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Morissette covers "Secret Love Song" (Little Mix) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

431724 ratings | 95728745 views
Morissette Amon performs her live soulful rendition of Little Mix's "Secret Love Song". Live Streaming: http://www.wish1075.com Get more Wish 107.5 updates: Like Wish 107.5: http://www.facebook.com/WishFM1075 Follow Wish 107.5: http://www.twitter.com/wish1075 Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/WishFM1075official Wish 107.5 Instagram- @Wish1075. Feel free to SHARE this video but DO NOT REUPLOAD. Thank you!
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Wish 107.5 (1 year ago)
Hi, Wishers! Check out our new channel and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4mNKqTuEvp9tVXWz43ijwQ
Mark Dimpaz (16 days ago)
my love
Joseph Manoy (22 days ago)
Wish 107.5 hi po
Enervoncee Senore (1 month ago)
TO ALL WISH1075 YT FILIPINO FANS. Anyone know the reason why Sarah Geronimo has not yet sung on the Wish107.5 Bus when other BIG Filipino Artists have done it already??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I think I know the reason WHY!!! It will hurt their BUT but TRUE, bwahahahaha.
Enervoncee Senore (1 month ago)
NAGTATAKA BA KAYO KUNG BAKIT HINDI PA KUMAKANTA ANG PINAKA SIKAT NA MANG-AAWIT NG BANSA NA WALA NANG TATALO PA NA ANG PANGALAN AY SARAH GERONIMO???bAKIT HINDI PA NAG PE PERFORM SI Sarah Geronimo SA PAMBANSANG BUS, wISH1075??????!!!!!!!!EH alam mo na, WALA namAng pera dyan sa Wish1075 BUS kapag kumanta ka; o BAKA AYAW NG MANAGER NI SARAH GERONIMO KASI AYAW MAPAHIYA BAKA HINDI MAG TREND OR HINDI MAN LANG MAG BRONZE BWAHAHAHAHAHA. PERO IDOL KO PARIN SI SARAH, PERO SANA mag perform sya sa wish bus, HEHEHE. OR MAYABANG LANG TALAGA GRUPO NILA SG AT LAGING SINASABING DAHILAN AY.., "SA INYO NA ANG WISH"! "HINDI KAILANGAN NI SARAH YANG cheapipay na Bus na yan! KAYA... SA INYO NA iYANG Wish Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Lani Misalucha, Ogie Alcasid, Jaya, Regine Velasquez, Yeng Constantino Gino Padilla Arnel Pineda Nina Richard Reynoso Bituin Escalante Radha Frenchie Kyla Julie Ann San Jose Moira Dela Tore KZ Tandingan Jona Jay R Nyoy Volante Juris Glock-9 Angeline Klarisse De Guzman Jessica Sanchez Jed Madela Eric Santos Bugoy Drilon Daryl Ong Sheryn Regis Aiza Seguera Michael Pangilinan Gino Padilla. Naku SOBRANG DAMI ITIGIL KO KA ITO!!! Hindi ko na matandaan ang iba, HINDI PA KASAMA DYAN ANG MGA SIKAT NA GROUPS AND BANDS, And many many, many, many more great artists, singers, bands and song producers etc.LALO NA YANG PIYOKERANG MORISSETTE AMON NA IYAN! SA INYO NA ANG WISH BUS!!! SARAH GERONIMO DESERVES A BIGGER STAGE MGA PUNYETA, AT HINDI IYANG CHEAP NA WISH1075 BUS NA MGA BAGUHAN LANG ANG KUMAKANTA, PUNYETA!!! bwahahahaha!!!
Gohan Sayan (1 month ago)
Wisher bat diko nakita si jovit valdevino dito na kumanta
Ella Wright (34 minutes ago)
OMG!!!!!! I could listen to this forever
yasser gandawali (44 minutes ago)
Watching 2019 from house Me: I dont care
Mohd Hafiz (1 hour ago)
Her voice is killing me! 😘
Deden Fardenan (3 hours ago)
what a pretty girl
anna mae Loquere (5 hours ago)
Watching in bliss feb 2019 anyone?
Moja Gem Collection (7 hours ago)
oh my god... 1st time i hear this, her voice control so amazing, dear singer "thank you so much!!!"
