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Why is Arc'teryx so Expensive?

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Arc'teryx is probably the most hardcore outdoor clothing company on the planet, but it the technology they employ really worth the crazy price tags? Beta AR Jacket: https://amzn.to/2CKxQVF Proton LT Hoodie: https://amzn.to/2NGrQhq My Patagonia jacket: https://amzn.to/2CfwUYk Check out my Patagonia video! https://youtu.be/rNuCjWF79Po Check me out: https://www.facebook.com/levinotjeanshildebrand https://twitter.com/Levi_Hildebrand https://www.instagram.com/levi_hildebrand/ What I use to shoot my videos! Tripod: https://amzn.to/2Qmwzat Camera: https://amzn.to/2RBa55K Vlog Lens: https://amzn.to/2SOkrR9 Other Lens: https://amzn.to/2Qh3lts Microphone: https://amzn.to/2QmmzxM
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Thanh Truong (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who think this "made to last" mantra is all a lie. Exhibit A: I bought a freakin expensive waterproof jacket. Over a few years, it has holes in it, the outer layer is abraded and water saturates the outside of the jacket in a matter of minutes. Washing it in DWR "refresh" product will renew the DWR for one use. The warranty does cover the holes in the jacket, but now my jacket have a bunch of patches all over the place. The warranty service also took 3 months and it cost me close to $50 for shipping to and from. I think you can probably patch it yourself for less than $50 and it'll take less than 3 months. I know they are trying their best, but performance and durability are conflicting requirements a lot of the time (e.g. light but durable). Who has a really good warranty repair experience with recently with a manufacturer? A lot of them just replace it, which defeat the purpose made to last.
Eric E (1 month ago)
DWR is a joke. There is still nothing that can overcome the hydrostatic head that results from the wearers sweat vs. a rain saturated covering. It's nice stuff, but don't waste your money thinking it will keep you dry. When the rain comes, you're gonna get wet.
-dumpling- (1 month ago)
+IAmFozzy100 This is probably the most accurate comment I've seen so far here. I work for an outdoor retailer, and am asked constantly price vs quality on pieces everyday, i.e. why is one jacket 10x the price of another jacket that are meant loosely to do the same thing? or why did my $500 shell wet out so quick? And answering these questions can be difficult at times because I realize that the customer was not outfitted properly/ not properly shown how to care for a product. That being said I have more than my fair share of jackets from many of the higher end outdoors companies (Arc'teryx, TNF, Patagonia, OR) and find myself using different jackets that the average consumer may see as being the same jacket for completely different activities. My Beta AR is my 3 season rain jacket (most of summer it's hot enough around here that you will dry up within 30 minutes, and if I need a shell I'll use my helium jacket), and my Rush jacket is solely used for snowboarding. Those two jackets are nearly identical just from an outside look, but they are both made with completely different guidelines. All that being said, I do try to assist costumers in getting the perfect gear for their needs, and within their budget, and will gladly replace an item, or hopefully find a better one for them without any hassle.
Daniel Ruck (1 month ago)
I agree. I had a jacket made for climbing. I scuffed the face of the jacket WHILE CLIMBING, and I have sent my jacket back twice (I though I might’ve gotten a bad rep the first time) and both times Arc’teryx refused to try to fix the jacket or send me a replacement. I asked multiple times and spoke to managers and all times I was only offered two options: just use it with a huge scuff or buy a new jacket (at a slightly discounted price- which as we all know is exorbitant.). I have had multiple Eddie Bauer pants and jackets with no problem and no problems if they do mess up while wearing- I am simply offered the latest version of the product for free. :)
Ryan Pipkin (1 month ago)
Had a great experience with Canada Goose. Old model (5 or 6 years old) Urban Hybridge jacket got a small hole from a cigarette burn from a smoker standing near me in a crowded outdoor concert. Down was leaking from the down pocket. Sent it back and they were going to repair it. Learned they wouldn't be able to repair it so they replaced it with a brand new Hybridge Perren Jacket. Took a few weeks. Got to pick my color and choose from several suggested models they thought were current comparable models.
Thanh Truong (1 month ago)
+J I heard you, I come across a lot of older guys on the trail that said they don't make things like they used to. Everybody is wanting things that are lighter, lighter, lighter. Has that been your experience? I got four Schoeller fabric pant from black diamond that still looked new. I don't want to name any company but some of my recent pants frayed and pilled in a day.
