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PACK A PUNCH GUIDE in Zetsubou No Shima! Black Ops 3 Zombies Zetsubou Guide / Tutorial

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How to activate the pack a punch machine in Zetsubou No Shima!! DETAILED ZETSUBOU NO SHIMA PERMANENT POWER GUIDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJodNxauymE&index=1&list=PL0Kq_R5fGtfxLmNhk39XEegdEP2zd6yQp Build the KT-4 Wonder Weapon Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXF6tgohM7s&list=PL0Kq_R5fGtfxLmNhk39XEegdEP2zd6yQp&index=5 KT-4 Upgrade Guide (Masamune Guide): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zlqxnnUCQw&list=PL0Kq_R5fGtfxLmNhk39XEegdEP2zd6yQp&index=5 How to build the shield in Zetsubou No Shima (Shield part locations guide): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQ7SHBEsDig&index=8&list=PL0Kq_R5fGtfxLmNhk39XEegdEP2zd6yQp Zetsubou No Shima Skull of Nan Sapwe Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pxC9-9LzTo&list=PL0Kq_R5fGtfxLmNhk39XEegdEP2zd6yQp&index=3 Gas mask parts guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsTuAlJuQ2A&index=7&list=PL0Kq_R5fGtfxLmNhk39XEegdEP2zd6yQp This guide answers these questions: How to pack a punch in Zetsubou No Shima All machine part locations All machine tools locations How to open the pack a punch in Zetsubou No Shima Unlock the pap in the new Black Ops 3 Zombies map ✖ Mr RoflWaffles Videos! http://bit.ly/roflwaffles ✪ MrRoflWaffles Twitter! http://bit.ly/twaffles ✤ Rofl Waffles Instagram! http://instagram.com/Milo_BC ► Milo's name on Snapchat is "mrrw" Looking for "Call of Duty Zombies"? Interested in the Call of Duty Zombies Storyline, or hunting for new Black Ops 3 Zombies gameplay? You're in the right place. I'm a CoD BO3 Zombies expert, and your new best friend. Let's hang out. As always, thanks for watching! Be sure to stick the LIKE button in your waffle iron and give it a good cookin' if you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you next time! - Milo x
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Text Comments (432)
Its Lexx (1 month ago)
It’s 2019 and I’m sill trying to do this😂
NerpyziNerp (4 months ago)
Apparently I drained the water without a wheel and now I can’t access the room...
The_jollyrancher_ 56 (9 months ago)
What ever happened to just turning on the power and teleporting?
Fuck. (11 days ago)
it got repetitive
_ Bright (10 months ago)
I played 1 game not really caring about what i did ten i played a game where i tried to fnd everything myself and where every place in the map lead to and i found 2 parts of the pack a punch and 2 parts of the kt 4, i now give up on playing this map without learning from people who know because im sure i can do better by learning from people who know
Teddy Townsend (11 months ago)
I died with the Marshall 16 I'm angry now
Nikolai Belinski (1 year ago)
When The Fuck did pack a punching your weapons become an easter egg?
jaydekonah (1 year ago)
Make sure you don't run out of ammo under water, but if you do there's an argus on the far left side...
Toriana Palacki (1 year ago)
can anyone give me a good reason to play zetsubou no shima, i kinda wanna play it yet i really don't
Animations Domination (1 year ago)
Who else kept drowning
Northern Gooner (1 year ago)
Are you German by any chance?
Chuchi 2009 (1 year ago)
It helped me out too thanks mrroflwaffles
Brian Magee (1 year ago)
I could do with some help in doing this Easter egg. Is there any chance you could help me with thus please ps4 name is Brian_Magee_1888 thanks in advance
Josh Gyimoty (1 year ago)
very useful didnt get it the first few times bc i kept dying but wen i did it was very useful
Sweaty Woman (1 year ago)
The cringiest Youtube channel name possible.
Mr. Clawer (1 year ago)
Hi mrrofwallfels here this is how u put a d in someone’s butt lets goo
Adam Diego Ramirez (1 year ago)
Thank u out for the guide🙄
IAmChocolate 808 (1 year ago)
Yes it did!
El Pajdrino (1 year ago)
What if u don't get anything from the cocoon?
El Pajdrino (1 year ago)
Never mind found it haha. Just stoned here
II DEADLYBRIT II (1 year ago)
Need help with easter eggs, GT Gothic Shr1mp , xbox one im playing now
Weaboo lol (1 year ago)
I thought zetsubou was trash
Banana Lips (1 year ago)
That pap camo?
