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No Country for old men -return to the scene of the crime

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What happened to Chigurh?
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Ernesto Cardiel (1 month ago)
Interesting to notice that the coin sheriff sees on the floor is head, like the store owner at the beginning of the film. Means, yes, sheriff had 5050 chance of running into chigurg but didn't. He was lucky enough like the store owner.
Dan Cross (3 months ago)
He disappeared like a ghost, which is kind of what he is.
Sphere723 (3 months ago)
I think the Cohens were trying to tell the audience that Chigurh was not actually in the room with the door clunk sound and the little clip focusing on the window lock. If he's not behind the door and didn't get out the window, he wasn't actually in there when Bell arrived. It's ambivalent if the clip of Chigurh is him in another room, at another time, or a figment of Bell's imagination. The Cohens obviously didn't answer that for the audience. Honestly, I think the scene works better if you take out the Chigurh clip. It's rather cheap. And we don't need anymore explanation of what Bell is scared of. Actually showing him behind the door is just confusing .
ಠ_ಠ (4 months ago)
but Moss He did not carry the money bag when he came to this hotel
Scott Lang (5 months ago)
Chigurh is not in the room. Those cutscenes showing Chigurh inside the room was actually an illusion conjured by Sheriff Bell’s fear. When you see the locked bathroom window and the dime on the floor by the opened air duct, that means Chigurh already got the money and left the premises well before the Sheriff came back to the hotel.
Mark K (6 months ago)
is there a fly in the key hole @ 0:35 or something? what's that thing shifting around in there?
40horsejohnson (10 months ago)
What I've never seen anyone comment on is that whether or not Chigurh is there in person or just in Bell's mind, Sheriff Bell has his share of guts. I've seen people say he retired because of cowardice; I fervently disagree.
tankmaster1018 (10 months ago)
Okay... Was Chigurh actually here at all, or was it sort of a hallucination/dream sequence thing? I've read a lot of theories, from Anton not being there at all and just being a manifestation of the sheriff's mind when he was long gone in reality, him actually being there and somehow getting away without being noticed, him actually being there and the sheriff and Anton both seeing each others reflection in the blown out lock and just reaching an unspoken agreement to leave each other alone, or Anton being in the next hotel room over since both of the locks are clearly blown out. Love the ambiguity though!
Oneal Gomez (10 months ago)
Chigurh was there dude, but in the other room, it was like a metaphorical coin flip. He chose wisely. Also if you pay close attention you can see the shadow of the police tape as Bell enters the room, but when he exits the bathroom and goes to the bed, there's no shadow. Chigurh escaped.
Jayson Pida (1 year ago)
Chigurh ain't in that room. The brief picture of him hiding in the dark is the fear of 'death' in the Bell's mind if he walks through that door. If Chigurh is anywhere, he's in the next room or like in the book, watching from the parking area.....but he could be long gone -- he has the money. Bell is growing old now and fears 'death' and he hides that fear in the excuse he tells his uncle that he's 'overmatched' ......and the unc says b.s., the country has always been this way.
We Play At Night (1 year ago)
damn posted 9 years ago, you still active?
Nicholas Gonzalez (1 year ago)
My view is Anton was in the room and fled when Sheriff Bell went in the bathroom. The audio is crucial in here as well as the concentration Bell is using as he observe blood, window locks, and so on. We hear what’s inside the bathroom, not a creak from the door as we heard when Bell entered. By the time Bell hits the bed, Anton has left. The last image we see is the coin. Bell’s still figuring out what happened in there. What WE know is that Moss gave the money to Carla Jean, so there’s no money to be found in the vent as Anton assumed. Carla Jean’s is the next place he’s going. So as Bell sits in that bed we are deducing what happed as Bell is. And (as Bell thinks of Anton, like a ghost), Anton’s gone.
Andrew Griffith (1 year ago)
0:00 and at 00:21 If you look when he first pulls up he is hiding in the room next door. You can see both locks shot out. I havev seen this movie tons of times and I didn't noticed it till just now. I had always wondered where he was.