Rik Warren (1 day ago)
I have two Arc'teryx jackets both purchased on sale. One hooded one not. Both are very useful but the hooded one is used for mid layer when backpacking and the no-hood is a city deal. Both about $200 when purchased on sale an a locally owned outdoor shop. I also have a Patagonia rain shell. Fabulous coat. Very useful in all settings. It probably costs the same. None of these are true 4 seasons wear except here in Georgia. All are very sell made and I am proud to own them. I am never buying cheap gear again, I like being warm and dry.
j popiuoyers (1 day ago)
useless video
Pod (1 day ago)
that isn't even their highest line. arc'teryx veilance stuff is mostly over a thousand bucks and competes with moncler, canada goose and stone island. arc'teryx, while good, is NOT the best. however, it competes very well in a very crowded market.
Michael (1 day ago)
Way to shame the 'weekend warriors'. What's wrong with people wanting to get outside and be in nature even if they're not doing it in some hardcore way? Better than watching Netflix all weekend.
FJUWANA (2 days ago)
you think Arc'teryx expensive? try moncler...
Bellas 2cents (2 days ago)
I don’t care not worth it.
Mal Vader (3 days ago)
You never see a outdoor guy using an umbrella to hike on a rainy day. In a city like a Vancouver what for you want to walk on a rainfall????
Gage Parks (3 days ago)
Because people are stupid enough to continue buying it lol. It’s called diminishing returns... paying for brand not quality after a certain point
nicole gelineau (4 days ago)
i bought the arcteryx beta ar jacket about 4 yrs ago.got it for half price online in Canada.as soon as i put it on and zipped it up i was in love.the fit is simply amazing.it feels like a second skin. just dont gain too much weight,its not a coat for couch potatoes. its for the rich. its insanely expensive.ill definitely buy another beta ar in the future.my jacket looks better now than it did 4 yrs ago.i highly recommend it.but look around. marmot and patagonia make excellent jackets also.
Juuso Mäenpää (5 days ago)
Check out Finnish brand SASTA. I'm tired of waterproof zippers and looking to get an anorak jacket with less zippers. SASTA does some fun testing with their products. Check it out!
Zennie Vy Nguyen (5 days ago)
Please make one about canada goose
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its not a planet,,, nasa uses photo shop,,,,, no real photos of earth ,,, all cgi
Therese Almayah (7 days ago)
Arc'teryx, in my opinion as an avid outdoors person, is the best. If they say wind and water proof...it is. You will not feel the wind and you will stay dry. This is very important when out in the wild and they DO last. I have had my first arc'teryx for 10 years and it still performs like new and still looks great!
Reynard Cortez (7 days ago)
Arcteryx is more for serious mountaineering. I bought their alpha SV hard shell and it was almost $800. Now to the people that buy mountain gear just to look cool or make it look like they are active they say this is a scam. I’ve skied all my life especially in the backcountry and freeriding with big mountain, I also do some mountain climbing and want to learn ice climbing. I don’t mean to tell you my life or anything but it’s important to understand the type of activity and degrees for it. To me it’s the best hard shell on the market and uses a membrane material. So yes it could last a life time depending on conditions you face not to mention they have amazing warranty systems. For serious mountaineers this type of gear is worth the money.
Reynard Cortez (7 days ago)
It’s not unnecessary it’s protecting you from what ever Elements you are in. Don’t take offense, but I feel like you don’t have much experience in mountaineering.
Nathan C (7 days ago)
I look at the price as cost to make, wholesale, and resale... probably takes all of $40-60 cost for a $700 jacket. It’s a joke. They claim to be about the environment, but they’re really out to increase margins and make their pull
Gus Bandera (7 days ago)
All main outdoor companies like The North Face, Patagonia, Arc'teryx, became a fashion and status statement in the past years for the rich people to get into the Rage Rovers and being able to cross the parking lot at the local mall in a snowy day to get to the Nordstrom sale. These are technical clothing people!, for the outdoors, like mountaineering, hiking, skiing, etc. Those were the roots of these brands! But on the other hand you never know when a big snow storm is going to catch you walking the dog around the block!! LOL.
Michael S (8 days ago)
Having owned a bunch of tech jackets....And from my experience/opionion Arc’teryx edge over the rest of Patagonia’s, TNF, Marmot, and MH is the amazing fit and tight seems, and zippers.
