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The most powerful secret on earth! So powerful both Jesus and Satan used it!

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The mind blowing secret Satan used to take Man's dominion. The same secret Jesus used to take it back. This is the most powerful principle in the world. You can use it too to gain success in any area of your life. Here is the link to get the full book: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=identity+crisis+lincoln+bain&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aidentity+crisis+lincoln+bain If you would like me to speak to your organization or group feel free to message me.
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Lincoln Bain (11 months ago)
Get the full book here: https://www.amazon.com/Identity-Crisis-mirror-doesnt-about/dp/1537511939/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527800673&sr=8-1&keywords=lincoln+bain
sniper001353 (8 days ago)
I dont know how everyone went from a image,to someone's race or color,,, I really don't pay too much attention to images,and you can be a good or bad person in any race,, I just worry about making it,finishing well. Read 1st John 4:7-8 I thought it was a good video,well explained,
Lincoln Bain - This is a true revelation, amazing. I would like to ask your permission to translate just this video to portuguese and spread it through my channel, mentioning of course your book.
1974jrod (5 months ago)
Anthony Bryant The Greeks did not destroy Solomon's Temple. Nebuchadnezzar did that in the late 500's bc. The Roman's, specifically Titus of Rome destroyed the second temple which was called Herods Temple. Solomon's temple was number one, Herods temple was number 2.
1974jrod (5 months ago)
Lincoln Bain If Jesus wasn't a white man, what was he then? I mean, look at all the Jews, scattered to the four corners of the earth. Look at all the pictures of "Judah" in Germany and all those that were killed by Hitler. We know they were Jews, because they Identified themselves as such, and the way they did was the continuity in the observation of the Mosaic festivals. Passover, feast of enleaven bread, festival of booths, circumcision, keeping of the sabbath. These People during the holocaust were not just Israelites from any of the several tribes, the were specifically Jews. And any Jew I have ever seen in America or in pictures of the holocaust are white as rice. Jesus, was a Jew, from the tribe of Judah from which we get the identity. Therefore it is safe to say, Jesus was fairly white.
Lydia Flowers (6 months ago)
.Jesus has now the title deed to earth.
Sheana Macarthur (15 days ago)
Im glade i listened to this.
Sonny6String (24 days ago)
When they eat the forbidden fruit they gave Satan dominion over their earth.
Uh didnt jesus won the battle but didnt fight Samuel or Luci. Its cuz The Devil Was a follower he is a fallen angel Like Judas The devil is A follower in heaven but God said "Samuel Go to earth and Bless a Child" But Samuel said "No!" thats the sin of the devil
Brenda Spoon (1 month ago)
Super Buy 336. Agreed! Jesus Already won the battle..
Twilight Cairo (1 month ago)
LMAFO LMAFO (1 month ago)
Article 15 said shaggy is stronger than god
Sinikka Granville (1 month ago)
Believers do not hide and be silent enymore / go shout / or the rocks will. Do not let the faraciis , block u / the relisious lukewarms . Be not afraid to say something for jesus /shouth. He loves that 😇❤️💫
Super Buu336 (2 months ago)
This video and thumbnail and title are wrong Jesus didn't use it, he made it. Jesus isn't fighting against the devil. Jesus already won the battle
Everything here (2 months ago)
0:50 the face of devil
SickBoyReese (3 months ago)
Bad workers blame their tools.
Vero Cuoio (3 months ago)
Thank you this morning for the power. I feel 💯% powerful by listening to this.
jalen woods (3 months ago)
I absolutely love this video its so deep and it brings great revelation
Róshan Roy (4 months ago)
This voice is so similar to Bright Side channel. Hmm?
Keagan Graham (4 months ago)
Had a scary moment. I heard Satan's voice at the exact same time I knew for a fact the voice Satan was trying to imitate, wasn't.. It's like somebody saying "loser say what," as you're talking to somebody, and the devil wants you to believe is actually was that person. I've learned, that the devil says lies, and you may overlook them briefly, but I saw myself, even though I seriously knew FOR A FACT that it actually was not that person, I began to ask (almost naturally), "what if Satan" is right? And then I began create make-believe scenarios of what I would do if in fact the voice Satan was imitating, my mother, was actually hers... I kind of just looked down and was like, reality is literally what I believe... And just like anything that is sacred, and you believe it's the answer to all my problems, it fleed... My attention was to earth...
Keagan Graham (4 months ago)
Why does the beginning part of Matthew (4:1) talk about Jesus resisting Satan's offer of kingdoms, but then Jesus turns right around and offers Peter and Andrew to be "fishermen of men," and that's not the same damn thing Satan was trying to do.
