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Why is Arc'teryx so Expensive?

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Arc'teryx is probably the most hardcore outdoor clothing company on the planet, but it the technology they employ really worth the crazy price tags? Beta AR Jacket: https://amzn.to/2CKxQVF Proton LT Hoodie: https://amzn.to/2NGrQhq My Patagonia jacket: https://amzn.to/2CfwUYk Check out my Patagonia video! https://youtu.be/rNuCjWF79Po Check me out: https://www.facebook.com/levinotjeanshildebrand https://twitter.com/Levi_Hildebrand https://www.instagram.com/levi_hildebrand/ What I use to shoot my videos! Tripod: https://amzn.to/2Qmwzat Camera: https://amzn.to/2RBa55K Vlog Lens: https://amzn.to/2SOkrR9 Other Lens: https://amzn.to/2Qh3lts Microphone: https://amzn.to/2QmmzxM
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Thanh Truong (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who think this "made to last" mantra is all a lie. Exhibit A: I bought a freakin expensive waterproof jacket. Over a few years, it has holes in it, the outer layer is abraded and water saturates the outside of the jacket in a matter of minutes. Washing it in DWR "refresh" product will renew the DWR for one use. The warranty does cover the holes in the jacket, but now my jacket have a bunch of patches all over the place. The warranty service also took 3 months and it cost me close to $50 for shipping to and from. I think you can probably patch it yourself for less than $50 and it'll take less than 3 months. I know they are trying their best, but performance and durability are conflicting requirements a lot of the time (e.g. light but durable). Who has a really good warranty repair experience with recently with a manufacturer? A lot of them just replace it, which defeat the purpose made to last.
Ding Field (12 days ago)
What brand was it?
fsxaviator (12 days ago)
Just because you had an anecdotal bad experience doesn't make the whole 'made to last' mentality a lie.
JamesScottGuitar (24 days ago)
Patagonia’s policy on repair and exchange is hard to beat. I personally buy to own for as long as I can keep an item. This is partially due to the fact that I only buy what I need and truly want...not out of some desire to make a fashion statement. Marmot is another great brand. I love their gear for running...very durable, does what it’s supposed to do and reasonably priced for the quality. I would like to know who buys Arc’s stuff...Serious outdoor expedition types? Or the same people that camp only on the weekend at ⛺️? I’d guess Arc knows their customers and knows what they like and what they’re willing to pay for it...as any smart brand does.
davidcosine (27 days ago)
+Yuri Uzbekov Very true. small Racing car teams spend literally $900 per week on just dry cleaning... not too mention $80,000 per week on tires.
Yuri Uzbekov (27 days ago)
Even if everything said and made by Arc'teryx is truth but company having same philosophy and culture would be originated and located outside of Canada pricing will be much more affordable for wider outdoor society. About sport cars analogy - yes all parts are designed for outstanding performance but not for lasting and reliability. This analogy drives me to be as far as possible from outdoor brands positioning themselves like sport cars ones. So I agree with conflicting performance and durability conflicting requirements statement.
celonman (5 hours ago)
Where is the Canada goose jacket video
Fraser Chapman (1 day ago)
A comparison isn't a metaphor though.
Kolley Kibber (1 day ago)
Dude has the longest head and neck I've ever seen.
userbosco (2 days ago)
Grandma called, she wants her couch back
Neil Brauer (3 days ago)
Why is Arc'teryx so expensive? Good Question! It's not because of the integrity of their jackets or the expediency of their warranty service. I spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, fishing hunting, and for a while, professionally guiding. Admittedly I'm hard on my gear, but I don't abuse it either. After burning through a number of $150 jackets from many of the major manufacturers, I finally said "F it, maybe it's more economical to buy the best out there" and shelled out the (then) $650 for an Alpha SV. After about a year of moderate use all of the non stitched seams (of which there are many) delaminated. Of course Arc'teryx is repairing it under warranty, but it has taken absolute ages. I sent the jacket to them October of 2018, it's now February 2019, and I just received an e-mail from them saying that it will be another 4-6 weeks. I know they have an international border to contend with, but c'mon nearly six months for warranty service!