Nicolas Lopez (8 days ago)
I’m just curious but how tall are you?
Koko Yu (8 days ago)
Thoughts on Stone Island jackets?
Ryan Casey (8 days ago)
Made to last. Unless rock climbing while wearing it or cutting fire wood. Sitting next to a fire you will surely catch a spark and get a hole. If you trail run and fall you will ruin the material. Basically it's made to last as long as you dont leave a metropolitan area. If you use your outdoor gear outdoors you will replace it every few years. By good quality but dont buy most expensive unless you are making a fashion statement.
Kev Wayne (10 days ago)
Garbage bags and bumboots is all you need in hongcouver
garret rees (11 days ago)
I think I'll just buy a used one for 80% off
iulia cemirtan (12 days ago)
Your T-shirt is really cool
Colman T (13 days ago)
I've been using Arc'teryx for a few years, doing long distance hiking, climbing and camping in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and California. I personally own the Bora 50L Backpack, Atom LT Jacket, Beta AR Jacket and a hole bunch of beanies and caps. I am NOT easy on my gear and have never had any problems with it, it is expensive but I believe in the company and what it produces. Every piece I've purchased I've been very happy with and never had any question on if it were to fail I would be left out to dry. This company cares about it's supporters and I fully stand by it.
15 years ago I parted with almost $300 and bought a top of the line Arc'teryx jacket. That was a BIG buy for me then. And not nearly as nice as jackets of today but best of the time period. I hike, snowshoe, ski and snowboard a considerable amount each winter on North Shore Vancouver and Whistler. For 15 years it has kept me warm and mostly dry. It is NOW after 15 years that it looks a little ratty and is starting to soak in water. NO rips or zipper fails and just been a great jacket. Worth Every Penny if you intend to go hard for years to come.
Mike Y. (14 days ago)
I have the sabre jacket. In all reality it's nothing to brag about. Actually it's been a total waste of money. I'll take Marmot over Arc. any day.
BeeeHonest (14 days ago)
So I buy into what you said based on what!? Just because you said so? Guess what, I am superman!
Infovest (14 days ago)
Canada goose is the most overrated overpriced outerwear on the face of the planet. Yet stupid millenials keep buying that shit even though the profit margin is like 6-7x manuf. cost. It's all in the brand... stupid. The red badge costs $500 but the jacket?? Maybe $100 bux at cost.
Levi Hildebrand (13 days ago)
I’m hoping to break that company down and figure that out. 👍🏼
Gary H (15 days ago)
I'm a north face type did not learn anything about Arc'teryx apart from its expensive, but to be honest, skipped video because of too much going all around the recon.
J Squires (15 days ago)
My arcteryx gear has lasted over a decade. Tough as nails.
Made In Machines (15 days ago)
Yet they still don't offer a short or long leg size in their ski pants? I'd like to see some testing for durability vs other products. I'm looking for durable ski pants to get me through multiple seasons mostly resort skiing and some off piste. Snow pants are expensive from any brand it seems but arcteryx are double the price of many although pategonia and norrorna have similar equivalents
Rescue Dog (15 days ago)
Is that sofa for sale?
Adrian Nalundasan (16 days ago)
Tryna make a review video why Helly Hansen is way better than Arcteryx. Except that the HH has much more affordable than Arcteryx, there’s more to compare and differentiate. It’s totally worth your money.
Petter ! (16 days ago)
Compared to Fjällräven, Haglöfs and Lundhags it is not better than those!
Larry L (16 days ago)
I've bought one their backpacking packs 65lt. and it was a waste of my money and broke on me to a point it was worthless. Buckles broke, the straps friction locks stopped holding, and I was thankful I got it REI bc they took it back and was socked by how it held up. Over all everything else it other than that it was great.
Noypi54494 (18 days ago)
A base layer, mid layer, and outer windproof/waterproof shell can all be purchased at your local Walmart for less than $100 and be good with moderate activity in subzero temperatures. Yes I own technical jackets from Outdoor Research, Patagonia, and North Face but I find all I really need is to layer properly. Factor in your intended activity level and sweating and you will wish all your jackets had little things like pit zips.
hunter ricard (19 days ago)
this wasn’t a review. it was an opinion without tests or trying it out.