Liesel Smith (4 months ago)
Jesus could not be bought. He had a purpose to fullfill. He was not of this world.
Laurie Sheler (4 months ago)
Skip this contradictory myopic drivel! This narrative benefits absolutely no one. This is our jobs humans, learn to love and forgive ourselves, love and forgive others, raise level of consciousness aquiring knowledge and sharing that knowledge and being more in service to others. Yes we are 100% responsible for ourselves, the circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment. When Jesus said, ask and you shall receive, he meant it. What we think&feel/believe about any given subject IS the way we "ask"/pray, recieve. Learn universal laws/hermatic teachings/quantum physics and you'll see that it's obvious Jesus understood and lived by the principles that the entire universe from the macro to the subatomic are governed by, evidenced throughout all ancient texts recordings of healings and manifestations. Namaste!!
jenna delaney (2 months ago)
Laurie Sheler Amen!
Benigno Rivera (4 months ago)
God doesn't want man to become equal to him but mere servants of God
LMAFO LMAFO (1 month ago)
Ahhaha shaggy defeat him ricoard defeat him to
JoJo (3 months ago)
+TheOne&OnlySamuel It's not like slavery, it's like a child-parent relationship, but to a larger scale. Like a parent, God guides his children, loves them regardless of what they do, and protects them. But if we ignore his commandments, there are consequences involved. God gives us free will, but angels however are forced to serve God, to serve us as well, because we are a unique creation.
TheOne&OnlySamuel (3 months ago)
I don't want to be a servant to anybody, sounds too much like slavery
JoJo (3 months ago)
And in return we get his Kingdom for all eternity. And if that is the epitome and final purpose of mankind, then so be it.
Benigno Rivera (4 months ago)
Least he puts his hands out and eats of the tree of Life to become like us
Benigno Rivera (4 months ago)
Are you so sure he didn't hide anything
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
And I laid there in my bed I saw frogs coming out of the dirty pond And I laid there in my bed My eyes where open but I was silenced And I laid there in my bed A bed so cold as the frozen coast that freezes the slightest mist, mist so cold as the reptile blood going through its bones, And I laid there in bed I felt a chill In my spine, which gave me pause and realized this chill was kinda funny and was quite pleasant, I knew that that silence I was having is my own insecurities of jokes so vulgar I can't repeat for my tongue is free of guns And I laid there in bed I knew it was time to act so I turned this fear into hope, I turned this jail into mail, mail of new so good as the victory after a long game, and I saw code, code so powerful that I controlled, I coded with the tool of creation capable of manifesting mountains moving from land to land, And laid there in my bed Having a dream so vivid I could only feel the feelings of determination and confidence and I spoke the code into the program
Siarra Long (4 months ago)
Whoever made this is wrong I don't care what anyone says Jesus walked this earth to show us how to live he came to break down the religious walls it's not religion you should follow it's Jesus Christ the bible tells us everything about it you people should never believe in these things this video pretty much says that God is weak the God I worship is powerful ya'll need to open your eyes this person is only a man how does he know what God is able to do
Leslie Bean (2 months ago)
I found this quite empowering, and far from blasphemous.
chaoslegacy 4k0 (3 months ago)
+Liesel Smith the bibles today have edited a thousand times it's not the original bible anymore
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Liesel Smith 2 words don't care
Liesel Smith (4 months ago)
Who said God was weak? You should probably go read your bible a bit more. Jesus came to earth to die for our sins. So that no one will perish. John 4:16
Bradley Larson (4 months ago)
Can you tell me when he refers to God as weak?
Gogo Carrillo (5 months ago)
Viewing a different outlook ... makes total sense .... !!!
Derek Wilhelm (5 months ago)
Own the blame. It will liberate you!
GETDOWN GETDOWN (5 months ago)
tazz11 (5 months ago)
sorry that's not true , Satan is nothing more then a multi personality of GOD created by GOD to teach but GOD had little wisdom in what would happen and why ...just as a normal human  has no control over his multi personality ,the longer God was Satan the more power Satan had ,butt thus is true to Satan as well ,he wanted to seduce Eve and have a child of his own and thus out number GOD , the only problem with that great idea was the fact Satan's soul had become a being unto its self . but in God body God was still the host , and the child 4th son of Eve was not the true son of GOD or Satan . he would be the first born son of God but on Eve's side of the family .. if God had a child when he was god then he would have been GOD's Son .. in this case he is Eve's Son . but fear the true for he is the son of 3 God's  and the only one of his kind and this will never take place again for God can only have one first born son and that is Me  the immortal (i ll i am )4th son of Eve , Jesus of Nazareth ,Avram . and many others before and after  ...this is why Eve is mother nature . she can not com to Earth again for her sin is now mine ,she can be the earth but she can not stay in this reality for only one God can walk the earth and you are talking to him right now...Nov Allah ,Amen , Sha Ma Che ,Stay Safe Stay Free
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Liesel Smith Your crazy
Liesel Smith (4 months ago)
To say they are the same is further from truth than any thing. You need to wake up. God our father is holly. So holly that he had to send his son John 4:16 so that we may go to heaven.
