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Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Sept. 2015 - FUTURISTIC TYPE [OFFICIAL]

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Full Show by FUTURISTIC TYPE at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 26.09.15 BAFW Alchemy Show https://www.facebook.com/Futuristic-Type-399435150223146 http://www.berlinalternativefashionwe... http://apollo.tv An Apollo TV production 2015 Head of Production/DoP: Mario Bergmann Line Producer: Bernd Reinink Production Assistant: David Basten Graphics/ Animation Artist: Uli Buder Jr. Producer: Aungwara Songkong Jr. Producer: Conor Fry Camera: Jochem Koschlig Camera: Jens Eggers Camera: Christopher Müller Backstage Camera: Anke Riester Backstage Camera: Lui Hoffmeyer Gimbal Operator: Cornelius Diemer Clapper/Loader: Josué Cifuentes Video Editing: Josué Cifuentes Technical Supplies: Middle East Mambo Studio supported by airberlin Apollo TV
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Text Comments (5)
Agii Sama (2 years ago)
it's really WoW ......i proud it ❤️
Clayton Brown (2 years ago)
this is the worst show I've ever seen why are there only boys in the future
Kellan Vasquez (8 months ago)
Clayton Brown there was only like two boys in the show?
Michael .A. Frazier (3 years ago)
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah
Oyusuvd Undur-Orgil (3 years ago)
wooow Interessant! Ich mag die Farbe

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