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How a $300,000 Speaker is Made

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Oswalds Mill Audio makes $300,000 speakers from wood like ash, cherry, and walnut—plus slate and special cast iron. The sound quality is as good as the materials. Made is a series of simple, gorgeous short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are made, and honor the process and artisans behind them. ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (4770)
Sean Smith (34 minutes ago)
BS!!!!! Trying to sell those over-priced speakers. With "Premium" materials and craftsmanship. Garbage!!
Ron (1 hour ago)
It al depends of the recording, bad sound goes in bad sounds comes out. Its physics
MS (2 days ago)
Love the concept and the speakers but not the cost :)
You could literally build a professional mixing studio for this price, including an insane pair of speakers like ATC's or Barefoot's and a wall of analog gear. Crazy.
Hrvoje Leko (4 days ago)
600,000 for stereo lol
So a long video that talks about how “special” all their materials are and not one thing about how the speakers actually sound. ...Catering to wealthy people that totally buy into this tall tale. Very pretty though.
J (4 days ago)
I bet his deaf
GamingBlues (4 days ago)
What the hell
Lithostheory (5 days ago)
Eat the rich who buy this crap!!
Ricardo Porras (6 days ago)
Would definitely like to at least experience 3 or 5 of my favorite record's tru this system.. Very impressive!
Jim Cole (7 days ago)
If I was the richest person I still couldn’t buy or spend that. What a waste
Sensacional, este brother si que estas en las grandes ligas, solo falta un buen dj reventando este sonido, con vinilo puro
Roy Shaw (8 days ago)
Ahsen Shafique (8 days ago)
When you have an average product so you try making money on bullshit.
Random808 (8 days ago)
Nice stuff.
Daniel Martinez (8 days ago)
This is one big mega B. S. Ever. One of best sounds comes from our body which is our voice and it is unique like a snowflake ❄️.
jamie campbell (8 days ago)
Rather buy a Ferrari, it would sound much better than they speakers
Ishijah1 (9 days ago)
Bullshit does help in off loading products
Vivian Stimpson (9 days ago)
The wood in my speakers is better, harvested from walnut and cherry trees that weren't exposed to radiation because I grew them before they dropped the bomb. And my ears can tell the difference from a mile away.
Vivian Stimpson (9 days ago)
If you want to re-create the original sound, you want the same speakers the musicians used, which should run you about a grand or so I would imagine.
Stoned Monkey (9 days ago)
5:26 Very bad soldering work for a 300.000$ speakers lol
mymodel6 (9 days ago)
Tone wood lol...
Knyle Nathan (9 days ago)
Cool video. Where’s the music cred?
F*k these Tik Tok Adds
Huw chardon (10 days ago)
Back to your I phones for the negative comments, this is real stuff! For the cognoscenti, not you digital peasants.
Dave Furon (11 days ago)
I heard my favourite song on a 150 000 reference system. Yeah sounds NOTHING like live music. My dad was correct, the high end world is a full of snake oil salesman.
Holzmann (12 days ago)
5:55 A puff of smoke escapes the frying electronics. Some build quality, OMA.
Zak Srdanovich (12 days ago)
Rather have a Lamborghini
Todd (12 days ago)
Now I know how to make them, Im gonna sell mine for $250k and undercut your ass and drive you out of business!!
Todd (12 days ago)
Louis Brown (12 days ago)
Aerospace grade electronics, my ass. Clean the flux off your PCBs.
Gene Smith (14 days ago)
The same way a $30 BOSE driver is made- Smoke and Mirrors...
blabla truc (14 days ago)
For 300 grand i could buy singers voice chords and put it in ma throat and sing a song.
Z3R0 G805T (15 days ago)
Pretty sure anyone could DIY it for a 1000th of what they sell it for.
lmwrt (15 days ago)
This is mind blowing. Awesome work.
Melodicfuckingmetal (16 days ago)
What a crappy product design, cast iron is cheap, it's not a CNC machining platinum , the wood craftsmanship doesn't look as complex as the Japanese one to deserve that over price including the wood itself. From the technological package is hard to no seen it as a amateurish work with Radioshack components, there's not innovation just a massive recycling of old technology this just looks like a big joke with a leak of product aesthetics , probably a 10 bucks radio sounds better.
forever spinnin18 (16 days ago)
My sound system sounds scaringly high end and wow is the sound out there, its a radio and phone sound system! I love high audio but hate it because it scares me when there's a loud sound or knocking and it sounds like someone is knocking on the door!