Bradley Larson (4 months ago)
Grammar, spelling.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Siarra Long please I beg thee, come out of the box that lies to society
Siarra Long (4 months ago)
What a story like you really know you can't change a person's beliefs have you met God I doubt it you need to get to know Jesus my friend cause you are wrong
justme justme (5 months ago)
What????????????????????? The serpent is a fallen 'created' being. The CREATOR never created anything he can not control. All fallen creatures are a mere tool used by our Creator. Some one needs to stop playing in witchcraft. Oh and by the way, the only thing God does not own is your choice. But you will be held accountable for it. Whether you be a spiritual or natural being.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+justme justme if you say so
justme justme (4 months ago)
+Michael Arana God is so big and so wonderful. He is unsearchable. And I will be learning about him forever and ever and ever.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
I see the light shinning in your soul, but thee has much to learn
This is a true revelation, amazing. I would like to ask your permission to translate just this video to portuguese and spread it through my channel, mentioning of course your book.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
The lies of the mouth of the ignorant fascinate you
robin mitchell (5 months ago)
consider this please my blessed friends in Christ :) no man knows the day or the hour....i agree because he isn't coming in the day....he is coming at night, like a thief.....when that night's first watch begins IS knowable.... let me plead my case to you brother and sisters of god: understanding that old testament had one goal.. to lets us know that the messiah was coming....the new testament is also primary sent to warn us of his second coming.... the new testament reveals who figured it out and how the Wisemen did it.... THE CHALDEANS/WISEMEN/MAGI of Daniel story in the bible ARE ONE OF THE 2 KEYS TO UNLOCKING THE GREATEST MYSTERY... at the bottom there is a video link explaining this all but here is some reading if uwish to test my claim KEY NUMBER ONE Psalms 19:1-7 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.[he is talking about the constellations and their knowledge and the chaldean/magi/wisemen took this scripture to heart ] There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. before jesus comes their will be 3 days of darkness(and thats why u need oil and an oil lamp as a wise virgin)... it is because the light of the world will go into the heart of the earth for those 3 days hence the darkness.. then jesus will take the dead first as they reside in the heart of the earth in a place called sheol...next he will fly up in a Black Cloud as he did appear in egypt to israel and he will gather the living and bring them up to heaven... then he will bring his wrath on mystery babylon and then bring new jerusalem to the earth...and that NIGHT he comes back there will be no DAY as the sun is gone only night remains....and he did say he will come like a thief in the NIGHT...SOOOOOO april 5th 6pm 2021, jerusalem time begins first watch.... i figured this out by figuring out how the wisemen used the old testament to find jesus the first time.... magi taught daniel how to read the stars...daniel told them about god since they bore witness to gods greatness in front of Nebuchadnezzar they believed him of what the stars meant in terms of the coming messiah... and the chaldean priesthood kept that secret for hundreds of years waiting for ONE SIGN!!!! jupiter to crown leo.... they realied on some of these passages Numbers 23:24 | View whole chapter | See verse in context Behold, the people shall rise up as a great lion, and lift up himself as a young lion: he shall not lie down until he eat of the prey, and drink the blood of the slain. Numbers 24:17 | View whole chapter | See verse in context I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth. Deuteronomy 33:19 They shall call the people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand. 20 And of Gad he said, Blessed be he that enlargeth Gad: he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth the arm with the crown of the head. 21 And he provided the first part for himself, because there, in a portion of the lawgiver, was he seated; and he came with the heads of the people, he executed the justice of the LORD, and his judgments with Israel. Ezekiel 19:14 | View whole chapter | See verse in context And fire is gone out of a rod of her branches, which hath devoured her fruit, so that she hath no strong rod to be a sceptre to rule. This is a lamentation, and shall be for a lamentation. once they saw that they immediately began to track down jupiter until it came to a full stop right over jesus at year -1 dec 25th .....jesus was born 2 bc sept 11(when jupiter crowns regulus aka leo)..... open any astronomy program and u will see everything i just said was true..... and how did i get the april 5th 2021date... well if ur