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Why is Arc'teryx so Expensive?

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Arc'teryx is probably the most hardcore outdoor clothing company on the planet, but it the technology they employ really worth the crazy price tags? Beta AR Jacket: https://amzn.to/2CKxQVF Proton LT Hoodie: https://amzn.to/2NGrQhq My Patagonia jacket: https://amzn.to/2CfwUYk Check out my Patagonia video! https://youtu.be/rNuCjWF79Po Check me out: https://www.facebook.com/levinotjeanshildebrand https://twitter.com/Levi_Hildebrand https://www.instagram.com/levi_hildebrand/ What I use to shoot my videos! Tripod: https://amzn.to/2Qmwzat Camera: https://amzn.to/2RBa55K Vlog Lens: https://amzn.to/2SOkrR9 Other Lens: https://amzn.to/2Qh3lts Microphone: https://amzn.to/2QmmzxM
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Thanh Truong (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who think this "made to last" mantra is all a lie. Exhibit A: I bought a freakin expensive waterproof jacket. Over a few years, it has holes in it, the outer layer is abraded and water saturates the outside of the jacket in a matter of minutes. Washing it in DWR "refresh" product will renew the DWR for one use. The warranty does cover the holes in the jacket, but now my jacket have a bunch of patches all over the place. The warranty service also took 3 months and it cost me close to $50 for shipping to and from. I think you can probably patch it yourself for less than $50 and it'll take less than 3 months. I know they are trying their best, but performance and durability are conflicting requirements a lot of the time (e.g. light but durable). Who has a really good warranty repair experience with recently with a manufacturer? A lot of them just replace it, which defeat the purpose made to last.
I have six of The North Face Denali Fleece Jackets, which are my go to favorites (I like the armpit zips and pockets). Sent three of them in for free repairs which took about 3 months and I had to pay for shipping. Do it in the spring and they should arrive in time for winter. I was happy with the fact that they not only repaired the zippers, but sewed a hole in the pocket and added new zipper pulls. I bought them off of ebay for about $30-$40 used and was never asked by The North Face for proof of purchase. I have a couple Arc'teryx items, a sweater and pair of pants. Honestly, I'm not impressed with the craftsmanship, and there's no reason for them to be so expensive. I check out their designs and prices whenever I'm at REI and what I've seen are stupid designs and ridiculous prices. I think the pricing is for people searching for status symbols. There's always going to be those whom only shop for the most expensive stuff. Patagonia is my favorite brand but I haven't ever used the warranty service. I've have two of their jackets for about ten years now and they're beginning to get worn out. Maybe I'll sent them in and see what they do, but I've already definitely got my money's worth out of them both.
Often this mantra doesn’t literally mean the piece of gear lasts forever, but it means they will essentially replace the piece of clothing or gear with no questions asked. For example, Outdoor Research will replace any gear wear-out or failure with no questions asked, at any time. Darn Tough, and Komperdell are two other outdoors companies off the top of my head that have that same business model. Not sure if Arc’teryx has that type of no-questions-asked unlimited warranty on their stuff or not. These companies want to cultivate brand loyalty, and treating their customers like kings is best way to secure that loyalty.
Gerald Hawkins (1 month ago)
Levi Hildebrand Patagonia’s Worn Wear is awesome, but their quality has drastically fallen in recent years. Pieces that used to last a decade cant survive a season without unraveling. Check reviews on their site. Very few pieces actually survive heavy testing.
Marshmelloww (1 month ago)
Nothing in this world is built to last unless you fix it
Katja Barca (1 month ago)
Thanh Truong we still have fjällreven jackets at my parents cabin that are from the 60s, they are now in their second and third generation of users (from my grandparents and parents). They are still full functioning, have no holes and are starting to be modern again as well. That’s built to last! When it comes to the products of today, you must also bear in mind that the products are made for a specific purpose. You don’t buy super lightweight and expect it to not get holes while doing heavy duty activity. But if you buy a jacket for heavy duty, it should withstand the activity, but it isn’t lightweight. This means on one hand that if you buy the right jacket fir the right purpose, the jacket will last. If not it’s your own fault for not “using it right” or taking care of it properly. On the other hand it means that you would need a lot of different jackets, one for each type of need, depending on how many different activities you would need it fit, to make them last, and we can ask again if this is more about selling many jackets or actually being environmentally good. Even if we still use the old red skiing jackets from my grandparents, we still have a lot of new jackets for different weather conditions. We certainly don’t have less clothes now just because they lasted a long time. However, there is also another part of the quality to look for in this discussion. I use my arcteryx jacket every time i go for walk, go hiking or often in everyday life, and in a lot of different weather conditions. If I’d chosen to buy a different jacket, probably cheaper, not as comfortable, not as breathable, not the right details, not as weather proof, I’d probably not use this jacket every time and I’d probably get tired of all the annoying stuff with it and buy a new one long before it got its first hole, or I’d need even more different jackets and not be really satisfied with any of them. As it is now, I want to take care of it and have it patched up and rather wear it proudly as a patch up, than buy a new one, just because the jacket is so extremely good. I once bought a really cheap hard shell jacket. It didn’t breath at all, It didn’t have the pockets where I need them when I’m carrying a heavy back pack, the zippers weren’t waterproof, the hood didn’t keep the rain out and the zipper lasted less than a year. When it broke I got rid of it and bought a new and better one. This one has the qualities described above. Of course the “build to last” is also a selling point, but with the quality in these products, there is something to it. I would rather pay for something I love that will stay with me for a long time, than some mediocre thing that will last one season and annoy me the whole time wearing it.