Ed Caluag (7 hours ago)
WTF 100M Viewes Here we go 😍😭
Sean Kim (9 hours ago)
im a korean who got married with Ph girl. i did not really like Ph songs. even singers. now i have some favorite ones such as Morisset and some that i dont know theirs name hehehe. actually songs from Ph quite different. i think u guys what i speak. Anyway. im proud of good ph singers and love them. Enjoy guys
한국노르이엣 (9 hours ago)
padami ng padami ang views talaga.
Keert M (10 hours ago)
I still get goosebumps 😍
Joy Kook (17 hours ago)
Hug to hug anyone new youtubers here.
Muhammad Nazemi (18 hours ago)
henry sosang (19 hours ago)
Mukanya kok indonesia banget yak😂
Pinoy Etchetera (20 hours ago)
February 19,2019 and still watching it! I think this was her epic song that made her reach her famous status.
Imanuel Agung (20 hours ago)
This singer her face look like marion jola from Indonesia
yomi gustianica (1 day ago)
I love uuuuuu
Hylee Salonga (1 day ago)
Iwan nuel (1 day ago)
Always love you 👑
Jojo (1 day ago)
How did she just sing all their voices????
Charm Anderson (1 day ago)
Goosebumps! Omg!!!😱😳😍
Salma Xø (1 day ago)
İt's 2019 and I am still thinking y isn't this more popular than the original like just y this is the best cover since 2016
Colin A (1 day ago)
When is her international launching? I cant wait 🙏🏻😊😍😘 this young phoenix deserves a global career.
Hamba Allah (1 day ago)
Dimpi Nylle (1 day ago)
The best 💕
Ri Hinlo (1 day ago)
She sings it toooo well that she could be mistaken for the original artist
Who still watching? FEB'IBIG 2019 ❤️❤️
RISQO METH (1 day ago)
Cassandra Barola (1 day ago)
Arnel111able (1 day ago)
I'm still watching...and I'm still in love with it
BADETTE OCAMPO (1 day ago)
Neneng Assan (2 days ago)
Watching january and febuary malaysia?
rena chuchu (2 days ago)
February??? and been watching every day😂
Elal Addict (2 days ago)
Watching this cover from indonesia 🤣🤣
Vic Ist (2 days ago)
still watching from the bottom of heart
Marc Jermina (2 days ago)
Nice voice... Powerful..
imlykaspain spain (2 days ago)
Who’s watching right now?🌨👍🏽
Jeri Permana (2 days ago)
I can watch this all day
Jezil Calit (2 days ago)
Road to 100M !! 👏👌 Feb 2019 anyone?
Jennifer Ochea (2 days ago)
Its 2019 and still wacthing 😍😘😍
Mark mark (2 days ago)
Dapat nasa 100m views na yung una neto ang daya kasi binura
Marco Marjun (2 days ago)
I don’t know why I am watching this but she’s damn good 👍
Senjaaa alam (2 days ago)
February 2019 mana suaranya??
Luchie Jeon (2 days ago)
I want to be like her when I grow up. Someday, I will be able to sing confidently 💖
Feb???? 20l9???
Dwina Arif Audrian (2 days ago)
From indonesia still watching this at 19 feb 2019😭
Hero Noviant (2 days ago)
mary mary (2 days ago)
February 19 still watching 👋👋💕
Juan Dela Cruz (2 days ago)
Pang ilan comment ko na ito ng i love you mori hindi ako mag sasawa hanggan umabot kapa ng 100m views :)
Angelica dela Rosa (2 days ago)
Bakit ang ganda ganda mo? Ganda na nga ng boses, ang ganda ganda mo pa physically.
Ivy Joel Moriga (2 days ago)
Danggg!!! She's amazing!! I cant
T GANGADHAR (2 days ago)
So nice mam I love it
5M na lang... Record breaking na naman si Morissette. 😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏
Digie Calunsag (3 days ago)
Who still watching february 18 2019....from philippines
Bongskie 123 (3 days ago)
😍😍😍..haa.. Nice voice
Luna Ria (3 days ago)
Watching February from indonesia????