familiar with the sept 23 2017 rev 12 sign u would know how important Jupiter was... well all we had to do is keep following it... and by following jupiter until he finds the man with the water pitcher(aquarius) ... Luke 22:10“And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in.” the man with the water pitcher is god pouring out his wrath.... and what also is noteworthy that day is exactly first fruits which is right after the first sabbath of passover and coincidentally is ALSO the same day israel was saved from egypt and ALSO the exact day jesus resurrected from the dead...... Ecclesiastes 1:9 King James Version (KJV) 9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. now all u have to do is download a free astronomy program and verify if the stars truly do as i claim they do.... god bless... and yes i am just about to put a little youtube vid ..but its gonna take some time to present the idea..because there is soooo much more to know that is crucial... KEY NUMBER TWO: below is the biblical calendar lining up aswell....it's important that one must be aware that we are using the noah 360 calendar vs the enoch predicted 364 calendar...as the enoch calendar added four days one per season switch as season only came into being after the flood....(note if your are not aware, biblical calendars have left over days accounted for...)"as the days will be shortened""as in the days of noah"!!!! that's what that means....because u dont want to be 4 days off.... https://ibb.co/jpjFSn if i give u dont wish to believe the date i set i urge u to at least get your oil and oil lamp for 3 days of darkness (sign of jonah) as well as ur pure linen garments for the wedding... as we all should know this proceeds the coming of christ and first resurrection.... just be ready...? here is the video link that goes in depth https://youtu.be/1IwUjTBW7vI
Patrick Archuleta (5 months ago)
I don't believe Moses was a murderer when those things happened he was defending someone.
Jelly Beans (5 months ago)
Gave me a new perspective
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
The perspective you have is but the hope of a never ending rope
william sharp (5 months ago)
Great video. Great food for thought. God Bless.
utuberify (5 months ago)
Loved to hear this and really enjoyed
Martha Kaine (5 months ago)
So you are saying a Black person is responsible for racism?
Jayce Segler (5 months ago)
Martha Kaine yea, and you don’t want to know what will happen once we start killing white people to take back our pride.
william sharp (5 months ago)
He said if you use color to describe a person you are racist because God see's no color and if you know what a racist is you would have had a better question. Let me guess that you might be black and can not wait to use i the race card. Nothing like taking words out of context to make a weak argument.
utuberify (5 months ago)
No When a black person blames the skin colour as a reason not to be able to do something.When skin colour defines our actions it is part of racistic thinking,no matter if it's our own skin or someone else's.
Martha Kaine (5 months ago)
So you are saying a Black person is responsible for racism?
Martha Kaine (5 months ago)
So you are saying a Black person is responsible for racism?
zipzack dude (5 months ago)
Life is your choice I think if you er bad all the time you er part of saten if you kind and help full you er part of god and jesus
Lidette Micciche (5 months ago)
no your wrong anyone not in Christ is of the devil wether very bad or not and just because a person is kind or helpful doesn't necessarily make them a child of God what makes you a child of God is being saved by him and adopted into the kingdom.
1974jrod (5 months ago)
Not sure I agree with all this blame game. I am to blame for my personal sins for sure, but I am not to blame for being born into sin. Adam is responsible for that and Apostle Paul makes this very clear, "for by one mans disobedience, did sin and death enter the world" Paul clearly lays the blame squarely where it resides, because it is the fact of the matter. Also, God put all of sin on the man Jesus. Another words God blamed Jesus, and he became the scapegoat. For by his stripes are we healed , and he was bruised and it pleased the Lord. Jesus is God, and therefore God ultimately blamed God for all sin, yet no sin is found in him.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
You commit sins which you shouldn't but the truth is there is no karma
Cors Lizardi (5 months ago)
Keep blaming trump for our policies..how do you think he’s slowly becoming satan?
This is a true revelation, amazing. I would like to ask your permission to translate just this video to portuguese and spread it through my channel, mentioning of course your book.
Not sure if you had the chance to see my previous comment, could you please reply.
Yvette Pedro (5 months ago)
Blame is a strong word. In general people expect God and Jesus to do everything. That's why we as people are to take care of our earth. We can make our prayers true with God and Jesus help.
