies make me want to get everything you introduce me to.
Mammen Nainan (2 years ago)
Just sniffed the Narciso this morning in Singapore....quite beautiful......much better than the poudre tho...😊
A Scented Soul (2 years ago)
Can't wait to smell all three. Great job ladies
Marie Decastro (2 years ago)
I can't wait to try narciso for her fleu musc! Thank you!!!
lyrrasgirl (2 years ago)
I wear the for her l'absolu
nangablessed2010 (2 years ago)
Beautiful video! So looking forward to Fleur Musc hitting my store this week. Graceful
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+nangablessed2010 thanks Graceful. Glad you enjoyed.
Allen Sandusky (2 years ago)
Thank you. I have 3 Bvlgari fragrances, Man, Black and Man in Black. I need to explore the Aqua line.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Allen Sandusky we love the Bulgari Man line up of scents; especially Man in Black which is a brilliant modern oriental for guys. The Aqva line is easy to wear, quite aromatic as well as being oceanic and fresh. Hope you like it.
Zenimue Gould (2 years ago)
Tried the Fleur Musc this week for the first time. It has the familiar creamy base that some of his other scents do ( Narciso comes to mind ).  On my skin the rose was the star.  Calice Becker does wonders with rose , Liaisons Dangereuses is a beauty. FBW. Getting a bottle when it hits here. Such a sucker 4 Iris stoked the Boucheron sounds wonderful. Thanks for another great video.
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Zenimue Gould The Rose is indeed the star as you say, and Calice Becker has some great other rosy creations. We hope you like the Boucheron Iris when you get a chance to try it... both of us love it and have been wearing it a lot since we got our hands on a trial size! It's soft and powdery with a gentleness yet has a persistent quality that feels really luxurious and comforting at the same time.
Kristina (2 years ago)
I've got to say you look so lovely in that shade of pink!
Mario Losberg (2 years ago)
Hi.. I had Bvlgari aqua marine and it was my favorite from this house, and you mentioned amber, also have Baldessarini ambre and I apsolutely love it.. :) do you cooperate with house Baldessarini..?
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Mario Losberg we don't work with Baldessarini unfortunately but we find the inspiration behind their Ambre Fragrance interesting as it takes its inspiration from the evocation of blended whisky.
Gita Anastasia (2 years ago)
That Narciso Rodriguez 😍.. it's floral (rose 😍), it's musk, it's pink!! It's so meee... I hope I get hubby's permission to wear this, since he doesn't like the original ones.. ❤️❤️❤️ .. hope It's launching here soon... ❤️😍
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+Gita Anastasia haha we hope so too (don't tell him what it is... just spray it on your skin and see what he thinks 😄
sydgia01 (2 years ago)
Always a pleasure to see your reviews. Just FYI, Aqua Di Gio was created by Alberto Morillas and Not Jacques Cavallier. Though they both did worked together on creating M7, a beautiful first main stream Oud based scent by YSL. Some times People give credit to Tom Ford for creating M7 but he didn't. Though at the time when M7 was release TF was the creative director for YSL but that didn't mean that he created M7. Cheers!!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+sydgia01 hi there... thanks for your comment. You are right, Alberto Morillas did have a hand in creating Acqua di Gio (Im talking about the men's version here) but he co-created it alongside Jacques Cavallier & two other perfumers. He uses a very oceanic ingredient called Calone in the top, which he became quite known for favouring in his marine inspired scents. Interesting what you say about M7, which is a great scent, and it's true that there are a few creative directors out there who get credited with making a fragrance when actually they aren't perfumers at all. However we guess because they drive the creativity and inspiration behind the project they are front of mind when it comes to taking public acclaim for a good scent!
ForeverFragrantKid (2 years ago)
That Boucheron looks and sounds really lovely! I look forward to your video on the whole 6 in the collection!
Well look who it is!!! MMMMMMMMWAH
Arden Powers (2 years ago)
Nice video ! Looking forward to the rest of the reviews on the new releases from Boucheron . . . many thanks ! Cheers ! :)

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