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Make way for The Queens Guard Social Experiment

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Jarvo is a royal guard who protects the queen in London so don't mess wth the queens guard because he fights back in the Uk the royal guards never fail Click here to subscribe - http://goo.gl/hZyL47 Click here for Our VLOGS - http://goo.gl/3YASrr Follow Our Instagram - http://goo.gl/FliZ56 Follow us on twitter - http://goo.gl/c1eZxl Like Our facebook - http://goo.gl/4Ci6W0 watch all our videos here - http://goo.gl/w9zd8q To get involved with TrollStation Please contact us at [email protected]
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Text Comments (33712)
Derick Junior (9 hours ago)
Literally every people bullying the royal guards even tho they didn't do anything wrong
101 _negão (12 hours ago)
flexCSGO (13 hours ago)
Wtf was he thinking
Streamsniper_ 628 (14 hours ago)
I hate that guy who held thats assault
james fraser (20 hours ago)
Why does the purple gards kill you??????????????
Explosives HDM (20 hours ago)
Oh shit
pasa khan (22 hours ago)
Slodkakicia ® (23 hours ago)
Justamie 17 (1 day ago)
I hate people who do this just let them do their job
Liam Crawford (1 day ago)
At the end, the lady was accusing them of stolen valor.
velizar stanchev (1 day ago)
huawei girl (1 day ago)
Is a prank?
Riccardo Valtorta (1 day ago)
_ ProteX (1 day ago)
01:57 get rekt b***h
饕餮shengyan (1 day ago)
Respect for the Queen Guard
Kullu Kytkutt (1 day ago)
Mariel Eidsheim (1 day ago)
Sam Kitchen (1 day ago)
This is so wrong in many ways
magicCode (1 day ago)
Is that a fake guard?
Thegamingpryce (1 day ago)
It’s obvious it’s fake the guard would have a weapon and would probably break the guys noise or worse I’m british so I now
Project 73 (1 day ago)
One punch
Mark 2006 (2 days ago)
This People are so stupid
Cringe Gaming 64 (2 days ago)
*no wonder the guards are there!*
John Winter (2 days ago)
You should be ashamed of youre self! Taking tue piss out of the Queens Guards! Fu Idiot
francois cappuccilli (2 days ago)
200 or 300 years ago this idiot will be beheaded for attacking the crown.
stabbs VU (2 days ago)
That’s right people let’s keep taking pictures of the guy that just got knocked out. Dumb ass tourists
skykiller 121734 (2 days ago)
2:04 a person said “he did it on purpose” in chinese
jayr llemos (2 days ago)
What a idiot man's doing that , just let the queen guards do thier job they standing in 24 hours so that's why they're rage full
Awesome savage 1 (21 hours ago)
jayr llemos it’s a prank
Eddy Ramirez (2 days ago)
Damn 😂💀👊🏻🖕🏻
FPSconna (2 days ago)
Kirk Wilson (2 days ago)
For this, I hope you die and burn in hell. This isnt funny or a good joke at all. Karma will come to you i promise.
Rick Williams (2 days ago)
That ship was so fake
shape shifter (2 days ago)
The thing is the guards stomp they don’t talk
Blueshinez Playz (2 days ago)
Why r people like this tf r there problems?
WhiteBoyCarter _ (2 days ago)
So fake
Shane House (2 days ago)
Fake ass punch , still funny
unilobo :3 (3 days ago)
0:00 It was a brazillian ;-;
massimo de nuzzo (3 days ago)
Ma che cazzo
Remus Leahu (3 days ago)
Soldiers my ass. Stupid brexit idiots 🤣🤣
Murf Dingle (3 days ago)
1:58 he got nocked the fuck out
JustLegendary (3 days ago)
According to the Seaman's act 1906, it is illegal to pretend to be apart of the armed forces. Therefore deeming this completely illegal.
Fred Bigwil (3 days ago)
Stupid annoying people.Just doing anything so people can notice them.STUPID
Earl Matabang (3 days ago)
It is scripted.
Suliman Alzanki (3 days ago)
0:58 fucks with him like he is Superman then runs away and say that he is crazy😂
Ginger Ninja (3 days ago)
James C (3 days ago)
u fuckwits. cant believe u would have the nerve to mock the soldiers. should be arrested
Deanna Ferczak (1 day ago)
the gurds that that guy is mocking are not actual guards stoopid
Young Yava (4 days ago)
"tHAts asSaULt" Lmao
Abdulahi Gaal (4 days ago)
In Buckingham palace they’re nice
Husky Luva (4 days ago)
I see You scared many people
gt Mikedoesmiss (4 days ago)
2:03 again. "Thats assault" 😂im crying
gt Mikedoesmiss (4 days ago)
The camera man in the first clip "that was assault" had me dead 😂
t series (4 days ago)
The Pennington's (5 days ago)
5:03 Lady who doesn't understand the internet.