Waterman8761 (17 days ago)
People! If you love music, find a Hi Fi, Audiophile group and go visit. They love to share systems and ideas. You will find out a lot about what can be done for a certain amount of money. And you will hear what you personally like in a sound system. Prepare to be spoiled for clean sound.
vitellone al vapore (17 days ago)
Sounds like an Apple commercial
Major Seven (18 days ago)
Still bullshit. NO speaker is worth more than £1000 a pair. Wood also makes very little difference on guitars, there is a difference but not much.
Abner (18 days ago)
This guy should be into the furniture business not audio... The welding done by hand is poor and sloppy... This company seems to be building equipment similar to that of the 1950's ERA, it's all old and inferior in comparison to modern high end equipment which is more affordable by comparison... I mean, a old vinyl record player will never produce a better sound signal than a modern MP3 player would, even a CD player will produce better sound, anyone who knows anything about audio should know this, this is basic knowledge! I mean, don't get me wrong, I am sure he uses superior materials to make his speakers and the best components available, but how do you justify $300 Thousand for a set of speakers hooked up to a vinyl player? This man should be arrested for selling a load of "bull" to the American public!
C Cornwall (18 days ago)
This is what happens when rich people play sound engineer. What a joke.
Sekplays (18 days ago)
Boi my jobless sounds better than that
Dennis Keese (19 days ago)
I know Do you (19 days ago)
I'm going to make one out of ply wood
MrXperx (19 days ago)
Buy 300k speakers ----> play 128 mp3.
Monkey Nut (19 days ago)
Add a story, and you can sell bullshit to anyone
David Richardson (19 days ago)
I was at the gas station the other night and these guys in a van pulled up next to me. Explained that there boss had over ordered a bunch of these speakers and said they could sell me pair fo $500
SqiffyMarlin (20 days ago)
Peter Buki (20 days ago)
David Bussell (20 days ago)
...by building a regular speaker and then saying it costs 300k
Zicheng Zhang (20 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song at the start? Thanks
SDC TV (20 days ago)
let me try to answer why this speaker worth 300K , that all because the brand and the aesthetics of prestige...you buy this speakers to show the world you can afford that same as you buy millions dollar painting... in the arts and music business everything are "all about the name and aesthetics" ... for example: there is no big different (not as earth and skies) between solid-wood speaker enclosure and plywood enclosure...but why they do that, that because it has to be... solid-wood much expensive than plywood and it will add the aesthetics of prestige... and why an random paint famous artist worth millions of dollar? that because their name on it, that the brand !...
david carr music (23 days ago)
You convinced me with the opening shot of vinyl. $300,000? $5000 in manufacturing costs, $295,000 in marketing.
cole buice (25 days ago)
An interesting video but should change the name to how $300,000 speaker enclosures are made cuz this had nothing to do with the construction of the speaker itself.
EnlightenedSavage (25 days ago)
This guy needed some lubricant talking about himself.
Michael Aitchison (26 days ago)
I just won 100 million at lottery but I still don't think I will be sufficiently gullible to buy into this this audio equipment. In my mind there is no bigger wanker than a dedicated audio wanker. If you wish to be inspired, learn to play an instrument well....inspire yourself with a musical skill.
Razorx 1927 (26 days ago)
Aerospace level stuff..place swallow all ur bullshitiness
1974UTuber (26 days ago)
So the speakers are as big as elephants ears and the amplifier looked as big as a coffee table. Seems like the only people who could house and afford this system would own and live in a castle
Zach Hodgson (26 days ago)
quite possibly the most pretentious founder in history!
jeffmack57 (26 days ago)
This is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂
Doug Dick (27 days ago)
My Balsa stylus is state of the fart.
Apostolos Christou (27 days ago)
Use that to listen to trap.
Ian McDougall (27 days ago)
Wow! Welding and powder coating....incredible technology.
StrawB0ss (27 days ago)
People who use tubes shouldn't claim to be interested in accurate audio reproduction. Same goes for wood horns and records.
TigerTim (28 days ago)
Worth every cent!! Bravo Bang & Olufsen. WOW!!! I heard them. Beolab 5 were great, these are just a dream. Congratulations..... My mate has a pair, and he was playing Chaka Khan. xxxxooooo Says it all. Wow XX
Tangoury (28 days ago)
for a 300 grand I could by a house, a car, and a wife with kids
zagnut9 (28 days ago)
These are beautiful, they probably sound fantastic, but we should kill everyone rich enough to buy them.