Dire Moth11 (2 years ago)
zetsobou no shima is hard
Snakes On Top (2 years ago)
I'm on xbox
Snakes On Top (2 years ago)
Anyone wanna do ee
Purge (2 years ago)
can u guys help me out with this on ps4 my account is xunstoppable674
Brandon C. (2 years ago)
Why did they have to make opening pap and turning on power so tedious in this stupid map
Sidoxyy (2 years ago)
Berries and cream, berries and cream, im the little lad that loves berries and cream
Gamer TV (2 years ago)
I knifed all body bags and didn't see a part drop and then I died trying to find the part!!
KingDoms Kingdom (2 years ago)
Wait, wait wait... Someone down below said its easier to do this one than in shadows of evil? Really?! Shadows is quite possibly the easiest to unlock Imo. Do that one on solo REGULARLY but have yet to even turn the power on permanently on solo yet on Susan Boyle no shima
KingDoms Kingdom (2 years ago)
By far the very best black ops 3 guides on youtube... Keep up the good work mate and roll on BO4... Hurry up treyarch
Alexander DiMeglio (2 years ago)
This was no help im leaving a dislike
DEaTHBuLLeT_XX X (2 years ago)
I got all part for the pack punch and it only drained half the water it never opened
DeathclawMinx (2 years ago)
DeathclawMinx (2 years ago)
Andrew Adams7 months ago I watched other guides yesterday and didnt even play, it all seemed so difficult...today i watched this video and it really made it seem pretty simple. Ty👍🏻
DeathclawMinx (2 years ago)
i loled soooo bad at your intro XD lol soooo weird and funny (hi there! im mr rofl waffles!) good name XD
ElevenMink3 (2 years ago)
Wow... For such a complex map, that's the simplest PAP tutorial I've seen. Not that it won't be challenging, but I will NEVER need to come back to this video, it was so simple. Either that's because this guy is "no-nonsense" or just cause it's easy to find those parts
Riley Lyons (2 years ago)
If none of these work then simply visit shreks swamp. Just left of spawn.
Speek English looser (2 years ago)
Thank you
Ana Mendez (2 years ago)
your guides are really cool
Justin Tran (2 years ago)
Thank you
Kai -Basham (2 years ago)
thanks this really is helpful keep up the good work especially your theories videos
Aaron Benson (2 years ago)
"People in the comments, happy to help you. Lol right
Jordan Hill (2 years ago)
Thanks you mate
Aaron Nathaniel (2 years ago)
Love the straight up guide
DEaTHBuLLeT_XX X (2 years ago)
This is my favourite map
SEBAS BRUHH (2 years ago)
thank u Mrrawaffles keep up the work channel will grow plz comment Sebastian .v .a
Conor Flynn (2 years ago)
Anyone want to do this easter egg I now how to do it I just need someone that knows how to do it has a mic and doesn't mind a younger kid that is around 12 but I am good so please message me but it will be either Saturday or Sunday of next week and just saying today is the 30th of july
ColonialBaller Games (2 years ago)
I honestly hate this map with a passion. I watched the guide. Great video btw, but it just takes way too long. I would play der eisendrache or shadows of evil any day over this chuckle fuck bucket of suck
Archii Classee (2 years ago)
I dont know why people are septic about this map, so far i really enjoy it !
JOVANTZ (2 years ago)
why da fuck do they have to make it so hard to trun the power and pack a punch like cmon im just trying to kill somew zombs and have me a cockmeat sandwich
Dino Kuljancic (2 years ago)
this is so fast u need to slow down
No Sweat Ramon (2 years ago)
Thanks! Your channel has helped me with all the maps!!
anthony gayton (2 years ago)
MrRoflWaffles is the best and for the most part I will always go to him for help on zombies
Ant Green (2 years ago)
Crazyf4pokemon Jimenez (2 years ago)
And I'm on Xbox 1 ;(
Crazyf4pokemon Jimenez (2 years ago)
I really want to play with u but your on PS4
Conor Flynn (3 years ago)
Anyone on Xbox one want too try both dlc easter eggs
Conor Flynn (2 years ago)
ok you know what I need and I am on Xbox one
Gretchen Johnson (2 years ago)
+Mr.Derpy Snowman I want to do it with you
Conor Flynn (2 years ago)
+Tevin Sewer ok I am on noe
Tevin Sewer (2 years ago)
Yeah sure Gt is Nhmi☺
Peter Maldonado (3 years ago)
you are retarded it did not help
Harry Obrien (3 years ago)
Your fucking voice when you say pack a punch is so annoying
DAYMAMAN (3 years ago)
this map is aids and cancer combined it's almost as bad as transhit
LeLargeLeader (2 years ago)
not even close
Ian Shipley (3 years ago)
Miguel Plays (3 years ago)
good job☺!