Rob Quiz (2 days ago)
If you actually do NEED an Arc'Teryx jacket, your military unit will issue it to you... Cheers from the US.
Nick Mougros (2 days ago)
hipster bullshit
steve y (3 days ago)
It’s very subjective to define “worth it”.
Bond James Bond (4 days ago)
Complete waste of money!!! Or great if you don't value your money. smh
Alexander Le (7 days ago)
I would buy Patagonia but their pieces are ugly and their salespeople are often pretentious and annoying. I like archery'x because their sales people are not pretentious and nice to me. I also like them because they look cool.
ag.onewheel G (8 days ago)
All the people I see where this brand are poser backpackers. They buy like 7000 dollars worth of gear too go on day hikes and car camp lmao. They try and make themselves look like outdoor people when really they just wear this stuff around town and are not outdoorsman. I have a Mammut softshell I've had for 8 years. Still perfect. Still amazing. $150. Have gone through hundreds of backpacking trips.
I am an apparel insider ---- this is why Arcteryx is so expensive, if compared with a Private Label business model like REI or MEC::: ------ Add 10% for their higher quality, ----- add 15% for their wholesale agents ---- add 30% marketing costs/advertising ---- add 5% for their professional athletes and guide support ---- add 7% for their collection development ---- add 30% mark-downs (when you get a 'Sale') at the retail level --- add 5% for retailers who do not pay (go broke) and you end up with easily DOUBLE THE PRICE (Compared with MEC/REI) FOR ALMOST THE SAME PROCUCT :-))))
Talliraju (14 days ago)
Arcteryx is so expensive because they like making a HUUUUUUGE profit! End of... Not saying their jackets are bad, they are very good, but there are other brands on the market that manufacture just as well, use more expensive materials throughout, and are cheaper! You are paying for a label, let's face it, a very fashionable label. Great product, great looks, great marketing, and completely overpriced. But there will always be a market for this type of brand. People with cash like to have the skellie logo on their stuff. And who am I to criticize that? Everyone can do what the hell they like with their cash. Many years ago TNF was considered THE most techy and best designed product for hardcore mountaineers and climbers. Then they became fashionable, brought out a huge cheaper collection for your average Joe and now who remembers all their heritage as a brand? They are a mainstream clothing brand that you can buy almost anywhere. The techy brand is now Arcteryx, TNF is for the commoner. It's all a cycle, in a few years some other brand will take over the top spot as the brand to be seen in (when you go to your local pizza joint or are hanging out drinking a beer).
M P (15 days ago)
700 comedian dollars, is that like 25 american?
So I bought a jacket from target’s goodfellow brand and compared the make quality (I do clothing alterations and have sewn for about 10 years so I understand build quality) to brands such as Patagonia and North Face and have to say that while not exactly an apples to apples comparison unless you’re an avid outdoorsmen or competitive athlete (which most purveyors of aforementioned brands brands aren’t) you really don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on items that will inevitably be thrown away or donated probably within 5 years. The expenses could be justified if these items were actually kept “for life” but since they’re usually not, why waste money? Awesome video though Levi....😃✌🏽(just subscribed to your channel...check me out and feel free to do the same if you think I offer any value...thanks for being you nonetheless)...