B Tte (3 days ago)
The only one worth the money is North Face or Patagonia, North face has the best cs, they will issue a store credit if they cant fix it, Patagonia cs is not so great  but they are very easy to sell after one season or two.
Kimbo Lui (3 days ago)
Lol I own 3 moncler down jackets and one Canada goose....trust me arc'teryx is NOT expensive....
clara lol (4 days ago)
4:45 on Earth and off earth ;)
trackstar353 (4 days ago)
Cool video. Looks like your in Victoria BC
Craig Benson (5 days ago)
What a waste of time
Nathan Jensen (5 days ago)
All i learned from this vid is this guy is kinda an ass
Alex Wyman (5 days ago)
Woah, I would not throw north face in with Patagonia and arc'teryx. North face is only slightly better quality than Columbia, with a much higher price tag. Or at least with their clothes... they make some really quality tents and bags, but their market for their jackets is rich kids from the suburbs, Patagonia and arc'teryx are going for a much higher caliber outdoorsman.
ANCHOR440 (6 days ago)
No jacket is worth $400. Those shown cost $37 & $43 respectively to manufacture. The rest is profit and hype.
rmcguinn94 (6 days ago)
Hate all you want I absolutely adore Arc Teryx. I've owned plenty of North Face, Columbia and Patagonia pieces and they all lack the premium build Arc Teryx has. Don't get me wrong, they are incredibly expensive. That's why I've bought two pieces of kit used that were both in practically new condition. The Beta LT is the most amazing piece of clothing I wear. The design and build quality are undeniably top notch. It's still incredibly waterproof 2 years later and doesn't even look out of place with dress shoes and slacks (granted, PNW metro area.) I wear it on a run to the grocery store, out backpacking and snowboarding on/off piste and it's never let me down. The Beta LT is the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing I've ever owned. It's basically a hoodie that's waterproof and warm enough to wear in a 35 degree heavy rain. The ventilation is good enough to wear it also in the 60's and makes a solid mid layer piece when up in the mountains on cold day. They might be a bit overpriced. But, if you look out for good deals used, they are bar none the best brand I've ever used. The North Face makes some good stuff, but it's mostly a "fashion" thing in my experience. Buy this is branding is big to you. Patagonia is about the same quality as North Face, but at a better price. Columbia is by far the best budget brand. They provide 90% of the performance of the elite brands, at a fraction of the price. Imo, either go Columbia, or go top of the line with Arc Teryx. Would also highly recommend Marmot. A step above Columbia with both price and performance but a better bang for your buck vs North Face/Columbia.
Frank Fattore (7 days ago)
I’ve had 2 different Arc’Teryx jackets, and both have failed in the the same place. Waist cord draw housings have frayed and disintegrated on both. Very disappointed, and will probably never buy another of their products!
R Sid (7 days ago)
If you want a jacket that literally lasts a lifetime and remains classic then get a Barbour waxed jacket.
R Sid (7 days ago)
I don’t need a new jacket every season out of boredom. I need the same jacket but in urban grey, crocodile, Hecate blue, cypress green, rust, saffron and black.
dvrapant (7 days ago)
I only buy that kind of stuff when i see it 70% off. Last years colors.....who cares?
Terry Boyle (8 days ago)
Seriously, most annoying video, 8 minutes of my life I won't get back and still don't know what justifies the price. Only 8 minutes because I could not stand to finish watching
Feruhlphox (9 days ago)
I owned an arcteryx jacket that failed. The goretex on the outer layer bubbled after 5 years of use. Arcteryx replaced it no questions asked. That's why you pay alot
Reinhold Everest (11 days ago)
Arcteryx have moved most production to China, etc, their quality is no better than any XYZ brand like TNF, Eddie Bauer or Columbia.
mahchymk93 (13 days ago)
nicnlac (14 days ago)
Outdoor Survival Canada. What do you think of them?
parker sloan (14 days ago)
Ive been using an arc’teryx shell and ski pants for backcountry skiing now for 3 seasons and they have yet to rip or even really fade for that matter.