Lucius Sulla (20 days ago)
Kind of cute how all the people saying it's all marketing or not worth the money have never actually owned any arc'teryx or spend any time in the outdoors. Yet almost everyone who has their products talks about the durability, performance and customer service with the price being secondary. At the end of the day the products speak for themselves once you've used them, opinions from behind a desk are meaningless.
DWNtoERTH (20 days ago)
It’s good stuff but the truth is companies can choose what they charge. People decide what they want to pay. The more expensive the item the more of a luxury signal it sends. This signalling is very obvious in Vancouver BC. Especially with the wealthy Chinese community. There are so many exotic cars in the city that they are as common as a Honda Civic. Now if everyone owned a Lamborghini, then no one would care about a Lamborghini. Scarcity breeds value. The more rare the more value. Arc’teryx fills a gap which could be considered the adjacent possible. They are expensive but if you really wanted one your mind would justify the purchase. The problem is that novelty only lasts so long. You’ll forget you spent $700 on a windbreaker and you mind will drift to another item. Get off the treadmill.
Kris Selezinka (20 days ago)
I have Arc everything as I ski and board multiple times/week. Best gear, best performance, best service. Quality is something some don’t understand
Clark W (20 days ago)
I put little credence in those who have to espouse how hardcore they are in a YouTube video comments section. The loudest talkers are usually the ones who have the thinest real world resume. This comment section has more than a few who seem to think they're outdoor gods, when in reality they just go outdoors. I'm not sure the real survivalists, the ones who depend on gear for their livelihoods, and life for that matter, are watching a YouTube video... Also, who cares what people do with their money? All this talk of "poseurs" from some of the "hardcores" makes my original point ever more valid.
Sam (21 days ago)
Is that a Proton LT? Looks like an Atom LT because of the Arc'teryx text under the logo...
Sam Gibb-Randall (21 days ago)
I bought my Arc'teryx jacket on sale for less than $200
Sean MacMillan (21 days ago)
That jacket would be perfect for the wet coast weather. Victoria and Vancouver call for it.
Scott Gibson (21 days ago)
I have owned a lot of high end gear and loved my Arc gear but to be honest I dont think they are made any better than many less expensive brands. My Arc ski jacket pretty much fell apart. It looked great and was very nice until it fell apart. I can longer shell out 100 of dollars for a garment that is made in China for next to nothing.
Pete Canning (21 days ago)
hey man I'm a weekend warrior but I don't have arcteryx. What's the deal?
claudiuloko 1 (22 days ago)
Mammut ftw
Luis Corona (22 days ago)
This video was good I’m saying it from the perspective as a film maker great video if you’re reading this
Parnthep Panseetong (22 days ago)
just buy walmart jacket please. people have money to buy.
Shuo Yang (22 days ago)
Good question, but you never answered the question that you are trying to understand. A lit bit misleading here, Levi.
Norma Klein (22 days ago)
Lightweight and amazingly warm and protective for tough conditions Arc’teryx is wonderful. I love to show off the logo.
Yue Zhao (23 days ago)
I have one of this jack , which I bought 10years ago and only costed me $80 Cdn . Around 2-3 years wearing it . Everyday . It tears open and kind Like sucks ...
spicecrop (24 days ago)
Patagonia has gone off the rails. They can fuck off charging four hundred bucks for recycled material jackets and recycled down. If I spend that much money , I want new materials. They can shove that save the planet bullshit. They cut costs and raise prices. I used to buy that stuff but not anymore. Marmot is the way to go.
THEGR3ATDVAKIIN 135 (24 days ago)
They named their jacket "Beta" and it's in men's, I see which men the company is targeting.
Tyler Woods (24 days ago)
You sir, have a long neck.
LockedPig (24 days ago)
Arc'teryx is so overrated, it has really ugly parkas for +1000$. Fuck it. P.S. I've tried it, i know what i'm sayin'.