Vegan Squared (18 days ago)
I notice some climbers in my gym have arc’tyrex harnesses, and I looked them up, and I couldn’t believe the prices. I was trying to understand what the hype was, why they were better than for example my black diamond one. I still don’t get it lol
David B (15 days ago)
It all comes down to dollars and cents . Those with the most dollars don't all ways the most cents
Liz Coombe (19 days ago)
I just want to chime in here. I have the Arc'teryx Raingear, and I've got to say, IT IS THE BEST RAIN GEAR EVER, AND WELL WORTH THE MONEY! I have not had to waterproof it in all the years I have used it at outdoor archery tournaments, until this year. It has served me well, and I am waiting to see how the Nikwax Tech Wash and Tech Rinse for waterproofing Gore-Tex works. I will post about that, so you know what to use to restore the water proofing. By The Way: If you are an outdoorsman/woman, this stuff is the best! I've had Northface, and others, and this is the best!
Chaz Buck (19 days ago)
For life? Getting old, fat and hunchbacked. Hum, they must be made of stretch material. This is a slogan with no allowance for reality. In other words a LIE!! Reality? A dead lizard skeleton on the jacket? They say they only use leather that is from cows killed for food. WTF!! They outsource there murdering of cows so they can claim high moral ground with the Vegan Earth Muffin sports market. You think we are that FU**ing stupid? Take your $64.00 (hard cost) mass produced machine made jackets and wear them the rest of YOUR life and be buried in it so everyone knows your gullible. I give this company a year at the most.
blaaaaaaaargh (19 days ago)
Not very informative on the actual technology, and a little condescending when shoppers were dismissed as if you could tell from looking at them that don’t have a legit use for high end gear. Get over yourself.
seinundzeiten (20 days ago)
I buy my arc'teryx used at rei for 1/10th the cost...
Alp Oran (21 days ago)
It is easy to go after Arc but it is hard to deny their influence on the evolution of outdoor gear and apparel over the decades. Yeah, they are expensive but they intentionally (unapologetically) positioned themselves as a top-tier producer. No one is putting a gun to anyone's head to buy an ultralight, durable alpine coat at $1000+. Could they sell it for cheaper? Sure but why should they? Whatever price point they choose to affix to their products, other companies, like OR , North Face, Marmot, Patagonia, and so many more competitors, are just going to copy their designs (yeah, copy) and undercut their market share. In the end, their reputation for quality products and service is well-deserved. I do want to say that I have been a long time (20+ year) fan of Arc gear and, as a teacher, I have seen the trends in fashion. I remember when North Face coats were the thing (circa 10 years ago), followed by Canada Goose (5-8 years ago), then Arc'teryx jackets(past 2-3 years). Now it seems that Fjallraven is being worn by the sub 40 demographics.
Kakageldi Charyjumayev (21 days ago)
Have anyone else noticed that asian guy has an iphone 5?
Finn Predeger (22 days ago)
I have an arcxterx jacket I’m 12
Casey Hendrix (23 days ago)
They charge that much because people will pay that much. It's about branding. It tells people that you're seriously into outdoors enough to spend that kind of money, which is all a facade in most cases.
Laura S. (24 days ago)
You hit the nail on the head that the outdoor retail industry is getting caught up in fast fashion. I work at and outdoor retailer (that you may have been filming in), and I swear we rotate our stock around and get new clothes in just as fast as the H&M across the street. Yes, the tried and true quality pieces are a constant in the back of the store, but there always has to be new new new! to attract the weekend warriors. The "faster" fashion is still made to very high ethical and environmental standards, but is catering to rampant consumerism all the same. It's something that has been eating away at my soul since starting the job to be honest.
ric vegas (25 days ago)
weekend warriors are still people who go out into the outdoors and occasionally the rugged outdoors. There are many parts of this country, especially in the south, where obesity is king and a bag of cheetos and couch is as rugged as it gets. Dont be so snooty you northwestern granola eating bast&&&&
MrKayaker69 (26 days ago)
Haglofs from Sweden 🇸🇪 are very good walking jackets......mine has lasted 10 years and still going strong 💪....fjlaraven, another Swedish brand are also very good 🌟
Mitch Powell (29 days ago)
You are paying for the brand...its just elitist BS...all the best jackets have gor-tex liners...other than that it's about style.
Tom Cora (1 month ago)
What a moron! I own Arc'teryx, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, OR and others. I bought them cause they fulfilled a need I had for a particular situation. If you don't like them, DON'T FUCKING BUY THEM!
Tony King (1 month ago)
Anyone who uses Arc'teryx or Patagonia gear for its intended use knows what it is worth. Still wear my 10 year old Arcteryx jacket for daily running around town. Sure the DWR is long gone and dirt is permanently embedded in fabric. My Dimension jacket was a first gen welded seam one and the shoulder seam separated, fully refunded and bought another. Lasted like 6 winters, 3 holes repaired with goretex repair patches. When you're headed down in a surprise snowstorm in June or getting pelted with hail in July you're not thinking about all the Arc'teryx clad tourists dining and strolling the sunny streets of Vail.