Kenneth Akin (5 months ago)
Manmade meanings to man made names, religion is the great deception.
zipzack dude (5 months ago)
Saten made hate Jesus made love
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
You speak the lies that proceed from the lie of the organization
SlickDawg (5 months ago)
So we should always blame God so he can be our master???? I don’t get it
Hika Henry (5 months ago)
don't sound right
pretty Bree (5 months ago)
Whatever you blame..you empower
pretty Bree (5 months ago)
When you blame something... It becomes your ruler...Deep
Kenneth Akin (5 months ago)
All religion is lies, do not believe a word of it.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
There is no heaven nor hell, but the ideas the are in are clouds
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
You are as wise as the smartest scientist of philosophical times, you speak truth and can rebel against the lies the book has to throw at us
Sheila Bannerman (4 months ago)
+William Pattison he talks about reptilians. Doesn't believe in God. Thinks the reptilians are from another planet and also believes we live in a matrix. He makes some good points on what is going on in the world though. There's some truth to what he says on the illuminati. But he's a deceiver when it comes to faith and believing in God.
William Pattison (4 months ago)
Sheila Bannerman I've heard of that name but never listened to him
Sheila Bannerman (4 months ago)
Someone has been listening to David Icke a little too much....
Robert Carroll (5 months ago)
God created satan!! Thats like saying you & your children are on the same level. Get a clue
Chazz Michaels (5 months ago)
Robert Carroll shut up needle dick jesus rules
Donald Kephart (5 months ago)
I Repent everyday my friend God is many colors and love and truth thank youFor your comment brother keep on living
caprigameing (5 months ago)
HAHAHAHA 10$ for your own 5g death system right in your home cooking you like a microwave, thanks motorolla
Nicholas Daley (5 months ago)
So blame God...?😂😂this is all head canon
Son of God Jesus (5 months ago)
The problem with this picture is that Jesus don't wrestle with Satan. JesusChrist is much higher in authority & power. We as humans may wrestle demons but not God.
Jason Bradfish (5 months ago)
Blame = Empowering = Correct -- and I don't believe in the worship of the Bible.
thepeace inside me (5 months ago)
You allready know what im Wondering I believe in him im still worried about heaven His question if I was thirsty would you give me a drink he's asking for help when im standing in front of him im not going to be worried he'll take me
Josh Gonzales (5 months ago)
Awesome talk. Very true. One day instigators won't exist.
theresa jermain (5 months ago)
Jesus already won....it's called the Resurection
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
You speak the million screams destroying my ears
Jose MArtinez (5 months ago)
Lmao😭😂😁...i like that..lol..that was a good answer amen🙏praise his name the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end GOD AMIGHTY
Kristian Ruffin (5 months ago)
Why y'all keep making Jesus white?
Potent Potables (5 months ago)
+1974jrod Debating area? Do you think this is a debate? This is the comment section on youtube you fucking worm. I wouldn't have brought my personal life into this if you hadn't brought up my personal life you stupid fuck. You are about as accountable as you are intelligent, it's like I'm having a conversation with a child that has no manners or accountability. Maybe take some responsibility in your actions instead of blaming me for how terrible you are.
1974jrod (5 months ago)
+Potent Potables The only one getting hyper sensitive is you. Coming into a form of debating arena and using personal family matters as a means of defense is quite pathetic actually.
Potent Potables (5 months ago)
+1974jrod Why, because religious people get hyper sensitive, and defensive when confronted about the rationality, or lack there of, in the things they believe? Maybe you should just be more respectful. Also these questions aren't that big to me.
1974jrod (5 months ago)
Potent Potables Sorry to hear about your moms passing. Maybe you shouldn't be on here then debating these big questions at this time.
Potent Potables (5 months ago)
+1974jrod Well aren't you extremely prideful for a christian. Also my mom passed away last month you dickless fucking faggot, so you are going to speak with respect to me, and anyone else you talk to on here from now on or you aren't going to fucking respond anymore. Your mother raised a spiteful piece of shit of a coward and she should be fucking ashamed of herself.
Tribe of judah Lion (5 months ago)
White people keep makingJesus white because it help them believe in God. silly rabbits 🐰 trick are for kids.ok....if they thought Jesus was black it would crush their faith. probably find a new savior if im lying check(ask) yourself that you never seen him.Meg Kelly. 😧😧 smh
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Tribe of judah Lion like I said, nothing I can see but you when you Dance Dance
Tribe of judah Lion (4 months ago)
+Michael Arana like I said time up.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Tribe of judah Lion you do realize I'm atheist?
Tribe of judah Lion (4 months ago)
+Michael Arana Time up partner!!!