Robert Mitchell (6 months ago)
I actually just figured that out now lol
New Cheese (1 year ago)
He was in there. But he had the money by then, killing a cop would have been a hassle at that stage
misesmedicine (1 year ago)
Chigurh was hiding directly across from the door and slightly to the left as you're looking in. You can tell this from the lighting half on Chigurh's face before Bell opens the door, the yellow circle of light hitting the wall to his left from the light through the blown out lock, and the direction in which Chigurh is looking at the blown out lock. The light on Chigurh's face is white and is slightly dimmed, and it is from ETB's yellow headlights coming through the white curtains on the room window- this light would be falling directly across from the door. Meanwhile, the yellow circle of light next to Chigurh is to Chigurh's left as he is looking at the source of the light which is the open blown out lock. He is looking slightly to his left, and the yellow circle of light is also slightly to his left. Thus he is standing across from the door, half in the light of the window, and left of the light from the blown out lock-- he is probably against the wall opposite the door or near the closet opposite the door. That is the only place where the dimmed white light from the window would be and the yellow dot of light from the lock would be AND his gaze would be aiming at the lock straight and slightly to his left. It is very unlikely that he would hide behind the door, first because the lighting would not be as it is. There would be no yellow circle of light next to him, because the source of the light is shining directly perpendicular the the door, going straight through, not diagonally. Also, the area behind the door would be very dark, because there is no window there for light to come through prior to the door being opened. And lastly of course ETB opening the door would have revealed Chigurh's feet and hit him when it fully opened. Chigurh also would not have been dumb enough to choose such a hiding place. So, unless you believe in the "imagination" theory, then Chigurh actually WAS in the room when ETB entered. The obvious next question of how he gets away is more difficult but I think the movie gave us enough clues and foreshadowing and characterization of Bell and Chigurh, both leading up to this scene and after it, to make some reasonable guesses. First, Chigurh would not have confronted Bell or murdered him if he didn't really have to, because Bell does not appear to see him. Throughout the movie, Chigurh only ever kills people who have actually seen him. That is how he achieves his "ghost"-like reputation which ETB references in the previous scene at the coffee shop. Chigurh himself also even says to a victim who has asked if he will kill him, "That depends, do you SEE me?" Killing ETB in that hotel room, after having recovered the 2 million dollars also tactically would be very stupid- it would alert the entire neighborhood/block to the sound of gunfire, would have created a fresh, much more serious (killing a cop) crime scene and investigation, and made Chigurh's escape that much more difficult. Chigurh also has to worry about whether another cop is in ETB's vehicle, or just outside the room, as well as whether the Mexicans have their own surveillance of the room outside, and being discreet is key to avoiding confronting both of those. When Bell walks through the room the left side of it by the beds and by the closet is still in darkness and Chigurh could have hidden there, then just walked out when Bell goes into the bathroom. Whether Bell then realizes, after seeing the open A/C vent and dime lying on the floor, that Chigurh had been in the room with him or not I think is irrelevant. Both ways he sees that he has yet again failed, either by getting there just a little too late because he was in a coffee shop griping with another sheriff about how awful the world has become or by going alone and not checking the room thoroughly enough. Perhaps and most fittingly, he is not sure which reason he failed- either his distraction with the world being awful and being upset by it, or his lack of ability to confront it. One or the other, he sees himself unfit for his job. And when, we suspect, he later finds out that his failure here to catch Chigurh results in Carly Jean's murder, I think it's too much for him and why he retires and appears so disturbed in the final scene.
Spook84 (1 year ago)
misesmedicine well he definitely didnt sneak out while the headlights were pointed towards the open door would of revealed him walking out.
Jack Daniels (1 year ago)
At :23, I think the Coens gave a nod to Kubrick with the crm 114. (crime scene+room no.)
Ilario di nicola (1 year ago)
Chigurh is Bell
KageTrauma (7 months ago)
This deserves likes *&* subscriptions off this comment alone. Very underappreciated.
Black Pill (10 months ago)
Pat Gogan (2 years ago)
This scene was eerie as fuck
Siccrott Elf (3 years ago)
At 1:01, what is the object on the left side of the screen next to the broken lock? It looks sort of like the bottom edge of a lampshade or a ribbon catching some light. Yet when the sheriff opens the door, both lamps are across the room and no other objects are right next to the door, especially in the space where the door opens which is where the mystery object appears to be. Anybody have any thoughts?
Dark Horse 3/5 (2 years ago)
Ben Bates It was the reflection of the psycho in the room just moving slightly.Or so I think.It's why the Sherriff drew his gun and to enter the room of course.I don't understand where the psycho went tho and whats up with the grate off the wall that covered the vent on the floor for.
djbraski (2 years ago)
You're right its unlikely there would be anything that close to the lock. My take is that its simply a trick to 'help' viewers know what they're looking at. The lock must be large enough in the frame for viewers to notice the moving reflection of Bell (a theme that appears throughout the film). But the Cohens also give us the reflection of 'whatever it is' on the left to orient viewers that they're looking at a light shining through the broken lock.
Ben Bates (3 years ago)
Light from the lock.
frodofraggins (4 years ago)
Notice that the shadow of the police tape is gone from the wall when he comes out of the bathroom.  He couldn't have been in the other room as the knob was on the other side of the door and it doesn't match the interior shot.