Killy started the wave
Sean Stewart (1 month ago)
I used to buy new but for the last while I’ve been looking for used outdoor gear, it’s amazing how much is out there at a fraction of the price!
S Jackson (1 month ago)
Excellent job, man!
crunkinthis (1 month ago)
From Vancouver. I prefer fjallraven. Never had issues and still have many of their products from many many years ago that I still use today.
Marcus Wolford (1 month ago)
The video didn’t even explain your premise “why is it so expensive?”. This could have been a deep dive into materials, manufacturing, etc as compared to an cheaper alternative but you didn’t really talk about anything of substance. I have the Arcteryx Atom LT and wear it almost everyday.
kenneth graham (1 month ago)
Arc'teryx is not worth it and they DO NOT warrenty their products for life. They have a very poor customer service dept. I know this from personal experience.
Will M (1 month ago)
My Arcteryx Theta AR purchased in 2002 just fell apart in January 2019. Arcteryx gave me 50% off to exchange for a new one. While an Alpha SV bought in 2009 had a 1 inch seam tape fall off, Arcteryx replaced it for a new 2019 Alpha SV. If you don’t need to depend on your gear to survive (Canada Winters or mountain expeditions), then MEC and campers village are great. I made that mistake 20 years ago and it almost cost me my life (weird winter storm in mid August that caused my Eurika tent, MEC Gortex jacket and pants to fail me). I had hypothermia when I was found by search and rescue. I was completely soaked with waist deep snow accumulated over 2 days. Since going hardcore on my gear, I’ve had worse storms with longer durations at higher elevation and stayed dry. Even the weekend warriors can get caught in a good storm. What price is your life worth?
TenaciousKoala (1 month ago)
TO EVERYONE WHO THINKS THIS IS CLICKBAIT-He is not a clothing channel, he is an environmental one. It was “is it worth it on a environmental basis, and why u probably don’t need to use the materials” not “should u blow your money on your third jacket this year” kind of video.
Conqwiztadore22 (1 month ago)
so you can flex on the plebs, obviously
jay daniels (1 month ago)
...because of GoreTex. It's simple.
Kia Mendez (1 month ago)
I'm extremely happy with my 2 Arc'teryx jackets -which I bought for very cheap in their outlet. 😎 Super light weight, durable, work well for extreme weather and a nice mininalistic design. Love it!
peachees (1 month ago)
You seem very vain in your videography--Your video has too many unnecessary close ups of your face instead of the topic/object that you profess to be exploring. Too much talking only repeating the same points and turning the content into 90% fluff--coulda just made a 1 minute video saying Arc sux. Also your mouth is uneven when you talk--quickly noticed it since you do too many close ups of your face. This video is very self promoting ... the ending was waaay too long speal to beg for subscribers. If you want to succeed, make real content not fluff and stop begging for subscribers. Good content will generate grass roots subscribers. E-Beggers are annoying ... very annoying ... hence the high thumbs down. I dont even care about Arcteryx ... just wanted to see if you had anything useful or enlightening to say ... you didn't ... you basically used it to fluff a video to promote yourself ... very bad way to start a channel. Very bad.
corextremefitness (1 month ago)
bought a Columbia all weather jacket 10 years ago. still using it without any issue. well, what else!!
JC-Details (1 month ago)
I got caught up in the hype...got a jacket and ski pants...very tough well made gear...does what it says...however so did my cheaper snow pants...just not as stylish..or well built tailored in just the right areas..I plan on having mine for a long time...I guess it’s like cars...Mercedes-Benz and a mini van both get you from point A to point B...but who wants drive a mini van..except on vacation with tons of kids lol...
X WOLF (1 month ago)
Own it to know it
Peppermint P (1 month ago)
I appreciate your discussion on consumerism!
mikebarone2 (1 month ago)
I’m a positive person but unfortunately I listened to 9:30 mins of nonsense. I learned nothing. So here’s why I wear Arc’teryx ski gear. I pondered the expensive ski pant/bib for a few years questioning the high price and supposed quality of the product. I ultimately made the purchase in 2008. They were the best ski pants I had every worn. I’ve tried Descente, Spyder, Salomon, etc... in 2017 the crotch area near the zipper connection was leaking through when I was spring skiing in the rain in Utah. I walked into the local shop in Park City ready to buy another pair thinking I had gotten my $600 worth of pants over the last 9 years. The sales person said “Why would you ever buy another pair of ski pants?” I explained my situation and he said, “send them back, they’ll replace them for free.” I did just that with some photos and 4 weeks later I received a brand new pair of the lateness bib pants. I expect these to last another 8 years and for $600 I will own Arc’teryk ski pants for about $.10 per day and I will not be wearing them to Starbucks unless it’s slope side. So in conclusion...the old saying...”you get what you pay for” applies here. My jacket is 3 years old and is still just as bullet proof as the pants. Sorry to spoil your post.