Vince (17 days ago)
TLDR; the answer is no...
For the price of one of those made-in-a-third-world-country jackets, you could buy a Made in England Barcuta rain jacket that’s actually well-made or a Barbour waxed jacket. Both of those brands have not only the quality aspect, but they also have a heritage and true prestige.
Vince Hughes (18 days ago)
Take a look at RAB. It's a British company that as excellent jackets.
My second favorite brand in the industry is Mountain Hardwear (owned by Columbia)
In the long run, an arcteryx jacket is more durable and warranty will replace it. I had one for 10 years, it wore out and they sent me a brand new one for free. ($500) Sidewinder SV. I own about 10 items from Arc'Teryx. Sold Arcteryx for 18 years, pro dealed everything for 40% off. Better quality than North Face.
Bob Church (18 days ago)
Arc 'teryx is good gear, it is sure not leaps and bounds better than what is made in the Scandinavian countries, sure they have technology and put tech fabrics in places others don't, gortex has been around since the 60's so they use it, oh they improved on it, waterproof zippers, they didn't invent, this is bullshit, it is a private US patent, marketing people is what this comes down to, I have owned many very expensive outdoor garments over the last 40 years and have been all the brands mentioned here and more.the most durable to this day has been Helly Hansen purchased in the late 90's, 21 years ago complete outdoor set, jacket, fleece, pants, and their tech wear ,long underwear shirts, socks and it all still functions and was by no means cheap, you get what you pay for, it is well taken care of and it takes care of me in the cold Canadian northern winters, Arc'teryx has nothing on Helly Hansen other than price nor does it have the track record and Helly backs up the gear, I've had broken zippers and the fixed them, what more can you ask for, oh yes, a fair price, the could sell them for a lower margin and still make a good profit, greed is greed, people grow tired of their gear, it doesn't grow tired of them, marketing is what it all comes down to
Stephen Shippos (19 days ago)
Great video.
Wayne Diffin (19 days ago)
They use goretex.. all arctyrex do is design the garment in terms of how it looks.. the science behind the matetial is done by another company.. arctyrex ia just a brand that uses its material suppliers science ti slap the price tags on
Camp Life TV (19 days ago)
Dude you were only at 2k in August?? Nice!!
Zane (20 days ago)
I bought a beanie hat from Arc'teryx about 4 years ago. I love it, still fits snug, none of the lettering has come out, looks like new. So I bought another one just last month. Supposed to be the exact same hat but first one was made in Taiwan, second one was made in China. Absolutely no comparison. The Chinese one, only a month old is already looser than the 4 year old one, the stitched writing is less clear and the material feels thinner. So is this stuff worth the price tag..... Not anymore!
Gilles Puttemans (20 days ago)
Do you know KJUS? It is similar to arc' teryx and I would like to know more about it.
sirikit (21 days ago)
Step 1. Make in Burnaby, make at Canadian Labor cost. Step 2. Make 90% in China, price as if with CDN labor cost. Use glue for stitches. Wait for cust complaints about unglued seam. Replacement is ok since it a $1(kidding) a jacket. Keep prices high because cust equate quality with price.
Robert Sukovsky (21 days ago)
I have Arcteryx Cerium LT down jacket. I have to say that for the amount of money they are asking it's not worth it. Even tho it's light and nice cut, fabric is so thin, that it brakes on it's own. Literally from time to time you can see small holes that are separating and you have to cover it with gore tex patches.
John Smelt (21 days ago)
Good job! I like the emphasis on don’t buy what you don’t need....and if you do buy an expensive long lasting jacket buy one and be done with it. Don’t make it just a seasonal fashion statement.