Bales WB (4 years ago)
he's in the other room!! it was a coin flip b/w the two rooms
Shtutqart BAYIL (1 year ago)
But the vent was to small to get in there.
Gretschnut (1 year ago)
He used the dime to unscrew the vent grate.
Keith Parker (4 years ago)
Chigurh is Satan/Amalek.  God removed him from the room to protect the sheriff. The sheriff is holiness. That's Jacob's Ladder on the wall and Paradise at the end of the street in the picture on the wall.
Mohammed Nasheed (6 months ago)
Chrigurh flipped a coin to decide his fate
Dark Horse 3/5 (2 years ago)
Keith Parker Put down the drugs Keith.PUT THEM DOWWWNNNN
Ben Bates (3 years ago)
zackhanscom (4 years ago)
as for why the door didn't bounce off chigur, he simply moved location. there's ample time between chigur noticing bell's hesitation and bell opening the door for chigur to move to a better location off camera, i suspect under the bed. bell goes to the bathroom and notices the window is still locked, and realizes chigur had bypassed him and escaped. the broken police tap is the biggest clue they were both present.
Logan Show (2 months ago)
zackhanscom there are 2 rooms to symbolize the coin toss of the 5050 odds, the door he entered has a knob, the first door didn’t. He’s in the other room.
Patrick Donohue (5 years ago)
Chigurh is in the room and he and Bell see each others reflection in the blown out lock.  Bell chooses to not acknowledge his presence, and therefore Chigurh decides not to take his life, as he only kills people that confront him (courageous characters i.e. Llewelyn moss and Carson Wells) and let's those who choose not see him live (the cowardly characters i.e. the accountant and the kids).  Chigurh only kills courageous people.
Scott Lang (5 months ago)
The secretary at the trailer park where Llewelyn lives confronted Chigurh and he let her go.
KageTrauma (7 months ago)
@Tony Cruciani He should have at least given her a Hulkamania leg drop though...
Tony Cruciani (7 months ago)
@KageTrauma Chiguhr didn't kill her because he respected her.
KageTrauma (7 months ago)
@Tony Cruciani Her ass is dead too...you know you would have done it lmao
Tony Cruciani (1 year ago)
What about the fat lady at the trailer park? She was courageous.
sagerbj86 (5 years ago)
In the novel, Chigurh is watching Bell from the parking lot. But if you look closely, you can see that the lock to room 114 has also been blown out. This would lead us to believe that Chigurh had been in both rooms (he already knew Moss liked to transfer the money between the vents of adjacent rooms). So, most likely, Chigurh is hiding in room 114, not 112. Bell had a 50/50 chance to walk into the room where Chigurh, just like the coin flips. 
ba b (7 months ago)
Room 114 IS the room bell goes into... 112 is the one next to it and it's hard to actually tell if the lock to 112 has been punched out. When you watch it in high def every time the lock is for 112 is shown its not as dark as 114. The headlights are pointed more at 114 than 112 when bell pulls up to stop in the beginning of the scene. The lighting is a bit strange but 112 doesn't look like the lock is actually punched out. It's shown at least 3 times. You just have to go back and keep watching it.
Dark Horse 3/5 (2 years ago)
sagerbj86 Was Chigurh in the room before anybody and killed Llewelyn Moss and all the Mexicans as well and was laying low the whole time,night came and Sherriff shows up.If Chigurh was in that room where did he go.I thought the reflection on the lock collar still in door was Chigurh moving and Sherriff saw that.What's with the grate on the floor? Sorry for all the questions. I just watched the movie and I really liked it.Hell, I'm watching it again.
33hegemon (3 years ago)
+Josh D I thought that at first, but Bell has never seen Chigurh so it's impossible for him to picture him there.
Josh D (3 years ago)
@Brian Sager I just rewatched the movie. I think its actually in eds imagination, hes pysching himself out. This scene is preceded with the scene where him and the other sheriff are talking about how anton always goes back to the scene of the crime, hows hes psycho like that, etc. If ed actually thought anton was there, he would have acted differently.
Brian Sager (3 years ago)
+Josh D You can see behind the door in the reverse angle when Bell opens it, Chigurh is not there. The shot is not of Anton's reflection, but of Bell's. Anton is seeing Bell in the lock, we know this is from his perspective because the shot is dark, with the only light coming from the outside. If it were from Bell's perspective, the cylinder would be lit from the front by the lights from his patrol car.
Him being by the other door makes more sense, because he on the side where the door would open, and could easily ambush any intruder. That is why the Sheriffs reflection has him looking in another direction than directly at the hole.