Big Digits (1 month ago)
Love wild camping and hiking. I like to vary my brand choices which mainly include Rab, Mountain Equipment, Montane & Fjallraven. Not many are super cheap but all are of a high standard and serve me well 👍
french brit (1 month ago)
I buy Easter Mountain Sports branded clothing for a fraction of the price and the quality is better than most premium brands
Eddie Curry (1 month ago)
Great video. Well said. It’s the best but we don’t really need material things 💪
Sajgoniarz (2 months ago)
Im from central Europe, the market is a bit different here. We have few global companies available, but Patagonia or Mountain Hardware are hard to get, same with some products from Salewa or North Face. While i look at some US outdoor gear review sites i discover some products that are unavailable in Poland, or are at... the end od season or later. I make ~14km per day by foot and i walk really fast, so most of the products in market will leave me covered in sweat, so i decided to switch to trekking shoes and clothes, and after 6 years almost all of my clothes are from TNF. Because i have "nomadic" life, I need to have as few things as possible and they need to cover all possibile weather conditions. When do i bought last cloth? Half year ago, because my winter base layer got ripped after 4 years, also i replaced my poor TNF Venture Jacked (in which i boiled for 4 years) to Arcteryx Zeta LT, and i have no regrets, because i tested it in monsun rain, and blizzard that covered everything in 40cm layer on snow in 15 minutes and it event didn't feel it. Also i have one of their backpacks - Brize 25. Arcteryx says its no waterproof, but after 2 years i can tell that it is, because things inside never get wet, moreover it felt to river once and... it was dry. It left me stunned. Also Arcteryx really have lifetime guarantee but only if you buy in their shop, since you cant make a complaint to "normal" store and they wont bother with producer guarantee. There is also one more thing to keep in mind - they are not perfect, so they have some products that doesn't have 5 stars (hehe), because some of design flaws reveals after few years. If you really think about Arcteryx read reviews at their site to pick a good and lasting product.
fishtherapy100 (2 months ago)
I think this soy boy just likes the sound of his very annoying voice.
whyrms (2 months ago)
Hey man, half the video is basically repeating the same thing, half of it is off-putting; elitism and preachy. It's great people are enjoying the great outdoors, nothing to scoff about.
jon mcgaw (2 months ago)
Try a 5.11 jacket. I wear a Sabre 2.0 for 3 seasons (a shell but a warm one) and yes a little bit of money as well... but a lot of same features for less and even some more suprises for a LEO. Like quick access to gun and duty belt, all taped seams, can be out in rain for hours and not get wet, removable hood with tons of pockets and one to store hood.... and of of course hook and loop for patches. Just a great jacket! Even if not a LEO
lukesuperflyjones (2 months ago)
Dude I have to ask...where IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET THAT BEAR SWEATER t-shirt!? Oh solid video by the way!
James Gray (2 months ago)
Goretex jackets don't last by definition. You should check out Paramo.
Catsincages (2 months ago)
An interesting and thought provoking video which didn't give the answers I and others were hoping for. If you wanted an answer to "Why is Arc'teryx so Expensive?" all you had to do was research the answers to some very simple questions;  What brands do mountaineers/climbers/arctic explorers etc. wear? What brands do people who work in the great outdoors on a daily basis wear? Is there any consensus amongst those individuals that Arc'teryx gear is better? Is the consensus amongst those individuals that Arc'teryx gear is not / is worth the extra money? Does Arc'teryx's sponsorship of mountaineers/climbers/arctic explorers etc. have any bearing on how the quality of their product is perceived?  I think we all know the answer already.
Carter Wilson (2 months ago)
My sister is a field biologist and her and her husband do search and rescue in BC, they swear by arcteryx jackets but they get a huge discount.