BooTYwiZARd (21 days ago)
Pay attention to the fabric materials and percentages... then simply find a different brand with the same percentages of materials and you’re essentially getting an identical product for completely different cost..
Juan McKelvey (23 days ago)
Arc-Is so expensive because it works. I volunteer with with Search and Rescue so I spend a lot of time outdoors in some less than desirable conditions. I'm actually wearing an Arc-Satoro base layer as I type this. I wore this piece along with my Arc Alpha SV jacket while climbing Rainier. I do believe that most high end companies such as Rab, Mountain Hardwear, NorthFace all make great products. Arc does have a certain Cachet. Every Tom, Dick and Hank has a NorthFace hoody but only the cool have an Epsilon jacket. Actually all of the people who wear Arc jacket for status and buy the most expensive pieces help subsidize the rest of us who buy Arc because we need the best gear possible. Long and short of it is- It's worth whatever you're willing to pay.
Will H (24 days ago)
I can't figure out how expensive they actually are because I don't know the exchange rate between Monopoly money and USD.
David M (25 days ago)
Teehee I got an arcteryx shirt for $1 at goodwill
Roberto Maldonado (25 days ago)
Thanks for the video. It sure brings alot into perspective.
Ugur Tas (26 days ago)
You guys should check out Arktis jackets..
spotnruby (26 days ago)
It would be great if you did the same for Triple Aught Design, as the prices are the same as before but the quality has gone downhill.
fototripper (26 days ago)
Levi, the ''Built to Last'' mantra is bollocks. I fell for the lie that is Arc'Teryx. It's a case of the Emperors new clothes (pardon the pun). I bought a bunch of their gear and even wear it in some of my videos and I honestly find it overpriced crap. Having returned two jackets and having chatted with the staff at Atmosphere, I believe Arc'Teryx has harsh quality tiers. The lower to mid priced items (which are grossly overpriced) don't come close to the quality of their higher ticket items. In fact my jackets were not made in Canada at all and have failed on me in the field. I will say though that Arc'Teryx has the best looking outdoor gear and I reckon that, coupled with the 'Cult of Arc'Teryx' mentality that Apple has enjoyed for years, is the reason why most people get fooled. I learned my lesson. Rant over :)
João T.F. Santos (27 days ago)
I loved watching more videos about brands. I am walking toward more conscious and environmental personal consumption and Patagonia plays a big role in this area due to its environmental posture and the fact that it is a B company. However I can not use only Patagonia, even because their design is very "American". It would be interesting to explore these perspectives of the environmental position and not only of other brands such as RAB, Icebreaker, etc.
Sheep Dog (27 days ago)
Buying Arcteryx as a fashion item means you have more disposable income than the average person. As the reviewer doesn't really get to the point on why you spend so much on their products. It is all about the build quality and warranty. It will be the last jacket you need to buy (assuming not updating fashion sake). I own three jackets. Beta AR, Alpha SV and a LEAF jacket. My current Beta AR is the second one I have owned. I received the first one as a gift and wore it for a number of years. It had been used and abused (no Starbucks lines) in the backcountry of BC, as a rain shell on Dual sports motorcycles. at one point the stitching started to come apart along the waste. One quick call to Arcteryx an RMA number was issued, 30 days later a fully repaired jacket was back in my hands. Flash forward another couple years and the Gortex started to de Laminate from the shell. Another RMA and off to Arcteryx it went. The company could not repair this jacket so they sent me a brand new one. They didn't even ask for a receipt. My Alpha SV was used for Search and Rescue work and it is still going strong after 4 years (no starbucks for this one either). Color is still like new, no wear from pack straps or harnesses. There is some staining from rope being run over the shoulder. When a couple jackets on the team had the reflective trim start to peel off Arcteryx fixed them up at no cost. My LEAF jacket has been all over the country. It is my goto outerwear jacket most of the time now. I have owned North Face and Patagonia (won't waste hard earned money on either of these two) and their warranties or quality just don't compare. So at 700 bucks for the Beta and have had it for almost 9 years now ... how many 100 dollar jackets have you tossed in the meantime. The LEAF was 250 at the outlet store on Dollerton Drive. My Alpha was about a grand. Won't own anything else.
