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10 AWESOME WATER TRICKS! and EXPERIMENTS You didn't know before very simple and easy you can do at home like water freeze, cooking oil and water trick with food color, liquid...etc. 10 AWESOME WATER TRICKS! - PART 2 https://youtu.be/qWBqAt-9zfE ► Subscribe to the 2nd channel! (my wife channel) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTn0kzSoLyz6r6H-psXmgjA ► LATEST VIDEO 8 AWESOME DRAWING TRICKS FOR KIDS https://youtu.be/vY49eNceLBo 10 AWESOME PING PONG TRICKS! https://youtu.be/8c-9Dg7_KrM EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS https://youtu.be/McVpXiSttnU ► Check out my latest videos: 15 AWESOME BINDER CLIP LIFE HACKS https://youtu.be/zMXVvcS9ykY 10 AMAZING SMOKE TRICKS & EXPERIMENTS https://youtu.be/E551T7pt128 If you like my work please follow on: ● Facebook: https://goo.gl/xGhS2d ● Google +: https://goo.gl/I2aoi0 ► OTHER VIDEOS 10 AWESOME BALLOON HACKS! https://youtu.be/ATzUYtKcUVQ FREEZE WATER INSTANTLY EXPERIMENT & TRICK! https://youtu.be/Sbygr70UldQ 8 AWESOME BALLOON TRICKS! https://youtu.be/fq9DQZXjgQY 10 RUBBER BAND MAGIC TRICKS REVEALED! https://youtu.be/cijKEJbb8ZU ► Please hit LIKE if you enjoyed & SUBSCRIBE for more (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2QRBzn4OYBaou55-GuZ8Kw?sub_confirmation=1)
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Text Comments (4952)
Hari nath (3 hours ago)
No explanation about wt ingredients u r using 😔😔😔
LORENZO ENZO (13 hours ago)
Anthony Jacobs (14 hours ago)
Now im thirsty
BM Mari (16 hours ago)
Who is watching this in may 2019
Saman Aslam (10 hours ago)
I am
ariez kyle Dizon (17 hours ago)
7:37 ughh
Abhay Mittal (19 hours ago)
But you don't tell about what fact behind these tricks
Raja New (1 day ago)
waste of time
Salma Nawaz (1 day ago)
No name to those experiments 🤔
Naim Udden (1 day ago)
me 20 million viewers
Ahmad Ramadan (1 day ago)
the greatest music ever
BEKAR CHANNEL (1 day ago)
Daniel Stokes (1 day ago)
what song
retread01 (1 day ago)
You can see the plastic disc falling off at 3:08. A bit strange and misleading to include a magic trick amongst the physics demonstrations without explaining it. And the music is dreadful.
Синяя Мята (1 day ago)
Просто познания физики 7 класса
Imad Uddin (1 day ago)
where do you get the background music and whats the last song called
Dadestroyer_2.0 (1 day ago)
background music is called Beat your Competition
pankaj kumar (1 day ago)
Really assume
Jas Raf (1 day ago)
Experiment Ming (2 days ago)
0:18 why Use Paper Mix 3 Color ?
Sujatha T (2 days ago)
What's that tablet that you dropped in oil and water
Trí Nguyễn (2 days ago)
Hello Việt nam!!!
(2 days ago)
5.10 which one in the glass
Abu Hurairah (3 days ago)
jade Tallahassee (4 days ago)
0:39 HOW?!
Eoin Meyer (4 days ago)
AT 1:00 all the kids in Africa😶
Kakor 14 (5 days ago)
Can you do tricks that works next time
Braeden Jiles (6 days ago)
TeaRoll (6 days ago)
Haha wow thanks I hate this
Periya samy (6 days ago)
Dont waste water if you do go beach
انتصار جدوع (7 days ago)
Simon Mgunya (8 days ago)
Very interesting
Jez Belga (8 days ago)
Try putting your ******* on running water after doing this 7:37
Shahil Akhter (9 days ago)
im ur frist suscriber when u have only 10 suscribers 😊😊 i love ur videos
USER XD (9 days ago)
3:06 at 0.25
mahipal singh (9 days ago)
Hamsa nhi ho ra ha pani wala ye chote ha
GBatT (9 days ago)
Hm.. some props to the music maker would not hurt. Or are they anonymous?
hornet (9 days ago)
7:23 that's doable but it has to be on the EXACT right temperature and I mean that you have to be a professional or have a lot of patience
Unknown Guitarist (1 day ago)
Yes definitely we can do that and I have tried it several times and doing that is pretty easy you just have to be patient just keep on checking that again and again and definitely we'll be able to do that...