I own multiple backpacks from this company I bought all of them used and they're in perfect condition after years of usage. The reasons I like them are they're lightweight and very durable. Some of their packs are heavy, like the Bora, but are still worth it nonetheless for the durability (their older stuff are better quality than the new stuff, they're no longer made in Canada but in some place in Asia)
Dojocho (2 months ago)
The Outdoor industry as things have become more expensive to make have made a number of slight adjustments in their products. Many have offered less choices for certain types of equipment that's not as popular like extreme cold gear.....many have gotten rid of their -20-30 degree sleeping bags or dropped them all together. also the amount of down inside them isn't the volume they claim it is in many cases....also in back packs especially the large ones over 75Liters....they just fudge the numbers they arent as large as they claim... most people cant tell.
prviolist (2 months ago)
What a BS video. You didn't even answer the question. I thought you were going to tell me about the craftsmanship that goes into the jackets which I was very interested to learn about. Instead you misidentified the jackets you showed us & tested nothing. The difference between a walmart ski outfit and something with goretex is night and day. My gear is a mix of different brands but mainly goretex shells & wool layers, and it is truly like armor, impervious to wind, snow, rain and sleet. -30 out and snowing does not stop me from enjoying a full day on the mountain. I don't even feel it. Yea, they're expensive, but I'm okay with paying to never be cold or wet.
commencekilling (2 months ago)
I have a TNF Mountain Light jacket my grandparents gave me for xmas over 20 years ago. Still going strong!
Cathy Hall (2 months ago)
All I know is I'm cheap as hell yet I have a Arc'teryx jacket. I love it! People laugh about it till we're side by side in rain for days. 😂
Aperture mitch (2 months ago)
yes an eddy bower winter jacket will last a really long time but the 3 season hard shell jacket that has the straps of by backpack rubbing on it will not last more than a year or 2. there a diminishing rate of return the more you pay. this doesn't actually address much of the engineering involved mostly metaphors on consumer culture.
BenSavage (2 months ago)
whats diff beween ft and fl?
Francisco M (2 months ago)
This guy has no idea of anything. Real zero info.
wei g. chen (2 months ago)
Tom M (2 months ago)
Got an Arcteryx Rush Jacket, use it for skiing, resort and BC, in my experience, its well worth the money I paid for it.
Charliekneecap (2 months ago)
The Golf Life (2 months ago)
The Arcteryx stuff I own is the best made gear I have. I have a soft shell with their thin micro grid fleece and it’s so warm and has goretex windstopper. It’s a great jacket. Isn’t even supposed to be water proof just water resistant but I’ve never gotten wet in it as it has such a high quality repellent factor. Their prices are higher because of the materials, they have been known to throw away entire rolls of goretex if they find imperfections.
MrBunny (2 months ago)
Got my beta ArcTeryx jacket at the north Shore factory outlet at a time when the brand wasn't very popular and outlet prices were actually decent with no lineups outside (paid approx $250 cdn back in 2007? Memory is a bit fuzzy). Been on many backpacking trips, backcountry trips, used in city and much more... My friend bought a similar jacket and the zipper waterproof coating started pealing within a year. It was covered under warranty but he still is careful with his jacket so it doesn't peal. My jacket still looks brand new. I really look after the jacket but the difference I think is that my jacket was "made in Canada", his was"made in China". I'm glad to have purchased all my AT gear a decade ago. I can't afford the new prices and the quality for me has gotten worse... But best of all, the jacket is literally bombproof and I hope that my gear outlasts me!! My dream would be to pass it down to my children when they are old enough. I'm not a big fan of how AT expanded their clothing lineup and created a "cheaper" version of their clothes. Bring the good days back!
dipta sarkar (2 months ago)
Hey Levi Hildebrand, put down the link of the crimson red shirt 👕 at 0:27 underneath of your grey full sleeve. I liked it very much.
Chinga3000 (2 months ago)
I'd wager its the military 'surplus' clothing industry that's actually the driving force , not happy campers.Ex military , militia and hunter types want high grade gear that performs and looks good .You even briefly mentioned Arctyrex having a military division !
aussieboyzz (2 months ago)
I have a Beta AR jacket the Thing is Garbage total waste of money it is not waterproof at all not even when it was new $600.00 wasted better off seriously buying a north face gore Tex jacket or an ECWCS gore Tex parka military style like we used in the Marines Arc’teryx makes over priced Junk for yuppies don’t buy into the hype
Paul F (2 months ago)
I cant tell if this is an advertisment or not. Wheres the emperical data? Wheres the quantifiable evidence? With no cited hard figures, its mostly assumption. Parent organizations own 3-5 differrent brands and market them to different demographucs. Basically, people pay for the name. Thats all its about; whos got the better marketing campaign.
redazi1 (2 months ago)
You Can be out in nature for cheap and naked
elendal (2 months ago)
Kinda like a Leica camera.