Tekna Tronik (5 days ago)
/dev/RerunCipher (5 days ago)
Tbh It's really hard not to feel bad for these guys. Standing in the sun for hours while also having to deal with ignorant and annoying tourists who literally have no respect for British tradition and honor. They *_are_* soldiers,many of them have seen action. Those aren't fake assault rifles. They will mop the floor with you if you pose enough of a threat.
Aritta Mattheus (5 days ago)
Fake guard should be illegal
Buckingham palace queen guard in london england
Shane TWG (5 days ago)
Third one was shocking for me
bob45734053 (6 days ago)
the people saying its fake lack brain cells, ofcourse it is! its part of the prank, the prank wasnt on the queens guards but on the tourist and people around, u bunch of fucking idiots.
me not you (6 days ago)
screw that old inbred retarded hag.
M. Loup (6 days ago)
1:56 KO xD
USCSS Nostromo 180286 (6 days ago)
Sprang plays 2 (6 days ago)
Never seen anything like this in the Uk
Noel Ahlsell (6 days ago)
Ni suger en stor balle
Stu Tomo (6 days ago)
Not Elon Musk (7 days ago)
Calling it a social experiment doesn’t make impersonating a solider legal
Mark Canillas (7 days ago)
may mga tai talagang kulang sa pansin
Camila Hernandez (7 days ago)
The first video tho
wilheim wilheim (8 days ago)
cant be very funny being a guard
JBL Bass Test (8 days ago)
*1:55** = **4:29*
Matt Dias (8 days ago)
First clip was funny but the ending where he said "that was assualt" is completely stupid. He was doing his job. God bless the Queen' s Guard from a Canadian 🇨🇦🇬🇧🇨🇦🇬🇧
Kreekcraft Owen (2 days ago)
Regie Custorio (9 days ago)
The most dis respecting
Katerina Kavallari (9 days ago)
What the fuck does anybody care about a stupid queen. Fuck UK Fuck the Queen
Grim Reaper Atheer (9 days ago)
Is this fake?
sam vaught (9 days ago)
So a guard can hit a civilian nothing hit the guard call the police. No wonder why this world is doomed
The Senate (7 days ago)
No they can't. 1, it's fake. They even said at the last clip 2,They can't hit civilians for no reason, the guy acting hit the other actor (red guard impersonator) and that's why he hit back (again, in act) if this happened in real life, it'd be the same except he'd be arrested much quicker
VinVin PH (9 days ago)
Dont do that to the guards... There just doing there jobs.
Liburn Rizaj (9 days ago)
And soo was the last one
Liburn Rizaj (9 days ago)
The first clip was sooo funny 😂
Sarah Perez (10 days ago)
Where is his belt?
ice new zealand (10 days ago)
Wtf piss is this? Try that shit in Sth Auckland bro ,,, stand on ya head aye
Dan Segelov (10 days ago)
Alexander Bonner (10 days ago)
This is obviously fake. He is the same person every time and is not wearing the right uniform
Creepypasta Trash (11 days ago)
*This dude was a great actor*
It’s ya boy Deegan (11 days ago)
I hate the fake stuff
RIKATO HATSUME (11 days ago)
im a little bit upset
Bird fan (11 days ago)
That’s what they get! 😂
Samantha Dodd (11 days ago)
Worst video ever...
Calico Est (12 days ago)
People fiming are fucking bonobos piss of shit.
The life of Dan (12 days ago)
Old lady speaking straight facts.
Hell Rell (12 days ago)
This one is fake. Zero stars
SUJEET. BOXER Zone (12 days ago)
ko to black guy
David Armstrong (12 days ago)
It’s so painfully obvious he’s not a real soldier its not even funny.
Aaron Jaichea (13 days ago)
Fucking idiot
ssb chopsticks (13 days ago)
This shit is disrespectful!
Francine Richard (13 days ago)
They got what they deserve!!!!!
g9ham (13 days ago)
What a loser for disrespetcting them
UC GAMER (13 days ago)
I went to UK. There a guy disturbed the queens guard and queens guard punched him and that guy broke his jaw
The Green Boys (13 days ago)
He’s not even standing at attention

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