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Tribe of judah Lion A game of nonsense that was made by the wind, energy that was a zebra eaten by a vicious lion
Nifty Snipex (5 months ago)
The guy from bright side
S Taylor (5 months ago)
There's only partial truth to this message. You shouldn't blame yourself for unfair things that happen and you shouldn't blame those things on your current or future circumstances. Just take them for what they are. Learning and growing opportunities and move on.
semma (5 months ago)
What were you thinking when you added the horrible distracting annoying music?? 👎
Patrick Newson (5 months ago)
In other words, whether your actions be good or bad, own up to them that you will be found honest and upright in the sight of God... ownership always begins with us and our actions. What we do,say and how we live will determine how we are and will be judged....... it's our own fault and decision if we go to heaven or hell.
Michael Arana (6 months ago)
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Samuel Doe indeed I saw the building blocks of the very energy we are today come from the pound of change that grew as it gained knowledge from the paper in the mind of us all
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Pella Beatxz "You are but the energy that surrounds thee, you are a dear🦌 being forced into the will of the lion🦁 and if thee is smart you'll see I'm right and run from it"
Samuel Doe (5 months ago)
+Michael Arana And you believe that we came from whatever but you did not see apes or goldfish turning into humans. What is your evidence for us coming from apes.
Michael Arana (5 months ago)
+Pella Beatxz I'm atheist you are bowing down and doing somethings bidding without any evidence
Pella Beatxz (5 months ago)
This is real you better repent or you will go to hell Satan and Jesus are real
Tonne Miessek Wakefield (6 months ago)
The blame goes to who it belongs without getting dominion.
Lili (6 months ago)
Tonne Miessek Wakefield (6 months ago)
Satans family is one sided. They only see what benefits them and theirs. They are selfish and uses the 7 deadly sins to prosper
Lili (6 months ago)
More bullshit
Tonne Miessek Wakefield (6 months ago)
Satan got dominion by using evil things like drugs mind control black magic fornication etc...to take Adam and Eves rights.
You Dig (5 months ago)
But the evil isnt conscious that he was created by the goodness of GOD, so how could he possibly win ? ;) Keep that in mind my friend.
Lili (6 months ago)
Another load of bullshit
Dre Day (6 months ago)
Dre Day (6 months ago)
Wow this is a powerful!! powerful message
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
The power is all in your mind
Damon Gregory (6 months ago)
Awesome Message
Terry Diamond (6 months ago)
So if I blame God, I will give him authority over my life?
Dre Day (5 months ago)
+Johnny Adriano Yeah Jesus loves our dumbasses! you better get your dumbass saved!
Johnny Adriano (6 months ago)
Siphiwe Karimakwenda (6 months ago)
Listen carefully, false blame is not valid
Dre Day (6 months ago)
Blame is a bad way of giving credit, we dont blame God, God has nothing but good intentions for us, we give God Glory! not blame
Micah Matthews (6 months ago)
In a way yes when you give good full authority over your life though some bad things might happen through gods authority some thing good rise out of the bad so yea pretty much
So, how am I supposed to own up to others actions that effect me but weren't my decisions. Like my boss hiring too many people so my hours get cut. My hours got cut because of him. I'm supposed to take responsibility for something I have no control over?
The Citizen Farmer (6 months ago)
If you take the blame/ responsibility to do what is necessary to have the hours you need then he is correct. Take it as a sign, a opportunity or a uncomfortable situation that will push to do more and take great responsibility for your life. To you really think your meant to be at this job currently? What is you need to do in life that you know you have been putting off. Only you can know this so if you do not try to set quietly, allow your thoughts to pass in front of you withought control. When you react to a thought once again simply allow the reaction to pass and again just observe what you are seeing, experiencing, feeling and something will come to you. It is a process that has taken me many years but there is a place of stillness you can go to that will reveal something of unimaginable insight.
Michael B. (6 months ago)
You do have control as soon as you take responsibility for your own life. Your boss is taking responsibility for the business he runs just like you have to take responsibility for yourself if the situation you're in effects you in a negative manner.
James Nelson (6 months ago)
is this the bright side voice?
Siphiwe Karimakwenda (6 months ago)
Actually 🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂
Tessa Logan (6 months ago)
Mike O'Lynn (6 months ago)
angel fiery petals (6 months ago)
First sin happened in the heavens. The spirit realm where Lucifer lived. And brought it to 🌏
Megadeath Ish (6 months ago)
So if I blame God for everything God will be in control and I'll be alright as what you're saying
Siphiwe Karimakwenda (6 months ago)
False blame is not valid... The correct form of "blame" to God our King is giving Him the credit and the glory because alll good things come from Him, we can trust what He said because He is not a man that He should lie
Sinelari كافرة (6 months ago)
oops, one problem with this entire line of illogic: according to you then, Satan rules the world, . . . ok given that, why then does man rule the woman? By the precedent you set, since man gave woman the responsibility, it should be her then that rules over him.