Darryn Caan H. (2 months ago)
Bought mine 6 years ago, haven’t thought about buying a new Arcteryx jacket yet. I bought a 60$ softshell last year and I am already looking for a new one because my backpack slowly destroyed the material.
Brandon D'Annunzio (2 months ago)
You talked way too much
MrHeuristics (2 months ago)
I don't know jackets, but I know wetsuits. And I can tell you that after 35 years of wetsuits from most manufacturers, including Patagonia, that you can buy an equally durable, well-designed suit made from the same limestone neoprene that Patagonia uses for 1/3 the cost from a certain company online that does not have brick and mortar stores, doesn't sponsor athletes, doesn't make tags, no graphics... just gear that works. So, there you go. I would bet money that ~2/3rds of that $1000 jacket is going to overhead, not your product. And 99% of people with an Arc' jacket bought them primarily as a social signifier. They ain't making rockets... R&D don't cost that much (neither do sewing needles). It's high fashion.
Detailing Diaries (2 months ago)
I might be able to afford a beanie from them!
Biker1 (2 months ago)
Well done video and wish I had my time back I spent reading all the silly comments and mostly those of ppl jealous of others buying or owning arc or other high priced brands. Perhaps some buy Arc to get their mail or walk around the block. Who cares! Seems this subject was a magnet for people to judge those who have money (or not) to buy what they want.Professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey players all get paid a massive amount of money. Many use it to buy very expensive things that they know little or nothing about. It's still their money as they earned it, or perhaps I should say we paid to watch them.. Do they get judged for what they use their money for? Most definitely. They show up at the nicest and most expensive places and Hollywood glamorizes it. Many will go broke before they are 50 Why? Probably because they fell into a vicious cycle of spending and didn't listen to enough Dave Ramsey classes on debt free living lol. At any rate ski jackets or extreme wear jackets are way more expensive today than 15 years ago. Do I need the very best? Probably not. Do I want the best? Yes. Most important questions: Does it fit? Does it do what it's supposed to do? ie: keep you dry, warm, and protected from the wind, snow, hail, etc. Fit is extremely important which nobody even commented on that I saw. I've tried ski jackets on for several months now from North Face, Mountain Hardware, Outdoor Research, Columbia, Patagonia, Spyder, Helly Hanson, Marmot, Norrona, Mammut, and Arc'teryx. I'd say the quality is very similar in Norrona, Mammut, and Arc'teryx. None are perfect but all use gore-tex pro which is very lightweight and seemingly less crinkly than regular gore-tex. It came down to fit for me and the Mammut was the best fit for me. I liked the zippers and pit zips best on Norrona yet the hood didn't adequately provide enough room to easily move my head left/right with ski helmet on. Some Mammut didn't either so it's very much model dependent. I bet there are many others here who know exactly what I'm talking about. I'd love to get the best of each brand and put them together. My 15 year old Black Dot (Pacific Trail) jacket is being retired and I want better than 100% polyester. I'm not going to climb Everest in new coat but will ski resort/backcountry in it. Been skiing now for over 50 years (started at age 4) and hope I'm not judged by the clothes I wear, especially for a jacket. I can still ski 50-60 degree steeps while others wearing expensive gear can barely manage intermediate runs. For those that don't know what it looks like down a 50-60 degree "steep" think straight down vertical with rocks below. (you do not want to miss a turn!) I see ppl in Arc jackets here in CO at the resorts that can't ski worth shit yet I don't judge them because they're wearing more expensive stuff. With 13k ski peaks, 40mph+ gusts, and wind chills well below -20 you don't want to mess around. I just want to be able to stay out for "one more run" without having to leave miserably cold. Hope the best for everyone and in their pursuit of getting their mail or climbing Everest in their Arc or similar jacket :) If you come to Colorado hope to see you comfortable at 9-13,000 feet! It can get cold very fast and I see way too many people come here unprepared. Stay safe!
Clown Geetwo (3 months ago)
Eddie Bauer says they are for life because there is no time limit for returns. Their products aren’t bad, but super overpriced. They don’t do anything to help the environment either.
Eric Dalnas (3 months ago)
Man this guy seems disgusted by the customers at the store...... Still didn't provide any damn specifics, I give the video the same look... let's get outta here.
filip bosnjak (3 months ago)
That's Mt. tolmie haha
We own 2. And our “made in Seattle “ Filson are far far superior. And have lasted over 20 years
patrick kaczorowski (3 months ago)
I bought my Beta AR over 10 years ago i am still wearing throughout winter and during the summer on heavy rain day. When travelling it always comes with me. love it and it is one of the best purchased i made it is very resitant and still in excellent condition.