Dolfin Off (29 days ago)
$300 Gs and a monophonic video? I'm outta here after 10 seconds.
HOWARD B. (29 days ago)
Omg I'll give you a kidney!
Leonardo Vinicius (29 days ago)
the stone used looks like slate.
Arkhitektz (29 days ago)
yeah,dude...thats bullshit.there is no difference between a $8000 speaker and a $300,000 one.past the $10k mark the difference is so minuscule that its almost immeasurable .we're talking 10ths of a %. even the most avid audiophiles wouldnt be able to tell (but their pretentiousness would make them believe they can)
David Wright (1 month ago)
I have been to concerts where the performers were high on drugs. And the audience was in the process of getting as high as the performers. Do these speakers blow out the same smoke as the "live" concerts?
ketchup sos (1 month ago)
That guy lied. Celestion A1 speakers are solid wood.
RhinoParts (1 month ago)
Really ? what a load of crap! who the F is he kidding dumb ass snobs with money to burn I guess
Kevin Mora (1 month ago)
Still waiting for the first damn track...
Shona MacKenzie (1 month ago)
the only "thing" missing, was .. real(!) music .. !
Ronald (1 month ago)
I doubt especially soft slate sounds better acoustically than cement. But saying cement isn't as impressive in advertising as saying especially soft slate.
coldwarunicorns (1 month ago)
I will take two , yes , let it be , I have two.
Robert Buglio (1 month ago)
Clone Elvis make new record buy speaker.
Andy Summers (1 month ago)
2:22 but how does Terminator 2 sound on laserdisc is it better than JBL 4675A. Yeah for less than $300 grand £230 grand I could get JBL professional that would do far, far more.
Chief (1 month ago)
Think to yourself, unless you live in the country when will you even get to use the speakers to their full capabilities
Insidious Sid (1 month ago)
Don't show me a horn if it's not Tractrix. Those conical bull horns don't appeal to me at all. Conical horns actually cause waveform distortion. The artisan level here is amazing, but there is tech at 1/10th price that can outperform it. Also, I'd rather have a $150K system in a $150K room than a $300K system in something that looks nice but isn't properly built for listening. The walls in a recording studio are not the same walls you have in your house...
Martin (1 month ago)
They make everything themselves huh? So basically your paying for an ineffective buisiness model.
Lord Cognus (1 month ago)
The handles of the tools used by the slaves to quarry the special slate are actually *hand-made* from the thigh bones of the slaves who died in the quarries beforehand.
mayur kulkarni (1 month ago)
5:25 I can do a way better soldering job than this.
Bender Finlandese (1 month ago)
with that money you could buy the band coming straight to your house and play.
elevate111 (1 month ago)
qw1419xtj (1 month ago)
ALL of the materials in this BS video are the absolute worst for audio reproduction. This is SO bad and wrong that it might just be a prank to see how many comments he can get. Well, duh, I just fell for it!!!
mac berry (1 month ago)
I like stories like this about companies that put their heart into their products, even though I can't afford it right now
Jason Tulla (1 month ago)
I'm selling farts for 100k. They sound and feel better than anything else on the market. My family has handed down the trade to me to carry on and share with those who can afford them.
The Sunlight (1 month ago)
99.9% of the comments are from people who don't understand.
gino (1 month ago)
Astonishing video.  I think i have understood one very important point  ... high efficiency speakers are indeed the way to go in order to get extreme realism in sound reproduction.  I am sold now. Unfortunately these magnificient objects are out of my reach.  Thank you very much for the very interesting video.
ldg_ 7th (1 month ago)
Nice. Dap👊🏽🎶
avery gentry (1 month ago)
no thanks 300 hundred was enough on set of Dre beats!
J.T. Johnston (1 month ago)
A large, special load of horse crap.
Alex Island (1 month ago)
why Elvis??? I would listen to nat king Cole for sure
Rudolfo Grease (1 month ago)
Beautiful posting. Thank you so much for sharing your insights. That's quality!
Lynn Collett (1 month ago)
Well how would you know? ....if you bought one of these you'd have to have your head up your a** in the 1st place!
John Wallace (1 month ago)
customer opens box says " made in china"

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