Marco C (24 days ago)
This video never got to the core question of "Why is Arc'teryx so expensive"? I must admit, I was excited by the strong start to this video, where you were setting the stage with an industry overview and obtained a couple of Arc'teryx jackets (that I assumed you would be performing some testing on, or even just detailed commentary at a minimum). However, you veered off into a directionless tangent of making the point that yes, Patagonia, Arc'teryx, The North Face, and similar brands are striving to make long lasting jackets in a fast fashion consumer environment, but never tied that to a "so what?". I was disappointed that by the end of the video you didn't end up looking into why Arc'teryx is priced higher than it's competitors aside from a vague statement about it's innovation and built to last quality, though your opinion without evidence is near meaningless given you've never owned an Arct'eryx product yourself. I just wanted to raise this as a piece helpful feedback point for your future videos, as taking your audience on a 9:32 journey without much insight is an unsustainable way to grow your channel. All the best!
Raheem Pradesh (20 days ago)
I got one feeling from whole that videoclip that in fact there is no reason why Arc'teryx is so expensive. I think it is a trend and it is not only in outdoor equipmet that some producers are trying to stress quality of their products only by increasing its price... and some ppl believe that if they buy super expensive product it will be of the best quality. Sometimes yes but sometimes designers of the product overthinkig product so much that they will spoil it. Very often you can buy for half price or less similar product which will do the same fine job for you.
Yeah Boi! (23 days ago)
So annoying.
Aquatic Borealis (25 days ago)
How about a video on how much micro-plastics are shed by various products? Apparently it's a huge problem.
kakorov (25 days ago)
I've had the worst of experiences with their ''lifetime warranty'' and just decided to turn my back on Arc'teryx products even if imo they have some of the best and better looking outdoor gear.
mark piao (25 days ago)
https://youtu.be/5toGMWgmRNY after watch is video u would understand Will Gade is one of the world top ice climber and wear the Alpha IS Jacket which is worth $ 1200CAD. I agree that its expensive but its worth that price. And they do have a cleanly guideline to help costume to choose their product. If you just want buy a rain Jack for daily /urban environment then you don't have to spend $800 Alpha Series Jacket which is design for climbing and mountaineering in extreme weather. Someone still need a Jacket for climbing Mt Everest even most people will never go.
James Teng (26 days ago)
3:30 for quick explaination
createthis (26 days ago)
You made a valid point, but I feel like you didn’t really answer the question.
Charles Seitzinger (26 days ago)
It's more than the material, it's the lifetime warranty that goes with it.
Joseph Reyes (26 days ago)
I was just as impressed with your video production as I was with the subject. Your style reminds me of Michael Stevens from VSauce. 👍
Glenn Johnson (26 days ago)
North face summit series is the best for the price.... you get all the go to features and durability of Arc'teryx, goretex like arcteryx, alpine cut, bla bla bla.... the L series is by far the best yet TNF has come out light 6 layers different combinations for all weather assaults. It sounds like I work for North Face I don't I just really like their gear. With deals I found I have saved over $1,000 buying last season North Face gear over any Patagonia or Arc'teryx I can find... go North Face you won't regret it not just a skiing company anymore :) Still a lot of money but it will save over other brands all still having very professional-sexy looking gear.
Michael Bonade (27 days ago)
Wait...if I don’t NEED a garment from Arcteryx....am I legally ALLOWED to buy it still?.....can I covet it at least? How about this, if I want the “best” and I can afford it.......well, I’ll f#^king buy it😃
Michael Bonade (27 days ago)
Why?....fit quality and performance and a clean aesthetic....Perfect for posers like myself
MojoRadio (28 days ago)
Hey guy's he's white, could you tell?
The Gumby Chronicles (28 days ago)
I've had an Arc jacket I wear for my trail runs when it's raining. 4 years in and it's still bomber. Rest of my trail running gear is Salomon because the gear works and lasts. I get that Ashima Shirashi, Jimmy Chin, Honnold and Anker wear TNF gear because they're a great sponsor. All those close dos wearing TNF down jackets are paying for the salaries of the sponsored athletes. I'm cool with that but I don't buy TNF gear. In my opinion Prana makes the best pants for rock climbing, last a long night time. So, my point is that there are clothes that are expensive that I think are worth it no matter the price if you use the gear for its intended purpose.
Rob Lewis (28 days ago)
This guy is such a slap dick lol
Harah Agrah (28 days ago)
You look exactly like Nathan Fielder
Thinking of expensive bullshit... Bogner.
Ljubomir Juretić (28 days ago)
I bought gore alp x jacket, active shell. After 4 month jacket start to leak. I send email to gore company They asked jacket for lab test. and send to me replacement after they saw I didn't imagine problem.
