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World's Worst Olympic Swimming Trial

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Two are disqualified for jumping the gun. The last one races against himself. Guess who won? (found at college humor)
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Lucky_Madrid (2 days ago)
Jaja this is so fucking funny
Greth _ (2 days ago)
Is not the wors he is the best👍🏼
Vicki Ross Tudor (6 days ago)
I see nothing amusing. Much respect for trying his best and living his dream.
Eddi3 Th3 H3ad (1 day ago)
I agree
JUNKO ISHIKAWA (7 days ago)
TekkersFtw (9 days ago)
im 8 years old and I can swim across the globe in about 3.3 seconds
sara Gilbert (17 days ago)
This is my first year on a swim team. It’s just in the summer though. I’ve also started later then most of my competitors (I’m 15). So, I’m pretty slow for my age group. The small, once a week meets that we have, are very nerve wracking to me. I cannot imagine being put in his shoes. Total respect for the courage he had to even step foot on that block, let alone swim it. Especially after hearing about his background. I guarantee you the jerks who laughed would not be able to handle that pressure.
Charlie Dallachie (20 days ago)
Hey he still won 😂
Purple Queeny (21 days ago)
At least he is trying .People who are limited to swimming and even can swim should only show him respect as they know how hard it is and it doesn’t help that people are laughing at him when they would never had even attempted it Respect ♡
C Foley (28 days ago)
Wow those guys are dicks.
Randy Sanchez (1 month ago)
All in good fun. But really the Olympics are for the best. It's not a trophy for everyone. Too bad he was really not ready for this and was way over his head. Leave it to the pros.
Lachlan Ng (1 month ago)
He was so close to getting a new record. Not to be rude tho
Rexhepije Der (2 months ago)
The guy cannot swim well
Alaina Dines (1 month ago)
Actually he can
Kyle Pham (2 months ago)
I joined swimming at 8 yrs old and i already qualified for state and dc champs in southern Nevada against high schoolers in my first year swimming so this black nigga had no excuse to go this slow and have people stand up for him
rebecca r (1 month ago)
@Kyle Pham nor did they ask for you to shit on a young man's achievements by bragging about your own achievements that no one cares about but here we are
Kyle Pham (1 month ago)
rebecca r no one asked🍆🍑
rebecca r (1 month ago)
no one cares ♥️
Jack Goyen (2 months ago)
Eric <3
sudakshina chatterjee (2 months ago)
Why are those idiots laughing?
Sage Schultz (3 months ago)
Why is this a thing 😂😂😂 it’s so funny
Justin Liu (4 months ago)
I am 13 I think I am faster then him
vjm3 (5 months ago)
Imagine if you are beaten at the Olympics by a guy who swam a near 2 minute lap? There's a saying I love when other give fat people exercising in the gym a hard time: "They may be running slow, or lifting light, but they're lapping the people on the couch."
Peter Ludwig (5 months ago)
Feel bad
MOS FET (5 months ago)
I think that there is nothing wrong in laughing because everyone is used to see harsh competitors in Olympics and the situation is very unsual. One should not always see evil around him.I think laughing does not mean this man is not respected. His performance and the crowd encouraging this swimmer suits perfectly the original spirit of the modern Olympic that Pierre de Coubertin has clearly exposed by saying in french: "le plus important ce n'est pas de gagner mais de participer"->" the most important thing is not to win but participate" and Eric Moussambani was enough bold to participate in this competition. This olympic sequence has become legendary and an example for next generations to come. So thanks for Mr Moussambani and hats off to you.
Jakeplayz playz (5 months ago)
2019 anyone
LaraD (5 months ago)
Well he certainly had some balls to try that! But seriously why would they waste their money sending this bloke to the competition?
dieudonnemcful (6 months ago)
He later trained to a few seconds off of world record.
dieudonnemcful (6 months ago)
Funny, no. Read his story. He does better than many of you under same circumstances.
Will Haithcock (6 months ago)
I’m 13 and I can swim faster than that
rebecca r (1 month ago)
nobody asked <3
MrDan5 Gaming (6 months ago)
He did no dolphin kicks too
MrDan5 Gaming (6 months ago)
His swimming was slow probably because he was trying to do a comedy show
Shawn11564 (6 months ago)
Damn, my 100m time is less than an olympic swimmer's :P
Emerson Coleman (7 months ago)
hippos shouldnt be aloud to swim
Red Angrybull (2 months ago)
Just because he didn’t do it that fast, doesn’t mean he’s bad. You probably can’t even swim 25m.