Bobcat870 (3 years ago)
It won't work for me
Bobcat870 (3 years ago)
It's to difficult
DJ_p (3 years ago)
Dud my Pack a punch dore dident opend what do i do to fix IT
Mason Harris (3 years ago)
Somebody play with me on Xbox one I know a lot of this map Gt BohemianTable55
ed harison (3 years ago)
I watch you so much I don't even know y I haven't sub to you yet
Dank Bob Meme Pants (3 years ago)
Thank you so much!
Jamal Jones (3 years ago)
+MrRoflWaffles I cracked all the cocoons even the ones upstairs but didn't get a part for the pack a punch
Orlando Guajardo (3 years ago)
Intro is Wack
DE AD (3 years ago)
Typo bad
DE AD (3 years ago)
Is it bat to cough blood
WightWayne (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for these simple ass guides
Zom (3 years ago)
3rd ROFLWaffles vid in a row. Already watched KT-4, Gas Mask, I am SO ready for the quiz tommorow
Robbie Persichetti (3 years ago)
whoever dislikes this video is a total idiot! This was a great tutorial or guide to how to get pack a punch!! THANKS! BTW I LIKED UR VID :)
Abraham Recinos (3 years ago)
Thank You
Job Steve (3 years ago)
Your voice is annoying.
Rolando Sabillon (3 years ago)
I BraveHeart (3 years ago)
Thank you! You don't have a music intro and you don't ramble on about random stuff that's not related to the title of the video. You just get straight to the point!
Alisa R (3 years ago)
Gas masks help for swimming underwater for along time right ?
T Rouge_Bunny T (3 years ago)
No that is for the spores
MrWhatuwantho (3 years ago)
thanks you
JZ GRimzZ (3 years ago)
Andrew Adams (3 years ago)
I watched other guides yesterday and didnt even play, it all seemed so difficult...today i watched this video and it really made it seem pretty simple. Ty👍🏻
RAIINZ (2 years ago)
Andrew Ada
Ali Herzallah (2 years ago)
Syndicate ey?
Cra2yPenguin 123 (2 years ago)
I watched this guide today and I always avoided this map cause it juat so annoying to get set up but after watching this guide I'm gonna giv it another try thax
+MrRoflWaffles please respond to me 😞😞😞
Jose Arellano (3 years ago)
+MrRoflWaffles can u help me? I trying to find the cacoon part but cant find it
x takeoff jxg (3 years ago)
Your so AWSOME
Fish Loop (3 years ago)
I love your style! The guides are suitable,simple,and understandable
Colt Hawkins (3 years ago)
Almost all 'guides' here for "Unlocking PaP" only show the way for obtaining the tools necessary, without properly explaining how to USE them. Thought .. 'well hell, MrRoflWaffles' guide should be vivid enough to properly teach one how to truly unlock PaP. Once again, we thank you, sir Waffles.
Ethan McDaniel (3 years ago)
very straight forward. thank you.
little wayne 78 (3 years ago)
Thank you
Aaron Davis (3 years ago)
Xbox so I'm late, but does he really think YT comments will help before they troll? lmao
Gsgcfjvfhbcgh (3 years ago)
thank you :)
Ant Man (3 years ago)
thanks man I was lost after the first part you grabed cuss I didn't think u would knife the body bages and I just couldn't find the wheel so thanks
Gunnar Gibson (3 years ago)
Anyone wanna play Xbox one map pack 2
Phenom (3 years ago)
If anyone wants to play Zetsubou no Shima with me on PC, hit me up on steam: omargko Because we all know, pc master race.
Stillhold (3 years ago)
Stillhold (3 years ago)
i have some cold🍉🍉
Jal Both (3 years ago)
I just played for the first time on Xbox the razorback is op theres so little recoil and it shoots quick
Luke Scarpato (3 years ago)
thanks for video, favorite zombies player 🔥🔥🙏🏻
OG Uprising (3 years ago)
I did the last part but it didn't spawn in
David Paques (3 years ago)
thanks for the guide.
Blackoutx18 (3 years ago)
They should add a perk in zetsubo no shima and in multiplayer that lets you stay underwater longer or forever
DemonicBryce666 (3 years ago)
honestly I didn't even know you existed until a UK friend told me about you, and I just found my favorite guide YouTuber? lol you just straits into it and you actually use a mic. you don't start the video off with asking for a like or sub, I mean at the end you may mention a like or something but that's cuz we sometimes forget about the like button... haha at least I do, but ya got another sub :)

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