HardwareAddiction (28 days ago)
There's absolute no justification. Quality stuff, but then there are lots of brands out there that take their stuff very seriously. So far, I sampled lots of brands to see what I like more and unless if find an Arc's item for a reasonable price, I'll probably never own one of their items. I think they are a brand that's in denial to the competition and if competition wasn't as large as it is today, we would still have to pay prices as insane as Arc's. Arc just probably have a bunch of dedicated fans that keep them afloat, but you can only wonder how long that may last.
daemon (30 days ago)
Every time I try on something made by Arc'teryx, I'm surprised by how well it _fits_ me and by how comfortably I can move in it. In my eyes, that's always been the feature of Arc'teryx clothing that distinguishes it from the baggier, boxier clothing I've worn from REI, Columbia, The North Face, etc. that bunches up in awkward places. To me, that alone makes it worth about 50% more. It's like Arc'teryx is the only outdoor clothing company that has figured out how the human body is shaped and how it moves.
Josch Alpha (30 days ago)
We are on outdoor trips without ways and civilisation in norway every year. During all trips i used my Marmot minimalist jacket for under 150 Euro in sale. It is only paclite, not recommend for heavy backpacks,... I usually wear a backpack loaded around 25-30 kg. The minimalist lasted 2 years i only changed it now because i wanted to wear another colour and bought again - a Marmot minimalist. Why am i writing this? Imo you dont need a 500 Euro jacket to enjoy nature/be outdoor. Imo a good and fresh impregnated hardshell around 150 till 200 Euro will do most jobs. Dont feed the hype. Just my opinion.
Dualta Gallaher (1 month ago)
check out AETHER
Anthony W Lee (1 month ago)
If I don't need an Arc'teryx, chances are I don't need a Patagonia... they do almost the same things with little difference. In the end they are both brands and companies that supply the same demographic. Although they may do different things on the side they are aiming for the same goal, and they both achieve that goal very well. The only way one can favor one brand over the other is up to the consumer and his opinion. This video should not be the opinion of the masses.
Patrick Buckley (1 month ago)
I was an Arcteryx fan for years due to the build quality of their backpacks and the lifetime warranty. I bought an Arcteryx rain jacket and it was awesome for more than 10 years. I loved it and whenever asked I would positively endorse the jacket in conversations. The taped seams finally began to unglue so I mailed it to Arcteryx and the sent me an email which said; "You have surpassed the useful life of the jacket and therefore is no longer under warranty". So while I swallowed the $500 price to buy gear I would feel they would stand behind, it ended up being a cop-out, dodge by the company to not be supportive. I have since switched to Westcomb and tell my story to anyone who ever asks that Arcteryx customer service is no longer any good and there are far better brands out there now. Anyway, thats my story.
FeelBreeze BoraAir (30 days ago)
That exact same situation happened to me 4 years ago, i bought in REI a pair of Bora2 GTX boots and combined with Aplha SV jacket, i left in their desk $947.33 with "discounts" and today's day, i went to the snow for some trails, and hiking , also sliding resorts, Is unbelievable, i lost my sole of the heel and my right boot, and i couldn't do anything because of the discount, so 2 days ago, i get the zip of my jacket stocked, right at the Middle, i can't use the stupid jacket all the way up at the neck without warming the jacket first, to be available to use the zipper,. They refuse to do a exchange or a least take a little bit of car of the situation, so since this happened, i decided do not pay attention to the big brands or the "high ends "
Vaidotas Ratkus (1 month ago)
But they are made in china like everything else, it is clearly labeled on product and that means no compliance any environmental regulation, or animal treating. There is nothing special about Arc'teryx. And they did not invented waterproof zipper
Adman Addy (1 month ago)
Your video is bullshit good sir
wiclee (1 month ago)
Full of nonsense, nothing related.