Goswami Kamal (10 days ago)
It's science chemical not water
Rosario AguadoBarbosa (7 days ago)
No les entiendo 🤔
Aaliyah Roberts (10 days ago)
*2:12** my stomach*
Axel Tovar (6 days ago)
I couldn't agree more! 😂
Mayur Bhoi (10 days ago)
Albert Andron Pilapil (10 days ago)
5:15 Whats the name song please
Toro Max (11 days ago)
7:28 it happens to me every time I put water in the cooler
Asif Khan (3 days ago)
ketb362009 (11 days ago)
Toro Max yeah I can agree
JoKe DuDe (11 days ago)
7:37 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Victoria Miller (12 days ago)
7:11 and 7:29 don't work
Victoria Miller it does work
Jess Delaney (12 days ago)
Jess Delaney (12 days ago)
I do not think this is real at the water part when he flips over the glass cup and water cant fly like that im posable
Sophia Nguyen (10 days ago)
No, its possible due to the surface tension
FRE SHA VA CADO (12 days ago)
Just search it
Azimush Shan (12 days ago)
Mr duck are you score 0 runs
prank flank (13 days ago)
the best duck in the world :)
Motivational Point (13 days ago)
3:04 ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
oh yeah yeah (14 days ago)
7:38 ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ
Vishnu Namshikar (14 days ago)
Old tricks
Kamaladean Kamal (14 days ago)
2:57 😢👍👌
Zakaria Khan (14 days ago)
Estela Marie Alingalan (15 days ago)
2:26 how to do it? Im trying it like 10 times still cant
Vaira Mani (10 days ago)
Use a small glass lid which will perfectly fit the mouth of the jar... Viola... You can do it now...
Author Productions (14 days ago)
Estela Marie Alingalan put screen on the top of the cup
Jhorna Akter (15 days ago)
what is mix??
Priyadarshi Mandal (15 days ago)
Wasted 8 minutes of my life.
harpal Kushawah (15 days ago)
Brain Fit. (15 days ago)
some just involves density.But nice vid
Chris R. (16 days ago)
Solarwolf13 (16 days ago)
Umm, mute? There’s no audio to hear anyways
Jeff (16 days ago)
3:00 Hamon intensifies
Usman Aboobacker (16 days ago)
You are copying everything from 5 minute crafts
Just some dude (16 days ago)
Usman Aboobacker this video’s older...TF
Sr SoBuJ (16 days ago)
3:10 unbelievable
Lina Rose (16 days ago)
Christo Shacklock (17 days ago)
Mr. duck is a like sub view hungary basted
Christo Shacklock (17 days ago)
It was utter ball carp especially 7:04 ITS PHOTOSHOT
Ryan Waasdorp (16 days ago)
Or you're stupid and don't know anything about physics.
victor slachmuylders (17 days ago)
2:53 fake
monojit mondal (17 days ago)
wow. 😊
uzair azfar (17 days ago)
wher its tutriol🙁😒😟
Blake Tankersley (18 days ago)
yall see him jack that pipe off
Blake Tankersley (14 days ago)
+Solarwolf13 I'm 10
Solarwolf13 (16 days ago)
Just you, grow up
commsky (18 days ago)
3:00 deformation on the bottom of the cup, the piece of plastic is also slightly cloudy which is why you can't see through the water. There's a piece of plastic there folks. That one is a deceptive.
DepressedOrange (14 days ago)
+It's Black you fucking smartass look at this video even a teacher does it
It's Black (15 days ago)
+DepressedOrange No it's not. You can see a tiny lip where the plastic is misaligned with the cup, and you can see the plastic fall off if you slow down the video.
DepressedOrange (16 days ago)
Bruh stop tryna act like a smartass, that's real
shaik karim (18 days ago)
half are fake you buffalow pig youwasted my time
Count Squad (19 days ago)
Interesting :D
tekiing ragster (19 days ago)
tekiing ragster (19 days ago)
andy eguia (19 days ago)
water is pretty sad when you throw them away
bency Mathew (18 days ago)
andy eguia tohtottodthjypf
リョウマ% (20 days ago)
Tamilman Manam (20 days ago)
தூரிகை இல்லாத நிகழ் ஓவியம்
Md. Esa Creation (21 days ago)
Love your Channel 290k
こういう動画にありがちなこと BGMうるさい
Patrick Cui (22 days ago)
This does not deserve a 12k dislikes
Elliot Iv (22 days ago)
KenneiNoodles 82 (22 days ago)
Life is magic
Minati Bala Muni (22 days ago)
please tell me which tablet you added in the third trick
Yash Shah (22 days ago)
How the water in glass is not falling
Yash Shah (22 days ago)
What kind of colour is they are
Rarely Pokemon (23 days ago)
what is the backround music called?
Uber Saba (23 days ago)
Water said :- oil you dense mother*#& .
RAGHAV Motivations (23 days ago)
After 2:25 Awesome
Niko Kris (24 days ago)
Anybody explain 7:10 ?
mikylla delrosario (24 days ago)
3:03 *OMG MY LIFE IS A LIEEEEEE* halp meh...!
What is the song?
Muhammed Soylu (28 days ago)
3:00 fake
Swagger MSP (10 days ago)
James Bond This version is fake, but the one with the science teacher is real.
James Bond (25 days ago)
no its not fake its LoGiC ...idk how it happen tho, search it up or something
THIS VS THAT (28 days ago)
Very interesting
shobu shobu (22 days ago)
Love you for this video 😘😘😘😘😘🎅🎅🎅
irfan ahmad (29 days ago)
Faizal Hassan (29 days ago)
What pill did he put in the glass cup? At 1:46?
Burnt Toast (29 days ago)
I'm pretty sure thats I glucose tab
Kalu Ram (29 days ago)
2:08 odly satisfying
Sahith Sahith Not tablet it is I phone 8
Sahith Sahith (19 days ago)
Which tablet is used

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