Swayy Hammocks (3 months ago)
Great video man, good work.
celonman (3 months ago)
Where is the Canada goose jacket video
Fraser Chapman (3 months ago)
A comparison isn't a metaphor though.
Kolley Kibber (3 months ago)
Dude has the longest head and neck I've ever seen.
userbosco (3 months ago)
Grandma called, she wants her couch back
Neil Brauer (3 months ago)
Why is Arc'teryx so expensive? Good Question! It's not because of the integrity of their jackets or the expediency of their warranty service. I spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, fishing hunting, and for a while, professionally guiding. Admittedly I'm hard on my gear, but I don't abuse it either. After burning through a number of $150 jackets from many of the major manufacturers, I finally said "F it, maybe it's more economical to buy the best out there" and shelled out the (then) $650 for an Alpha SV. After about a year of moderate use all of the non stitched seams (of which there are many) delaminated. Of course Arc'teryx is repairing it under warranty, but it has taken absolute ages. I sent the jacket to them October of 2018, it's now February 2019, and I just received an e-mail from them saying that it will be another 4-6 weeks. I know they have an international border to contend with, but c'mon nearly six months for warranty service!
B Tte (3 months ago)
The only one worth the money is North Face or Patagonia, North face has the best cs, they will issue a store credit if they cant fix it, Patagonia cs is not so great  but they are very easy to sell after one season or two.
Kimbo Lui (3 months ago)
Lol I own 3 moncler down jackets and one Canada goose....trust me arc'teryx is NOT expensive....
clara shoppa (3 months ago)
4:45 on Earth and off earth ;)
trackstar353 (3 months ago)
Cool video. Looks like your in Victoria BC
Craig Benson (3 months ago)
What a waste of time
Nathan Jensen (3 months ago)
All i learned from this vid is this guy is kinda an ass
Alex Wyman (3 months ago)
Woah, I would not throw north face in with Patagonia and arc'teryx. North face is only slightly better quality than Columbia, with a much higher price tag. Or at least with their clothes... they make some really quality tents and bags, but their market for their jackets is rich kids from the suburbs, Patagonia and arc'teryx are going for a much higher caliber outdoorsman.
ANCHOR440 (3 months ago)
No jacket is worth $400. Those shown cost $37 & $43 respectively to manufacture. The rest is profit and hype.
canadiandude1974 (2 months ago)
Tell that to climbers and hikers who depend on them to survive. No, no jacket should ever cost $400+, but yes, to many people, they are certainly worth the high price. A good jacket can save one's life.
rmcguinn94 (3 months ago)
Hate all you want I absolutely adore Arc Teryx. I've owned plenty of North Face, Columbia and Patagonia pieces and they all lack the premium build Arc Teryx has. Don't get me wrong, they are incredibly expensive. That's why I've bought two pieces of kit used that were both in practically new condition. The Beta LT is the most amazing piece of clothing I wear. The design and build quality are undeniably top notch. It's still incredibly waterproof 2 years later and doesn't even look out of place with dress shoes and slacks (granted, PNW metro area.) I wear it on a run to the grocery store, out backpacking and snowboarding on/off piste and it's never let me down. The Beta LT is the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing I've ever owned. It's basically a hoodie that's waterproof and warm enough to wear in a 35 degree heavy rain. The ventilation is good enough to wear it also in the 60's and makes a solid mid layer piece when up in the mountains on cold day. They might be a bit overpriced. But, if you look out for good deals used, they are bar none the best brand I've ever used. The North Face makes some good stuff, but it's mostly a "fashion" thing in my experience. Buy this is branding is big to you. Patagonia is about the same quality as North Face, but at a better price. Columbia is by far the best budget brand. They provide 90% of the performance of the elite brands, at a fraction of the price. Imo, either go Columbia, or go top of the line with Arc Teryx. Would also highly recommend Marmot. A step above Columbia with both price and performance but a better bang for your buck vs North Face/Columbia.
Frank Fattore (3 months ago)
I’ve had 2 different Arc’Teryx jackets, and both have failed in the the same place. Waist cord draw housings have frayed and disintegrated on both. Very disappointed, and will probably never buy another of their products!
R Sid (3 months ago)
If you want a jacket that literally lasts a lifetime and remains classic then get a Barbour waxed jacket.
R Sid (3 months ago)
I don’t need a new jacket every season out of boredom. I need the same jacket but in urban grey, crocodile, Hecate blue, cypress green, rust, saffron and black.

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