Dr Katzerich (1 month ago)
one 9:32 long add.
Bent (1 month ago)
You don't need that shit to survive outside. It's a sham.
Sharing Lungs (1 month ago)
I have an Arc’ cerium lt jacket I wore when I got into an accident on my bike. Fully expected the jacket to be ripped to shreds from grinding on the concrete as I slid. Much to my shock not a scratch, tear or marking. That alone has given me a lot of faith in their products. My only gripe it’s not as warm as I would have hoped.
Sean Haag (1 month ago)
As someone who spends most if not all my spare time outdoors, and enjoy going out in the worst weather possible to either Snowkite above tree line or summiting the 50+ 14ers here in Colorado. I can attest to the quality of Arc’teryx. I have a couple shells and a couple pairs of shell pants. And as faded as some of these items have become I can, after 15 years of use still wear my old shell in the worst conditions can confidently wear these items knowing I will stay warm and dry in the craziest of conditions. So for me they are well worth the money.
Andy Douglas (1 month ago)
I've had and Arc’teryx jacket for 10 years this year. I took it to Antarctica and loved it. - Self Proclaimed City Boy
splashpit (1 month ago)
I'm 52 years old so with respect l can confirm that some items that I have bought that had the mantra of buy once has payed off and I'll give you a list of things that I have had since my young adult life that I still use today . Chippewa chukkas , resolved twice bun never the big break in period again and the patina I love . Mont down jacket , only comes out every second season for camping ( I'm in Australia so snow is scarce ) Mont down sleeping bag , big money but Iv never had a cold night that I didn't sleep well . Barracuda Harrington jacket , it's just fucking cool . Two deck jackets for winter blue and one green , I alternate depending on trouser colour . Rodd and Gunn moleskin jeans , they honestly last five to ten times longer than denim . Not my definitive list but what I can think of . Would be good if you put together a video of companies that give a lifetime guarantee or free repair for you're lifetime . I know the guy is a god bothered but saddleback say that his grandchildren will fix his stuff for you're offspring so that's a pretty gutsy promise .
sligo405 (1 month ago)
Arcteryx make excellent shit most people don't need. But it also happens to look awesome. Once you get over hating on someone walking their doodle in an $800 shell, you can see the gear for what it is: excellent. If you go nasty places, don't scrimp on the rain gear.
Make one about Paramo!
runningwithshemp (1 month ago)
I'd be hesitant to call Patagonia (I confess I'm a fanboy), North Face, Mt HardWear etc.. anything near a race car. There more like a Lambo, Ferrari, Aston Martins, Zonda etc. Highly functional with impressive tech and could be used on track, but in reality no is one is risk stuffing a 300k to 1.5 millions dollar car into a wall. Race car equivalence on the consumer side of things are purpose build and made to order are like McHale packs, Hersey running shoes, LamsonCycle shoes, and Marchese's short track speed boots. Full custom soft goods are kinda rare. The real issue is if you actually going to do work in elements or bushwhack not just hike or run on defined trails head to the Carhartt rack or hard use hunting cloths for outer wear especially if you have pay for it. A Carhartt coat can easily be patched, but boutique rain coat with one rip it's is pretty much done or will look like a hot mess repaired. That's true of most amateur racing car up close they quite unrefined and easy to repair, F1 cars are the exception not the norm.
Jarad Fowler (1 month ago)
Exactly… Buy the $700 jacket wear it for a season or two until you decide you need the $900 jacket.. Whatever makes you feel good
John Rishton (1 month ago)
I own lots of arcteryx. Best product on the market for extreme conditions and durability. The beta AR is virtually indestructible. What's most special about the company, is their customer service and quality control. They will always replace any defective products with the brand new current model. I know no other companies that will do that.
Betti #28 (1 month ago)
let me know what you think about Stellar Equipment, they claim to have top quality outdoor equipment but cost is a little less because they only sell directly via web..I am curious ;)
Miglen (1 month ago)
Well, a nice Casey like vlog about the brand, but not actual testing just some cool shots. 3/5 for your work and the clickbait title.