Imelda Dago (3 days ago)
Galing.....nka ilng ulit ko na panuorin😍
Merlyn Tenebro (3 days ago)
still watching February 2019
muezza tika (3 days ago)
Morissette reflects our broken hearted feeling. I wish I could scream melodiously like her
Kalie Jurewicz (3 days ago)
I keep listening to this song and man, it's making me think so hard.
Quench Gamer TV (16 hours ago)
are you broken? :P
Mark mark (2 days ago)
Rise Up Sheba!
ONE CLASS (3 days ago)
mantap suaranya neng
Jenny DOKyungsoo (3 days ago)
I’m in awe of how incredible her voice is! That control and range is ridiculous
Mary Suzette (3 days ago)
Sobrang ganda
Mori forever (3 days ago)
10months more to make this a 100M views ^_^
Mami Paite (3 days ago)
She do nailed the song better than Lil mix😍
Thi Lan Nguyen (3 days ago)
Very good
jhon Manalo (3 days ago)
february 17 2019 WHO'S STILL WATCHING? 😍
Bartolomejr Quedim (3 days ago)
Still watching this. . . It's fascinating and wonderful...
진선미 (3 days ago)
Feb 17 2019..
Fernando Borja (3 days ago)
Sarap napakahealthy ng boses
Mary Jane Garcia (4 days ago)
I'd pay to have you sing at my wedding 😘
Mifta Huljannah (4 days ago)
Wow 😍 amaizing , it's so the greates voice . Best cover . So greates✨👏👏
everything sisters (4 days ago)
LILLLEVOLT (4 days ago)
I love you 😍
Rachel Worton (4 days ago)
Wow from England x
mario soszynski (4 days ago)
14k with a thumb down come on what are you listing to. i am still playing and listing 2019 greetings from derby England
less than 5M views to go, road to 100M
Andreah Encina (4 days ago)
i will stay here all the time to listen this amazing voice
Manfred Kleinschmidt (4 days ago)
...so great!! What is her Name? Pls let me know!!
Rainier Esguerra (4 days ago)
Try her Rise Up cover and original song Rise Up on the same radio.station. Also her Never Enough on her Laguna Concert
Morissette Amon, the Asia's Phoenix
Rene Pascua (4 days ago)
Its 2019 and im still here.
Sal Becirovic (4 days ago)
Little Mix needs to listen to this cover. Great job gurlll
Rainier Esguerra (4 days ago)
Sal Becirovic They already watched her video singing Secret Love Song at the Asia Song Festival and were absolutely blown away. Jade Thirlwall even followed Morissette on IG after watching the video.
Ezra Krisna (4 days ago)
Hebat banget, kapan Indonesia punya radio sekeren wish 107,5FM(?).
kim Yewonie (4 days ago)
Woah!! just woah!!
Ultra Violet (4 days ago)
Watching from future 2050.
safrizal ical21 (4 days ago)
Moiz Esmail (4 days ago)
It's Feb 16, who's still watching this?
esp 1962 (4 days ago)
I love this girl so much.
Brendon Treloar (4 days ago)
I like how she tapped her chest and it made her voice vibrate like a ripple. Is that like a kind of singing technique?
A s t e r V i r g o (2 days ago)
No. She is really good at controlling her vibrato
Foxtrot Alpha (4 days ago)
i love you !!!
Dwi Astuti (5 days ago)
Holy Soul Emerge (5 days ago)
no secret love for you mori, just true love for u
Watching 2089 from wakanda ?
safrizal ical21 (4 days ago)
Pter PAN (5 days ago)
Ohhh,,pls do not let this young lady sing a cover for your songs,,, or else your original version will look like the cover instead. Its 2019 >95M views<
passingthrough (4 days ago)
Yoshua Siahaan (5 days ago)
Morrisette said click I clicked!
Kenshin Himura (5 days ago)
Road to 100 million views 😊😊😊
Elmer Lempios Jr. (5 days ago)
1957 and still watching
Ryan Villar Rallo (5 days ago)
What a beautiful song.😍
rusty dizon (5 days ago)
95M 😮😮
Kita Enak69 (5 days ago)
Bagus euy suaranya..love love deh
Vini Villanueva (5 days ago)

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