Gianluca Fiore (29 days ago)
do yeti
Sally Lee (1 month ago)
It's always been trendy in Vancouver to wear your hobby-specific clothes out on the street. I guess how else would people know that you are an active athletic person leading a healthy lifestyle right? It used to be running for a while. And then after that, around 15-20 years ago, it was common for people to look like they just came off the ski hills, often with sky passes still attached to their front zippers. Then came the yoga craze, when people like to look like they are going to or coming from yoga classes. And now the newest trend is to look like you just returned from a hiking/ climbing/ backpacking trip.
Eric E (1 month ago)
I'm coming off the PCT this '18 season. There is no reason to buy this shit. FroggToggs or a black garbage bag are just as good. Save your money, use it to just get outside. Cheers!
john doe (1 month ago)
What is the name of your shades in this video?
Ben Ross (1 month ago)
Nothing lasts forever but I think 18 years of wearing my Gore Tex shell and 17 years of my softshell are pretty damn good.
theomen49 (1 month ago)
I'm not that into their stuff honestly, maybe their hardshells but not much else.
John Kessler (1 month ago)
I have a Beta Arcteryx. It was a spur of the moment purchase. Definitely over kill and over priced, but I will be using it plenty for bicycling and skiing. I don't really know if you actually shed much light on this topic though. Money is just money.
Victor Lin (1 month ago)
Lol shouldn't have used a Camaro for that metaphor
Skillz (1 month ago)
Watching this on a $70 used smartphone wearing a $900 Arcteryx shell. Priorities. I work in some NASTY weather and arcteryx has never let me down.
arc teryx and fucking canada goose same overrated shit.
Arc Teryx not worth it. pieces of shit. made in china. get PHD (rip PhD peter hutchinson design)
criz florez (1 month ago)
lots of my ski/snowboard and hiking buddies love their Arcteryx jackets, if you use it enough each season you wont want to go back to some entry level stuff. its like saying yeah a toyota will get you to work but a mercedes can do it quieter, comfier and more stylish. that appeals to many many outdoor seeking people
Richard Reman (1 month ago)
So no testing...barely wore the jacket and you made a 9 minute video saying absolutely fuck all?
安薄潭 (1 month ago)
Because the company is in Vancouver, and the housing prices in Vancouver is pretty high
Edward James (1 month ago)
Eddie Bauer is OG Their First Ascent gear is made of the same material as all others with a life time guarantee and 1/4 the price
allways inquire (1 month ago)
Good old goretex never had a single shell last me longer than two years before they leak, doesn't matter how much I spend it never lasts. The only shell that has lasted is my paramo jacket but it's heavy hot and can leak under certain conditions but can be waterproofed forever and repairable at home. I have brought and used a ton of gear nearly all of it is overhyped and doesn't last all that long doesn't matter who makes it ( I have had Lowe alpine,paramo,montane,outdoor research, northface,Macpac,mountain hard wear, mountain equipment ) but I haven't had the dead bird mainly as it doesn't fit me and paying that much for a shell that's still just goretex that I know will leak hurts too much. Call me old and grumpy but I have heard it all before the outdoor industry is the same as any other "hey this is 20% better than your old jacket" " new super bull it's so breathable" etc etc it is all overpriced crap mostly, I have taken to using the new geraration of work glove for climbing and backpacking 1/3 the price of outdoor kit leather palms waterproof breathable inserts and the last 3 times longer. I now have a good idea of what to avoid there is no such thing are waterproof and breathable you get damp in everything when it's raining, so get something that fits has wire in the hood and has a storm flap as waterproof zips leak and wear out. Down is ok if you get secondhand or good sale price full power over 700 your wasting your money. Primaloft is ok but again get it on sale or secondhand ( try it get nearly new or new with tags on eBay) remember it has a short life span so don't spend to much. And finally every company it trying to get you to Beleve there stuff is space aged wonder gear but fabrics are brought from the same mills garments are sewn on the same machines with the same thread a lot of the time by the same person, it's the fit and marketing bs your paying for and when I can buy goretex to make a jacket from for $30 ( and that's retail price) then where's the $1000 price tag coming from when these things are being made in the thousands? And a lot of times designed by the design student on internship ( use to work in outdoor clothing industry and this happened a lot) and with big margins ( company I worked for sold jackets for $600 and we landed them in country for $90 with all taxes payed) outdoor gear is nearly worse than bicycles
Riley Moffatt (1 month ago)
I’ve worked extensively selling Arcteryx and I’m a professional guide in a few sports. This video was like watching a social studies teacher explain rocket science. I’m Not even a fan boy, just someone who has been wearing the brand for years because it was designed for what I do (climb mountains, spending weeks in the backcountry) so watching someone complain about the price point of their shell because they don’t have to think about how much longer it would help you survive being buried in an avy or that it saves space in my pack for essentials that save lives. But if your gonna keep doing these videos I’m gonna help you out with one of your bigger issues, Lifetime warranty mean expected lifetime of the product, nothing last forever, the expected lifetime of socks are like 2 years while a t shirt might be 3-4. They aren’t saying it’ll last forever, but if there is a product defect or the jacket wears out quicker than it should then acrteryx with completely replace the jacket. I’ve seen them replace 10 year old jackets, that’s a hell of a lifetime warranty.