Zac T (1 month ago)
Man I was really hoping you were going to answer the question in the title. Instead you just used buzz tags like goretex=spacesuits, and they sell gear to LE! Arc’teryx is just over charging for the same polyester you’d get from any of the other brands coming out of the same Vietnam factory. You’re simply paying for branding.
D Storm (1 month ago)
The world has added 5 billion people in the last century. Thus, any "environmental" argument is absurd.
JIMMY Huang (1 month ago)
i got 4 arcteryx , 1 for winter ski, 1 shell for raining days, 1 for mid insulated , 1 for light shell for running. I havnt purchase anything new couple years now. these are the best jacket period. plus they have a life time warranty for material defects (they will the the shoe / jacket and if it is material defect and will replace you with a new one)
Eddie Jin (1 month ago)
You sure talked a lot and said a bunch of nothing, especially about the actual Arc'teryx jackets.
HeLLaVision (1 month ago)
Choosing a product like this has a measured benefit of exclusive membership.
DJ Jeff Fernando (1 month ago)
Just another bait video 💩
Maritime Trigger (1 month ago)
As a LEO, I have been using an Arc'teryx liner and outer shell for over 5 years now with no issues, and recently retired a 10 year old shell... they were worth every penny as far as build quality, fit, and toughness. Although it is frustrating to see these companies make such a huge profit margin off of us, the consumers...
Walter (1 month ago)
So what about Stone Island?
Aislin Fall (1 month ago)
Can you do a video looking at MEC / REI and reviewing just how eco-friendly they are? :)
Kevin Moats (1 month ago)
Nice work on this Levi, it was an interesting watch. The resale value on such garments is an interesting metric to consider. The ebay market for Arc' stuff is hot.
Hunts (1 month ago)
Arcteryx ski coats are for the rich retirees that live in Bend Oregon
josh green (1 month ago)
Arcetryx is for gaper dads.
VoyT (1 month ago)
So the only think to take-away from this clip is that ArcT gets involved by pioneering their products in extreme conditions for military and other outdoor-industrial applications. Personally a few years ago I was talked into this brand (from prior NF, Patagonia & Marmot) and picked-up (last years) ArcT Cassiar Shell org.$750, but after long search and multiple discounts I got it around $450, and frankly can't believe someone could pay full price for this type of equipment unless you use it to make a living in it. It does fit well and quality is top-notch, but honestly, I almost feel silly wearing it when I ski some small resorts, but the main problem is that these jackets are so over-kill waterproof (WTF skis in the rain anyways?) that I always get "clammy" in it when I ski hard, and then get cold on the lift. So I decided to go back to a lightly-insulated jacket (with some stretch, requiring only a single light mid-layer) made by Obermeyer at a fraction of the cost. So my ArcT shell will now be used occasionally for spring & pow skiing, but mostly for waling my dog in the rain LOL.
johnathan hawkins (1 month ago)
Get a Carhartt coat I payed $50 for it 5 years ago and still looks new
Isa Feiff (1 month ago)
I can recomend "Houdini". Its a swedish company and the have a lifeguarantee, meaning; if someting happens to your procet they will reper it or replace it. I love them!
Joseph Nicholson (1 month ago)
Osprey Backpacks/Hiking Packs absolutely stand behind this "built to last" guarantee. In fact, theirs is an "All Mighty" Guarantee: "Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason free of charge – whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday. If we are unable to perform a functional repair on your pack, we will happily replace it. We proudly stand behind this guarantee, so much so that it bears the signature of company founder and head designer, Mike Pfotenhauer." I have had an amazing experience with this. Was camping with a friend, and simply cutting some rope to hang a tarp for an incoming rainstorm. We had the rope attached to the back of the pack through a loop system so we could quickly spool off rope if needed quickly to help with climbing, etc. I cut the rope while still attache to the pack, and my knife went right the the side of the bag. We sent it for repair and it came pack with a perfectly colour matched panel, double taped seams and is working flawlessly. They even noted that if the bag wasn't performing after the repair , or water was leaking in the new patch to contact them and they would replace it with the newest model! Love that they try to repair first, but its also great to know that if you buy one of their bags, you will truly have it for life!