Elidoransgar (5 years ago)
With the big iron on his hip Big Iron on his hip...
Ron (5 years ago)
For what it's worth, here's my analysis: first, this is one of the most subtle and brilliant scenes in modern cinema IMHO. In actuality, the Cohens are manipulating the viewer; Bardem *was* hiding, but *before* Jones arrives. In fact the Cohens are showing two different time frames superimposed onto one scene. It's brilliant because it is not a fantasy but believable and something you subconsciously 'accept'. And at the same time, the phantom and elusive quality of Bardem is reinforced.
misesmedicine (1 year ago)
Disagree, see my analysis.
Patrick Gogan (5 years ago)
I was confused by this scene at first too but it makes sense that Bell is imagining it the image of Anton behind the door though is truly terrifying
Donald Williams (6 years ago)
Chigurh would have simply killed Bell if he surprised him in that room.
Donald Williams (6 years ago)
Chigurh is never in the room when Bell enters, He's already got the money that Moss hid and left. Notice how the door opens to the room and does not bounce back from the wall . They made a point in telling you that no one could be behind that door. Chigurh is just a fiction of Bell's imagination.
1983Jacko (6 years ago)
I think they kind of messed up with the police tape. Because you don't see it on the large wall, but then when he sits and looks at the open vent, you can still see the tape behind the TV. Which kind of messes it up. But yes I think they were going for the broken tape, which leads us to believe Chigurh has escaped.
1983Jacko (6 years ago)
He looks at the window lock and realizes the window is still locked, which means the killer didn't escape. He's in the room, but by the time he exits the bathroom Chigurh is escaped.
Barry (6 years ago)
Who broke the police tape? When Bell first enters the room, you can see the shadow of the police tape on the wall. When Bell leaves the bathroom, you no longer see the shadow of the police tape on the wall.
Clay From Planet Earth (7 months ago)
misesmedicine to let him know he made the choice that saved his life, not going into the room chigurgh was in
misesmedicine (1 year ago)
Good find. Chigurh broke it I guess. But why?
Conner Wood (6 years ago)
And I always wondered why he stares at the window lock at 2:11
Conner Wood (6 years ago)
Chigurh is in the room next to the one that Llewlyn died in.
Lee Alderman (6 years ago)
They're both two sides of the same coin. Anton is evil, but he despises people who don't try to decide their own fate (hence the coin flip for certain people, along with mocking them). Bell is good, but he has tried to control his own future, trying to make things better his entire life (hence his profession). Anton says "Do you see me?" to the accountant, and "You never saw me" to the kid at the end. If you can't see him you share his philosophy, and you get to live.
Beer Money Games! (6 years ago)
I have heard a theory that Bell and Chigurh are the same person. But instead of showing the same character, we see 2 different actors.
Slim Shaney (6 years ago)
I am not that fond of Bell as he never really developed as a character until this scene IMO.. Until then he was just..... there.. you know? Just in diners or telling anecdotes to Lwewellen's wife.. But in this scene... at 0:40.. he won me over by how how scared shitless he looked. He also seems to be accepting the fact that this is it... that he is really going to die.... because lt's face it, if those two really confronted, Belll would be dead in a heartbeat... Haunting....
Tony Cruciani (1 year ago)
Slim Shaney Never underestimate how quick on the draw a Texas lawman can be.
brucevg91406 (7 years ago)
Bell doesn't know if Chigurh is there or not. Chigurh sees Bell in the reflection. To be safe, Bell pulls his gun. After looking around, he feels he is alone and breaths a sigh of relief. When he sees the screws and coin on the floor, and remembers the locked window, he realizes he interrupted Chigurh and he's still there. Bell either left without a confrontation or won a coin toss with Chigurh. Either way, he knew he escaped death and decided to retire
Eric Hoover (1 year ago)
Anton was in the room next door Copernicus.
Mada Jurado (9 years ago)
What happened to Chigurh?... Well, he escapes!
kayoticFear (10 years ago)
but why didn't he kill him?
New Cheese (1 year ago)
Because he had the money
mpouk666 (11 years ago)
Interesting explanation Dav7dd. My main reservation is that Bell had never actually seen Chigurh in order to picture him in his imagination. I guess in the book it is easier to suggest something like this without having really to depict Chigurh.
David Anderson (11 years ago)
Another interpretation is that the shots of Chigurh waiting in the motel room came from Bell's imagination; after seeing the punched-out lock, Bell was afraid he would encounter Chigurh and thus pictured him waiting for him, which is why he drew his weapon (presumably for the first time in his career). In the book, when Bell left the motel room, he could "feel" someone watching him, and he called the local police to the parking lot hoping to catch Chigurh, but they never found anyone.

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