Coconutz (5 months ago)
The woman didn't stay quiet
Micah Matthews (6 months ago)
Well the authority was passed to Satan at that moment its more like hot potato it's not like pyramid also god set that as a curse after all the blaming happened so Satan already held that power afterwards
Gabriel Calderon (6 months ago)
Because he only put the responsibility on her at that situation it's like a bank being robbed and the manager blames the teller it doesn't mean that the teller is in charge
2FaceDroid (6 months ago)
Jesus took All the blame he became man
12345 67890 (6 months ago)
Just wwoooooouuuuuuwwwwwww
Antonjlavey (6 months ago)
God, Jesus and Samuel aka Satan are not real. The church use them for order and control.
Trevor Derp (5 months ago)
+Lili Shut up you fucking Athiest God is real and you will regret this one day when he comes we will all bow down and get judged you only have one life follow it by God's (Jesus) example
Lili (5 months ago)
+Get Rekt He`s worse than a clingy girlfriend, more like a rabid stalker, if you don`t continually say you love him and praise bullshit on on him he will become violent and tell you what an evil person you are before throwing you into a burning pit to be tortured by demons for eternity, Jesus definitely needs psychiatric help.
Get Rekt (5 months ago)
Benky more like a clingy ex girlfriend 😂😂
Lili (5 months ago)
+Kevin goodson He needs you to continually tell him how good he is, he must have a massive inferiority complex.
Kevin goodson (5 months ago)
But, God doesn't need anything.
Donna Smith (6 months ago)
Gabriel Calderon (6 months ago)
Sir no disrespect but Satan is called the" Accuser of our brothers, who accuses them day and night"! Revelations 12:10
Micah Matthews (6 months ago)
That is in revelation after Jesus took the authority back so it would make sense that he would be Called the accuser of our brothers after Jesus victory over death
poetryme prose (6 months ago)
And are you suggessting we adopt that behaviour? God no,.. the video merely connects accusation and blame of others' for our circumstances as, of Satan.
sharon marshall (6 months ago)
Thank you. The Torah is a must study(Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) then the Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and Acts of the Apostles. Thank I will use your advice. I will take the blame as Joseph. Then I will study the entire Bible more analytically and obey it. Thank you again.
Lili (5 months ago)
+Kevin goodson So, using your logic if God doesn`t need humans to do his work then he must have written the book of fairy tales (Bible) himself, if he wrote the Bible it shows that he must be a master liar and bullshit story teller, who could trust a God who tells so many lies?
Kevin goodson (5 months ago)
+Lili The only lies and inaccuracies in God's Word are the ones perpetrated by characters in the bible. You know, God doesn't need humans to do His work. He has chosen to use humans though. Characters in the bible, God haters, have all been the same throughout History. Same rotten fruit, different wrapper.
Lili (6 months ago)
Let`s get this right Sharon, you are going to study a 2000 year old book that is full of lies and inaccuracies and you are going to base your life on it, why don`t you study Batman and Superman comic books and pretend they are true stories instead? they are much the same as the bible, invisible man with super powers who lives in the sky, what a laugh Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Space Cowboy (6 months ago)
so true. Jesus said by you words your justified and by your words your condemned. also life and death is in the power of the tongue and they that love it eat the fruit thereof. so your words have power. weld power in your life and stop giving satin authority and power over you life. speak life to everything in you life. be Gods construction crew instead of satin destruction crew. build others and your world up, stop tearing others and your world down. Jesus is Lord. the living word.
Desi 369hrtz (6 months ago)
Love it ❤️
cindy brawner (6 months ago)
Thank You!
Alexandra De Leon (6 months ago)
I take responsibility, I blame me all day everyday..
Rebekah Scheible (6 months ago)
Nothin but blasphemous rumors....i think this God's gotta sick sense of humor and when i die i expect to find him LAUGHING!
Rebekah Scheible (6 months ago)
Wow, u bunch of squares...you've seriously never listened to "depech mode"....it was a light hearted joke guys....man. Even my Episcopal priest of a dad knows that song. Shaking my head.