Emerson Coleman (7 months ago)
Emerson Coleman (7 months ago)
SIngapore is where i live and i swim in buckets of turtle juice
Emerson Coleman (7 months ago)
ooga booga u suck at swimming
Maya Stileszy (7 months ago)
The commentators are rude as well. They show so much disrespect which is just sad to see they can't be mature about it and all they can do is laugh and make fun of him.
Maya Stileszy (7 months ago)
@Dillon Geditz I am well aware it was a comedy show. Look at most of the other comments - they are defending him. Don't say anything about my comment which is defending him, unless you have a better 100 metre freestyle time.
Dillon Geditz (7 months ago)
Maya Stiles It’s a comedy show, shitlips. How can you be so blind?
Maya Stileszy (7 months ago)
Everyone should have respect for Eric the Eel because he only learnt to swim 8 months before coming to the Olympics. The people laughing are just rude.
Obesus (2 months ago)
Maya Stiles it’s fake it’s a comedy show
Chipper Levy (7 months ago)
A 1:52 FOR A 100 Freestyle?? Proof that black people cannot swim
Jack W (8 months ago)
That's about how well I swim.
3:08 What is this green line?
Kevin vs. Gamingz What does it mean?
Kevin vs. Gamingz (8 months ago)
The chasing line of Death
Ok so he didn’t want to qualify to the final I guess..
Jumy Khanam (9 months ago)
I tried rotating my hands like him... I got hand-ache...
C -ROD (10 months ago)
The reason why theyre laughing is because of his form, his flip turn, his breathing, and he looks funny on his strokes BUT if people know the back story, they would appreciate this athlete.
Chong Hmar (10 months ago)
Is this real
Yusuf Raza (10 months ago)
Those who are laughing at him can’t even qualify for the Olympic, he actually participated in Olympic is a big deal
Chris Redig (11 months ago)
Congratulations you became a legendary joke all over the world
Diani P (11 months ago)
This is the funniest video on the internet 😂😂😂
Juan David Ramos (1 year ago)
People are laughing at a guy swimming better than 95% people in the world
Chris Nelson (6 months ago)
Nah as a obese child I could swim better than that. He put alot of effort in but even being a novice swimmer I could tell that he was very inconsistent with his movements and his technique wasn't good. That said I thought he did a good job pushing off at the half way mark and he gets a A for effort.
Dylan T (1 year ago)
Black people should stay away from water
Banyar Myo Tin (1 year ago)
Oh, i remember that guy
Monti Blanc (1 year ago)
These commentators can go to hell.
Ance Švaža (1 year ago)
He did it! His story is sad if u look it up😞 why u saaying he is the worst swimmer?
Me Sksksksksk (1 year ago)
Omg I have a 1:17 and I’m 11
M CHS (1 year ago)
He just wanna proove that it is okay to be fail
Eve Webb (1 year ago)
It doesn't seem like he can swim
getnasty08 (1 year ago)
He swam further and faster than my fat ass can swim so I’m just gonna button my lip over here. I suggest you all do the same unless you can beat him.
Max W (1 year ago)
DON'T LAUGH !!! If you really love swimming, you won't laugh at all. This guy (Eric Moussambani) did a great job whatsoever ! Bette than 100% of the people who was laughing at him !!!
Michael Kensington (1 year ago)
MISTURRR BEEST (1 year ago)
but damn, apparently he wasn't trained... it doesn't look like it. he looks like he's been training for a while but yes, he isnt the best i just hate how some were laughing
Cosmack (1 year ago)
This dude is a hero for his country, good for him!
Jeph629 (1 year ago)
the joke is on Olympic organizing for not having seed time minimums
I'm Bae LOL (1 year ago)
akhilesh pal (1 year ago)
Needs really a lot of courage and proper mindset to represent your country in the Olympic with just one year of training where other competitors start it in a very early age.really outstanding Eric .
lance cuckborn (1 year ago)
the laughing is clearly inserted after the fact. why do all the utter morons in the comment section think the laughing is real? yikes...
D A.O (1 year ago)
Iris M (1 year ago)
Why the f*ck would you laugh when he tries hard! This audience was awful👊
Boeing 737 MAX (1 year ago)
Yeah no. That is *NOT* how to swim freestyle.
Herbert Bielefelder (1 year ago)
I thought he was gonna drown.
