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KVBC Ch. 3 - (1991) Oreo Cookies Unlock the Magic Commercial

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So, suburban boy has to clean his room. He's grounded until he does so. He uses Oreo cookies to . . . clean his room? This is actually frightening!
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Alexander Edward Pytko (4 months ago)
The way his room got cleaned up, I bet he couldn't even mess it up that fast!
Alexander Edward Pytko (4 months ago)
The boy kind of looks Malcolm in the Middle.
Alexander Edward Pytko (4 months ago)
At 0:08, so he's just going to sit on his bed and eat Oreos instead of cleaning his room? I know kids don't like to clean up messes even though the sooner he gets it cleaned up, the sooner he can go out. Kids just don't like the work because it's not fun.
Las Vegas Time Machine (3 months ago)
I've always been a tad frightened by this commercial.

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