Gabriel Calderon (6 months ago)
The only one that's laughing is Satan because that's exactly what his plan is is to get you to feel that way about God when in reality it's Satan! Please get close to God as much as you can that's the only one that can save you us. Remember everything was made for him by him God bless you
Jacob Zitor (6 months ago)
Kathleen Norton (6 months ago)
I have been dancing around this same thought for quite sometime. Thank you for articulating it so well. I think it is true, but I will pray about it, and also meditate on it, comparing it to Scripture to see if it is sound. If it is true it is certainly a life empowering principle and amazing. The LORD greatly encourages us to confess our sins to Him, which is acknowledging blame. He then forgives us and completely cleanses us. This certainly is very, very empowering. Thank you for sharing this. Praise Jesus!👧
Kathleen Norton (6 months ago)
I am not sure if this is how satan received his authority as the prince of this world, but the concept seems worth investigating. Somehow, when Adam sinned he transferred his authority to satan. Just how in a legal manner this occurred, considering satan was the consummate sinner himself too, is a very good question.
Jerry Alexander (6 months ago)
Wrong, this is false teaching of Gods word. Only someone's opinion that has not studied enough in depth to know truth.
free fly (6 months ago)
A very simple yet POWERFUL observation that only someone who studied scripture would have it revealed to him soooo...... i'm gonna accept it and utilize it!!
Kathleen Norton (6 months ago)
It may not be 100% accurate, but I think there is at least some truth to it. I am going to pray to God for clarification and think it over carefully comparing it to Scripture.
Cliff Roberson (6 months ago)
The secret? Luther farted.
roderick johnson (6 months ago)
Dan -n- Duke (6 months ago)
So whats the solution? Oh yeah, send $19.99, and you will tell right!!!!?
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
People care just of themselves and how much pleasure they will receive, money is but a illusion we created for are selves
Cameron (6 months ago)
Maureen Siers exactly
Baby Girl (6 months ago)
Save yourself....universal laws are free
Benigno Rivera (6 months ago)
To go Beyond the Veil is to know God secrets and see God face to face
Kathleen Norton (6 months ago)
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.
Benigno Rivera (6 months ago)
Besides that there's also other veils called veils of secretcy
Benigno Rivera (6 months ago)
A veil is a curtain that we cannot go beyondonly the high priest is allowed to go beyond the curtain to offer sacrifice on our behalf
Kevin goodson (5 months ago)
+Kathleen Norton A HUUUUGE AMEN to that!!!!
Micah Matthews (6 months ago)
Also this sacrifice stuff isn't necessary today because Jesus provided the ultimate sacrifice by taking on the sins of all people throughout time so we can be forgiven without sacrifice
Micah Matthews (6 months ago)
Maureen Siers actually you are giving your whole heart and soul to him because that is the way to heaven which is giving God full dominion over your life
Kathleen Norton (6 months ago)
The Vale in The Temple of God, that kept us out, only letting the High Priest to enter in just once a year to come before The LORD God, was completely torn in half at the same time Jesus was sacrificed for our sins on the cross. Paul says that we are not only allowed to, but should come boldly into God's presence. Christian's can boldly enter into The Holy of Holies and make our requests known to The LORD. Hallelujah, we stand forgiven!
Baby Girl (6 months ago)
+Benigno Rivera no I dont
Magic Moses (6 months ago)
Do we just blame ourselves for everything ?
No not blame, responsibility
Magic Moses (6 months ago)
What if something is actually someone else's fault though, for example, someone crashing your car because they were on their phone
Company Information (5 months ago)
Then they are JUST responsible
Kathleen Norton (6 months ago)
You would have to ask yourself if you had sufficiently prayed to God in Jesus Holy Name for protection. Not only did you remember to ask Him to protect yourself and your loved ones, did you believe that by faith He would. Faith is kind of like spiritual money. It is what God responds to. If we truly do believe Him for something good He will do it for us. If we don't than we shouldn't wonder why bad things happen to us, we forgot to pray and trust Him for the good things.
Benigno Rivera (6 months ago)
Do yourself a favor do not go Beyond the Veil there's some things that are better left alone
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
+Raymond Palmer and the organization lies to the hearts of the ignorant while they do the fantasies bidding
Raymond Palmer (4 months ago)
Benigno Rivera there is and isn't a veil... Jesus told all he didn't hide anything.
Michael Arana (4 months ago)
The vile that for so long as been controlling thee life, but once again I'm free and I won't see awarenesses the same way ever again
Raymond Palmer (4 months ago)
Kathleen Norton no one ascends without first resuming the good characteristics of the Father. In observation of Satan's karmaic dates you learn of the self.
Kathleen Norton (6 months ago)
A Christian is to come boldly into the throne room of God. We are encouraged to because we are forgiven. We, in Christ Jesus, stand clean before The LORD.

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