hi lol (1 month ago)
Please do a video on acronym, they are such an interesting brand and price themselves very highly
Reno Mountainfolk (1 month ago)
Hello Levi... Thanks for the info and thoughts on the outdoor clothing market. Good Stuff. (see my thoughts below) *I agree with what you or Patagonia have said most of us don't or won't need such a jacket, but it looks so cool to walk into your friends house party wearing the latest mountain wear. Hah...LOL.
fernando g. aguirre (1 month ago)
He is absolutely right. I own couple of good or top quality ski jackets, and it very nice and regarding been at the top of the mountain with 45 mph blizzard and realize that I'm not feeling any wind chill through my jacket and I only wear middle and top shell.......and when was pour raining I stayed dry. But he s right this big companies are pushing the psychologic limit and pocket of the consumer. They are charging what ever they want.....in other words.......ripping off consumer!!!!
Shield Bossman (1 month ago)
arc'teryx is lululemon for men.
Kaloyan Bankov (1 month ago)
I would rather wear different jacket every year for 10 years then the same ArcT for 10
Ivan Baranov (1 month ago)
Shit video. More if a marketing blurb than an actual analysis
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (1 month ago)
If you think you can wear the same over and over for a while and think it will perform the same but it won’t. It’s great to have a few out door Gore-Tex jackets and other kinds. For example Canada Goose- Heavy winter Jacket Makage- High end Winter Jacket The North Face SteepTech- Every day Nike Olympic Gore-Tex-Special Nike Acg Alpine Olive- Wet winter Nike Acg Alpine Mint- Wet winter The North face shell- spring
MK Uis (1 month ago)
Arc'teryx: make me a bullet proof jacket that is super breathable, light, flexible and with dope style that is made out of air and water (hence super eco friendly), and I want that NASA bs that I can just wear it and zip into outer space with hard vacuum. It would be nice if you can make it to withstand the tidal force right outside the event horizon of a blackhole and the gamma ray blast from a quasar, thx
Michael Kraus (1 month ago)
LEVI---You SHOWED us everything and did not Tell us ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Rosbottom (1 month ago)
I go bush whacking and hiking off the beaten path up here in Yellowknife. I was wrestling between the Atom LT Hoody and the Gamma LT Hoody.. You just made my mind up, and I'm not getting either nor will I buy it to stand in line at a Tim Hortons. I'm a Helikon Tex camo fleece, And wool wearing type of guy. But I think the OR FERROSI Hoody would suit me better on my wallet... Thanks for the wake up call
Dean of the Mean (1 month ago)
Rich people clothing and people ruled by trends and names. Losers.
David Smale (1 month ago)
Ok I am 70 and I have backpacked in ponchos and mildewed cotton shirts. I have had Pategonia, North Face etc. I am now a fan of Arc’teryx. We have hiked all over North America, Italy and Switzerland and will spend a lot of time hiking in Switzerland and New Zealand this year. Add to that we moved to Brevard NC to retire and hike and probably had 100” of rain in 2018. We go outside all the time. We are gear junkies. I am pretty much on board with all Arc’teryx including as gifts. But I do look for deals. Backcountry occasionally has 30% off one item and occasionally REI. And I get that young folks have trouble parting the cash. But when we were young we bought so much stuff twice. My sleeping bag from Sierra Designs bought in seventies—second bag after a mistake—is still magnificent and would be $1,000 today. Full goose down kept fully extended under our bed when not in use. So treat your gear with respect and it will serve you well if you buy great gear.
Since you are vegan I’m curious do you allow your self to buy leather products like belts

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