orange70383 (1 month ago)
I do everything in jeans and a t-shirt, don't need no give a rats about what I wear, I dress for comfort and don't give a fk about what people think.
Keoki johnson (1 month ago)
I live in NH. It gets very cold and I have asthma. My job requires me to stand outside in the bitter cold -8F with.windchill. I'm.not buying Nike. I'm going full North Face and Canada Goose and it will save.me from going to the emergency room which costs $3000. I could buy Arc'teryx, North face and Canada Goose for around that amount of money and all of them would last for 10x years provided I don't outgrow it.
TheGoatMumbler (1 month ago)
If Patagonia would spend less on corporate activism they might be able to quite hosing us so much for their products that are mass produced off shore. I don't buy Patagonia at all anymore and Arc'teryz only on sale. They charge what the market will bare and most of us are dumb enough to pay it. Just like we don't need $250 Nike sneakers made in China.
Nate Wilairat (1 month ago)
It’s all about positioning in the market. Arc’teryx delivers performance but not value. Here’s a quantitative look at it: http://www.skopia.org/blog/2018/11/13/the-outdoors-industry-in-one-chart
Darren Lee Winwood (1 month ago)
i keep asking the same question, even at half price they are expensive!!
Mr. Hman (1 month ago)
Weekend warrior enthusiasts are the bread and butter of these companies. The 2% can get comped product because of the weekend warriors. After all...somebody has to work to be able to afford the high tech product lines.
Will Windham (1 month ago)
i think it depends on what you do and where you live.
Asid's Tech Tips (1 month ago)
Hi Levi, Just thought id give you my feedback. I have an Arcteryx Macai, cost me just short of a grand over 6 years ago. It is one of two jacket that I have currently and it has been my daily driver through all seasons for the past six years, It still looks more or less like it just came off the shelf, I do not have any rips or tears, a tiny section of the cuffs is a little worn from the constant use of the velcro but it is not really noticable and does not affect the use or performance at all, It has had its fair share of beatings. I live in Switzerland, so hot hot summers and properly cold winters. I rock climb, so its been up and down a few cliffs. as well as being my normal formal work wear (i have gone to interviews and meetings in it)/ casual wear jacket. when it is hot, 28c Plus, it rolls up nicely into a small size and is easily packed into my 20L backpack adding no noticeable weight to a bag that carries my notebook daily. Ive no plans on changing it any time soon, and it really is handling a lot of rough and abusive situations. I am experiencing one minor issue which is not really an issue but I am perusing it anyway as the life time warranty will cover me, My zipper is a little loose so i need to apply a little pressure when zipping for the zip to close properly otherwise a about 6cm of the zipper at the bottom does not close properly. other then that I have absolutely no complaints, and can highly recommend the macai. It technically is a ski jacket, and you would think wearing a ski jacket in summer is crazy, and i would agree. but when its hot, it ventilates very well and if there is a need for more air flow there are zips from the arms to the ribs which can be opened. and when its freezing -17 / -20 degrees Celsius if you have a thin fleece under it, your kept nice and warm. Incredible wind stopper, and it is still fantastically water and weather proof. I cannot tell you how many other jackets I would have needed to have to replace this one, and I would imagine the cost of two or three more jackets would match or exceed the cost I have spent already. Its right here in front of me now, If you want any more info or the ability to see it, check it out, dont hesitate to reach out to me. Regards Dan

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