Ibee Flaw-sin (1 year ago)
I'm still in the womb and I can do it in 0.00000000000001
Jojo Malone (1 year ago)
Awe I feel bad
Don Cooper, Jr (1 year ago)
Man... Get rid of the laugh track.
Justin899 (1 year ago)
Not a fan of the laughing
LEGO Yoda Ghost (1 year ago)
I swam for years and I have nothing but respect for Eric. It is impossible to even imagine how terrifying it must have been for him to stand out on the world stage at the Olympics and to represent his country after having swam for less than a year. This guy knew he was far from the best in the world and yet he still went out and gave it his all. Respect lad.
Canaan Timberlake (5 days ago)
Al Bundy wtf
Tusken Raider (1 month ago)
Al Bundy Why say that?
Al Bundy (2 months ago)
He never should have even tried.
Heather Roberts (1 year ago)
I couldn't swim that in under 2 minutes either. Heck, I probably couldn't swim it in under 5! Good on you for trying!!
Ijas deen (1 year ago)
Those who laugh at him should swim for 100M at least once, I'm pretty sure, they would be dead by the end.
Trap or am I ?¿ (1 year ago)
Dafuq am i watching!?
Horror short Films (1 year ago)
I’m a swimmer and it is very very hard. No matter how fast you are you still lap everyone who’s on the couch. Respect.
multiyapples (1 year ago)
Less than a year before this he couldn't swim and represented his country won his heat and set a national record. I for one am impressed. Most people wouldn't have the chance to represent their country at any world championship or olympics
multiyapples (1 year ago)
I know for sure I couldn't swim 100 meters
MakinLeBacon (1 year ago)
I don't get what you're laughing at, the only reason the open your mouth in this video is to cheer for such a courageous man named Eric
Sophie Armitage (1 year ago)
That tumble turn made me cringe so hard, so did the head turns when he put his head up instead of to the side. There’s a lot more things that make me cringe but I cba naming
Katerpillar Hilter (1 year ago)
He got a bad cramp on his leg lol
Emmanuel James (1 year ago)
Hahahhaha hahahhaha hahahahhah!!!!!
Mariana Ponce de Leon (1 year ago)
I'm 13 and my 100 free time is a 1:07.74 What's yours?
Liam108guy (1 year ago)
Mariana Ponce de Leon is that in yards or meters? My time in meters is 1:16 long coarse. 1:10 short Coarse yards.
Random Person (1 year ago)
Only thing i can see is al lot of rude people.
Phantom Fury (1 year ago)
Why would you laugh at this guy..he trained in 10 meter pool...and swim 50..
At least he had the bravery to swim for the trials.
Matthew McConnell (1 year ago)
I love the footy show
Quaking Queen (1 year ago)
He was going wayyyyy too hard for how fast he was going (which was extremely slow) and his flip turn was trash I COULD DO BETTER AND IM 12
Deku is a broccoli (1 year ago)
I want everyone who laughed at him to try swimming the whole length of the pool without stopping
Joy Miranda (1 year ago)
Its kind of rude to call him worst...
David Jones (1 year ago)
Sigurd Torvaldsson (1 year ago)
Is this real?
Andy Galloway (1 year ago)
Well done lad!
Cave Slime (1 year ago)
I beat him in a 100m race. And I'm 12.
David McGroarty (1 year ago)
My 100m is 1:02 does that mean I qualify for the Olympics?
David McGroarty (1 year ago)
Thank you m8. Now go back to ur shitty 4chan
Andy Galloway (1 year ago)
Nice work showing you're not mong.
Andy Galloway (1 year ago)
Andy Galloway (1 year ago)
I'm not reading that. I'll assume it's mongy though.
Andy Galloway (1 year ago)
Then no, you don't qualify for the Olympics you fucking mong.
mijnkampvuur (1 year ago)
This is gold. Like the Australian shorttrack skater at the winter olympics
Digger Ob (1 year ago)
People can laugh all they want but this man still done it.
A.N.D (1 year ago)
The most funny part for me I can't swim.
Keeley O (1 year ago)
No was laughing it’s fake laughing
JayRay00 (1 year ago)
Sydney Olympics: So Equatorial Guinea, what's Eric's fastest time? EG: 1.53 SO: 0.53? That's pretty impressive, he's in the Games!
It’s Anon (1 year ago)
He’s trying his damn best oHkAy!
Invite Material (1 year ago)
I fell like I might be able to do better than that
World's worst camera
Weekly Angie (1 year ago)
he didnt have much experience and he was doing his absolute best. To the imbeciles that laughed, get a life will you?

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